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Vietnamese, Low Prices. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order Choose from the world's largest selection of audiobooks. Start a free trial now B: John William Baber War: World War, 1939-1945 Branch: Army Air Forces/Corps Service Location: European Theater Theme: First, Serve: Athletes in Uniform Joe Baca War: Vietnam War, 1961-1975 Branch: Army Service Location: United States; Vietnam Theme: Patriotism Theme: Voices of War John Philip Baca War: Vietnam War, 1961-1975 Branch: Army Service Location: Phuoc Long Province, Vietnam War of 1812; Civil War; World War I; World War II; Korean War; Vietnam War; Veterans' Service Records; Other Wars; Research by Format. Electronic Records; Maps and Aerial Images; Microfilm; Motion Picture and Sound; Photos, Posters, Pictures; Textual/Paper Records; Order. How to Order Copies of Records; Forms for Orderin

Browse by Last Name (Veterans History Project, Library of Congress) The last 18 names listed on the bottom of Panel 1, West, also at the apex, are from May 15, 1975. These names are followed by the inscription: Our nation honors the courage, sacrifice and devotion to duty and country of its Vietnam veterans. This memorial was built with private contributions from the American people National Vietnam War Veterans Day - Wikepedia; Vietnam Veterans Memorial [edit | edit source] National Park Service Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund: the Wall; Jan C. Scruggs. To Heal a Nation: the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. New York,New York: Harper & Row, 1985. FHL 973 M2sj; Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Directory of Names

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However, veterans groups estimate that today approximately 9 to 12 million Americans fraudulently claim they served in Vietnam. After extensive research of various mortality indexes and sources The American War Library estimates that approximately one-third of those who did serve in Vietnam (approximately 850,000) are alive today [18 Aug 2007] A complete list of all Vietnam veterans is unavailable. However, as of 2015, an alphabetical list of all Vietnam veterans who have died through 2014 is maintained at VVA.org by the Vietnam Veterans of America. Enter the phrase memorial list in the Search field on the main Web page The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund's In Memory Day program honors those who died as a result of the Vietnam War, but whose deaths do not fit the Department of Defense criteria for inclusion upon the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Every year there is a ceremony to pay tribute to these men and women who sacrificed so much for their. Veterans' military service records and medical records are not online. However, veterans and next-of-kin can order copies of these records. How to request military service records While most of our holdings are not online, a variety of military records, from photos to documents to searchable databases are available. Listed below are online collections of specific interest t The Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans honours and commemorates approximately 61,000 people who served in Australia's defence forces during the period 23 May 1962 to 29 April 1975. The Nominal Roll is an index of information that provides a 'snapshot' of individual service gathered from service records

Vietnam Casualties by State and City or Town This gallery lists the complete Vietnam War casualty files by State. It was compiled by Jay Ebert, and used Tom Holloway's original database files as a starting point Homeless Veterans; Minority Affairs; PTSD & Substance Abuse; POW/MIA; Veterans Health Care; Veterans Incarcerated and in the Justice System; Veterans Against Drugs; Women Veterans; Veterans Advocacy. Government Relations; Legislative Action Center; VVA Testimony; Publications. The VVA Veteran; Arts of War; Books in Review II; VVA Brochures. The Vietnam War was a conflict of the communist government of North Vietnam and its allies, the Viet Cong, in South Vietnam versus the government of the South Vietnam government and the United States, its principal ally.The war lasted from 1954 to 1975 with the United States entering the war in 1965. The U.S. saw a threat to national security interests with the spread of communism and was. Vietnam War. We have 82 Mississippi Counties listed in our archive. This is useful for viewing the names of Gold Star veterans by localized regions within the state. Mississippi Counties → Adams, Alcorn, Amite, Attala,.

