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Physician assisted Endocervical Swab Specimen Collection Instructions: Remove excess mucus from cervical os and surrounding mucosa with the larger woven swab provided in the Cobas PCR Dual Swab Sample Packet. Then discard the swab. Insert second flocked swab from collection kit into cervical canal and rotate for 15-30 sec. Use only enclosed swabs PCR swab for Chlamydia/PCR Infection Screening See the Sample Requirements page for an explanation of all the sample requirements. See the Special Instructions Legend page for a full list of special instructions. Last-updated: 18/12/2 Hold the swab in your hand, placing your thumb and forefinger in the middle of the swab shaft across the score-line. Carefully insert the swab into your vagina about two inches inside the opening of the vagina. Gently rotate the swab for 10-30 seconds. Ensure the swab touches the walls of the vagina so that moisture is absorbed onto the swab Test Code PCRCT Chlamydia trachomatis, PCR, Genital Swab Important Note. This test has not been validated for patients <14 year old. Please contact the laboratory or collect with an Aptima swab if testing is needed for this age range. Additional Codes. Epic: LAB2241. Specimen Required Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory's Chlamydia and Gonococcus testing is not validated for performance on pediatric patients under the age of 14 years old. Testing for these patients must be collected in either an APTIMA Multi-Test Swab collection kit or the APTIMA Urine collection kit and will be sent out to a reference laboratory

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In 2005 and 2007, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of vaginal swabs in testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea using only one type of NAAT: the transcription-mediated.. 20.0-50.0 mL urine (fist-void, NOT midstream or clean-catch). Or, one swab GeneXpert tube Detects Chlamydia trachomatis L1-L3 serovars. Vaginal, rectal, cervical, urethral, genital, or penile swab with APTIMA Unisex Swab Specimen Collection kit (ARUP supply #28907) OR in Viral Transport Media (ARUP supply #12884) available online through eSupply using ARUP Connect™ or contact ARUP Client Services at (800) 522-2787. Also acceptable: Urine cobas ® CT/NG for use on the cobas ® 6800/8800 Systems is an automated, qualitative in vitro nucleic acid diagnostic test, that utilizes real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), for the direct detection of Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and/or Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG) DNA in male and female urine, clinician-instructed self-collected vaginal swab specimens (collected in a clinical setting. self-collected vaginal swab is the preferred testing method for chlamydia and gonorrhoea in asymptomatic females—a first catch urine should only be considered if a self-collected swab cannot be taken. First catch urine is not as sensitive as a self-collected vaginal swab1. Asymptomaticmales - first catch urine sampl

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  1. Collection Instructions for Chlamydia/GC Testing Vaginal/endocervical swab specimens o Order collection kit from the laboratory - cobas PCR Female Swab Sample Packet o If necessary, remove excess mucous using one of the swabs provided in the collection packet. (Excess mucous may invalidate the assay). Discard
  2. antly; other sites as required, eg. Vagina, anus, throat, eye. DRY FLEXIBLE SWAB - NASOPHARYNGEAL ORGANISM: Bordetella pertussis / Whooping cough. SITE: Nasopharyngeal swab
  3. Specimen collection for C. trachomatis culture is invasive requiring insertion of a swab 2-3 cm into the male urethral or 1-2 cm into the endocervical canal followed by two or three rotations to collect sufficient columnar or cuboidal epithelial cells
  4. RESULTS The PCR achieved a detection limit of 100 plasmid copies (10 elementary bodies). In a combined retrospective and prospective clinical evaluation, the PCR and IDBT gave identical results with 21 positive and 57 negative eye swabs
  5. The sensitivities of real-time PCR for detecting C. trachomatis was 94.4% in endocervical swabs, 77.8% in female FVU and 97.4% in the male FVU. The sensitivities for real-time PCR for detectig N. gonorrhoeae was 100% in all 3 specimen types
  6. Preferred test for detecting Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in variety of specimens. This test does not include confirmation of positive results by an alternative nucleic acid target. If confirmation of positive results by an alternate nucleic acid target is required, refer to Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (CTNG) by Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA.

