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Youth Day commemorates the 16 June youth uprisings that began in Soweto back in 1976. Thousands of South African youths took a stand against the Bantu Education Act that made it compulsory for black learners to learn certain subjects with Afrikaans as the medium of instruction. June 16 was the day that set the wheels of change in motion International Youth Day offers a chance to raise awareness of the need to ensure the engagement and participation of youth, which is essential to achieve sustainable human development Youth Day: June 16 Youth Day is a public holiday celebrated in South Africa. Youth Day has been celebrated in South Africa on June 16 since 1976 as a reaction to the series of clashes which happened in Soweto of South Africa

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16 June 1976 is a date that altered the course of history for South Africa. Commemorated over 40 years later as Youth Day, an official holiday, it is the day that honors the deaths of hundreds of Soweto school children. As a public entity, the Film and Publication Board (FPB) will conduct outreach activities to mark the historical day The day shown for 'National Youth Week In Commemoration Of The International Youth Day' is based off how much chitter-chatter and buzz there was on Aug. 11, 2018 across social media making references to 'Youth Week In Commemoration Of The International Youth Day' Youth Day (青年节/青年節) in the Republic of China has been celebrated on March 29 since 1954. It commemorates the Huanghuagang Uprising of 1911, during which 72 young revolutionaries sacrificed their lives to overthrow the Qing Dynasty. The Uprising took place on April 27 (the 29th day of the 3rd month in Chinese Calendar), 1911 and is subsequently known as 3.29 Guangzhou Uprising This year's youth month will be celebrated under the theme: Youth Power: Growing South Africa together in the period of COVID-19. Much like the youth of 1976, today's youth is faced with its own unique set of challenges. Mounting calls have been made by this generation to be included into the mainstream economy

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Sat Jun 12th, 2021. Superman Day. Sun Jun 20th, 2021. Ice Cream Soda Day. Sat Jun 26th, 2021. Beautician's Day. Mon Jul 5th, 2021. Apple Turnover Day. Find out what else is coming up Memorial Day to be commemorated in area towns Monday. Area communities will mark the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. Here are some of the ceremonies in the region: Jaffrey will host a parade and.

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  1. On June 16 each year, South Africans celebrate Youth Day. Youth Day commemorates the Soweto Uprising, which took place on 16 June 1976, where thousands of students were ambushed by the apartheid regime
  2. Youth Day is this year being commemorated under the theme: The Year of Charlotte Mannya Maxeke: Growing youth employment for an inclusive and transformed society. Ramaphosa focussed on youth.
  3. Youth Day The commemoration of Youth Day this year marks the 37th anniversary of the 16 June Soweto uprising and was celebrated under the theme Working together for youth development and a drug free South Africa. The national Youth Day commemoration took place in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal
  4. The Youth Day in South Africa is celebrated in memory of all the youngsters who lost their lives during the protest, especially the death of Hector Pieterson, a 12 year old student who was killed during the uprising. The day is celebrated with musical concerts around the country in order to celebrate the energy of youth

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  1. Deadline: August 10, 2021 Applications are open for the LEAP Africa Youth Day of Service in Commemoration of International Youth Day 2021. Initiated by LEAP Africa, Youth Day of Service (YDoS) is an annual week-long, pan-Africa
  2. Police in the coppebelt province of Zambia Kitwe Town today 12/03/2021 clashed with UPND Cadres who says they were being stopped from freely taking part onto..
  3. g more actively involved in making positive contributions to their communities
  4. David Paul Morris/Getty Images. Juneteenth is a special celebration on June 19th that commemorates the end of the United States' historic practice of slavery. In this sense, Juneteenth is a day.
  5. Youth Day falls on 16 June, in remembrance of the beginning of the 1976 Uprising which started in Soweto and spread across the country. The 1976 Uprising and the mobilisation of the youth in the..
  6. 2pm-10pm. Passion Project Initiatives Inc. is excited to present the Juneteenth Freedom Fest Charleston, an event taking place at the North Charleston Riverfront Park. Mark your calendars for June 19, 2021 for a free event that will feature local vendors, food trucks, and entertainment for the entire family
  7. It is commemorated today by a South African national holiday, Youth day, which honors all the young people who lost their lives in the struggle against Apartheid and Bantu Education. In the 1980s very little education at all took place in the Bantu Education system, which was the target of almost continuous protest

Deadline: August 10, 2021 Applications ar Deadline: August 10, 2021. Applications are open for the LEAP Africa Youth Day of Service in Commemoration of International Youth Day 2021. Initiated by LEAP Africa, Youth Day of Service (YDoS) is an annual week-long, pan-African youth-led social impact campaign that begins on August 12 every year which is also 'International Youth Day.'

