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DCEU could have been better than the MCU. Or at least, as good. They just fumbled the franchise. DC has better villains and better heroes. The justice league could have been amazing! But the writers, costume designers, and literally everyone working for DC, (yes, including the janitors) are all trash! 15 comments. share Man of steel is better than any stand alone MCU movie. Vote. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1 · just now. MCU is plastic... Vote. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1 · just now. MCU by a landslide, the DCEU is not very spread out and is very rushed. Plus it was made to pigtail and rival the MCU. Vote. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit. 8 points · 1 year ago. Endgame doesn't show why MCU is better. Feige and Disney show why direction, trust, and a long term plan is important. The DCEU didn't fail because of the characters. It failed because of a bad, rushed plan along with executive meddling that was documented. Marvel/Feige/Disney slow played the build and trusted Feige DC Is better than Marvel. First off: This sub is called unpopular opinion, and so please don't say 'ohhh, I disagree, Marvel is much better than DC' because this is my OPINION. OK, now into the real thing. When people say ' Marvel is better than DC', what they mean is 'The MCU is better than the DCEU',and I totally agree with this 10 DCEU Aquaman Vs. MCU Thor. On Reddit, a scenario has been posed in which there is a fight between the Marvel Cinematic Universe 's Thor and the DCEU's Aquaman. Aquaman is allowed his trident, Thor is allowed his Stormbreaker, and the fight is divvied up to two locations. This user thinks that Thor wins 9.5-10/10

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Though Wonder Woman is generally considered to be the best movie in the DCEU so far, and Captain Marvel isn't held as highly among MCU films, this user believes that the latter is much better. They claim that the movie is much more fast-paced and more visually stunning than Wonder Woman.. But though Captain Marvel totally subverted the conventions of MCU movies, as it featured non-linear. 12 Reasons Why MCU is Better Than DCEU. Mohamed Uzair. July 10, 2017. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email. This is undoubtedly going to be the most controversial article I have ever written. Just remember that this is an opinion, my opinion and just like any other opinion, is open to debate. I am not a Marvel fan or a DC fan

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  1. mcu>dceu>cw. I think MCU has such a fun feel, and the movies are all great. Acting is good, costumes are good, effects are good, etc. DCEU also has great movies, but fewer of them
  2. 1 Trying to compete with the MCU. The biggest problem with the DCEU was simply that it tried to compete with the MCU. Since 2012 - and especially since 2016, when DC entered the game - trying to top the MCU has been a silly idea
  3. g multiple stories into one movie. They need to take a story and retell it in film without adding so many moving parts. Watching Batman V Superman was like watching the entirety of the MCU in just over two hours. It was too much to take in. Too many characters.
  4. The MCU stories, as seen with Thor's adventures, Iron Man's dalliances, and of course, the Guardians' sagas are more amalgamations than the DCEU's. Even Civil War was assembled using different comic beats. This isn't such a bad thing per se, but sometimes, sticking to the lore a bit more may help, as per that weak Ultron adaptation
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  1. 20 Memes That Prove The MCU Is Way Better Than The DCEU. Despite the DCEU's attempts to catch up, the MCU continues to reign supreme on the big screen - and we've got the memes to prove it. The never-ending war rages on. These comic book giants are some of the biggest names in entertainment, and their rivalry has never been more apparent
  2. This is one thing which I believe many other people will agree on: MCU has better planning than DCEU. Ever since the first MCU movie Iron Man 2008, MCU has carefully set up their future movies in the best way possible. These movies are put in chronicle order and thanks to this; audiences get to enjoy the story continuously and logically
  3. The MCU kick started the modern era of comic book movies with Iron Man in 2008, while DCEU had to step in the modern world with the Man of Steel. But long be..

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MCU's Avengers or DCEU's Justice League: Which superhero squad is better at saving the day? VOTE NOW Paul Rudd, Anthony Mackie, Brie Larson, Zoe Saldana & more assemble for Avengers Campus opening. While the quality of storytelling was much better in the DCAU, it couldn't give off the level of cinematic wonder that the DCEU can. Other than a handful of release like Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, the DCAU is firmly entrenched in small screen culture.. This is why, no matter how badly received a movie might be, the DCEU does have the quality of presenting itself on a grander scale In just four movies, the DCEU proved itself to be better realized, more memorable, better looking and sharper sounding than the MCU. With Justice League, The Flash, Aquaman, Shazam, Wonder Woman 2 and a host of other titles yet to come, the DCEU might still crash and burn. Likewise, with Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and. Dank Of Justice: 15 Savagely Brutal MCU V. DCEU Memes. With DC and Marvel both pushing their cinematic universes, many fans have debated which one is better, and these 15 memes illustrate that conflict. With the rise of separate cinematic universes (ran by the two biggest comic book publishers in the world), many people have felt the need to. The Arrowverse and the DCEU are the two biggest shared universes under the DC banner. Crisis on Infinite Earths is going to continue trying to tie them all together, but that hasn't stopped people from arguing over which is better. We're taking a look at 5 things that the Arrowverse does really well and 5 things that the DCEU is better at

