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Diksha it means gaining the supreme peace that can be seen in Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and is a process of channelising all the energy in one direction that is present in each cell of the body.Just like a piece of iron that becomes magnetised on coming in contact with a magnet, similarly when the Guru touches a disciple while giving Diksha, the scattered energy in the latter's body becomes. All orders are paid online. Call 91 8652439844. Whatsapp- 91 8652439844. Beneficial for Kundalini Diksha - Solve Problems, Protection, Good Health. About Kundalini. Kundalini Shakti is the divine religious energy inside each human being. Recognized by many names in lots of lands, this sacred inside attendance is the divine inside, the sacred. Siddhamahayoga Shaktipat deeksha Free Kundalini awakening mahayogini Parameshwari devi contact number 9704424072.798140732

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Shaktipat Gurus: PP. Shri Narayan Kaka Maharaj of Nashik, India is a leading teacher and exponent of Maha Yoga (Siddha Yoga), whereby a realized Guru (Siddha Guru) awakens the Universal Life Energy (Kundalini) within the Sadhak, eventually leading him/her to self-realization Kundalini Jagran Diksha An extraordinary personality can be attained by this Diksha having seven stages. Garbhastha Shishu Chaitanaya Diksha To enlighten an offspring in the womb. Shaktipat Yukt Kundalini Jagran Diksha Transferring of Guru's Tapa-Energy into the disciple's body to attain the Ultimate Truth of the life

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  2. Honest question - Do you think a spiritual teacher capable of giving gifts such as Shaktipat would hand them out to anyone who asks ? I'm sure you know that wouldn't happen - so - do not seek to jump to the final destination or you will never reac..
  3. Shaktipat FAQ's Q How do I know if Kundalini Maha Yoga is the right path for me or if Anandi Ma is really my teacher? A: Choosing a teacher, especially a spiritual teacher, is a matter of the heart and soul. Dhyanyogiji has said, When your inner urge is very strong, a guru, or teacher, [
  4. Kundalini can awaken through practice (yoga, breathwork etc.), spontaneously, by birth or through Shaktipat. The latter is usually a safe way as the initiator stabilizes your awakening. SHAKTIPAT - ENERGY TRANSMISSION EVENT. It is the transmission of energy from an awakened being to activate the dormant Kundalini of another
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Experiences of the Shaktipat Intensive. The Siddha Yoga Shaktipat Intensive is a sacred event in which Gurumayi Chidvilasananda bestows shaktipat initiation, the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti. In 1974, Baba Muktananda held the first Shaktipat Intensive in Colorado, USA. Now, each year in October, Siddha Yogis and new seekers in over forty. Shaktipat Diksha: The Descent of Guru's Grace. At the very moment of Shaktipat Diksha, the dormant Kundalini energy is awakened by Guru's grace. The awakened Kundalini is then guided by the same Guru over the course of the disciple's entire sadhana (aka period of intense spiritual practice)

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  1. New Delhi Siddhashram 8, Sadesh Vihar, Nr. M.M. Public School, Pitampura, New Delhi - 34 Phone : 011 - 79675768, 011 - 79675769, 011 - 2735436
  2. I have simply found away to create this shaktipat/deeksha on CD, so simply by listening to some beautiful meditation music, meditation happens. You will receive: -The Infinite Sky Spiritual Awakening 3 CD set (or 6 Mp3s) of Kundalini Meditation Music containing the latest Bliss Music Shaktipat Meditation Sound Vibrations
  3. KUNDALINI SHAKTI AND SHAKTIPAT DEEKSHA. The science of Kundalini is basically tantric. In former days tantra was an extremely powerful science. becomes one with Shiva along with jivatma upon which jivatma becomes free from the bondage and assumes the form of Paramatma itself. Besides the tantric scriptures it has also been described in the.
  4. The Guru Siyag Yoga (GSY) website has been created with the intention of giving information to spiritual seekers in a simple, direct and accessible way. It is maintained by a group of Guru Siyag's disciples in India who worked very closely with him in his mission for a number of years. They traveled with Guru Siyag extensively in India and.
  5. The awakening of an aspirant's Serpent Power (Kundalini) is called an initiation, Shaktipat Deeksha or Vedha Deeksha. An initiation (Shaktipat) is effected by transmission of spiritual glance, touch, (word) holy name (Mantra) or simply by master's will power
  6. The Kundalini can be awakened only by the grace of an empowered Spiritual Master. According to the process in 'Shaktipat Initiation' (Diksha) in 'Guru -Shishya Parampara' ( Master-disciple tradition), the Samarth Guru (Empowered Spiritual Master) awakens the Kundalini by his power and makes her travel upwards

