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1. About Me Examples (Copy-Paste) According to guys with the most high-performing Tinder profiles, your about me tagline needs to be light-hearted and short. Avoid raising red flags with whining or complaints, sexual innuendo, or anything negative. Try one of these proven Tinder taglines: If you like water, you already like 72 percent. Examples: Sally, 27. , , , , , , Test your photos on Photofeeler to find out how real men (or women) are responding to them. Choosing pics using Photofeeler has been shown to increases match rates and match quality dramatically. Go to Photofeeler.com now and give it a try Stop guessing, start testing. Choose your business, social, and dating photos using the world's #1 photo testing tool. Stop guessing, start testing. Choose your business, social, and dating photos with the world's #1 photo testing tool OkCupid profiles that offer a very specific interesting fact or anecdote are much more likely to get a doubletake. Examples. Renee, 24. Favorite thing about the place I live. I can get CBD tinctures for myself and my dog from at least 3 places on my block. Stephen, 26. Favorite thing about the place I live. We have arguably the best Indian food. Using PhotoFeeler you can upload an image and give it some context by selecting Business and then providing a professional title. Then users rate it on three metrics. Here are the results from my two images and the data supported the nagging feeling I had. While the smaller smile shot tested as looking generally competent and influential, it.

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For example, I've used pics of other guys who I know are more succesful on Tinder who got lower rates than me on photofeeler - which begs the question if you get rated relative to how good you looksmax in the respective pic. There is something else I've noticed: there are 4 categories; not attractive (1), somewhat attractive (2), attractive (3. Here are my stats on photofeeler today: 1) 99%: Suit and tie, shot from a 45 degree angle, face turned with photo shot down to my lower chest; 2) 98%: Hugo Boss button-down shirt, full frontal, face and upper body showing; high-end-watch, delts bulging and round My Photofeeler. It's, uh rough. Probably just for me, though. Out of 31 votes, I only got about 57% in terms of attractiveness, which is considered average, but I made the mistake of looking at the scoring sections, and 4 people gave me a flat-out no on the attractiveness scale Even in my best, carefully selected selfies the highest attractiveness rating i've gotten is 3.2 and it's really killed all my self esteem. The fact that all my matches on tinder ignore me and that i'm a forever alone virgin at 26 isn't helping either. I've tried so many times with so many different pics but it always ranges between 2.5-3.2

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Posted on January 3, 2021 January 4, 2021 by Photofeeler Your Tinder pictures are — in all likelihood — the only thing standing between you and more matches than you know what to do with. Look, it may seem like only male models get right-swiped, but even the Chaddiest Chads get overlooked when their Tinder pictures are lame (or even mediocre) For example, Photofeeler safeguards against repeat votes. That is, even if a test is paused and restarted again a year later, users who voted on it previously cannot vote on it again. If someone is running multiple tests at the same time, Photofeeler spaces out those photos in the voting queue Photofeeler uses a machine learning algorithm to adjust votes based on votersʼ tendencies when computing the total score. For instance, a Very Attractive from a girl who tends to rate very liberally is not as valuable as the same rating from a girl who rarely votes Very Attractive — the numerical score takes that into consideration Photofeeler is an app that calls itself the world's number one photo testing tool. It helps choose the user's best images available - for business and recruitment but also social and dating purposes. It's based on voters' impression of you they take assessing the picture you uploaded. Feedback is objective, and the results.

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Photofeeler will adjust that person's score higher to bring it more in line with the average. Another person might be lenient and give a top score to the top 10 or 20%. Photofeeler will adjust that person's score to be lower to bring it more in line with average. Photofeeler also gets rid of anomalies and outliers Photofeeler Review - Scores, Votes, Examples & More As a dating profile expert, I provide guidance on realistic expectations based on your demographics, opportunities for improvement and highlight the areas for improvement to minimize self-sabotage

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A user could not be identified. Check that you're logged in to and try again. The Photofeeler app is missing necessary permissions. The account does not have an email address. An email address is required for signup. The email address ' ' associated with the account is already in use. The API is down right now Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you. Passionate about something niche? Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share your interests. Alternatively, find out what's trending across all of Reddit on r/popular Hinge Picture Examples for Guys: The 6 Must-Haves. 1. The Closely Cropped Headshot. As with a professional resume, the most important information always comes first. When it comes to dating apps, that information pertains to your face. She wants to know what you look like It's directionally helpful but not so helpful for dating photos. It assumes objective attractiveness rather than accounting for lifestyle, location, age, orientation, what you seek, app choice, bio, answers to prompts etc. Placing a single score a..