POLITICS. Speaking in Tshwane at the EFF's Youth Day commemoration, party leader Julius Malema began his speech outside Uitsig High School by calling the institution a crime scene. This school is not a school; it is a crime scene because racism is a crime, he said, adding that youth of 1976 fought against racism on June 16 and now. Youth Day is a national holiday in honor of all the young people who lost their lives in the struggle against Apartheid and Bantu Education. July 18: Mandela Day On June 3 2009 in his State of the Nation address, President Jacob Zuma announced the annual celebration of South Africa's most famous son— Nelson Mandela WINDHOEK - In partnership with Omalanga safaris, Hano Youth Foundation held a charity day in Windhoek and Otavi to reach out to the communities. Hano Youth Foundation is a charity organisation registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, catering to uplift the living standards of youth and focusing on education training and. Lategan said that Youth Day is commemorated throughout the group by adjusting schedules due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We do not disrespect the day and what it stands for A national or international awareness day or observance is a date usually set by a major organisation or government to commemorate a public health or ethical cause of importance on a national or international level.. An international observance, also known as an international dedication or international anniversary, is a period of time to observe some issue of international interest or concern

In his message on Human Rights Day which falls on December 10 and this year is being commemorated under the theme 'Youth standing up for human rights', the President said the theme is well. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF YOUTH DAY. By journalismeditor. June 17, 2015. 18839. 0. Share: By: Zama Ngcoya. The year 2015 marks exactly 39 years since the tragic killing of over 23 people, including two whites, in the 1976 Soweto Student Uprising. June 16 is a very significant day in the South Africa On December 1st at 1:30pm EDT (10:30am PDT), JMJ Youth [...] Annual celebration of WYD moved to the Feast of Christ the King Gallery. Annual celebration of WYD moved to the Feast of Christ the King. Latest News. A celebration and commemoration. Even though Don Witt's father did not serve, he instilled values of patriotism, honor and respect. I have pictures of my dad holding me at a cemetery where we were celebrating Memorial Day, said Witt, who served in the Marine Corps from 1967 to 1973. We had family members who died in wars, so it had a.

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  1. These are the international days and weeks currently observed by the United Nations. The United Nations designates specific days, weeks, years and decades as occasions to mark particular events or.
  2. The America250 Foundation, officially designated by the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission to honor America's 250th, invites you to join us as we count down. That's 250 years of the American spirit. Get ready for the biggest, most inclusive commemoration in our nation's history. Houston, we have launch
  3. Except on the first day of commemoration, the Covid-19 vaccination exercise will continue country-wide at different designated places in the country. Currently, the vaccination exercise is focusing on people who received the first dose of Pfizer and are being given the second shot after an interval of 21 days. 9
  4. James Costa. May 21, 2021. From June 18-20, the Town of Manchester's Department of Leisure, Family and Recreation, in collaboration with several community partners, will host the inaugural Juneteenth Freedom Day Commemoration. The weekend will include mural unveilings, an art opening, a black-owned food & vendor market, a three-on-three youth.
  5. Universal Health Coverage Day on 12 December is the annual rallying point for the growing movement for health for all. It marks the anniversary of the United Nations' historic and unanimous endorsement of universal health coverage in 2012. UN official page on UHC Day • 2020 Results
  6. Remembering the Soweto uprising on June and 16, 1976 and commemoration of the African Youth Day. By Gammal Jusu Kamara. LISTEN JUN 17, 2021. We are student militants, and we appreciate black history of resistance and the role played by black men and women who took the risk of doing things which the felt would bring honor to the race and restore.