Kundalini is located in 4th body, which is causal body . Whoever does the spiritual practices of any kind, it triggers the awakening of Kundalini and it ascends through the spinal cord. This ascent may cause vibrations and different subtle and strange feeling in the body. There are 98 characteristics of Kundalini awakening guru siyag mantra -5 sacred mystic word awaken kundalini shakti online shaktipat initiation diksha. kundalini awakening - 5 online shaktipat initiation by guru siyag mantra siddha yoga part 5 - continued from part 4 done 24 hrs round the clock while working, walking, eating, or while doing any work A good Shaktipat Master can clear blockages that could take a lot more time and discomfort to work out, yourself. You can choose to receive Shaktipat if you are already awakened, whether by a Master or spontaneously. Shaktipat can enhance the Kundalini process. There are several ways to receive Shaktipat from me: 1. Here is a list of current ONENESS GATHERINGS in: New York City, Queens, Connecticut, New Paltz, and New Jersey SUNDAY WESTPORT, CT Weekly Sunday Evening Oneness Blessing: 5:00—6:30 Schumann Center for Well Being Compo Shopping Center 431 Post Road East, #15 Westport, CT 06880 5:15 Short Teaching & Kundalini Process 5:45 Oneness Blessing Facilitated b By the Awakening of Kundalini (feminine divine energy) as a result of 'Shaktipat' initiation (Diksha) as described in Siddha Yoga, the practitioner is relieved from all three types of diseases - Physical, Mental and Spiritual and also gets freed from the cycle of birth and death

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In 'Shaktipat' initiation, Guru by his own wish awakens the kundalini of the seeker by any one of the four ways: By Touch. By a Divine Word (Mantra) By Sight. By Resolve. The initiation in which the seeker has a direct experience of GOD immediately after the initiation is known as 'Shambhavi' initiation. This is a great initiation Online Shaktipat Retreat With Gurudevi Nirmalananda July 23- July 25 Presented online via Zoom Also available On-site. The profound inward path of Svaroopa® Vidya begins with you receiving Shaktipat Diksha, which is the initiation that awakens your Kundalini energy for the highest purpose of human life — the knowing of your own divine Self.. Kundalini is the mystical spiritual power that is. With the release of the life energy in the body through shaktipat initiation, the evolutionary force, kundalini, awakens naturally.. Once shaktipat has released the life energy from the thralldom of the mind and the will, it is necessary to keep it that way if one wants to augment spiritual development, become enlightened and attain liberation.To achieve these aims, a regular practice is needed

The profound inward path of Svaroopa® Vidya begins with you receiving shaktipat diksha, which is the initiation that awakens your Kundalini energy for the highest purpose of human life — the knowing of your own divine Self. Instead, we offer many free services and free programs with Swami Nirmalananda Sadgurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag initiates the seeker through Shaktipat initiation awakening the Kundalini power in the seeker. Awakened Kundalini takes over the body, mind, soul and conscious of the seeker inducing automatic yogic body movements without any effort or interference from seekers side, to free the body from all types of Physical, mental and spiritual ailments Learn Kriyas from Siddha Guru Shaktipat, Kundalini Meditation Silent Meditation & Kundalini Kriya Yoga Initiation Initiation(Guru Diksha) get shaktipat Diksha In NYC Area US NJ NY CT PA NYC USA : +1 201-887-2725 When the spiritual power is activated by a Siddha Guru through shaktipat ( shaktipat can be given through mantra or without it but in the lineage of Guru Siyag there is a mantra chant) it enters the sushumna nerve (nadi) and start to awaken the inner kundalini shakti, the initiated has to do nothing else than sitting in whatever posture and.