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Memorial day and the vietnam wall why vietnam veterans memorial in washington vietnam war veterans kids say agent a vietnam war veteran s healing journey vietnam wall speaks to both and Frequently Asked Ions Vietnam Veterans Memorial U SWhy Names Are Added To The Vietnam Veterans Memorial WallHow Are The Continue Reading Names On Vietnam Wall In Alphabetical Orde The 58,000 Fallen Vietnam Heroes. (The 58,000 Names) Our fallen Vietnam War heroes are herethe 58,000 heroes who died in Vietnam. Each name is listed with great honor and respect. Please say a prayer for our fallen heroes, their family members, and our hero Vietnam War Veterans during your visit. All heroes are listed alphabetically by their. Vietnam Veterans Memorial www.VirtualWall.org: Find A Name. Vietnam War casualties from Indiana Click or Tap on name to find a personal memorial page of a casualty from this state. You can scroll down to see the names of casualties listed under their official city. OR To shorten the name list, enter 2 or more letters of any part of a name.

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A comprehensive list of Vietnam War veterans is impossible to obtain, but the Vietnam War section of Military Indexes is an excellent online resource for the information that is available. This site contains a directory of links to online records related to many historical conflicts, including Vietnam. There are many resources for finding lists. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, with staggering list of names, made Americans look at unpopular war and its warriors Updated Jan 05, 2019; Posted Nov 09, 2012 Facebook Shar The service is for Veterans, former RCMP members, their families, and caregivers and is provided at no cost. You do not need to be a client of VAC to receive services. Toll-free: 1-800-268-770 Search Over 26 Million Records, Many Exclusive To Us, Independently Verified 97% Accurate. UK Based Transcription Team. Search Exclusive Military Records By Name, War or Regiment C: Eric Wayne Cagle War: Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, 2001-present; Kosovo, 1999 Branch: Army Service Location: Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; Iraq Theme: Disabled Veterans: The Unhealed Wounds Donald L. Campbell War: Korean War, 1950-1955 Branch: Navy Theme: Submarines: The Silent Service Edward Arnold Canright War: Vietnam War, 1961-197

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  1. Gulf War operational names included Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Desert Sabre. Vietnam War (1962 - 1973) The Vietnam War was a conflict in Southeast Asia between South Vietnam and North Vietnam in which North Vietnam wanted to reunite the two countries under its Communist government
  2. According to federal law, the United States' military involvement in the Vietnam War began in February 1961 and lasted until May 1975. Approximately 2.7 million American men and women served in Vietnam. During the war, more than 58,000 servicemen and women lost their lives. Vietnam Veterans represent the largest cohort of American Veterans in.
  3. The 58,152 names of those who died in Vietnam are etched onto the two rising black marble slabs of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The slabs meet at a vertex of 125 degrees, 10 feet above ground level to form the Wall. The shining surface is intended to reflect the sun, the ground and those who stand before it
  4. US Prisoners of War who returned alive from the Vietnam War Sorted by Name Military Service Country of Incident Name Date of Incident Date of Rank Return USAF N. Vietnam BEENS, LYNN RICHARD O3 1972/12/21 1973/03/29 USN N. Vietnam BELL, JAMES FRANKLIN O4 1965/10/16 1973/02/12 CIVILIAN S. Vietnam BENGE, MICHAEL 1968/01/28 1973/03/0
  5. We've compiled the list of New Jersey soldiers who died in the Vietnam war and put them in a searchable database. If you see a familiar name or want to share a memory about the person on our list.

This article is a list of US MIAs of the Vietnam War in the period 1961-1965. In 1973, the United States listed 2,646 Americans as unaccounted for from the entire Vietnam War. By October 2020, 1,585 Americans remained unaccounted for, of which 1,007 were classified as further pursuit, 488 as no further pursuit and 90 as deferred This List will also contain the names of Recipients authorized the following wound and injury Awards: Vietnam War Wound Medal. Merchant Marine Mariners Medal. Wound Ribbon of World War I. Korean War Wound Medal. NOTE: Eligible personnel should ensure this Service Period acknowledgment is listed on your current 201A Military Award Report. For an index to Kentucky veterans from the War of 1812 to World War I, see: Kentucky Historical Society (Frankfort, Kentucky). Index to Veterans of American Wars from Kentucky. Frankfort, KY: Kentucky Historical Society, 1966. FHL films 471728-74. This microfilm is arranged by war and then alphabetically by the name of the veteran U.S military personnel from New York City who died as a result of their service in Vietnam, 1957 through 1975, including Missing In Action, Prisoners of War, and those Killed In Action. Listed alphabetically by name, as of November 1997. Click on the individual names to learn more about that person