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Description. Blood London have been providing Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (PCR Swab) on a self-referral basis to patients in Central and Greater London for over 20 years. Simply walk-in weekdays between 9am and 6pm or on weekends between 10am and 2pm, to have your blood taken by a highly experienced professional in our private, Harley Street clinic using some of the best labs in europe PCR swab for Chlamydia/PCR Infection Screening. See the Sample Requirements page for an explanation of all the sample requirements. See the Special Instructions Legend page for a full list of special instructions. Last-updated: 13/12/20 Carefully insert the swab into your vagina about 5 cm (two inches) inside the opening of the vagina and gently rotate the swab for 10 to 30 seconds. Ensure the swab touches the walls of the vagina so that moisture is absorbed by the swab. Withdraw the swab carefully and continue to hold it in your hand

Store urine at 2-30°C for up to 24 hours. Store transferred urines and swabs in Chlamydia transport medium at 2-30°C. These remain viable for up to 3 months. Transport as soon as possible at ambient temperature Chlamydia/Neisseria gonorrhoeae RNA, TMA, Urogenital - C. trachomatis infections are the leading cause of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. C. trachomatis is known to cause cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), epididymitis and proctitis. It is also the most frequent cause of non-gonococcal urethritis in men. Among women, the consequences of Chlamydial infections are.

Getting Tested For Chlamydia is Easier Than Ever With These At Home Testing Kits. You Don't Need to Make a Doctor's Appointment to Test Yourself for Chlamydia Specimen Requirements. Submit only 1 of the following specimens: Genital specimens require a Cobas PCR Female Swab Sample kit. Kits can be obtained from Huntsville Hospital Microbiology Department or, for Outreach clients, by calling Client Service at 256-265-2522 or 800-278-0588 Nasopharyngeal swab: Collect specimen using the flexible minitip flocked swab (Hospital Stores #33595). A. Measure the distance from the patient's nostril to the nasopharynx (half the distance from nostril to base of the ear) and hold the swab at that location. Do not advance the swab beyond that point. B Chlamydia trachomatis. is a target amplification nucleic acid probe test that utilizes target capture for the . urethral swab specimens, patient-collected vaginal swab specimens. 1, an RECTAL NAAT/PCR SWAB FOR GONORRHOEA AND CHLAMYDIA you have taken Run swab across tonsils and back of oropharynx. Use of a tongue depressor may help. Avoid contact with other oral surfaces. Instruct the patient to insert the swab about 3 cm into the anus. Preserve the swab as per instructions * * If using the same type of swab kit for the throat.

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  1. Varicella-Zoster Virus by PCR VZVP Swabs ESwab white Wound Culture, Aerobic with Smear ROCS Any site using a swab ESwab white CGPT Urethral Aptima unisex swab specimen collection kit Chlamydia trachomatis Culture CTRACH Cervical, vaginal, urethral, rectal, peritoneal fluid, oral swab or eye swab. Universal Transport Media (UTM
  2. pathogens as previous swab types. ¡ Suitable for diagnosis of viral infections (by PCR) and some fungal infections (e.g. Candida). ¡ Suitable for all molecular assays (one swab per requested pathogen is preferred). ¡ Suitable for screening for multi-resistant organisms (e.g. MRSA)
  3. Bacterial Vaginosis, PCR (ESwab also acceptable) 3770: Chlamydia/Gonorrhea, Rectal OR Pharyngeal: 3755: Chlamydia/Gonorrhea, Rectal AND Pharyngeal: 3914: Candida, PCR (ESwab also acceptable) 5249: Chlamydia/Gonorrhea, TMA: 3915: HSV I AND II, PCR (ESwab also acceptable) 3910: Trichomonas, TMA: 3534: Urogenital Urea/Mycoplasma,PCR (ESwab also.