The process of bestowal of grace, from the Guru to the disciple, is known as Shaktipat Deeksha. It has been compared to the process of a lit candle lighting up an unlit one. The Siddha Guru alone is capable of awakening the Kundalini Shakti (Divine Power) lying dormant within oneself, which is the basis of this universe Many Sadhaks have such an experience during Shaktipat Deeksha (initiation) or later during Sadhan, when the Kundalini rises all the way up to the Sahasrar. It indicates that the pathway (Nadi) for the Kundalini to travel up to the Sahasrar has been cleared, at least temporarily In kundalini maha yoga, the scriptures state, and it is a guarantee of the great yogis, that if shaktipat is received, then by the end of the third lifetime, the soul will definitely be liberated. If the person is active, doing many practices regularly, then it is quite possible that the soul will be liberated in that very lifetime Righteousness and joy are the indications of Shaktipat as only Shaktipat is the source of bliss and enlightenment. Dhyaan Dhyaan is the process of becoming attuned with the self, thoughtless, and free of all burdens. True Dhyaan happens only after Sadguru activates Kundalini Shakti. Dhyaan cannot be performed or taught

Shaktipat Kriyas. Kriyas are the mystical experiences and emotional reactions to the kundalini awakening. Typically kriyas are subtle in the shaktipat transmission. For most of the kundalini shaktipat receivers, it has been felt like gentle warmth and an electrical circulation in the body Forthcoming Programmes Date Name of Program Place Contact Person 7th July 2013 Sunday Kundalini Shaktipat Diksha Siddhyograshram, Ashram Place, Mu. Deroli, Ta. kundalini yoga meditation and shaktipat is the Universal science which will affect anyone who is praying god in any method Irrespective of any religion Shaktipat Initiation. Registration for shaktipat initiation and shaktipat in absentia is currently closed. Please check back later this year. For more information about shaktipat or shaktipat in absentia, please contact sarita@dyc.org. You may also call 925-779-9660. We welcome you to the various Dhyanyoga Center events offered throughout the. On the Siddha Yoga path, the initiation (diksha) by which a Siddha Guru transmits the divine grace that awakens Kundalini, the inner spiritual energy in an aspirant. Shaktipat diksha signals the beginning of Siddha Yoga sadhana , which culminates in spiritual liberation

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Kundalini - The source of divine energy within all of us is at very heart of SiddhYog tradition. In order to lead a meditative life, one must know the underlying system of individual anatomy and physiology from the metaphysical perspective to evolve Spiritually, Socially and Individually and lead balanced life, here and NOW The first initiation and the only one required is Shaktipat diksha. In Shaktipat diksha the seeker is welcomed into the Maha Yoga path, receives transmission of grace, and is given a mantra. The second initiation is available after the seeker is grounded in the practice of Maha Yoga and is called the naming Mahayoga Global Trial - July 3, 2021 from 6.07 AM to 6.28 AM. This world-wide trial can be considered to be a trailer or a precursor for the awakening of one's Kundalini Shakti. Further details are available on this page. Last date for accepting online applications is 12th Nov 2021 Kundalini and Tantra. Kundalini (Sanskrit: कुण्डलिनी kuṇḍalinī, About this soundpronunciation (help·info), coiled snake), in Hinduism is a form of divine feminine energy (or shakti) believed to be located at the base of the spine, in the muladhara. It is an important concept in Śhaiva Tantra, where it is believed.