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Oliver Stone. Colin Powell. Bob Kerrey. Other Famous American Vietnam Vets. Of the nearly 1 million Americans who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces during the Vietnam War era (1964-75. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial includes more than 58,000 names of men and women killed or missing in action during the Vietnam War. Together these names comprise one of the most powerful war. In her research for The Vietnam War, Botstein used Texas Tech University's online Virtual Vietnam Archive of more than 4 million pages of scanned documents, photos and recordings. You'll find after-action or lessons learned reports, news articles, newsletters of veterans groups, letters, finding aids for Vietnam-related collections.

Complete List State Historical Society of North Dakota State Whats in the Archives - Veterans History Project Search We recommend all visitors follow the CDC's guidelines when visiting our sites Aboriginal Veterans Tribute Honour list. Now over 7000 Aboriginal Veterans names are on the Tribute List, and growing! If you wish to nominate (submit) an Aboriginal Veteran to be placed on the Honour list, please respond via email referring to the instructions on the submission page. Updated November 13, 2020. surnames A to This website is dedicated to all soldiers of Pilipino descent who served in the United States military during the Vietnam War. The mission of this website is to reclaim our forgotten military history and heritage in the United States Armed Forces.. We start with the name list of our Pilipino Vietnam War Veterans from their respective home state of (military) record or state of residence The Vietnam War was an undeclared war between the US and Vietnam from 1955 to 1975. It caused extreme political unrest and was widely protested. It was an incredibly tumultuous time in US history and, for that reason, it's unclear how many people actually served during this struggle. The number of people who are Vietnam veterans in the first.

A List of Bad Ass War, Action, Drama and Documentary Movies on NAM. VIETNAM WAR A BLOODY CONFLICT IN SOUTH EAST ASIA (1964-75). IT WAS A SAVAGE WAR FOUGHT IN AN UNEASY COLD WAR TIME. 1960s & 70s WERE TURBULENT TIMES FOR AMERICA Korean War. Vietnam War. We have 14 Vermont Counties listed in our archive. This is useful for viewing the names of Gold Star veterans by localized regions within the state. Vermont Counties → Addison, Bennington, Caledonia, Chittenden, Essex, Franklin, Grand Isle, Lamoille, Orange, Orleans, Rutland, Washington, Windham, Windsor. Hide Counties some of the names of the veterans of the country are given below. Aas, Lynn W. — Private First Class, Air Force Veteran. World War II, 1939-1945 - Fort Snelling, Minnesota; Camp Wheeler, Georgia; Europe; Tennessee; Massachusetts. Aagenes, Donald Frederick — Master Sergeant, Army Veteran USMC Vietnam Veterans Duty Roster List - 3rd Marine A full copy of this speech is available here as it delivered a valuable contribution to settling the concerns of many Vietnam veterans and their families. The Vietnam List. Notes by the Editors: The names on the Vietnam List are alphabetical by surname - note - spelt as shown in the Army Pay Records. This may include some errors in spelling.

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According to the last update in 2008 from the National Archives, there were 58,220 U.S. military fatal casualties during the Vietnam War. All their names were honored on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Death by Casualties Type. Among 58,220 U.S. fatal casualties, there were 47,434 hostile deaths and 10,786 non-hostiles These names, seemingly infinite in number... Honoring the men and women who served in the controversial Vietnam War, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial chronologically lists the names of 58,318 Americans who gave their lives in service to their country Nominal rolls we publish. The Department of Veterans' Affairs publishes nominal rolls covering conflicts in which Australia has participated since Federation. These nominal rolls list members of Australia's defence forces who served during a particular conflict. To-date, the following nominal rolls can be accessed via the Internet Last Name: First and Middle: Rank: Branch: City, Town or Countr

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  1. Ernie Garcia was at home in Miami, Arizona, reading the news online, when he saw a story about an effort to find pictures of Vietnam War veterans. He recognized the first name on the list: James.
  2. Dak To, Vietnam. Listed as KIA February 7, 1978. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall USA website is dedicated to honoring those who died in the Vietnam War. The Wall USA is a non-profit endeavor maintained by veterans of the 4th Battalion 9th Infantry Regiment for the benefit of all. To learn about us and how you can help maintain this site
  3. Please search below to obtain information about the 5,673 names of California Veterans engraved on the California Vietnam Memorial in Sacramento. You may enter information into any or all of the boxes below. If you do not know some of the information or want to see all the listing for a county, city, or last name, leave the other fields blank..