Photofeeler, a Boulder, Colorado startup, researches LinkedIn and other social media profile pictures.Because of this, they're a fountain of evidence-based LinkedIn profile picture tips. Beyond that, they have created a system that lets you quickly assess your profile picture's effectiveness by collecting information from live viewers For the professional look of your profile, your photo plays an important role. As a rule of thumb: Show your Face. Smile - Big smiles in profile images are associated with good social relationships. Don't cut your image to close. Use a simple background. Get feedback: for example from the free tool photofeeler The 3 Best Tinder Profile Examples for REAL, AVERAGE Guys (3 days ago) Nov 29, 2016 · 1. About Me Examples (Copy-Paste) According to guys with the most high-performing Tinder profiles, your about me tagline needs to be light-hearted and short. Avoid raising red flags with whining or complaints, sexual innuendo, or anything negative Thanks to Photofeeler, you no longer have to guess or rely on friends and family for feedback, who by the way will be biased because they know and presumably like you. Use the Photofeeler website to upload your photo(s) and get anonymous feedback on how competent, likable, and influential you appear

A few weeks ago, I uploaded 2 pictures of myself to Photofeeler.com, and had impartial strangers vote on how competent I look. One of them is the profile picture I've used to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars on Upwork. The other one is a similar-looking outtake. First, look at the results from the outtake 2. Get Feedback from PhotoFeeler. Make the best online impression you can. PhotoFeeler is an outstanding tool to share and receive opinions on your profile photos from unbiased strangers. Spare your friends the burden of honest feedback. Instead, join PhotoFeeler and receive insights from respectful voters of the gender and age range you choose However I dont want newbies faffing around on photofeeler and avoiding tinder when they should be learning the apps @Reservoir was a prime example of this If you are experienced already yeah do what you wan Photofeeler Marketing Team 2.0. As a result of starting this blog, researching posts and interacting with the MKF3881 bg community I've come across a number of examples of organisations using digital marketing brilliantly and reaping the rewards for their brands and bottom lines..

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Smile for a Higher Photofeeler Headshot Score. To appear more competent, Photofeeler recommends avoiding funny facial expressions or gestures, make eye contact, and stand up straight. (But the example really shows a subject leaning toward the camera slightly), don't use a selfie and show business appropriate attire and setting Now, the full time has arrived to consider more objective viewpoints. Like those we might get in the Photofeeler software, helping choose the most useful photos for provided purposes, and places. These can include, as an example, recruitment networking solutions, resumes, or internet dating sites Source: blog.photofeeler.com. Example: Michelle, 23 Pros-descent credit score. Always down for Thai takeout.-flexible hips and morals. Cons-broke.-daddy issues.-terrible cook. Tip: For a flash chat, a short feature set funnily shared on your bio with a quick look-over can be useful at times. Stating pros & cons, unpopular opinions, truth.

12 - Avoid cliche photos in your profile. Photos include Iceland, Tulum, Museum of Ice Cream, fish photos (unless you are a girl), headshot only photos (no full-body shown in any photos), high-angled photos (intended to deceive weight), gym photos, gun photos and car selfies. Review this cliche dating profile bingo card for more examples of. This examples works because it's so over-the-top that's it's obviously a joke. Write a fantasy scenario that you'd actually like to have happen, pair it with a line about what you're actually going to do - and presto! A first date idea that will get her daydreaming about meeting you. For more POF first date examples, go here. #7 It seems that Photofeeler does a good job of sorting for appropriate voters anyway. For example, had I put up a photo and said it was for a dating site, I'm pretty sure that Photofeeler would not show it to 25-year-old men. And the system most likely discards comments that contain certain words like ugly or fat or whatever

Photofeeler is a photo testing tool that allows impartial strangers to vote and weigh in on the appropriateness of a photo for business use. For example, What I do, How I do it, Who this. 20 Clever Bumble Bios for Guys. If you want to get a date asap, the only thing you need to do is read these 20 clever bumble bios for guys and adjust it a little bit to suit you. Yes, it is really. As an example my last photo averaged an 8.3 attractive with 12(0's) all right justified, 32(1's), 28(2's) and 16 very(3's). For best results use a good stand alone camera, good light, outdoor background and smile( being in shape does help but just maximize your attractiveness)

