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Ama-The pearl diving mermaids of Japan. One of the lesser-known but fascinating parts of Japanese culture is that of the Ama pearl divers. Ama (海女 in Japanese), literally means 'woman of the sea' and is recorded as early as 750 in the oldest Japanese anthology of poetry, the Man'yoshu. These women specialised in freediving some 30. There were never very many traditional professions for women in Japan, but one that still continues are the sea women or ama. Traditionally women, these Japanese mermaids are skilled divers who look for seaweed, shells, and pearls

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  1. Ama are the last Japanese mermaids. Their name is written with the kanji 海-umi (sea) and 女-onna (woman) and they are brave women who free dive in the cold ocean waters to prey on shellfish and seaweed. Their story is really fascinating and inspiring so I made some research. Ama existed in Japan since many centuries ago, they are mentioned.
  2. Ama - The Ancient Mermaids of Japan. In Japanese history lies a fascinating tradition, having to do with young ladies and the deep sea. Along the coasts of Japan, a highly prized mollusk lives deep down on the rocks. It is called the awabi (abalone, or sea-ear). It lives 40 feet down or deeper, and can only be harvested by divers going down and.
  3. Nov 5, 2013 - Ama - The Pearl Diving Mermaids of Japan (Warning: Nudity) Ama (海女 in Japanese), literally means 'woman of the sea' and is recorded as early . Just discovered the Ama in the book I'm reading called 'Deep' by James
  4. One photographer in particular stands out with his photographs of the Ama. His name was Yoshiyuki Iwase (1904-2001). He was given a gift of a small Kodak camera when young and found his muse in the beautiful mermaids of the tired, coastal regions of Japan. Thanks to his efforts, we can take a step back in time and have a glimpse at what life was like working as an Ama diver, and also see his.

Ama. : Japan's Tough, Topless, Free-Diving Mermaids. In the 1920s, a young law school graduate named Yoshiyuki Iwase left Tokyo and returned to his hometown of Onjuku, a fishing village in eastern. Japanese Mermaids: Ancient Pearl Hunters of the Sea. T hese women are the last of their kind. In their floral wetsuits, they fill their lungs with air and dive for long periods of time deep into the Pacific ocean, with nothing more than a mask and flippers. They are known as Ama and make a living hunting for abalone, a sea snail that produces. Japan's Mermaid Pearl Divers In Photos. DIVING for pearls in Japan is a job for women. In this photos from July 30, 1937 two champion pearl-divers pose on the beach in the Miye Prefecture in Western Japan. Note the spectacles on the forehead of the younger woman, used to protect the eyes from the biting salt water The Ama are Japan's last population of female shell divers. But with their way of life and culture increasingly under threat, could this be the end of an age-old tradition? The last mermaids of.

The Japanese Ama women have been described as more like mermaids than humans, or simply living fish in human form.Legend says the Ama or Uminchu divers are t.. Mermaids of Mie. Home to the largest group of sea women left in Japan, Mie Prefecture's ama divers cling to a disappearing ancient tradition. It's mid-morning and Miyuki Taniguchi, a fresh-faced, sprightly woman in her early forties, is free-diving in the chilly blue-green waters off the Shima coast of Mie Prefecture Like mermaids, the naked ama passed on their skills to later generations, sustaining a magical profession still dominated by Japanese women (now in neoprene suits) today. Prints made by well-known artists like Katsushika Hokusai and Kitagawa Utamaro give contemporary audiences a glimpse back in time, to the days when these 18th- and 19th.