SWAB reference guide Virus Testing 3/8/17 FREQUENTLY ORDERED TESTS TEST CODES Bordetella Pertussis by Real-time PCR PPERT Chlamydia Trachomatis Culture CCHL Herpes Virus 1 and 2 detection and typing by PCR HLPCR Influenza AB, RSV by PCR FLURSV Respiratory Virus Panel, PCR RESPAN Varicella Zoster Virus Antigen Detection, FA VZVF Evaluation of a Chlamydia trachomatis-specific, commercial, real-time PCR for use with ocular swabs. Pickering H (1), Holland MJ (2), Last AR (2), Burton MJ (2), Burr SE (2). (2)London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK. BACKGROUND: Trachoma, the leading infectious cause of blindness worldwide, is caused by conjunctival.

male urethral swab specimens as evidence of symptomatic or asymptomatic infection with C. trachomatis DNA is detected by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) amplification of target DNA and b Which swab/specimen for which test? Date Issued: 16/08/2018 MIC-F081 Authorised by: HOD, Microbiology Page 1 of Chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing self-collection instructions for patients Urine collection device Yellow top jar (item 32897) Swab collection device (unsuitable for urine collection) Cobas® PCR media dual swab kit (item 46047) Vaginal swab First-catch urine Use cotton bud swab to remove mucus and discard swab Varicella-Zoster Virus by PCR VZVP Genital specimens or vesicular lesions ESwab white Aerobic, Bacterial Culture with Gram Stain AERCLS Any site using a swab ESwab white Vaginal Aptima unisex swab specimen collection kit Chlamydia trachomatis Culture CTRACH Cervical, vaginal, urethral, rectal, peritoneal fluid, oral swab or eye swab.

Insert collection swab into cervical canal, and rotate swab for 15 to 30 seconds to ensure adequate sampling. 2. Withdraw swab carefully. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Useful for diagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis infection. Day(s) Test Set Up Eye Swab Chlamydia PCR . Patient Preparation. Aptima eye swabs (orange label) Partially peel open the swab package. Remove the swab. Do not touch the soft tip or lay the swab down. If the soft tip is touched, the swab is laid down, or the swab is dropped, use a new APTIMA Swab Specimen Collection Kit Abbreviations: C. psittaci = Chlamydia psittaci; Ct = cycle threshold; PCR = polymerase chain reaction. * Data are from two nasopharyngeal swabs with Ct values 31 and 33. † Data are only from stool specimens because there were no C. psittaci-positive blood or cerebrospinal fluid specimens Chlamydia is one of the most common bacterial sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in the United States and can cause serious complications if not treated. Chlamydia testing identifies the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis as the cause of your infection.. The preferred method for chlamydia testing is the nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) that detects the genetic material of Chlamydia trachomatis

Self-obtained vaginal swabs have previously been shown to have equal sensitivity and specificity to endocervical swabs and greater sensitivity than urine for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). We suggest that self-obtained vaginal swabs should be a readily available option offered to women for chlamydia. Useful For. The C. trachomatis & N. gonorrhoeae multiplex PCR assay detects CT and NG infections from endocervical swab or first void urine specimens from symptomatic or asymptomatic individuals.. Clinical Information. Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) is the causative infectious agent for a variety of diseases in men: urethritis, proctitis, conjunctivitis, epididymitis, and Reiter's Syndrome

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PHO Laboratory accepts swabs from the following specimen sources for Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (GC) by a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT). Urethral, penile meatal, clinician and patient collected vaginal, endocervical, rectal and pharyngeal site specimens for The use of new flocked swabs, compared to kit swabs, enhanced the ability of three commercial nucleic acid amplification tests to detect low levels of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae nucleic acids when the organisms were diluted in a universal transport medium as mocked specimens Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. A positive result for Chlamydia trachomatis and/or Neisseria gonorrhoeae indicates the presence of Chlamydia trachomatis DNA and/or Neisseria gonorrhoeae DNA, , vaginal swab specimens collected in cobas® PCR Media containing greater than 1 x 106 PBMC cells/mL, and. • 1 year (2-30ºC) in PCR sample kit. Causes for Rejection • Patient younger than 14 years of age • Specimen submitted in transport medium other than cobas® PC media dual swab sample kit. • Specimen received without a swab, with non-flocked swab or with two swabs • Specimens that are excessively bloody (specimen has a red or brown color