Today is the UN's commemoration of the international day of democracy. With this, we hope to remind you of our privilege, right, and responsibility to vote -- and to uphold the freedoms that come with a democratic society Memorial Day commemoration returns to Cinco Puntos. Boyle Heights Beat. May 30, 2021. Boyle Heights In Focus. 773. Eastside Veterans of the Armed Forces will gather Monday at the 74th annual Memorial Day ceremony at the Mexican American All Wars Memorial in Cinco Puntos, at the edge of Boyle Heights and East LA on César Chávez Avenue

In his message on Human Rights Day which falls on December 10 and this year is being commemorated under the theme 'Youth standing up for human rights', the President said the theme is well fitting. The day was first celebrated as it is now - Day of Reconciliation and a public holiday - back in 1995, one year after the country's first democratic elections. The establishment of December. Desertification and Drought Day was officially declared by the UN General Assembly as World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought ( The resolution A/RES/49/115 ). The objectives of Desertification and Drought Day are: To promote public awareness of the issue. To let people know that desertification and drought can be effectively tackled.

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Posted: Thursday, June 18, 2020. 10:02 am CST. By BBN Staff: Annually, June 17 is celebrated as World Wide Crocodile Day. The day is set aside as a global awareness campaign to highlight the. During his Memorial Day speech, Kemter referenced historians from Harvard when he said, Memorial Day was first commemorated by an organized group of freed black slaves less than a month after.

In 1925 he died under mysterious circumstances, and is generally thought to have been murdered by the Soviets. He is commemorated as a Confessor, and by many as a Martyr also. Note: because his commemoration falls on the Feast of the Annunciation, his service is usually transferred to the day before or after the Feast 62nd Tibetan Uprising Day to be commemorated on March 10. members of the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress despite being deprived of freedom and living in fear and insecurity, have been able. On the 16th June 2021 Play Your Part Ambassador Thato 'TT' Mbha will be hosting the youth in a golfing tournament to commemorate 45 years of the 1976 Soweto Uprising. Play Your Part Ambassador Thato TT Mbha to host #SowetoYouthGolfDay in commemoration of Youth Day.do

The 153rd solemn remembrance of Memorial Day in Waterloo will be observed on Thursday May 30. The American Legion will conduct this years remembrance events. Memorial Day is always commemorated on May 30 in Waterloo, in keeping with Gen. John A. Logan's Orders. 9:00 - 11:00am Military Services conducted at village cemeteries 8 February Army Day to be Commemorated. art of command and the respected and beloved leader's deep love and solicitude for the People's Army soldiers are being widely held at industrial establishments, cooperative. farms and schools to imbue the working people and school youth and children with infinite loyalty to the great leader and. The event commemorated the Declaration of World Peace, proclaimed on May 25th in 2013, which contains not only the cooperation of each state to establish international law for peace and the role of the media in contribution to sharing information of peace but also the active peace movement of youth and women who seek to transform themselves. The day is being observed under the theme' Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World. An official ceremony to commemorate the day will be held at the Bliss Center for the Performing. Every Jackie Robinson Day is special. really being the start of the whole civil rights movement, McCutchen said. To get here for the first time as a major league coach and see how my.

A man takes a photo of a mural as people pass during commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday Holocaust remembrance day: How the genocide is being reimagined through the eyes of Instagram for Israel's youth. Divisive Israeli social media campaign 'Eva Stories' aims to bring to life memory. Why Heritage Day is so important to us as South Africans: 24th September. Heritage Day is a South African public holiday, honouring the culture and diversity of beliefs and traditions of all South Africans. Celebrated each year on the 24th of September, the day serves as a reminder that the nation belongs to all its people There will be special programming by and for youth and young adults (YAYA), plus games and activities for children under 13. The youth and young adults will offer a lit program on YAYA Day, sharing a lens for looking into the future; and they promise a rousing YAYA worship service followed by a mixer and dance party to end all parties, such a. In America, St. Patrick's Day, on March 17, has long been commemorated with rollicking festivities, but until recent decades, the holiday, which honors Ireland's patron saint, was.

Human Rights Day. Human Rights Day is a national day that is commemorated annually on 21 March to remind South Africans about the sacrifices that accompanied the struggle for the attainment of democracy in South Africa. President Jacob Zuma will address this year's Human Rights Day celebrations at the Sharpeville Cricket Grounds in Gauteng According to the Prague Forum for Romani Histories (Pražské fórum pro romské dějiny - PFRD) the joint commemoration of the Jewish and the Romani victims of the Holocaust should become an inspiration and a model for other initiatives, whether at the local or the state level. The PFRD is responding to the decision taken by the board of directors of the Institute of the Terezín Initiative.