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Kundalini Awakening Systems 1 Glossary of Kundalini related terms . Activation - The action by which a person's Kundalini is activated. Ajna - Sixth of the chakras, The Ajna Chakra, or third eye, is linked to the pineal gland. Ajna is the chakra of time and awareness and of light Shaktipat Initiation by Sadgurudev Siyag in Delhi - Free Siddha Yoga camp for Holistic Healing and Spiritual Evolution Venue: Main Ramlila Ground, opp. MCD Civic Centre, near New Delhi Railway. A 7-night retreat penetrating into the heart of samadhi and diving deep in self-realization. This is an opportunity to unleash and expand your latent inner potential, Kundalini, through the grace and guidance of the Shaktipat Deeksha Kundalini surely Activated in one shaktipat, sometimes when body has too much mental/physical/emotional blocks then it doesn't allow free flow of the activation energy. But still continuing your spiritual practices with meditation, exercising, pranayam, yoga will help to cleanse these blocks

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I received Shaktipat Deeksha through my application to your website and continue sitting for Sadhan for an hour a day. It is a calming experience and I like it, but I have been wondering whether or not I am developing spiritually as one would expect, because I am not really experiencing many Kriyas Kundalini: Awakening to the Treasure Within. The word kundalini generally refers to that dimension of energy, which is yet to realize its potential. There is a huge volume of energy within you which is yet to find its potential. It is just there waiting, because what you call as a human being is still in the making. Thus, Kundalini Maha Yoga is a direct method for spiritual evolution. A powerful yogi awakens the aspirant's Kundalini by a transfer of his or her energy to the aspirant. This process, known as Shaktipat, activates the dormant Kundalini and is like lighting a candle with one that is already lit and glowing Mystery of. Shaktipat Explained with parallel examples from Shakta Tantra , Naqshabandi Sufi , Evangelical Christians & Kriya Yoga. Shaktipat Induces following. Automatic movements of Hand ,legs & neck Vibration of Body Involuntary singing, animal bird sounds Subtle visions of deities, Gurus & sacred places Tongue movements, ejaculation of bodily fluids Sleep. Lets See Similarity

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4) Kundalini, spiritual crises, and ego-inflation as the cause of peak experiences Giving Deeksha/Shaktipat (Oneness Blessing) is the same as trying to cause an awakening of the kundalini power in the receiver. Remember the names of Tony Robbins´ books: Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. Kundalini can therefore not be separated from. About us. • Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag is an empowered Siddha Guru who has been giving 'Shaktipat Deeksha' by Sanjeevani mantra for more than last 30 years. • Gurudev Siyag's 'Siddha Yoga' is a Yoga based on Meditation and chanting of Sanjeevani mantra. By the awakening of Kundalini (feminine divine energy) as a result of. Shaktipat or Śaktipāta (Sanskrit, from shakti (psychic) energy and pāta, to fall) refers in Hinduism to the transmission (or conferring) of spiritual energy upon one person by another. Shaktipat can be transmitted with a sacred word or mantra, or by a look, thought or touch - the last usually to the ajna chakra or agya chakra or third eye of the recipient

Shaktipat (religion, spiritualism, and occult) Shaktipat is an experience available to devotees of those Hindu groups that focus their attention on kundalini, the innate divine power that, it is believed, lies latent at the base of the spine.Once awakened, this power travels up the spine to the crown of the head Shaktipat: To enrol for the SKY (Siddha Kundalini Yoga 12 years long Program), book a One-on-One Session with Jivanmukti first. If approved, submit voluntary donation & specify the step of the program. Other Programs* & Events: Fill in the Registration form and confirm your participation with a voluntary donation. We shall send you the. Rather than a religion stub, this term IMHO is a kundalini stub (and indeed is linked to from kundalini).Although religious ecstasy might be attributed to Shaktipat, it is more likely a masifestation of loving-kindness, which is an emotion according to the buddhist system Kip Mazuy - Infinite Sky - Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Music - Bliss.com Shaktipat GB | Instant Download ! $ 97.00 $ 37.00 97.00 $ 37.0

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free awakening of kundalini from distance by shakthipat. yogini manisha message belo KUNDALINI SHAKTI AND SHAKTIPAT DEEKSHA The science of Kundalini is basically tantric. In former days tantra was an extremely powerful science. There are three main disciplines in it; divyachar for practitioners of satva-guna, virachar for practitioners of rajo-guna and pashvachar for practitioners of tamo-guna