{ consumer: Chlamydia tests use a sample of body fluid or urine to see whether chlamydia bacteria ( Chlamydia trachomatis) are present and causing an infection. Nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT) are used to find chlamydia infection. These tests use a sample of body fluid from areas such as the cervix, vagina, eyes, rectum, or. Management of curable sexually-transmitted infections (STI) such as Chlamydia can be revolutionized by highly sensitive nucleic acid testing that is deployable at the point-of-care (POC). Here we.

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The chlamydia PCR is highly specific (99-100%) with a sensitivity of 85-90%. 3 These tests allow non-invasive and self-collected sampling. One study evaluating nucleic acid amplification tests of self-collected vulval-introital specimens, first void urine samples and clinician-collected cervical samples found the self-collected swabs and urine. Rapid PCR Test Disposable Diagnostic Kit Virus Test Tube Kit PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Virus Sampling Kits have b een designed for the collection, preservation, and transportation of virus, chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureaplasma. Now, they hav e been used for sampling and transportation before virus testing widely. MandeLab's VTM Kits provid Yellow topped Chlamydia swabs (Copan PCR) White Top Universal Pots (20-30ml of initial stream urine) Specimen Collection. Females - Endocervical or low vaginal swabs; Males - First voided urine. The patient should not have passed urine in the preceding 1 -2 hours. If the specimen will not reach the laboratory on that day please store in the.

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Real-time PCR for detecting Chlamydia: The iVApDNA Extraction Kit (Viet A Technology Corp., HCM, Vietnam) was used for DNA extraction from vaginal swab samples as recommended by the manufacturer, with 10 μL of internal control. Real-time PCR assays were performed using a forward primer (5′-CATGAAAACTCGTTCCGAAATAGAA-3′), a reverse prime The objective of this study was to compare urogenital swab specimens and first void urine (FVU) specimens from male and female patients at a sexually transmitted disease clinic for the detection of Mycoplasma genitalium and Chlamydia trachomatis infections using in-house, inhibitor-controlled polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Rectal swabs should be collected by inserting a sterile swab 2-4cms into the anal canal and moving the swab gently side to side for 10-20 seconds. Pharyngeal swabs should be collected from the tonsils and oropharynx. High vaginal swab of vaginal discharge smeared onto a glass slide, air dried and sent for microscopy Specimen: Eye swab, vaginal swab

2) Slowly rotate swab for 30 seconds while touching the vaginal wall. 3) Slowly remove the swab. 4) The swab must not come in contact with any other surface before putting it back in the tube. 5) Remove the cap from the cobas® PCR tube and insert the swab into the tube until black line on the swab stem is aligned with the tube's rim CHLAMYDIA T. PCR. Handling: Specimen: Submit first 10-50 mL urine in preservative-free collection cup Submit swab supplied from Roche Amplicor specimen collection kit using initial swab (if cervical) to remove mucous and submitting second swab for assay into supplied transport media. Unacceptable conditions: No swab in collector; two swabs in.