The importance of understanding ourselves by examining our history is an anchoring belief of Canada's History Society. We highlight our nation's diverse past by telling stories that illuminate the people, places, and events that unite us as Canadians, and by making those stories accessible to everyone through our free online content Shaughn Davoren at his swearing in ceremony in October as provincial youth chair with Métis Nation B.C. PNG Article content. Louis Riel was hanged 135 years ago today, on Nov. 16, 1885, as a. BEARING IN MIND that the 2021 continental commemoration of the African Day of School Feeding is an opportunity to raise awareness on its importance and to renew past AU commitments on school feeding and its complementary benefits and contributions; AWARE that the 2021 African Day of School Feeding is commemorated under the theme Harnessing. While your Memorial Day weekend might be packed with family fun and summer activities—we're big fans of a night of backyard camping or a classic backyard barbecue—we also think it's important to pause the festivities in remembrance of the real meaning and history of Memorial Day.In honor of that sentiment, we've compiled a list of Memorial Day quotes that will help express gratitude to the. Srinagar: On World Tuberculosis (TB) Day commemorated on March 24, functions were held at Srinagar, Anantnag and Kupwara districts of Kashmir to raise public awareness about the devastating health, social and economic consequences of TB, and to step up efforts to end the global TB epidemic

Humanity is being killed in Gaza, Palestine: Erdoğan ANKARA. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on May 19 criticized those who remain silent to the oppression of Palestinians by Israel and said it was humanity that was killed in Palestinian territory. It is not the children who died in Jerusalem or Gaza, but humanity itself Every year, 21 October is observed as the Police Commemoration Day in memory of the 10 policemen killed in an ambush by Chinese troops in 1959 in Ladakh's Hot Spring area. Delhi: Visuals from National Police Memorial as National Police Day is being observed today The main objectives of the commemoration of Africa Integration Day are to: Celebrate the progress made in the implementation of the African Integration Agenda including AfCFTA and its achievement, that is expected to increase Intra-African trade and investment thus generate economic growth and create more job opportunities for millions of. McPHERSON—The McPherson Community Theatre is looking for lost boys and girls, pirates, natives, The Darling family and Pan to take part in the 2021 Summer Stage Youth Theatre Day Camp. This year, the Summer Stage production will be of Peter Pan Jr., with auditions being held from 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, July 18, at the McPherson Opera House Yad Vashem Special Twinning Project for Bar and Bat Mitzvah YouthForging a Connection to Jewish HistoryA Bar or Bat Mitzvah signifies the moment a child accepts his or her place as a Jewish individual and takes part in the fabric of the Jewish people. This landmark occasion is an opportunity for families to come together, celebrate and embrace their Jewish heritag

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youth.gov is the U.S. government website that helps you create, maintain, and strengthen effective youth programs. Included are youth facts, funding information, and tools to help you assess community assets, generate maps of local and federal resources, search for evidence-based youth programs, and keep up-to-date on the latest, youth-related. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah signifies the moment a child accepts his or her place as a Jewish individual and takes part in the fabric of the Jewish people. This landmark occasion is an opportunity for. The May/June newsletter highlights the role drug courts play in helping youth and families overcome the effects of substance use, the 38th annual National Missing Children's Day virtual commemoration, and fiscal year 2021 funding opportunities benefiting tribal youth

The essence of Mandela Day - take action, inspire change, and make every day a Mandela Day - is more important than ever before. Communities across the world are affected by the spread of Covid-19, which has hit every economy, causing new social and economic challenges and exacerbating old ones. But, there is hope Published : 2011-04-30 - Updated : 2021-04-11 Author : Disabled World - Contact: Disabled World (Disabled-World.com) Synopsis: List of major awareness dates and commemorative observance days weeks and months that focus on health medical and disability research or ethical causes of importance.Nominated dates set aside for awareness days, weeks and/or months help engage the public by providing.