The Ama - Japan's Aging Mermaids Project info . From the article A Free Dive in Japan via Rods & Kingdoms (excerpt below): It's known as the 50 second battle, a dive to depths of up to 30 feet, a minute or more underwater, often times in freezing, low visibility conditions. The prizes are abalone, sea urchin, and other valuable. 01/10/2020. by ameliehuijun. In Japan, women of the sea is a profession that dates back to ancient times. Known as AMA 海女 in Japanese, they earn their living by collecting pearls and other mollusks from the sea. Half naked and wearing only a waist cloth, Ama plunge into the frigid sea without oxygen tanks or much protection

Travel back in time to Ami Village, and explore the land, and sea of the mystical Hitokuchi Memo divers, who legend says may descend from Atlantis..Useful So.. The Ama ring is crafted from 14k recycled gold and accented with an all-natural Akoya Keshi pearl. Inspired by the Japanese mermaids named Ama who were famous for diving for pearls and known as sea women. As women, they embraced their bodies and transformed the ocean into their natural habitat leading to decades of pearl diving

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History. Japanese tradition holds that the practice of ama may be 2,000 years old. Traditionally, and even as recently as the 1960s, ama dived wearing only a loincloth.Even in modern times, ama dive without scuba gear or air tanks, making them a traditional sort of free-diver. Records of female pearl divers, or ama, date back as early as 927 AD in Japan's Heian period The Last Japanese Mermaids. For nearly two thousand years, Japanese women living in coastal fishing villages made a remarkable livelihood hunting the ocean for oysters and abalone, a sea snail that produces pearls. They are known as Ama, and if you've dipped into Messy Nessy's archives, you will have already met the few ladies. lisa mallory. The ama, or female free-divers, of Mie Prefecture, are famous throughout Japan. Ama divers have been free-diving for abalone and other marine products since the Yayoi period, around 2,000 years ago. Records show that abalone from the region was served to the imperial court as a special product of Ise Shima 1270 years ago. It is even designated as a miketsukuni, a region supplying food to the. The 'ama' are a group of free-diving fisherwomen who range from 60 to 80 years old. Only 2,000 ama are left across Japan, down from more than 12,000 in the 1930s

Ama ~ Woman of the Sea. Ama Bikinis was created in Miami Beach by a Florida native and beach volleyball player, who wanted to create colorful, unique bikinis that could be worn for all types of activities, but were not outrageously priced! Inspired by the designer's heritage, Ama is a Japanese word that means woman of the sea and was the. Amabie (アマビエ) is a legendary Japanese mermaid or merman with a bird-beak like mouth and three legs or tail-fins, who allegedly emerges from the sea, prophesies either an abundant harvest or an epidemic, and instructed people to make copies of its likeness to defend against illness.. The amabie appears to be a variant or misspelling of the amabiko or amahiko (Japanese: アマビコ. Guarda a tutto schermo. 21 giorni fa | 4 visualizzazioni. Ama Village, and the Japanese Hitocuchi Memo Mermaids Ama-The pearl diving mermaids of Japan Written by Michael Gakuran One of the lesser-known but fascinating parts of Japanese culture is that of the Ama pearl divers. Ama (海女 in Japanese), literally means 'woman of the sea' and is recorded as early as 750 in the oldest Japanese anthology of poetry, the Man'yoshu 'AMA' is the Japanese word for the 'Ladies of the Sea' who are famous for diving and collecting pearls. The mermaid statues are named 'AMA' followed by the location name and each comes inscribed with its name and coordinates inscribed in the statue base

Along the far-flung peninsulas of the Japanese archipelago, local legend claims that the ama-san, women free divers, were once seafaring gypsies of the north-eastern Asian seas. Ethno-historians echo the possibility that ama divers travelled with the currents from continental Asia across to southern Japan where they split into two distinct. Japanese ama divers -- quite the tourist catch. (CNN) — Nearly a minute has passed yet the sea in front of us remains still, save for a ring-shaped life preserver bobbing upon its surface.

Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order The Ama - Japan's Aging Mermaids Follow Hire Profile. Stories (6) News (6) Location: New York, NY. Nationality: USA. Biography: Michael Magers is a documentary photographer and journalist based in New York City. He is a frequent collaborator with the award-winning team at Roads & Kingdoms and served as the lead photographer on their.. Ama 海女 means Women of the Sea These women who, like mermaids are sovereign through the water in search of oysters coveted gems. Originally appeared on the food as algae, shellfish, octopus, sea urchins and oysters. According to Japanese tradition teaches Ama divers have been in existence for almost 2000 years. Until as late a Amabie (アマビエ) is a legendary Japanese mermaid or merman with a bird-beak like mouth and three legs or tail-fins, who allegedly emerges from the sea, prophesies either an abundant harvest or an epidemic, and instructed people to make copies of its likeness to defend against illness.. The amabie appears to be a variant or misspelling of the amabiko or amahiko (Japanese: アマビコ.