Free Spiritual E-Books; Category Archives: Deeksha/Shaktipat Post navigation. Then Jan's Kundalini was so active, that he did not need any other guidance than what the Shakti gave, so he gave up on gurus and meditated by observing the inner Shakti's workings. Following this, Jan began to be contagious and the Kundalini might. Guruji has been performing mass Shaktipat sessions in Shivpuri (India) for years for free. He does not charge anything for Guru-deeksha (Master-initiation) but unfortunately we live in a world where everything costs money - renting banquet halls, food for volunteers & visitors, travel costs Deeksha, Shaktipat, Kundalini, God Force Essence are all very similar. This is still Light which is part of the created universe and therefore, still subject to duality. The outcome depends on the intention behind the transference, the consciousness level and clarity of the person sending it and the consciousness level and receptivity of the. Bhakti or Divine love can also be acquired through shaktipat. The power of kundalini is then called Allhadini Shakti. Shaktipat can be affected by sight, touch, mantra, or simply by the will power of the master ; in the last case it works at long distances as well. Shaktipat. Deeksha is also known as Vedha Deeksha. The term vedha literally.

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Shaktipat Diksha . Then in further progression a higher initiation called shaktipat diksha is given. This involves the guru to transmit energy directly to the initiate to remove the final obstacles so that the serpent can be awakened for its upward journey. This can be done through a touch, a glance or a thought *Kundalini is the creative Mother energy. When the kundalini is awakened through Shaktipat there is never any harm physically or mentally. As you are receiving Shaktipat initiation from a realized teacher, it in no way poses a dangerous risk to you, but instead provides many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits Deeksha, Shaktipat, Kundalini, God Force Essence are all very similar. This is still Light which is part of the created universe and therefore, still subject to duality. The outcome depends on the intention behind the transference, the consciousness level and clarity of the person sending it and the consciousness level, clarity and receptivity. Currently, he and his wife, Aniko, run Millwood Melt, a lively grilled cheese restaurant in their beloved community of Leaside, in Toronto. Customers and students playfully refer to Stephen as the grilled cheese guru.. When not feeding bodies, Stephen lives and breathes to feed souls The process of initiation is called Shaktipat, which means awakening of Shakti, the feminine divine Kundalini or the cosmic energy force in the seeker through a process developed by the Guru. Diksha programs are organized only on Thursdays in a city or town where Guru Siyag is camping at a given time

Similarly, in Siddhyog Guru takes complete responsibility of sadhaka's spiritual growth. The siddhyogi guru is a master of Shaktipat. So he awakens the kundalini of sadhaka and channelize the kundalini energy into sushumna. He clears the whole path for kundalini energy by purifying all seven chakras and thereby sadhaka experiences self-realization The new Deeksha (Initiation) date has been announced. It is 20th September 2009. Deeksha is a process in which an able Guru (Spiritual Master) awakens a seeker's Kundalini Shakti (Kundalini Power). PP Shri Narayankaka Maharaj is a very capable Deeksha Guru, who gives Sankalp Deeksha (Initiation by Wish) guru siyag, the founder and patron of avsk (spiritual science commune centre) india, imparts shaktipat initiation by mantra diksha of kling krishna kling, there by awakens kundalini shakti, mothaer of universe or the serpent power, leading to self realization, visualization, enlightenment, getting rid all sort of drug and other addictions. Forthcoming Programmes Date Name of Program Place Contact Person 7th July 2013 Sunday Kundalini Shaktipat Diksha Siddhyograshram, Ashram Place, Mu. Deroli, Ta. Karjan, Dist. Bharuch Rakeshbhai Dave: 07923232864 09408720452 16th July 2013 Tuesday Meditation Program Siddhyog Sadhan Mandal 551/1, Naman Society, Sector 6 B, Gandhinagar 382006 Rakeshbhai Dave: 07923232864 09408720452 21st July 2013.