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PhotoFeeler's researchers found that formal dress raised perceived competence and influence scores more than any other factor tested. Men dressed in a light-colored button-down shirt with a dark suit jacket and tie scored better than those dressed in bright or trendy outfits. 5. Make Eye Contact With The Camera Only dating can let like a photofeeler profile. If their humans are hook up profile examples to your bladelet, or online to want the reader, include their shoes in your switch. Looking for good online dating profiles to copy Feel free to mix, match, and edit these dating profile examples Give her a glimpsenbsp 38 best dating profile examples. How to Get a High PhotoFeeler Score. Think about it, your LinkedIn profile photo is the first thing anybody sees next to your headline. And just like the cashier example, people make snap decisions Use Photofeeler.com to find better photos. Photofeeler.com is a free platform where you upload photos of yourself, and 20 other users will judge how good the photos are. It has 3 major categories: Social, Dating and Business photos

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5 examples of incredible LinkedIn profile pictures from real people; Tip #1: Use Photofeeler As A Personal Focus Group For Your Picture Options. What if there was a way to know exactly how people would feel about your new profile picture? Well, there is! And you don't need ESP to make it happen The one thing off about this Tinder photo is that the attention is on the one person whose face is obscured by his hand. This is the Tinder user. If that hand weren't there this photo would be awesome, but it is, so it shouldn't be used. Don't just select the first 5-6 photos you think are Tinder-worthy

Squinching increased the subject's perceived Competence by an average of +0.33. Squinching also increased the subject's perceived Influence by an average of +0.37. PhotoFeeler operates on a scale of -5 to +5 so these amounts were significant. These finding confirmed squinching your eyes is one way how to show confidence Photofeeler is a new website that lets you post photos of yourself and choose the arena in which they should be judged whether its business, social, or dating. In order to give an example of.

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Online Dating Photo Tips from PhotoFeeler. This section of our guide is a guest contribution by Anne Pierce, co-founder/CEO of PhotoFeeler, a tool for getting unbiased feedback on how you're coming across in photos. Anne and her team have helped a ton of guys improve their dating profiles by showing them how to present the best version of themselves online Photo credit: Francis Baker. While I was pleased to be seen as competent (PhotoFeeler defines that as smart, capable) and influential (leading, in charge), I was dismayed to discover. Examples: You : Hi, Madeline. Casey : I felt like the beginning was a little slow, but I liked it overall Online Dating First Message 3: Dinner Guest Asking your match who inspires her is a really good first to get to know someone. Examples: You : Sara, if you could have dinner with anyone living or dead , who would it be? Go to Photofeeler Get some data from a focus group by uploading some options to PhotoFeeler. For less than $20, you can get 100 people to vote on your photo on three criteria. You can also earn credits by voting on other people's photos. For example, a creative name for the brand page can act as a reflection of the brand's commitment towards innovation

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  1. Like those we may get in the Photofeeler software, helping choose the most useful images for provided purposes, and places. These can include, as an example, recruitment networking solutions, resumes, or internet dating sites. Making use of Photofeeler we save time, but we possibly may win way more, like a dream work or a partner that is romantic
  2. Photofeeler.com is a site where you can post a profile picture and get visitors to rate it for qualities like competence, likability, and influence. You can rate other people's photos to gain views, or buy a bundle of views for a few dollars. The feedback you'll get is blunt but honest
  3. Then and on to the more important bits. Namely, your dating username , and your profile copy. For this example test, I started with a picture of a very photogenic guy. Let's call him David. To start, I ran David through a photo catchy tool called Photofeeler. It's dating as a starting point when trying to see how competitive any given picture.
  4. 10 Top Online Dating Profile Examples & Why They're Successfull. Match Profile Example! Joe's a stock photo, in case you were wondering. I uploaded Joe's picture to a photo scoring website called photofeeler. It's a tool my company uses sometimes, when we can't agree on which photo looks best for one of our members
  5. Run Your Own Social Experiment Online - Photofeeler (1 days ago) Sep 02, 2016 · Step 3: Choose which traits to test for. Photofeeler has three sections (business, social, and dating) which allow you to test for all of these traits: competent, likable, influential, confident, authentic, fun, smart, trustworthy, attractive
  6. It was a good site until recently. Until late last year (2018), Photofeeler was a great site for feedback. It helped me a lot with photos for dating. Something changed a few months back, however. Achieving average ratings at this point seems like a difficult task even with really good photos

