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Sentence Examples As well as other popular puds, they do a straightforward chocolate cake and a heaven-sent white, dark and milk chocolate cake. Thick, cloud-shaped tufts of the head are left clinging to the side of the glass, serving as a reminder that this beer is heaven-sent Heaven-sent in a sentence 1. It will be a heaven-sent opportunity to prove himself. 2 One is that it is a heaven-sent means of manipulating the economy for political purposes Use heaven-sent in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Heaven-sent in a sentence | heaven-sent example sentences. Perhaps even heaven-sent. It was a heaven-sent opportunity for scam artists 23. Parents need to know that Heaven sent, the heartwarming story of a Christmas miracle, was originally a Lifetime Channel holiday film.Taylor, a plucky little girl, arrives unannounced at the home of a married couple who are in the midst of separating (divorce papers are signed and catastrophically destroyed more than once)

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] You use heaven-sent to describe something such as an opportunity which is unexpected, but which is very welcome because it occurs at just the right time. It will be a heaven-sent opportunity to prove himself. Synonyms: fortunate, providential, welcome, blessed More Synonyms of heaven-sent providentially opportune: A heaven-sent rain revived the crops also heaven sent adjective [usu ADJ n] You use heaven-sent to describe something such as an opportunity which is unexpected, but which is very welcome because it occurs at just the right time. It will be a heaven-sent opportunity to prove himself / ˌhev. ə nˈsent / If someone or something is heaven-sent, he, she, or it arrives or happens, usually unexpectedly, at the time when most useful

Sent free of postage upon receipt of price, to any country within the Universal Postal Union. Sent onward by the coacher, Foxhall raced over the initial sack and stretched himself for second. She, hearing of this embassy Sent by the Son of Heaven, starts from her dreams Among the tapestry curtains How to use Heaven in a sentence. 5. Heaven, in many religions, the abode of God or the gods, as well as of angels, deified humans, the blessed dead, and other celestial beings. 6 Heaven-sent Sentence Examples To the middle classes of the 17th century he seemed a heaven-sent philosopher and guide, and was only less popular than Francis Quarles the poet. What would become of the confessional if penitents were allowed to act on what they fondly took to be a heaven-sent inspiration

Home Inspiration Miracles God's Grace How This Heaven-Sent Sentence Gave Her Comfort How This Heaven-Sent Sentence Gave Her Comfort She had just lost her beloved family dog and was not sure her heart would ever heal. Until she received a special messag Examples of heaven in a Sentence She prayed to God in Heaven. He hopes to go to Heaven when he dies

Godsend definition is - a desirable or needed thing or event that comes unexpectedly. How to use godsend in a sentence In sentence construction, it is used as a verb, both transitive and intransitive. However, it is an irregular verb which means that its spelling changes when it is used in sentences reflecting simple past tense (V2) or past participle (V3). The word is used in a variety of contexts Examples of Miracle in a sentence. After twenty years of infertility, the birth of the couple's first child was seen as a divine miracle. . Because he was the only person to survive the fatal car crash, Keith saw his ability to walk away as a God-given miracle. . Scientists are calling the new medication a heaven-sent miracle since. English. He also turns a heaven-sent spotlight on the stage and audience at opportune moments. www.straight.com. And their prayers were certainly answered here with a heaven-sent performance of spirit, wit and class. www.dailymail.co.uk. This is excellent encouragement for legitimate businesses but a heaven-sent stimulus to crooks from all over. A heaven-sent oracle of dreadful sound. What oracle hath been declared, my child? That, if they knew it, is an oracle for them and for all. Fast by the oracle of God. And the heart, not the lip, must their oracle be! The first oracle in Zeph. Of Enlil his oracle be proclaimed. Quel oracle funeste Fuyons! The editors cite the oracle in Herod

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  2. Abraham Lincoln was the hero of the day, as he has been of all days since, in America. The officer opened the prison door, and handed him a free pardon from Abraham Lincoln! And this merciless logician, who was heaven-sent in time of need, was Abraham Lincoln. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Abraham Lincoln | Abraham Lincoln Sentence
  3. Pronunciation of heaven-sent with 1 audio pronunciation, 3 synonyms, 14 translations and more for heaven-sent. Examples of heaven-sent in a sentence Add a sentence Cancel. Thanks for contributing. heaven-sent should be in sentence. You are not logged in.. Please Log in or Register or post as a.
  4. For example, Valhalla is just one version of heaven, hence making heaven like city or country. Buddhism has its heaven: Nirvana. Now take a look at this statement: There is no heaven or hell awaiting you when you die. In that sentence, it is being stated that no heaven or hell of any kind exist, making them both common nouns