Key Points. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, and widely accessible in the United States.; Everyone aged 12 years and older is recommended to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible to keep from getting and spreading COVID-19.; This guidance is intended for all types of youth day and overnight camps Define commemorated. commemorated synonyms, commemorated pronunciation, commemorated translation, English dictionary definition of commemorated. tr.v. com·mem·o·rat·ed , com·mem·o·rat·ing , com·mem·o·rates 1. being commemorated to disseminate the message of peace among the youth. commemorated German Unity Day, a Public. Learn More + Add to calendar 2020-02-19 11:00:00 AM 2020-02-19 11:45:00 AM America/Mexico_City US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center 945 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima Commemoration Ceremony Join us to pay tribute to the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima with a US Marine Corps Brass Quintet performance and guest speaker Colonel Torrens G. Anniversary of Senna Indy car test commemorated with documentary. Today marks the 25th anniversary of a momentous day in Indy car history - for what it was and what it wasn't. It was on Dec. 20, 1992, that Formula One great Ayrton Senna tested a Team Penske car at what was then called Firebird International Raceway outside Phoenix Aug 27, 2019 Bright Malenga Top News 0. Environment Friends Malawi (EFMA), an organisation founded by Malawian youth, teamed up with community members in cleaning up Namakala area in Zomba in commemoration of International Youth Day. The day falls on 12th August each year. Malawi24 caught up with the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation.

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Memorial Day and its traditions may have ancient roots. While the first commemorative Memorial Day events weren't held in the United States until the late 19th century, the practice of honoring. Commemoration Day will forever remain as an indelible message that the sovereignty, security, stability and pride of the UAE, and the safety and well-being of Emiratis are a priority that is.

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  1. Themes are often set for each year's Africa Day commemoration, with the most notable theme being 2015's being the Year of Women's Empowerment and Development towards Africa's Agenda 2063″. This theme was to hoist and inspire the role of women in the leadership and policy-making of the African Union and in their work on Africa Day
  2. The country's youth unemployment rate has risen by 1.6% in the last year to 38.6%. Zuma will likely deal with this issue and several others facing the country's youth during his speech today.
  3. 51st Chicano Park Day (Virtual) held April 19-25 Organized by the Chicano Park Steering Committee, Stewards of Chicano Park The theme for the 51st annual Chicano Park Day was: 'Chicano Park 51: Healing our Past, Educating the Present, Leading into our Future Congratulations to Xochitl Flores and German Corrales who created this year's winning selection, Quetzalcoatl Kiosko, for the poster.
  4. News. 19.05.2021. CONGRATULATION MESSAGE ON THE COMMEMORATION OF ATATÜRK, YOUTH AND SPORTS DAY FROM AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC CEO. Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Anastasia Zoteeva sent a congratulation message on May 19, the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day: May 19 is a special day for Turkey
  5. Masisi's World Aids Day Commemoration speech 2020 [full text] Address By His Excellency Dr Mokgweetsi E.K. Masisi President Of The Republic Of Botswana On The Occasion Of The World Aids Day.
  6. Centennial Commemoration. The Commission is diligently working to organize events in the Greenwood District to celebrate culture throughout the year leading up to Remember & Rise - the May 2021 Commemoration Event. These events will honor the victims, educate Tulsans and the world about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and show unity across races

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Bradley Asbury, a former youth-center worker charged with holding down a child as two colleagues raped him was able to work there despite being fired from another facility for allegedly abusing kids January is the first month it is marked with the Republic Day of India. Also, National Youth Day is being celebrated in this month. 1-January-2021: New Year's Day, Global Family Day; 4-January-2021: World Braille Day; 6-January-2021: World War Orphans Day, National Technology Day; 9-January-2021: NRI Day (Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas

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Commemorate definition, to serve as a memorial or reminder of: The monument commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence. See more BEING DIGITAL WITH ENGLISH- 19th May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day Celebrations (Zeynep ÜŞÜMEZEL-Ali Fuat Cebesoy Secondary School-ESKİŞEHİR) All the students and the teachers in the project met on Zoom and celebrated 19th May Fri 12 Mar 2021 19.01 EST. A national day of reflection will be held to mark the first anniversary of Britain going into lockdown and in remembrance of the 125,000 people who have died.