Named for the beautiful Amaryllis flower, she was nicknamed Ama. She one day learned that 'ama' is a Japanese word for women of the sea - the Japanese ama have a rich tradition of diving for pearls and other treasures of the sea, similar to the haenyo divers in South Korea. Amaryllis developed a passion for mythology and legends pertaining to our oceans, and has been a mermaid enthusiast. Mermaid Legends and Pandemics. The amabie is not the first magical mermaid to appear in Japan. In Tensho 9 (1581), Tokugawa vassal Matsudaira Ieda drew this illustration in his diary and wrote that a mermaid had appeared in a dried rice field on New Year's Day in Azuchi. It was more than six feet tall, and ate several people Like mermaids, the naked ama passed on their skills to later generations, sustaining a magical profession still dominated by Japanese women (now in neoprene suits) today. Advertisemen Ama - The Pearl Diving Mermaids of Japan (Warning: Nudity) - Gakuranman. Women dive holding breath up to 2 minutes finding shell fish and pearls. In Japan. Very old tradition. ama-san. Angela Zimmer Layman. Japanese Pearls Japan Shop Maneki Neko Shadowrun Underwater World Pearl Jam Japan Art Japanese Culture Art Forms

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Moyamoya Disease. Moyamoya disease is a rare blood vessel (vascular) disorder in which the carotid artery in the skull becomes blocked or narrowed, reducing blood flow to your brain. Tiny blood vessels then open up at the base of the brain in an attempt to supply the brain with blood. — Mayo Clinic — Directed by Ben Sharpsteen. A depiction of the lives of ama divers, Japanese women who dive for pearls The Ama women are the pearl diving mermaids of Japan, part of an age-old fishing tradition practiced by small coastal villages. Like the Haenyeo women, the Ama work for up to four hours a day in order to gather abalone, seaweed, and other shellfish. However, their most profitable pursuit is diving for pearls 'A Japanese ama goes overboard in search of shellfish in the 1930s. For centuries these female free divers worked the country's coasts without much clothing, but that changed: Except for a few older women, the ama of Hekura no longer dive semi-naked, wrote Luis Marden after visiting one group of divers

Ama, which means sea woman in Japanese, have been diving in Japan for 2,000 to 3,000 years with records dating back to an 8th-century anthology of Japanese poetry: the Man'yōshū Over three days, I explored the rugged coastlines of Ise-Shima to learn about ama culture and Japanese ocean folklore firsthand. The Ama Divers. Ama divers are an ancient part of the Shima Peninsula, with archeological evidence of their existence dating back at least 3,000 years. They are all female, and they use no equipment to dive Ama - The Pearl Diving Mermaids of Japan (Warning: Nudity) - Gakuranman. One of the lesser-known but fascinating parts of Japanese culture is that of the Ama pearl divers. Ama (海女 in Japanese), literally means 'woman of the sea' and is recorded as early as 750 in the oldest Japanese anthology of poetry, the Man'yoshu. These. Mermaids & Cowboys marries ocean and land through the rich history of the Pearl Diving Mermaids of Japan and the historic Cattle Ranches of La Jolla. Mermaids plays homage to the Japanese Ama Divers, who helped to inspire the modern-day mythology of the Mermaid

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Ama is the Japanese word for sea woman. No, they are not a kind of mermaid; they are the pearl divers of Japan. Mikimoto Pearl Island is one of the places where these professional pearl divers make a living, collecting cultivated pearls Personally, I reject the whole idea of this video, that there are mermaids that live in the oceans. This is because my mermaid theory is that mermaid myths and sightings come from breath holding divers like the ama and heanyo divers of Japan and Korea. These divers are ordinary human beings and don't have fish tails