What does Notorious mean ? Could you use Notorious in a sentence ? Notorious is used when someone is known widely and usually unfavorably. Could you use Notorious in a sentence ? A notorious man was once the fear and shame of a community. The advent of such a notorious man was a heaven-sent boon to the newspapers Enthusiasm is a heaven-sent steeplechaser, and takes a flying leap of the ordinary barriers; it is more intrusive than chivalry, and has a passion to communicate its ardour Fluky definition is - happening by or depending on chance. How to use fluky in a sentence 52. Propitious (12 Occurrences) Luke 18:13 And the tax-gatherer, having stood afar off, would not even the eyes lift up to the heaven, but was smiting on his breast, saying, God be Propitious to me -- the sinner! (YLT) Numbers 30:5 And if her father hath disallowed her in the day of his hearing, none of her vows and her bonds which she hath bound on her soul is established, and Jehovah i Learn how and when to use a hyphen (-) with useful punctuation rules and example sentences. The hyphen is the shortest of the three horizontal marks that may be used in the middle of a sentence. It is shorter than an en dash (-) or an em dash (—)

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  1. How This Heaven-Sent Sentence Gave Her Comfort. Gus had to cut out the words and arrange them into a sentence, then glue them into place. Only one correct sentence was possible. I stared at the words Gus had carefully strung together: We love our big black dog. Did you enjoy this story
  2. See how to use heaven in a sentence. Lot of example sentences with the word heaven
  3. d. Grace is real. Shift in consciousness. I retrieved my cell phone from the kitchen to snap a picture of the sentence. The text message screen was up and words had been mysteriously typed in the box, Kiss Kiss
  4. In Doctor Who episode Heaven Sent, we see a creature known only as The Veil. chasing the Doctor, and the Doctor knows that when it catches up with him, it will kill him. And indeed, that's what it does. In the end, it manages to corner the Doctor, who has run out of confessions (but one), and it strikes him down, and then it thinks it's done
  5. You can have it all. YOU are the only one preventing yourself from having it all. This energy is also about true love. Be sincere about how you feel in this relationship. If you're having any doubts or your questioning yourself, or the other person is unsure, this #116 is a sign that it's a yes, Yes, YES

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  1. Send, send1 / send/ • v. (past sent / sent/ ) 1. [tr.] cause to go or be taken to a particular destination; arrange for the delivery of, esp. by mail: we s Sentence, SENTENCE The largest structural unit normally treated in GRAMMAR. The sentence is notoriously difficult to define; numerous definitions have been of
  2. Sentence examples for sent to someone from inspiring English sources. RELATED ( 16 ) sent to anybody. sent to you. mail to someone. mailed to someone. send to someone. sent to dad. sent to heaven. sent to anyone. sent to hello. email to someone. adviser to someone. sent to death. sent to bbc. sent to bed
  3. They clarify the relationship between sentences (e.g., whether a sentence elaborates on or gives an example of an idea discussed in the previous sentence, whether a sentence is starting a new idea). They help sentences in a paper flow more smoothly so the text does not sound abrupt or choppy
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  5. Mathematical sentences and expressions are commonly used in Algebra. In fact, these concepts are taught already during your 7 th grade. Let's take a look back on the Language of Algebra where symbols, expressions, and mathematical sentences are first introduced. Common Words in Algebra . Variable. It is a symbol which represents a value or a.
  6. In terms of romance #103 is a sign that you're out of sync in your relationship, you're out of sync with yourself and it's attracting relationships that are a little bit off and not in alignment with your own truth. Take a deep breath. Slow down. Take one day at a time. You don't need to get it all done right now