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry . Refugees in Uganda on Saturday 20 th June 2020 commemorated international world refugee's day under lockdown with the theme Everybody comes.. Juba Monitor spoke to some refugee's leaders to find their views as they celebrate under lockdown due to gobble pandemic Effects on Education and Mental Health. Exposure to violence can have negative effects on the education and health of any young person and may account for some of the health-related disparities between LGB and heterosexual youth. 4-6 According to the 2015 YRBS, LGB students were 140% (12% v. 5%) more likely to not go to school at least one day during the 30 days prior to the survey because of. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Biodiversity Day 2021 will be commemorated through an online-only campaign. You are in the best position to know what awareness-raising campaigns and calls to action are feasible at your national level. Overview of the campaign and themes. Read the notification about Biodiversity Day The National Commemoration of International Women's Day was held at State House Entebbe and aired live on national thank you for being one of the early champions of gender equality and women's empowerment in Uganda by creating an environment that has enabled women to participate and lead in positions of influence. A group of 12 youth. Digital experiences among adolescents may significantly impact their mental health and well-being, according to a presenter at the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Annual Conference. Jamie.

With Heritage Day (also known as National Braai Day) coming up in a few short weeks, I felt that it was time to learn a little more about what the actual public holiday stood for; just so my friends can view it as more than a day off where we bond over braai vleis, fun, and a little bit of dop 2. Details of the 'commemoration' event are available online. 3. The Association of Ukrainians in GB and the Congress of Ukrainian Youth were created in the late 1940s and a strong component of their membership was former combatants of the wartime SS Galicia Division who were brought to Britain after the defeat of the Third Reich. 4 Israel solemnly remembers 6 million victims on Holocaust Remembrance Day and a youth movements assembly was to be held at 5:30 p.m. Rabbi hospitalized after being assaulted near London

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The htct day will be commemorated every year on the 15th of august as a symbol of my government's resolve to eliminate aids in Zambia by 2030. This year's theme is: Test and Treat: Towards. In the late 1870s, St. George was a thriving Latter-day Saint community in Utah's southwest corner, the jewels being the recently finished temple and tabernacle. Twenty miles to the north, silver had been discovered—the area earning the name Silver Reef—with a good number of Catholics among the myriads drawn by the mining This year, the theme for International Women's Day (8 March), Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world, celebrates the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights the gaps that remain. Women's full and effective participation and leadership in of all areas of.

The controversial law bars transgender females from playing on female sports teams at public schools. Democrats and LGBTQ advocates said the law is discriminatory and will be challenged in court World Environment Day. World Environment Day is held each year on June 5. It is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations (UN) stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action. World Environment Day promotes ways to improve the Earth's environment, such as conserving forests Columbus Day, in the United States, holiday (originally October 12; since 1971 the second Monday in October) to commemorate the landing of Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492, in the New World. Learn more about the history of Columbus Day in this article Malawi on Tuesday commemorated World Aids Day with President Lazarus Chakwera stressing his government's commitment in the fight against HIV and Aids by staying the course to achieve zero.

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Today is Africa Day, the annual commemoration of the 1963 founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), which is now known as the Africa Union (AU), [established on 26 May 2001]. The OAU was established on 25 May 1963 in Addis Ababa, when 32 countries signed the OAU Charter and 22 states have since joined the continental bloc. What are your thoughts on the progress made, how important. by Sujeeva Nivunhella in London Pro-LTTE activists in the United Kingdom are planning to commemorate 'Heroes Day' in honor of their dead cadres on a grand scale on Sunday. Unlike earlier, remnants of the LTTE and their sympathizers have now brazenly come out into the open to put up posters, flags, banners and cutouts of [ The national Anzac Day ceremony is watched by thousands as people around the country gather outside their homes to pay their respects in novel ways due to the coronavirus restrictions

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Ijaw? What's that? Do you mean Igbo? The first time I heard these questions was when a girl I'd met in secondary school asked me what my tribe was. We had bonded over our mutual green and white heritage, however, the look of confusion she gave me when I told her I was Ijaw would [

16 June – Day of the African Child – YONECOLumad, peasants call for justice on Human Rights DayWorld Contraception Day 2018 in Ethiopia | DSW is a global

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5 Artists That Politicize Young People on South Africa'sTHE INTERNATIONAL ANTI-CORRUPTION DAY 2016 COMMEMORATED INReaching out to help children with disabilities in LagosAgape Meal at Home | StWorld War II skeletons washed from graves by rising seasBelizeans commemorate National Heroes and Benefactors Day