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The Abbott RealTi m e CT/NG assay is an in vitro polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay for the direct, qualitative detection of the plasmid DNA of Chlamydia trachomatis and the genomic DNA of Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The assay may be used to test the following specimens from symptomatic individuals: female endocervical swab, clinician-collected. Gently rotate the swab for 30 seconds in the endocervical canal or vagina. 3. Withdraw swab carefully. 4. Remove cap from the PCR media tube. 5. Lower the swab into the tube until the visible dark line on the swab shaft is lined up with the tube rim. The tip of the swab should be just above the liquid in the tube. 6 1. Insert dry swab into vagina (do not pre-wet in PCR media) and rotate swab for 30 seconds to ensure adequate sampling. 2. Transfer swab to the tube of Cobas® PCR Medium and break swab into the tube at the scored black line on the shaft. 3. Leave swab in the transport medium and replace the tube cap securely to prevent leaking. 4 until the visible dark line on the swab shaft is lined up with the tube rim. The tip of the swab should be just above the liquid in the tube. 5. Break: Carefully lean the swab against the tube rim to break the swab shaft at the dark line; discard the top portion of the swab. 6. Close: Tightly close the cobas® PCR Media tube For both men and women, a urine sample is sufficient. Women can also get a vaginal swab. Currently, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology is used to diagnose this disease in a very sensitive and accurate manner. Chlamydia Treatment. Chlamydia is very easily treated and cured. Usually one course of antibiotics will be sufficient

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  1. This document is intended for educational use only. cobas PCR Female Swab and cobas PCR Urine collection and transport kits The cobas PCR Female swab and urine kits are the specimen collection kits that have been validated for the cobas CT/NG v2.0 test. cobas PCR Female swab specimen collection ki
  2. Swab specimens collected in the Aptima Unisex Swab Specimen Collection Kit or Aptima Vaginal Swab Specimen Collection Kit: 60 days at 2°C to 30°C. Urine specimen collected in the Aptima Urine Collection Kit: 30 days at 2°C to 30°C. Neat urine is stable at 2 - 30 °C for up to 24 hours. Thinprep (PreservCyt): 30 days at 2°C to 30°C.
  3. Bord etl aDNA ,Qu iv PCR (I ncl ud e sB. p rt ia ) Mini-tip Swab with Liquid Amies. Transport refrigerated. Supply #19221 B. pertussis/parapertussis DNA Test # 901552 Chlamydia trachomatis, Aptima Device Test # 903150 N. gonorrhoeae, Aptima Device Test # 903151 Chlamydia/N. gonorrhoeae, Aptima Device.
  4. Chlamydia/ Gonorrhea infection* Small swab with pink shaft for collecting specimen Swab Specimen Transport Tube 1. Insert the pink swab into the vagina 3-5 cm past the introitus and rotate gently for 10-30 seconds, touching the vaginal walls, to collect the specimen 2. Remove the cap from the transport tub
  5. 3. Rotate swab for 10 to 30 seconds in endocervical canal to ensure adequate sampling. 4. Withdraw swab carefully; avoid any contact with vaginal mucosa. 5. Aseptically remove cap from tube, insert swab into Remel MicroTest M4RT transport media tube or Cobas PCR transport media and break swab at score line. Screw cap on securely
  6. For Chlamydia trachomatis by Nucleic Acid Amplification, Ocular please refer to code 567 in OLTG. Handling Instructions. Swab or Urine in APTIMA tube: Transport under ambient conditions within 30 days. Unpreserved urine: Transport under ambient conditions within 24 hours; specimens received after 24 hours will be rejected
  7. istration for use on urogenital.

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protein L4 account for resistance in Chlamydia trachomatis strains selected in vitro by macrolide passage. Andrologia 42: 274-280. 14. Pasternack R, Vuorinen P, Pitkakarvi T, et al. 1997. Comparison of manual Amplicor PCR, Cobas Amplicor PCR, and LCx assays for detection of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in women by using urine specimens. Female Vaginal swab specimen. a. Insert the provided swab about 5 cm into the vaginal opening. Gently turn the swab for about 30 seconds while rubbing the swab against the walls of the vagina. b. Carefully remove the swab and break off into the cobas® PCR Media transport tube. c. Tightly re-cap the PCR media tube. d