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Ama tools dating from Japan's Jomon era (10,500-300 b.c.) have been excavated in the area, but historians believe the occupation has only been exclusive to women since the eighth century A mermaid is a mythical aquatic creature possessing the hideous ass end of a fish and the beautiful head and torso of a gorgeous human woman (fish would beg to disagree). Legends of mermaids, and their counterparts, the wily mermen, first originated circa 1000 BCE in Assyria. Mermaids probably perished in the Great Flood after the destruction of their habitat The Mermaid is located at 428 E. 2nd Street in Little Tokyo. Open daily, 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Parking is $3 with validation, or free on Mondays or after 11 p.m. Or, you could take the Metro Gold Line and get off at the Little Tokyo/Arts District station. Juliet Bennett Rylah is the Editor in Chief of We Like L.A Meet The Last Mermaids Of Japan, The Noble Guardians Of The Sea. by Manisha Nayak in Voices on February 12, 2021. Their legacy dates back thousands of years. Meet the Ama, Japan's female free-divers who go into the depths of the ocean on a single breath of air in search of abalone and turban shells. It is their livelihood Not quite mermaids but not quite of this world either, the Ama women of Japan dive up to 30 meters deep without equipment in search of abalone just off the coast of Japan. Nina Poppe, photographer and filmmaker based in Cologne, Germany, captured a mostly older generation of these deep sea divers for her book aptly titled Ama. Poppe's images are a quiet, peaceful testament to the type of.

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Ama, the last Mermaids of Japan. Plum blossoms #kyoto #japan japanese #ume #plumblo. #tokyo #japan #japanese #skytree #instajapan #inst. #zojoji #tokyo #japanesetemple #japan #japantravel. Home made meal for husband ️ #homemade #dinne. Follow on Instagram. Follow Me on Facebook - Like my Page Ama (med betydelsen sjökvinna) är japanska dykare, kända för pärlfiske. De flesta var kvinnor och en motsvarande tradition, Haenyeo, finns även i Korea . Ama kring Kokichi Mikimoto, uppfinnaren av odlade pärlor, 1921. Ama omkring 1950 The Disappearing Ama: Japan's Tough, Topless, Free-Diving Mermaids. Jezebel. 2015 sausio 16. Underwater360, 2012. Call of the Isobu: Japan's Traditional Ama Endure the Ages. Underwater 360. Šaltiniai Nuorodos Where the sea. Ama - The Ancient Mermaids Of Japan. Introduction To Japanese Tea Culture - History And Symbolism. Koi Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism - The Rich History Of Japanese Tattoo Designs 2. The History Of Hostas. Japanese Tattoo Art - History And Transitions 1. History & Marketing Of The Nintendo Wii Gaming Console System

Tarpon Springs Florida 's Mermaid on the bayou is indeed something to see! This 6'4 bronze status is located in Craig Park, directly on the beautiful waters of the bayou. The statue has a vase sponge at the mermaid's feet. Called 'Ama of Tarpon Springs', the mermaid statue is part of the Amaryllis Art for Charity Project sponsored by Koh-i. learned Japanese and passed the JLPT N1 and N2. created a NYC Terrace House watch group of almost 200 members. (Before the whole scandal and the show getting canceled. RIP Hana) met a bunch of Terrace House members. got a cat. His name is Lou. logged over 400 hours of Animal Crossing and probably the same amount on Genshin Impact Ecotourism in Japan with Kiku Ezaki. When Kiku Ezaki returned to her native Toba to take over as the fifth-generation owner of her family's ryokan, she would go on to pioneer an ecotourism initiative that has been hailed as a model for the revitalization of depopulating areas all over Japan. She serves as chair on the Ecotourism Promotion