Terms and Slang From the Vietnam War . Agent Orange An herbicide dropped on the forests and bush in Vietnam to defoliate (strip the leaves from plants and trees) an area. This was done to expose hiding enemy troops. Many Vietnam veterans who had been exposed to Agent Orange during the war have shown an increased risk of cancer To see a list of their names, click here. More than 400 of those 534 honored this year died because of Agent Orange exposure. There are more than 58,000 names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; names of men and women who died on the battlefield of the Vietnam War. Those men and women are honored on a daily basis by everyone who sees The Wall WDVA COVID-19 Updates for State Veterans Homes, THP, and WDVA Offices. Services available during COVID-19 Central Office is video, phone, and email appointments only. 1-800-562-2308 or benefits@dva.wa.go This was published 8 years ago. Roll of disgrace: inquiry into Vietnam war hero claims An online group is naming and shaming soldiers it says are tarnishing the legacy of Diggers, write John Elder. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial stands as a symbol of America's honor and recognition of the men and women who served and sacrificed their lives in the Vietnam War. Inscribed on the black granite walls are the names of more than 58,000 men and women who gave their lives or remain missing. The Memorial is dedicated [

You can request to have a name added at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund website. 10 more names were added to The Wall in 2012 and the statuses of 12 others were changed. The 10 servicemen came from the Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and Air Force, and died between 1966 and 2011. The Department of Defense determined that all deaths were the result. Every Georgia veteran with honorable service during the Vietnam War is eligible to receive this certificate. (This includes veterans with service in country and those who served in other capacities.) As part of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, the GDVS has joined the Department of Defense as a commemorative partner Fallen Vietnam Heroes Last Names Beginning in B List of Heroes Index Vietnam Memorial.com Home Page. BAADE, CLIFFORD KEITH CPT Army LINCOLN, NE . BAADE, ROBERT RICHARD II LCPL Marine Corps LONG BEACH, CA . BAAL, CARL THOMAS SP5 Army LEBANON, PA . BABB, KENNETH ALVIN SP4 Army SUFFOLK, VA . BABB, RICHARD CLARK JR SGT Army CHICAGO, IL . BABBAGE. The Vietnam War Memorial invites you to learn more about the 1,563 New Jerseyans; 1,562 men and 1 woman, who made ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War. Our Wall of Faces is more than just names, it is sharing insight into each of these individual's lives Haas, William Howard-- First Lieutenant, Army Veteran Cold War - Fort Hood, Texas: Haab, Keith -- Staff Sergeant, Air Force Veteran Vietnam War, 1961-1975 - Pleiku, Vietnam; United States Digitized content includes: sound recording(s) Haack, Joseph A.-- Corporal, Marine Corps Veteran

Career Air Force Officer and Vietnam War era POW. Boschulte, Randolph A. Army Ordnance officer during Vietnam War, and with the U.S. Army Reserves. Botz, Ron. Huey pilot with the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam in 1968-69. Bowman, Thomas. Medical Specialist who served in Vietnam from late 1968 thru 1969. Bowman, Tom, Jones, Tom, Lam, Patrick. Veteran's Memorials on Capitol Campus. The beautiful and symbolic Vietnam Veterans Memorial was unveiled in a patriotic ceremony on Memorial Day, May 25, 1987. The memorial is located on a grassy knoll east of the state Insurance Building on the Capitol Campus and is near the Winged Victory Monument. The site provides visitors with a tranquil. Vietnam Memorialsin the USA. Buy Now - Just $34.85. This is a book for people willing to pay their respects, people who will never forget the tremendous and courageous sacrifices made by our Vietnam veterans, and the hole that those lost left in communities all across our great nation Dylan Skriloff. Editor, The Rockland County Times Top 30 Realistic Vietnam War Movies. 1. A Rumor of War (1980) Error: please try again. The memories of a US Marine lieutenant in Vietnam who slowly gets disillusioned as the war progresses. 2. Platoon (1986) Error: please try again. Chris Taylor, a neophyte recruit in Vietnam, finds himself caught in a battle of wills between two sergeants, one.