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nucleic acid diagnostic test, that utilizes real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), for the direct detection of Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and/or Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG) DNA in male and female urine, clinician-instructed self-collected vaginal swab specimens (collected in The cobas PCR Media serves as a nucleic acid stabilizing transport ans storage medium for gynecological specimens. Only used on the cobas® 4800 System. Each sample packet contains : 1 x cobas PCR media tube. 1 x woven swab. 1 x Collector Brush. Roche Diagnostics. Documentation Material safety data sheet

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Urine Collection for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoeae NAAT Testing Specimen Collection and Handling: 1. The patient should not have urinated for at least 1 hour prior to specimen collection. 2. Direct patient to provide a first-catch urine (approximately 20 to 30 mL of the initial urine stream) into a urine collection cup free of any preservatives Diagnostic evaluation of FTD Vaginal swab PCR. Finally, we conducted a diagnostic evaluation of the FTD Vaginal swab kit against previously validated commercial (Amplicor CT/NG []) and in-house (ddPCR []) assays (Table 1), using a subset of 100 samples.For diagnostic evaluation, two methods for identifying exponential amplification were combined, sigmoid model R 2-value > 0.99 and final.

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endourethral swabs for PCR based detection of genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection in male patients. Sex Transm Infect 2001; 77: 423-426. 7 Chan EL, Brandt K, Stoneham H, et al. Comparison of the effectiveness of polymerase chain reaction and immunoassay in detecting Chlamydia trachomatis in different female genitourinary specimens A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test was developed which amplified part of the plasmid shared by all the serovars of C trachomatis. Conjunctival swabs were tested using an in house immune dot-blot test (IDBT) for chlamydial lipopolysaccharide antigen, a commercial direct fluorescent antibody (DFA) test for chlamydial elementary bodies, and. Chlamydia trachomatis and Gonococci PCR . General Information. Please use the following tubes: Yellow Aptima tube for the collection of urine samples. Orange Aptima tube for the collection of vaginal swabs. White/Purple Aptima tube for the collection of endocervical or urethral swabs (on order form as Purple Aptima tube Chlamydia PCR & place swab back into container. Collect Charcoal ECS for culture and sensitivity - apply to slide, then place into charcoal medium.1 AND Obtain a 20ml first void urine for PCR1 OR If urine is not available take a dry urethral swab for PCR. 1. Swab site using cobas PCR Media Uni Swab Sample Packet. 2. Place swab in transport tube provided in packet and carefully break off swab at score line so swab fits in closed tube. 3. Tightly screw the cap onto the tube and transport the swab to the laboratory refrigerated or at room temperature

Specimens should be collected early in the acute phase of infection. Obtain epithelial cells from infected site (e.g., insert and rotate a cotton, dacron or rayon tipped swab 2-4 cm into the male urethra or 1-1.5 cm into the female endocervical canal; do not use Calgiswab or swab with wooden shaft). Put swab into M4-RT transport medium, cutting. Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection (STI) worldwide, with over 100 million people affected 1.The clinical picture is highly variable, ranging. Test Code CTNG Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (CT/NG), Qualitative on Swab Specimens Clinical Indications. N/A. Additional Test Codes. Epic Order Name: Chlam/NG PCR Swab Sunquest Order Code: CTNG Epic Px Code: LAB4171. Specimen Collection Type. Aptima Swab Collection Kit. See Men's and Women's Health PCR link for collection.

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Lab Section Molecular Test Description Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) that looks for the presence of Chlamydia/Chlamydophila antigens including C. psittaci, C. felis, and C. abortus. Species Avia Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR); Cepheid, GeneXpert. Reference Values. Chlamydia trachomatis PCR: Negative. Neisseria gonorrhoeae PCR: Negative All positive results are reported to the Iowa Department of Public Health. Related Tests. Chlamydia/GC PCR, Swab; Website Feedback A wide range of options. IDL continues to research and develop new tests and technologies to better serve our clients. Below is a listing of the current tests we offer along with sample collection recommendations, interpretation information and the submission form for each test. Note: We expect a 3 to 5% increase in the cost of some tests, to.

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