For example, having your eyes shaded or blocked by a glare, your hair, or sunglasses can hurt your impression, while slightly squinching them will enhance it. Even things you wouldn't ever really think about—for instance, whether your full jawline is revealed in the photo—can have a significant impact on how you're perceived 3 Best & worst Bumble profile text examples (ready for you to steal) #1 Method to attract your dream girl on Bumble; And more Bumble profile tips for men By the way, did you know I created The Profile Checklist. You just fill in the blanks, and you discover where your profile is lacking the necessary attraction switches

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Photofeeler puts your headshot in front of thousands of people who anonymously rank it for competence, likability , nd influence. For example, if you work in Malibu selling waterfront homes and love surfing, make a headline like Malibu Area Realtor Since 2006 | Surfer since 1986 If you're looking for some LinkedIn profile tips, you're most likely in one of these situations: You're not landing the clients, job, or employees you want.; Your profile lacks views or popularity.; You don't know what to write for your LinkedIn profile; If you answered, that's me! to any one of these above points, I completely understand!. I want to share with you my 15 best.

In fact, I've tested about 100 LinkedIn photo photos for team and clients over the last two years using Photofeeler.com. Below is another example of one of our amazing team members who were brave. Photofeeler allows you to upload a photo and wait for reaction-clicks and comments from others. It summarizes the reactions and notes for easy viewing. Here's an example showing the internet reaction to two photos I uploaded to replace my 2010 photo Best POF Headlines of 2020 males & Girls †Photofeeler You could have a killer that is absolute, witty and engaging in the event your headline is p r it makes no difference that is huge no one will likely view it. You need to appear with killer online internet dating sites headlines 26 years old, not sure how to start dating. I am a 26 year old guy looking for advice on how to get started with dating. I have zero experience romantically with women (i.e. I have never kissed a girl or asked a girl out). I think it's possible there were women who were interested in me in high school, but I was too shy to do anything

A g d relationship profile headline, internet Dating Profile Headlines & Profile Examples For men. Posted at 21:15h in uk-pakistani-dating mobile site by boucane Best POF Headlines of 2020 males & Girls †Photofeeler You could have a killer that is absolute, witty and engaging in the event your headline is p r it makes no difference that. Telling the dating that is best - find single guy within the most loves. The situation. Okcupid come up with a profile that is good. For the perfect picture for showing ladies. Buy on the web dating profile guidelines for? For guys. By photofeeler. On line profile that is dating examples

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Fun with Photofeeler.com! November 9, 2017 / 0 Comments / in Career , technology / by Jenny R. Hill I got some new headshots taken recently and one of the really fun things I like to do when I have new profile photos or headshots is to run them through Photofeeler.com Photofeeler offers a way to give and receive feedback on profile pictures. Simply upload your picture (s) to their site, and their community, paired with patent pending, accuracy boosting.

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  1. I think you look plenty photogenic! More so than me, lol! I think you look fine in all photos, but the art of taking photos (selfies especially) is all about finding the right angles and holding the camera in a way that doesn't make your face look disproportionate (what seems to be common is that people find their noses and chins look bigger than usual because they hold the camera in a way.
  2. Photofeeler don't rate your face atractivness but rather the quality of the photo. for example: tom Cruise if he wasn't famous here would be rate at a 3-4 here. the photo you taked one from the front and one from the profile would have automatically falled under a 5 even if you was chadlite
  3. In this article, you're going to learn 13 online dating photo tips that will help you line up your most attractive photos for Tinder, Bumble, or any other dating app or site, so you can meet higher quality women than ever before. Exclusive Bonus: Download your free copy of our indispensable guide to looking your best online

yes, a person's personality is important, communication decides the girl's reaction depends on the appearance of money and social status, for example, if an ugly guy asks for a date, she will consider it deviant behavior it depends on these factors how he will react to what you write, what.. I used Photofeeler to gain real data on how people were perceiving these individuals based on their profile pictures. View fullsize. In the above example, Dave had a professional photograph before - what I'd call the traditional boring say-cheese headshot that most professionals have these-days. It's boring and lacks genuine expression or energy Pro Tip: Get a second opinion on your new profile photo by using photofeeler.com. It's a free service to help you get feedback from others about how they perceive your profile picture. Do vs. don't examples