Tulip Festival in Japan. One million tulips of 450 different varieties, of varied colors and shapes, beautifully bloom in Tonami. April 12, 2012. E Ama-San [+ see also: trailer film profile], the latest film by young Portuguese director Cláudia Varejão, in competition at Visions du réel, uncovers and introduces us to the world of the mysterious ama of Japan, a world seemingly suspended between dreams and reality, past and future. A film that crystallises an ancestral tradition that risks dying out as it is watered down by the flow of. Due to breath training, Ama can stay underwater for significant amounts of time in one go. Over time their numbers have declined, and these intrepid fisherwomen can now only be found sporadically in pockets along the Japanese coastlines. Withstanding harsh and sometimes freezing temperatures, they have become known as the last mermaids

Amabie' (アマビエ, Amabie) is a legendary Japanese mermaid who allegedly emerges from the sea and prophesies either an abundant harvest or an epidemic. There are other mermaids and mermen known by other names but considered identical. The male Amabiko (アマビコ, 天日子) or Amahiko (尼彦, あま彦, 天彦), Amahiko-Nyūdo (尼彦入道), and the elusive Arie (アリエ). Amabie. Written by Michael Gakuran One of the lesser-known but fascinating parts of Japanese culture is that of the Ama pearl divers. Ama (海女 in Japanese), literally means 'woman of the sea' and is recorded as early as 750 in the oldest Japanese anthology of poetry, the Man'yoshu. These women specialised in freediving some 3 Ama Divers. Home. Ama Divers. Showing: 1 - 1 of 1 RESULTS . Culinary Adventures And More Meeting the Ama Diver Mermaids of Ise Shima, Japan. I saw them through the bus window as we pulled into the courtyard, the late February sun shining down on them like a spotlight, illuminating the small group of women Ama Village, and the Japanese Hitocuchi Memo Mermaids. jurassicdiver. 1:35. The Little Mermaid - Daring to Dance [Japanese] Tommy2015. 1:02. The Little Mermaid - Daring to Dance (Reprise) [Japanese] Tommy2015. 4:00. Serbian Food: Serbian Hamburger vs. American Hamburger. Serbia. 3:48

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for AMA Photo Book Times When Mermaids Were 2013 Japan Very Good at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Join the web's most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD with no ads

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The Ama busily prepare for a productive day of diving. Diving Styles. From my experience diving with the Ama, I observed them diving in the rage of 8-15m with only some of the women diving deeper, up to 25m. The Ama also practice variable weight dives called Funado in Japanese In the coastal city of Ise on Japan's main island of Honshu, female divers called ama traditionally did the physically demanding job of harvesting shellfish such as abalone. These marine snails are valuable for their edible flesh, and their iridescent inner shell is a source of mother-of-pearl In many stories mermaids seem to have magical powers: When they swim in the sea they have a fish tail, but when they come ashore they magically grow legs and walk around just like a normal woman. The Japanese solution to this problem is for the Ama diver to tie a rope around her waist, and tuck into in a heavy iron bar. This bar serves two.

Skip to main content. Gift Cards. Watc Taking inspiration from the Japanese Ama, otherwise known as the last mermaids, Kenzo present this vacation shirt with a patterned twist. Celebrating the female free divers, it's printed throughout with a quirky mermaid graphic, sat atop a bold blue base for a sea-inspired finish You must visit the Mermaid Sea Zone, the only place in the world where you can see a dugong couple in captivity. 10-minute walk from Toba Station on the JR or Kintetsu lines The museum has exhibits organized around seven themes on the relation of the Japanese people to the sea, including the history of the ama divers and fishing techniques.

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Ama (海女) Penyelam Tradisional Jepang Yang Merupakan Para Wanita. Konnichiwa minnasan !!, kali bahasan mungkin agak sedikit. apa ya enaknya bilangnya >.> ?, yah nanti kalian bisa lihat sendiri, bahasan saya kali ini adalah Ama (海女), kalau bahasa inggrisnya Women of Sea kalo Indonesia mungkin wanita pelaut, tapi Ama orang ya bukan. Alexander, Skye. Mermaids' Attributes, Behavior, and Environs, 232-237 Questions #1,2,3,5 on pp237-238 In Class: Questions to be created by Team #4 1. What are the common features of mermaid stories as told in late medieval and early Renaissance times? Mermaids were viewed similarly throughout the world but through the middle ages, their common attributes of mermaids became. Ama-The pearl diving mermaids of Japan. Written by Michael Gakuran One of the lesser-known but fascinating parts of Japanese culture is that of the Ama pearl divers. Ama (海女 in Japanese), literally means 'woman of the sea' and is recorded as early as 750 in the oldest Japanese anthology of poetry, the Man'yoshu