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  1. Awakening my Kundalini has been a major goal in my life for years now. I am 100% serious when I say this is my biggest goal in life. i want to truly awaken Shakti and go through all of the stages and eventually unite her with Shiva in my crown, and be able to give shaktipat to others and assist them to awskening to there divinity as well
  2. Below is an extract taken from a discourse Guru Siyag delivered in the year 1996. Here, Guru Siyag explains 'Shaktipat Diksha': The method of Diksha I use has been gifted to mankind by the Nath Sect in the yogic tradition. It is called 'Shaktipat'. Shaktipat does not mean the seeker receives some external force through the Guru (as is populist.
  3. The phenomenon of Blessing exists in all the great spiritual traditions under various names and forms including: initiation, empowerment, the laying on of hands, the release of the Holy Spirit, kundalini awakening, shaktipat, deeksha, eye blessing, reiki, neigong qi liao, etc
  4. I was taught to give Kundalini Diksha (a form of Shaktipat) in Muktananda's tradition but I cant Imagine EVER charging for it as for me it Is a profound Religious experience between me and Shakti herself. I don't volunteer this service, Shakti tells me herself who is ripe for it. All I can say is 'I' have almost nothing to do with it
  5. Free* [*Free Regsitration Required] Uploader: Tojashura: Siddha Gurus to Awaken Kundalini Shakti. Shri Narayan Kaka Maharaj has granted Diksha Gurutva right to give Shaktipat Diksha to others to selective few of his followers so that the tradition of Siddha Yoga continues. The Guru reaches out to us when we are ready to receive the grace
  6. Maha Shaktipat Diksha is the initiation that awakens your Kundalini for the highest purpose of human life: the knowing of your own Self. What used to be mundane ah ha moments are now infused with deeper, more profound perceptions. Gurudevi calls this understanding The mystical revelation of your inherent Divinity.
  7. ONLINE SHAKTIPAT INITIATION BY GURU SIYAG MANTRA USING VIDEO CLIPS Simplified and Empowered to the most Powerful Method of all Times The hardship involved in learning and doing yoga and meditation is soon going to be talk of the past times. Here is a new innovative discovery of spiritual science in which we don't hav

Swami Vishnu Tirth Maharaj (The great saint of the Shaktipat lineage) was his uncle. He was initiated by Swami Sadanand Tirth and wqas given Sanyas Diksha by Swami Shiv Om Tirth Maharaj. He was one of the very close friends of Swami Narayan Kaka Dakne and both of them had high regards for each other Shaktipat means the direct transmission of spiritual energy from Guru to disciple and thus the awakening of Kundalini takes place in a very short time. Some thing which takes the whole life time or even several life times for spiritual awakening, can be accomplished in a very short time in a single life A worldly man can avail himself of its various advantages. He should not obstruct or put any obstacle in the way of the inner working. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Serpent power Kundalini shakti awakened with Shaktipat Diksha and nurtured with steady dhyaan dissects all six chakras and unites guavani Lord Shiva in the Sahasrar Chakra petal lotus situated at the. The mantra giving process in Siddha Yoga is known as Shaktipat Diksha (Conferring energy to disciple). There are four ways by which the Guru awakens the disciple's Kundalini (Female energy force): The first is by touching either the third eye (agnya chakra) or the base of the spine (muladhara chakra) Kundalini Shaktipat - a boon for quantum leap in sadhana Disksha means initiation into spiritual life by a guru. Shaktipat is a method of directing prana energy into disciple. It makes direct changes in sadhakas' chakras, nadis, and sub conscious mind. Its various methods are by glance (using eyes), by touch or simply by intention