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They vacillate between nightmares about jumping ship and daydreams about work that's heaven sent. Source null; King did not vacillate on his call for civil rights laws, voting rights laws or fair housing laws. Source null; Those students who have put off taking it until their senior year vacillate between resentment and fear. Source nul Give me home immediately! Lin Hancheng's last sentence was so loud that Yuan Haoyang could also hear it. She put the phone on the phone and said, My dad has seen the news tonight. I haven't told him about our affairs. Then I will personally make amends with him tomorrow. Yuan Haoyang said sincerely. He just said, let you go to my house. And when they do so, songs on this subject are often made more effective when they are powered by a desire to work out where this confusion or delusion comes from, or in the joyous moment when the songwriter or performer suddenly sees it all from a new perspective - and a rush of relief comes through the words and music

adjective luckier, luckiest. Having, bringing, or resulting from good luck. 'you had a very lucky escape'. More example sentences. 'three's my lucky number'. 'She felt so lucky to be the one able to have this son.'. 'I don't know how I got so lucky to get a girlfriend like you.'. 'But a lot of people here, you know, they feel. heaven {noun} Maitreya then took him to a certain heaven, which is the typical way a Buddhist myth unfolds. Maitreya tog honom till en speciell himmel, vägen som den Buddhistiska myten vecklas ut på ett typiskt sätt My dad, Frank Wiatrek, had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease around 10 years ago. He was the most wonderful and loving dad a girl could have. His lovin First Kill (Heaven Sent Book 1) By: Mary Abshire 5 out of 5 stars The story First Kill (Heaven Sent Book 1) by Mary Abshire is a suspenseful book with both demons and angels. Andrew has been sentenced to return to Earth to destroy demons because of his sexual promiscuity Heaven Sent. Please remember that future spoilers must be tagged. This includes the next time trailer! The episode is now over in the UK. Now that I'm rewatching the episode I realize the irony in that sentence. The first time he did it, yes, the Veil probably didn't see it coming, but after the first 50 times that the Doctor jumps out of.

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  1. We might have gathered one of those things without anacoluthon, but the use of this rhetorical device shows us both very efficiently. Anadiplosis. Anadiplosis refers to purposeful repetition at the end of one sentence or clause and at the beginning of the next sentence or clause. In practice, that looks something like a familiar phrase from Yoda
  2. [uncountable] (used without the) (in some religions) the place believed to be the home of God where good people go when they die, sometimes imagined to be in the sky the kingdom of heaven; I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. in heaven I told her Daddy was in heaven with God.; Our child seemed a gift from heaven. Topics Religion and festivals b
  3. What does heavens mean? An expression of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, or frustration. (interjection
  4. imum balance. saving account example sentences 4) Also got $150 offer for opening new saving account. 5) The bank will also provide 150 free savings accounts
  5. send 1. (sɛnd) v. sent, send•ing. v.t. 1. to cause or enable to go: to send a messenger. 2. to cause to be conveyed to a destination: to send a letter. 3. to order or request to go: sending troops to battle. 4. to propel or drive: to send a punch to the jaw. 5. to emit or utter: The lion sent a roar through the jungle
  6. Definition of Heaven's in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of Heaven's. What does Heaven's mean? Information and translations of Heaven's in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web
  7. The phone number he called out is in a private house in the suburb of Haicheng, where Auntie Lin is. Xia Xi Coil looked at the address sent by Ye Ling, in fact, she has a plan to go to room 8206 for the appointment, which is to use herself as the bait to get Su Xi to make the call, and then Ye Ling will track the location of Auntie Lin

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How do you decide to use who or whom? The two—as you'll recall from English class—are related and may seem interchangeable. But are they really Always focus on the learning on sentences with personal account We believe you will easily learn to write and use the word personal account in a sentence. You can practice spelling and usage of the word by getting 10 examples of sentences with personal account. 20 examples of simple sentences of personal account Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband. Chapter 37 - A subtle look. Subei would not have thought that if he temporarily arrested a driver to get married, it turned out to be Lu Heting, the head of the dignified Lu Group. Afte In Heaven Sent, we follow Ash, the lead guitarist for Oblivion. His character actually surprised me because I was expecting him to be similar to Cody, the drummer from the third book. When it would have been OK to have a short sentence to say they were going out the door the author had to describe everything around them before overly. Cognitive Psychology Final Exam Study Guide. Cognitive psychology is a sub-discipline of psychology exploring internal mental processes. It is the study of how people perceive, remember, think, speak, and solve problems. Maintenance vs. elaborative rehearsal is primarily associated with __________