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  1. Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. at the National Convention in Greensboro, North Carolina, August 1-5, 2001 calls upon Vietnam veterans and their families to support all efforts to have the Vietnam War Memorial In Memory Plaque placed in an appropriate location within the area defined by the National Park Service as The Vietnam Veterans.
  2. The water is symbolic of time with the power to cleanse and heal the divisions the Vietnam War caused in the country. The memorial was developed by the Kansas City Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, Inc. A semi-circular memorial wall has the names of the 451 casualties that called the Kansas City area home
  3. According to the local chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA 446) and Congressman David Drier's office, it is the very first memorial in the Nation dedicated exclusively to soldiers that lost their lives in the Vietnam War. There are 19 names on the wall

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| Del Re: List of Vietnam Veterans Per State-----Unfortunately, the list is either of all veterans or has some other problem. There were only 2.5 million who served in Vietnam. It's a little difficult to count 8 million VIETNAM vets. By the way, after trying for a couple of months, I finally was able to register. Jim Indybear57 Moderator Posts: 26 (National Park Service, Vietnam Veterans Memorial) T he Vietnam Veterans Memorial is names — more than 58,000 names of men and women who were killed or missing in action during the Vietnam War. When you visit the Memorial, the sheer volume of names is inescapable This database contains 164,005 records, 161,472 of which are linked to pdfs of the original documents. T his database is designed to assist researchers in accessing U.S. government documents related to American military personnel who are unaccounted for from the Vietnam War. The formal title of this collection is Correlated and Uncorrelated Information Relating to Missing Americans in. Garrison was manned at the australian vietnam war veterans list of names by the 28th Commonwealth Brigade, included! Civilian participants History the Nashos ' War: Australia 's longest War until the Afghanistan.! And Vietnam MARK DAPIN Viking, $ 39.99, as well as lists of casualties of

This is a list of notable surviving veterans of World War II (1939-1945). 1 List 1.1 A - 70 veterans 1.2 B - 158 veterans 1.3 D - 72 veterans 1.4 E - 39 veterans 1.5 F - 62 veterans 1.6 G - 88 veterans 1.7 H - 93 veterans 1.8 I - 13 veterans 1.9 J - 32 veterans 1.10 K - 48 veterans 1.11 L - 55 veterans 1.12 M - 122 veterans 1.13 N - 31 veterans 1.14 O - 19. List of World War II Army & Navy Casualties and Wounded - as Reported by the Office of War Information as they occurred and which were printed in the newspaper shortly after the deaths. These lists often include the name of the soldier's mother or wife or other surviving family member Because there are so many names, they will be separated into categories: Korean War-era, roughly 1946 to 1962; Vietnam, from 1963 to '71; and post-Vietnam to present, she said. The website is. I built this site for all Marines, or anyone that is interested in the USMC. There is little of everything on this site. All Marines KIA in Vietnam, Beirut, Iraq, Afghanistan war all names are listed. I am always working on this site. If you like to see something else or have an idea, please send me an email Troops in Vietnam. (Photo/Leroy Lawson) First, let me apologize for the extra time it took to upload this article. The original article only included a list of songs, I added the videos so you can actually listen to the music. Throughout history, music has covered an array of subjects, such as war and peace. Ther

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American troops in Vietnam (Pixabay) That same vernacular isn't always politically correct. It's still worth looking at the non-PC Vietnam War slang used by troops while in country because it gives an insight into the endemic and recurring problems they faced at the time The National Archives and Records Administration prepared these Vietnam War casualty lists by creating extracts from the military casualty data files in the Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Record Group 330). The lists are based on the home of record - state data provided by the serviceman or woman upon last entrance into military service

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All the answers appear to be guesstimates and not surprising because it appears like the US Government wants to forget the whole big mistake. Many of the veterans (and I speak from onsite evidence) dropped out of society and became our first major.. The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Foundation Museum is delighted to announce that there is now a photograph in the Wall of Faces for each of the 1,563 New Jersey Vietnam Veterans who died while deployed overseas serving their country in the Vietnam War. Our Wall of Faces is more than just names, sharing insight into each of these.