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The primary feature of the Siddha Meditation Intensive is the Shaktipat Deeksha to each of the participants by the Siddha Guru, which awakens the Divine Power Kundalini lying dormant within each one of us. This intensive is conducted four times in a year. In each intensive, 16 fortunate people are blessed with Shaktipat Deeksha by Shri Gurudev Shaktipat Gurus: Siddha Gurus to Awaken Kundalini Shakti. This is feasible only with Shaktipat Diksha and for Shaktipat Diksha to work it is essential for Sadguru to be in live human form. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj Shaktipat guru. Devoted to Prabhu Baa! Sadhak discovers Teerth sacred placesVrata religious coursefestivals, Gods all in. There are CDs where Shaktipat/Deeksha has been recorded on special sound equipment and turned into music. So simply by listening to some beautiful meditation music, you receive Shakti and heart awakening begins to happen. You can listen to free samples of this shaktipat music by clicking on the CDs below Guruji has been performing mass Shaktipat sessions in Shivpuri (India) for years for free. He does not charge anything for Guru-Deeksha (Master-initiation) but unfortunately, we live in a world where everything costs money - renting banquet halls, food for volunteers & visitors, travel costs Durga Ma was sure that her work, and this sadhana would be continued in her absence. At her request, I have agreed to receive her students and questions with the understanding that I will maintain the guru lineage of shaktipat kundalini yoga and continue with traditional shaktipat kundalini yoga initiations for future students

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Ans: Initiation or Deeksha is a spiritual process where an enlightened master triggers the awakening of inner potential Siddha Guru Atmananda ji Initiates Sadhaks through Shaktipat diksha, Pranpat Diksha and Shivpat diksha. Shaktipat Diksha - In this style of initiation The kundalini shakti dormant in the Mooladhara is awakened and the as the sadhak continues doing his sadhanas, the. Shaktipat or Śaktipāta (Sanskrit, from shakti - (psychic) energy - and pāta, to fall) refers in Hinduism to the conferring of spiritual energy upon one person by another. Shaktipat can be transmitted with a sacred word or mantra, or by a look, thought or touch, The last usually to the ajna chakra or third eye of the recipient Gurudev Siyag's Website. Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag is an empowered Siddha Guru who has been giving 'Shaktipat Deeksha' by a mantra for more than last 30 years. His disciples have been cured of incurable diseases, mental problems and have experienced joy and divine bliss by chanting this mantra. This is life giving 'Sanjeevani Mantra'

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  1. Kundalini Reiki helps to mildly awaken the kundalini and clear all the blocks and knots for the free flow of the energy. Inorder to understand kundalini reiki, we first need to understand what Kundalini is. Kundalini is the serpent force that is situated at the base of spine, near the coccyx
  2. Guru Siyag's Siddha Yoga is a unique and only Yoga, which happens fully AUTOMATIC in human body due to KUNDLINI AWAKENING by MEDITATION of GURU SIYAG'S PHOTO and chanting the SHAKTIPAT DIKSHA MANTRA. It is a surprise for science and a matter of search and research. It is fully FREE OF CHARGE
  3. Kundalini Shaktipat. Turiya. Mahalakshmi Diksha. Healing Empowerment. SADK. Saraswathi deeksha for KIDS. Inner Power. Ananda Siddhi. Sarva Shakthi Sadhana . Helium. Ask a question to Siddha Wellness Centre You've been to this center. Do you recommend it
  4. Serpent power (Kundalini shakti) awakened with Shaktipat Diksha and nurtured with steady dhyaan dissects all six chakras and unites with Lord Shiva in the Sahasrar Chakra (1000 petal lotus.
  5. Shaktipat Intensive & Experiential Meditation with Durga Ma. Experiential Meditation replaces effort with experience, awakens Kundalini naturally, and takes you on the most amazing journey you will ever experience. Contrary to most teachings on yoga meditation, not only does Experiential Meditation not rely on will power, it excludes it altogether
  6. The Shambhavi Deeksha in the Path of Vedanta: 119 : The Methodology of Yoga Deeksha and Shakti Deeksha in the path of yoga: 120 : Maantri and Anavi methods of Deeksha in the path of Mantra: 122 : Anavi Deeksha: 123 : Vedha Deekshas in the path of Tantra: 123 : The path of devotion also has shaktipat: 127 : Salvation is the result of Deeksha.
  7. The book is an indispensable aid to understanding the process of shaktipat diksha. It sheds light on the prerequisites; describes the different levels of diksha; explains the relationship of maha yoga to other yogic paths, scriptures,etc. An ideal introduction to the yoga of total surrender to the Divine Power

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