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Mermaids: Research and Theories. Posted on December 2, 2012 by Menawa Report. Mermaids are Real! is a surprising documentary about mermaids, which may contain content only suitable for adults.. This is the written introduction: This video shows that mermaids are not just mythical creatures but real life women. Like the Ama and Haenyo. Mermaids Are Real: Part Five. 4 years ago. The witch hunters used a ducking stool to see if a woman was a witch. Where a woman was forced underwater when tied to the stool. The cruel logic was that if she drowned she wasn't a witch but if she lived, she was! This only makes sense if these women were also mermaids A group of Japanese grannies emerges from a boat returning to shore. Clad in black wetsuits and bubbling with energy, they are part of a dwindling community of ama- free diving fisherwomen

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Mermaid Linda Stephanie. May 29 ·. ‎. Casey Klein. to. The Most Beautiful Pictures In The World. May 4. The wave is called Chicama and it became the first wave in the world protected by state law. It occurs in Peru where nothing can be built within one mile of this inlet to avoid ruining it shape Mermaid fandom conventions have also been held. Also each year in summer you have a Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, New York Human divers The Ama are Japanese skin divers, predominantly women, who traditionally dive for shellfish and seaweed wearing only a loincloth and who have been in action for at least 2,000 years The first British edition was published by Hamish Hamilton, 1962, under the title 'Hekura: The Diving Girls' Island'. The author (b. 1912; d. 2004) travelled to Japan to to photograph and study the amphibious communities where the Ama women dive for molluscs fifty feet down among the rocks in the sea . . Abysse wetsuits are exclusively made out of premium 2mm Yamamoto Japanese eco-neoprene which is limestone based and less harmful to the environment. Abysse's Values Environment. Sustainability is the fundamental value of Abysse's mindset. We are constantly thriving to educate people on the environmental impacts of the fashion industry, as it. Mermaid Linda Stephanie, Atlanta, Georgia. 1,473 likes · 2 talking about this. Mermaid Linda Stephanie is here to educate, inspire and entertain about life under the sea

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Cybelle (Japanese: シベール) is a French-singing Mars' Brightest contestant with a dangerous obsession over Tuesday. She is very tall and has a slim figure. She has pale skin and green eyes, and her hair is short, which she puts some strands of hair behind her ears. She dresses herself up kind of tomboyish, with a oversized turtleneck white t-shirt and a pair of trousers with suspenders. Neko-Musume (猫娘, ねこ娘 or ネコ娘 Cat Girl) is a cat hanyō and a member of the Kitarō Family. In nearly all adaptations, she has a romantic interest in Kitarō. 1 Cast 2 Appearance 3 About 4 Manga history 4.1 Kaiki Neko-Musume 4.2 Neko in Hakaba Kitarō 5 Image Songs 6 See also 7 Trivia 8 Navigation Anime Nana Yamaguchi (First Anime) Yōko Ogushi (Second Anime) Yūko Mita (Third. Japanese names are used in Japan and in Japanese communities throughout the world. Note that depending on the Japanese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here. See also about Japanese names Watch Korean Drama genre from around the world subbed in over 100 different language

330 Japanese women ideas | japanese women, japanese"Ama'' divers, Japan 1954 | The Island of the Fisherwomen浮世絵:国芳『玉取り(海女と大蛸)』 | 森宮古美術*古美術もりみやJapanese Mermaids: Ancient Pearl Hunters of the SeaExclusive: The Pearl Divers by Pictoresq - C-Heads Magazine5 Design District Hidden Gems to Check Out Anytime
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