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Use a hyphen in a sentence to connect two words that function together as a modifier, if there are a series of modifiers, and with numbers and fractions. For example:Don't hyphenate two-word descriptions if the first word ends in -ly: He is an expert in eighteenth-century literature. 3 Drawing, Exhibiting, or Unlawful Use of a Firearm (Penal Code 417). Penalties and Punishment. If convicted of being in possession of a firearm under Penal Code section 29800 you are looking at a sentence of 16 months to three (3) years in county jail 44. Fallacy of Amphiboly- The structure of the sentence, (if it's being heard or listened to), could sound like Heaven sent as opposed to Heaven scent making it a play on words and up for interpretation How do you use extinguishing in a sentence? The fireman was exhausted after extinguishing the fire. or By the time the firemen reached the burning building, the heaven sent rain was already in the. epithet, extranet, heaven sent, president, retrospect, self-addressed, self-confessed, self addressed, self confessed, self possessed, tete a tete 4 syllables: vice president More ideas: — Try the advanced search interface for more ideas. — Search for words ending with sed — Use self-possessed in a sentence

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A mourning couple takes a measure of comfort in what they believe are heaven-sent words. They are a comfort, still, 20 years after TWA Flight 800 crashed, claiming the lives of 16 teens and five. (Author's Note: I stole the opening sentence from Stephen King (The Mist), who in turn had stolen it from Douglas Fairbairn (Shoot). King calls this line the essence of all story, and I've always wanted to use it as a starting point. Here is the result.)-----Heaven Sent. This is what happened

Heaven Sent is a RT Reviewer's Choice Award, First Historical Romance Winner from a USA Today Bestselling Author. Hannah Bunch, the preacher's spinster daughter, wants to help heaven along by hatching a plan to bring a shy suitor up to the point of a proposal. The Bible had Ruth meeting Boaz on the threshing field Heaven-Sent Gold South Africa's ultimate controlling shareholder is the Chinese private equity company Heaven-Sent Capital Management Group. Up to 7,000 jobs were at risk earlier this year but the company said this week that it had recalled employees at Kopanang whilst the recall of employees to Tau Lekoa was in progress The produced Lorem Ipsum is hence in every case liberated from reiteration, infused humor, or non-trademark words and so forth. Chapter 2211 Extraordinary Twins. Looking at his current situation, he obviously avoided it deliberately. His agent winked over there so that the eyelids were about to fly out

The impression Qiao Jierou has left with him over the years is so good that he can't use such thoughts to guess Qiao Jierou's selfishness. Seeing him moved, Qiao Jierou said instead: I'll go and call Roman over, let's speak clearly in person When there is a modal verb in a sentence, it is the conjugated verb (e.g. kann or möchte), and the other verb is the infinitive (with the -en ending) form, which goes at the very end of the sentence: Ich kann gut reiten. Ich möchte morgen mit meinen Freunden ins Restaurant gehen

The gift was heaven-sent. It was a heaven-sent gift. If you're using it as a verb, no hyphen. (I know you knew that. I mention it only because there are other readers out there who probably could use a reminder — like Yahoo! staffers.) Heaven sent me a gift Washington makes supplications, or _____, for providential or heaven-sent assistance. prayers. L2 - 8 Washington believes the United States has had divine assistance because of the _____ of its formation. success. L2 - 9 In sentence 2, when Washington refers to that constitutional charter under which you are assembled and that defines. The main reason it's called Heaven Sent is to provide a contrast with the finale's title, in which the Doctor is hell bent on saving Clara. The pattern in Series 9 was to come up with titles that echoed one another, e.g., The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived, The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion, etc Manifest destiny was a widely held cultural belief in the 19th-century United States that American settlers were destined to expand across North America.There are three basic themes to manifest destiny: The special virtues of the American people and their institutions; The mission of the United States to redeem and remake the west in the image of the agrarian Eas

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Half Naked & Heaven-Sent. EXCLUSIVE. 4/9/2018 10:30 AM PT. Play video content. Usain Bolt 's smokin' hot GF has broken out a Victoria's Secret-esque wardrobe for Carnival in Jamaica, begging a. Definition of sent in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more Sucker Love Is Heaven Sent. After I had gotten back I could immediately sense tension. Something was wrong. I start looking for Harley but I cannot find her. I'm cautiously walking down the hallway to my room when I hear a floorboard behind me creak. I abruptly turn around and I'm face to face with Ivy. Her face is full of anger Doctor Who 9x11: Heaven Sent Post-Episode Discussion Thread. Please remember that future spoilers must be tagged. This includes the next time trailer! The episode is now over in the UK. 1/3: Episode Speculation & Reactions at 7.45pm. 2/3: Post-Episode Discussion at 9.30pm. 3/3: Episode Analysis on Wednesday Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile devic