So this one is more of a stepping off point for me. For someone who keeps mocking about DCEU (actually everyone does) finding a major flaw in Marvel which DC.. The DCEU version of The Avengers, Justice League never managed to gain any sort of heat surrounding its release and fizzled away at the box office as well. Meanwhile, the MCU has been building up to Avengers: Infinity War for an entire decade, which means it built up enough excitement to generate as much as 42 million views in a single day Here's what the DCEU does better than the MCU: 1 - CINEMATOGRAPHY. This is strictly defined as the art of making motion pictures, but there is far more to it than that on an artistic level and in terms of technique, creativity and aesthetic. A LOT goes into how an image looks on screen before a camera even records it and that's one area that. VIDEO: Why The DCEU's Future Is Brighter Than The MCU's. In this new exclusive video, CBR looks at how the future of the DC Extended Universe is very, very bright. While the DC Extended Universe initially failed to capture the same success and attention as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all of that might be set to change in the not so distant.

The DCEU's four movies have averaged a $680 million worldwide gross, while the MCU's fifteen movies have averaged a $780 million worldwide gross. Wonder Woman may still be earning, but not to the extent that it will make a difference here, as its peak has passed. Simply put, the MCU is a far more lucrative property than the DCEU on the whole The Joker. Simply put when people talk about the Dark Knight series, there is the second movie which is talked about the most. And it deserves it. The Dark Knight stands out. A major reason (if not the major reason) is the Joker. He's the ultimate.. MCU Vs DCEU: The Definitive Comparison (So Far) providing plenty of fuel for more trolls than the Battle of Helm's Deep. there hanever been a better time to take an in-depth look at both. 6 Better Villain Portrayal: Snyder Cut This one should really go without saying considering Justice League had the flattest antagonist one can think of. That Steppenwolf came out of nowhere, had. The Incredible Hulk is the MCU movie time has forgotten, partially because Edward Norton left the universe and was replaced by Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk, with the new actor playing the.

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MCU detailing · Updated June 6 How did Black Panther survive that single punch from Thanos if he's basically just a regular human? Black Panther is not just a regular human, He is trained in very elite combat and comes from a race of African warriors, If you have seen Civil war, Tchala fought winter soldier without his suit and managed to hurt. Even the mid tier MCU movies are better than the majority of the DCEU movies. That's not to say the mid tier MCU movies are anything amazing, but it's not exactly a high bar to be better than DCEU so I don't think calling them not dissimilar is accurate. There's a pretty significant gulf of quality even there between them 5. Build a Distinct Identity. Finally, the most important step the DCEU can take is to develop its own identity. In its quest to be like the MCU, the tone of DCEU films shifted from dark and gritty to lighthearted and quippy. The DCEU does not need to be like Marvel Studios

8 Things The DCEU Is Doing Better Than The MCU (So Far) 5. Music. In terms of music, the DCEU has generally been pretty awesome. Sure, Suicide Squad over-used pop music in a very jarring manner. Warner Bros. Made One Huge Mistake That Sank The DCEU. The DCEU didn't have to be this big of a mess, but WB doomed it from the beginning. Warner Bros. is charging bravely ahead with their DC. Controversial Video Explains Why the MCU Is Is Better Than the DCEU. A new video breaks down the reasons why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is better than the DC Extended Universe and it all comes.

I personall think DC Comics IS better than Marvel Comics in some areas, while Marvel is better than DC Comics in other areas. I know I have made so many answers about me praising DC Comics recently, but this is just to show my appreciation for DC. 5 Things the DC Movie Universe Does Better Than Marvel. While DC is the superhero movie underdog, there are some areas where the studio has Marvel beat If the DCEU is going to become a force to rival the MCU, it needs to refocus on character-centered stories. Zack Snyder's departure from the DCEU marks this opportunity. Free of the SnyderVerse. I'm going to assume you mean the DCEU movies here, so that's going to be the basis of my answer. While both movies are kind of meh, I would say that the audience had lower expectations in the Suicide Squad than the Justice League. Task Force X w..