75th Anniversary D-Day, Veterans, WWII Veterans, Help for Veterans, The Official WWII Veterans Website, Veterans Help Desk, Veterans Forums, WWII Museum, Veterans Benefit The Vietnam Veterans of America group recognize, welcome and label anyone who served during the Vietnam era as a Vietnam veteran. Groups like VFW won't accept us since we didn't serve in a combat zone where most who were in country were subjected to the hazards of war. Like you, I served in Germany during the Vietnam era and I've always called. Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Over 58,000 names of those who died or were listed as missing in the Vietnam War are carved in the black granite memorial, which begins with the inscription: In honor of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States who served in the Vietnam War. The names of those who gave their lives and of those who.

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Controversial and received mixed reviews at its dedication in 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial has since become one of the country's most visited and well-respected memorials. The memorial features the names of more than 58,000 Americans who sacrificed their lives in service to their country. The memorial is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a. Myth: Common belief is that most Vietnam veterans were drafted. Fact: 2/3 of the men who served in Vietnam were volunteers. 2/3 of the men who served in World War II were drafted.Approximately 70% of those killed in Vietnam were volunteers. Myth: The media have reported that suicides among Vietnam veterans range from 50,000 to 100,000 - 6 to 11 times the non-Vietnam veteran population 5. Colt 1911. Now let's take a break from all this rifle talk with the Colt 1911. First made the US military's standard-issue sidearm in, as the name suggests, 1911, the M1911 pistol had already been around for a long time by the start of the Vietnam War. WWI American Doughboys with M1911s The project took one and a half Years and resulted in a book titled 612, a listing and biography of every State Vietnam Veteran who died in the war. One of those patriots was Robert Tillquist, a Combat Medic and a Distinguished Service Cross recipient who died in the Pleiku Campaign on November 4, 1965 WWII Kansas Draft Board Records Index. This database contains more than 227,000 entries of male and female Kansas veterans of the armed forces who served between September 16, 1940 and June 30, 1946. This comprehensive data comes directly from Adjutant General Selective Service Board lists

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Names and corrections which have been verified but not yet added to the memorial are indicated by to be carved. The database will be updated on a monthly basis. To search by war, type one of the following designations in the war field: World War I - wwi World War II - wwii Korea - korea Vietnam - vietnam Gulf War - gul The U.S. suffered around 58,000 fatalities over the course of the Vietnam War, which lasted from 1955 to 1975. This number has now been eclipsed by the more than 60,000 U.S. veteran suicides in a recent span of just 10 years. More than 6,000 veterans committed suicide every year during that timeframe, despite the fact that the total number of.

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In honor of Vietnam War Veterans Day, we put together a top-10 list of films — excluding documentaries — we consider the best about the Vietnam War The second film adaptation of the 1955 novel of the same name takes place in Vietnam in 1952, during the French Indochina War, depicting America's growing involvement that led to the Vietnam War. There, a veteran British journalist becomes embroiled in a love triangle with an American CIA operative and a native Vietnamese woman He was the first American soldier killed in Vietnam; the first name of 58,282 listed on the granite wall of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. And with the reading of his name, Capt. Harry Griffith. The records include information such as name, social security number, birth date, and birth place. This is in addition to the nearly 50 million NUMIDENT death records and 72 million NUMIDENT application (SS-5) records already on AAD. This series consists of indices that contain information about letters received by the Department of Housing and. The Registry And History Library. Established July 4th, 1988. The Military History War Library. and All Nation Personnel Registry. Accessible 24 hours/day through the internet or by modem, worldwide. Included on The Library are thousands of pages of data, statistics, documentation and files on all of America's military missions