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  1. Photofeeler, which analyzes profile photos, found hiding your eyes, using sunglasses, for example, can significantly harm your impression. The site discovered your likability drops when people see you in sunglasses. Avoid hiding your face in your profile pictures
  2. Based on PhotoFeeler data, normal daylight is amongst the key differences when considering pictures of the identical individual with suprisingly low and incredibly high attractiveness ranks. This is certainly, day light skyrockets attractiveness by simply making you appear healthy, friendly, and fit
  3. Create. Make your profile by uploading the pictures you want to be rated, write a bio and set the target audience that you would like feedback from. Create your account. 2. 200 %. Woman are 2x more likely to match with you if your face is clearly visible in the image! Anna, Online Dating Expert
  4. ation of these features. Below are some examples of quality headshots for reference: Caroline Bassof Corcoran Real Estate Firm. Sondra Eckert of LeaderOne Financial Corporation. 2. Keep it short and swee
  5. For example, the left photo gets more likes on Tinder than the right photo. Just because there is no annoying bird sticker in the background. *Photofeeler score is the average of Smart, Trustworthy, and Attractiveness. Blessings, Louis Farfields. For more tips, check out these articles
  6. g, shows you're fun, nice, and is a fantastic positive first impression. Unfortunately, a lot of men use photos where they don't smile. One of the top reasons don't swipe right is men simply don't smile
  7. Seeking Arrangement. A Lot Of Fish. Photofeeler With Username Included. Generic Dating Headline. The clear answer shall intrigue you. If you should be utilizing a sugardaddie member sugar daddy site that is dating your headline will likely be noticeable in your primary profile, and that can assist connect together catchy on the web.
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  1. Examples Ferrin, 25 My labelmaker is perfect single best purchase of my 20s dating far. Rory, 29 I may or may not use the Good Decimal System for my home library. Go to Photofeeler. Profile more online dating messages profile examples? Check out:
  2. A recent study from PhotoFeeler found that the best type of profile smile is one with teeth. People will reportedly see you as more likable and competent than those with a closed mouth or laughing smile. BeFunky Pro Tip: When cropping your photo, make sure that your face takes up 60 percent of the frame. A rule of thumb: Crop from just below.
  3. There of these dating profile pics through photofeeler to view the next line. About me'. Dec 4, 2017 take a dating site, match. Nov 3 most common online. About me examples on dating sites. These 8 examples for me can use these funny or both men with a avoid lists. Numbers vietnamese ladies on dating site
  4. For example, Photofeeler can help you to see how your pictures come across to onlookers. You simply have to upload your picture, select what type of photo it is (e.g. professional or social) and the app will tell you if it's appropriate. Don't be afraid to use a filter
  5. Turning On Tinder Smart Photos & Turning Off Tinder Smart Photos. Go to 'edit profile', scroll down below 'add media' and then there will be a slider for 'smart photos'. Swiping the slider to the right will turn it on. Similarly, sliding it to the left will turn off smart photos. Tinder Smart Photos / Courtesy of https://blog.
  6. Photofeeler is a photo testing tool that assesses the appeal of your photos. This helps you select the most attractive images, whether you want to use those images for social media, business or dating. When you test photos through Photofeeler, aim for 80% and above, especially in the attractiveness category
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Best example dating profile. Again, according to write an online dating profiles of good online dating profile generator. From photofeeler. When a user runs a boring, are looking for men to be concise, online dating profile. What works. Do the very straight person, 1 to marry you with the world has been featured on hundreds of exiting. Get your #social profile photo analyzed @PhotoFeeler @itsannpierce #socialselling #sales @M_3jr Click To Tweet. Here is an example of what you will get back based on members voting on your profile photo. In this case, I gave the members the category business when considering the photo shot. I personally think it's a great tool In this example it was you who made all the suggestions and pointed out the benefits. However, if 'Susan' forwarded this e-mail to a third party, it reads like Susan pointed out all the benefits and is invested in this solution more than she appears to be. Susan benefits because it makes her seem more conscientious of her company too Photofeeler attractive. It's true that some people don't have to try as hard to get high attractiveness scores on pictures they upload to Photofeeler because of what they look like. And speaking of physical attractiveness We don't get to make the rules. Here at Photofeeler, we don't get to decide what is attractive Use a photo of you in your profile — don't use a photo of an object. Also, don't use an avatar or cartoon photo (like a Bitmoji). Use a real photo of you. Your photo should include your head and shoulders, not just a close-up of your face. Experts advise your face should take up 60-75% of the frame. Do not use a full body photo