Why the MCU feels forever when the Star Wars revival is already dying down. Disney's first Star Wars film only hit theaters five years ago, but excitement for the series has already faded. Box office reports of the latest trilogy, Rogue One, and Solo show a steep downward trend, especially compared to its predecessors The movie trailers for a few of them. That's it. Their movies don't do anything better than the MCU taken as a whole, even if individually I think that Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Man of Steel are better than a few of the single MCU films. The shared universe aspect of the DCEU is an utter failure, with several failures to launch 5 Reasons Why MCU Is Still Better Than DCEU. Most of us have our favorites from Marvel or DC when it comes to superheroes. This has long been a competition and is always accessible to the discussion. Marvel is the obvious winner when it gets to films when it goes to box office performance, whereas DC is confronting scripts..

7 Ways DC Is Actually Doing A Better Job Than Marvel. The debate of DC vs. Marvel has persisted for decades; long before the modern prominence of superhero movies. That being said, the growing. The plot of CW's The Flash will not depend on the plot of the big screen The Flash. Thanks to the Warner model, DC has embraced an approach that is enormously faithful to their comic book roots: a multiverse. Gotham 's Penguin and Arrow 's Sarah Lance and Supergirl 's Jimmy Olsen all exist on various infinite Earths Margot Robbie is keen to see an epic Harley Quinn-Poison Ivy dynamic make an appearance in the DCEU. Here's who could be a perfect fit for the role

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Zack Snyder explains how his superhero movies differ from Marvel movies. For the longest time, the comics industry was defined by the dominance of DC Comics, and their smaller, less popular rival. This Overlooked Nicolas Cage Fantasy is Better Than You Remember Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Would Dovetail Perfectly with No Way Home 5 Times Thor And Loki Were The Best MCU Sibling Du

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Comic cinematic universe. December 14, 2019 ·. MCU vs DCEU. Marvel and DC had been the comic giants since 1930's and have had a huge name in that genre ever since. Just like comics they have made a huge name in cinematic universe too and fans are ready to fight over which universe is better. The rivalry between Marvel and DC is one of the well. Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige would like the MCU vs DCEU online wars to come to an end, and for fans to just cool out and enjoy the movies, please Unpopular Opinions About The MCU That Raise Good Points. By Juliet Kahn / Aug. 4, 2020 3:05 pm EDT. The Marvel Cinematic Universe rules the multiplex with an iron fist. Though its cast of. The mcu beats the dceu because they started their universe long before the dceu came in trying to catch up The mcu has established their characters too well over the years..so the audience can. The ultimate cut one was better than the theatrical cut. Just like Man of Steel, Epic soundtrack, epic final battle, emotional journey of Clark finding out who he really is. No forced humor (though, there wasn't really that much of it)

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The verdict is out, Zack Snyder's Justice League is considerably better than the 2017 original. Shame it took nearly four years to come up with a more coherent formula that resuscitated the DCEU. Every DCEU Movie Ranked from Worst to Best Including Shazam. From Man of Steel to Shazam, the DC Extended Universe has had its fair shares of ups and downs Yes, it's hard not to compare the DCEU with the MCU. We shouldn't pretend that, for better or worse, the MCU hasn't been more commercially and critically successful, nor should we pretend that the. Main Masterlist. P = Platonic. DR = Daughter Reader. If there's no letter, it's romance. PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of these works are either requests I've gotten that people have wanted me to write or. Avengers: Endgame is the final movie in Marvel's 'Infinity Saga,' but is it the best of the 22 movies that form the Marvel Cinematic Universe (so far)? From the first movie 'Iron Man' to the las

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The 2017 blockbuster wasn't a total flop. It earned back its budget, and it got better reviews than the more infamous DCEU installments such as BATMAN V. SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD. But, it wasn't the shot in the arm producers were hoping for, and the current direction of the DCEU remains uncertain; which brings us to JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL Man of Steel is the film that started the DCEU franchise.Released in 2013, the movie didn't really do much universe-building. There was no Nick Fury-style post-credits scene like in rival MCU's. Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe is the third live-action incarnation of the character, following incarnations portrayed by Cathy Lee Crosby and Lynda Carter. Alicia Vela-Bailey, Georgina Rawlings, Joanna Bennett, Christiaan Schodel and Caitlin Dechelle were stunt doubles for Gal Gadot The MCU, DC, and Star Wars have all tapped into the animation game, and DC has been exceptional with their movies. Over the years, people have had a number of criticisms about the DCEU, but it seems as though their animated films get a lot more love overall

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Spiderman 2, Spiderman: Far From Home, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Watchmen, X-Men 2, First Class, Days of Future Past, and Logan are all better than anything in the MCU and Joker. And I'd pick quite a few movies in the MCU over Joker as well. There's even a couple of shows I'd put above Joker. Jessica Jones season 1 and Legion, certainly PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of these works are either requests I've gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I've had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I've written and want to write something inspired by that. With Thor: Ragnarok currently ragna-rocking theaters (sorry) and Justice League approaching quickly on the 17th, the great fandom divide between DC and Marvel could be gearing up for another battle royale.. Certain fans love nothing more than fighting to the death about which shared cinematic universe is superior — the MCU, or the DCEU. These days, you can't question the validity of the.

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Batman v Superman Is Actually A Better Movie Than Civil War. You heard it here first. And for good reason. Now, I'm all for taking a close, critical look at Captain America: Civil War, an entertaining film that doesn't fully succeed at being anything extraordinary beyond what we've already seen of the MCU. It's pretty good and an easy. Even the small screen Superman is better cast than the big screen in my opinion, with Tyler Hoechlin immediately capturing the symbol of hope in his performance. Casting matters and The CW have.

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The biggest difference between the MCU and the DCEU. When discussing the MCU on Reddit, one fan brought up how well Marvel uses the talent at their disposal. They pointed out that one of the main. Yep this is it the main marvel cast has better hax's and abilities than the dceu cast plus dceu is literally same general tier as the mcu for the most part with it's cast so this is exactly it speed equalized MCU is having a field day on the dceu if not then they all simply get a bad blitzin

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MCU and DCEU are two such franchises that have indirectly been in competition with each other. Both the franchises have their own fanbases. MCU fans already consider Avengers: Endgame as the winner of all the MCU movies. But even this massive event did have its flaws. 2017's Justice League was a critical and box office disappointment. But the recent Snyder Cut has brought back the faith of. DCEU Is Better Than The MCU. 10 Simple Reasons The DCEU Is Better Than The MCU 10 Simple Reasons The DCEU Is Better Than The MCU I try to hold a fairly unbiased view of the entire comic book world. Certainly, there have been times that I have been known to . Comic Readers Unite Top 10 Reasons The DCEU Actually Doesn\\'t Have To Do Everything Like The MCU To Succee Three ways the DCEU is better than the MCU With the DCEU coming under fire everytime a new movie hits theatres it would be easy to assume that the entire franchise is utter garbage. This could not be farther from the truth and I will highlight them below and explain exactly why the DCEU only needs tweaks and not a full reboot to compete [

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We've still got a while before we can better compare the MCU and DCEU on the same ground, so keep it here at CinemaBlend for all Marvel and DC movie news. More From This Author This civil war will never end. DC vs. Marvel. Batman vs. Ironman. Superman vs. Thor. All the fans have their reasons to support their favourite franchise. Here are 5 facts proving why DC is better. Think of the MCU as a comic book company. While there are exceptions it's easier to keep up the house style of everything look sameish than be like the DCEU and have vastly different looking films. It keeps the films and characters consistent when crossovers happen After all, Captain Marvel is so much more powerful than the MCU's version of Wasp that it would be too much of a mismatch. Via reddit.com Even though the world is very unlikely to see Evangeline Lilly and Brie Larson battle it out on the big screen, that doesn't mean that we can't imagine them competing in other ways

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Warner Bros. film chairman, Toby Emmerich, says the reason why the DCEU hasn't been received well is because good movies work better. The DC Extended Universe was supposed to be the brand. Acclaimed comic book writer Mark Millar (who has written for DC and Marvel, and penned a number of comics adapted into films) offered a controversial theory to Yahoo for why one is better than the.

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So it'll be better if you buy the Whole MCU Phase1-3 collection on Amazon. It's available at an amazing price. Additionally, you will get the collector's theme cards and 8×11 movie posters of original releases in theatres along with Bonus discs. Conclusion While the MCU has had an outline and a playbook that that has been laid out and followed to a T, at times, it seems like the DCEU has been in total chaos and flying by the seat of the tights Marvel (387 percent) still edges out DC (343 percent) in terms of return on investment, per Reviews.org, while claiming eight out of the top 10 spots in the category. But DC now holds the top spot.