a person entitled by law to inherit the estate of another. To him an heir was afterward born, a son in his halls, whom heaven sent. to favor the folk, feeling their woe. that erst they had lacked an earl for leader. so long a while; the Lord endowed him, the Wielder of Wonder, with world's renown. favor This is a slightly weird situation where the general amount of time is important to the plot Heaven Sent (but not given specifically), and unimportant to Hell Bent (but stated almost exactly), so the former makes it into the short sum but the latter doesn't. Perhaps it might be easier to redo that sentence in both the article Plot Summary. How to use exact in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi. by BuildMyVocab. Example sentences for exact in popular movie and book plots. Unbeknownst to him, this is Iko, Heaven Sent (Doctor Who) He takes her to the bungalow and to the exact spot where he had seen her dead The Compound-Complex Sentence The compound-complex sentence combines elements of compound and complex sentences. It is the most sophisticated type of sentence you can use. Understanding how to construct the compound-complex sentence will help you take your writing to a new level of complexity Prince Philip was a 'heaven-sent consort' for The Queen as he 'boosted her ego' Lady Prudence Penn, 95, a former Lady-in-Waiting told Tatler's July issue. Lady Penn is a long-term friend of The.

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Chapter 7 - Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband (by Bing Gong Zhu, 冰公主) - Support reading on Mobile, Table, PC. The last sentence is even more eye-catching: Even if Mr. Ou is married, the woman surnamed Xia still seems unlikely to give up. She still works in the TV station of TIME ERA, waiting for the opportunity Find 30 ways to say SPINELESS, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

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Use sentence case for the following: titles of articles, books, reports, webpages, and other works in reference list entries, even if title case was used in the original work; Knapp, S. J. (2019). Suicide prevention: An ethically and scientifically informed approach. American Psychological Association In Robot of Sherwood, at the end of the episode Robin Hood said to Clara that He's (the Doctor) a very lucky man. I'm not a native English speaker but I'm pretty sure people use this sentence for couples as a compliment for one of them (like how Clara later said that Marian's a ver lucky woman) Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 210 - Harsh Words Chapter 210: Chapter210 Harsh Words. The more Lu Weijian said, the more depressed Lu Heting looked. When he finished his last sentence, a layer of darkness covered Lu Heting's body, making him as horrible as the Satan in the darkness! What did you say?.

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However, she didn't want to waste her precious time. She needed to find support for Da Bao. What was more, she also didn't want to lose her pretty chestnut curly hair. She hated to endure her ugly appearance before she left the world. Home. Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband. Chapter 33 As a graduate of Notre Dame University and the Georgetown Law School, Mandie Landry might seem heaven-sent to represent the district that includes the Catholic seminary and the archdiocesan. Learner's definition of HEAVEN. 1. [singular] or Heaven : the place where God lives and where good people go after they die according to some religions. She prayed to God in Heaven. He hopes to go to Heaven when he dies. Our baby is a gift from heaven

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Chapter 2 - Let's Get Married! - Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband (by Bing Gong Zhu, 冰公主) - Support reading on Mobile, Table, PC Chapter 102. Su Huixian's words sounded like Su Bei couldn't possibly become a member of the Su family again without her, let alone be loved by Su Xingfu. It was as if even if Su Bei returned to the Su family in the future and received Su Xingfu's favor, the credits were all entirely hers. Su Bei didn't respond to Su Huixian using. e.g. heaven-sent, salt-scented, an unslept-in bed 2-4 Sentence adverbs As was mentioned in 1 , the sentence adverb is a concise and eff ective way of expression. Unfortunately, though, dictionaries tend not to take this indepen-dently of its adjective form. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (4th edition) does not refer t Heaven sent you to me. jenifergoines: looks like a girl but she's a flame so bright she can burn your eyes better look the other way Jo sold her soul to bring back her dead father and a year later when her sentence came due she paid with her life. The last thing she expected was to be raised from the dead, by an angel of the lord no less..

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings. One day, while killing crabs during a rainstorm that has lasted for several days, Pelayo discovers a homeless, disoriented old man in his courtyard who happens to have very large wings. The old man is filthy and apparently senile, and speaks an unintelligible language. After consulting a neighbor woman. [Verse] Bendin' corners, burnin' bridges, breakin' bitches All while tryna duck a sentence too Young and troubled, I'm sure I ain't Heaven sent But then again,. Part 5: Heaven Sent by Eddie Grayson, Zootopia Herald. ooooo If you see someone in trouble, you find a way to help. If you can't find a way to help, you're probably not looking hard enough. Mikaere Ngata - Mongoose Demolitions Technician (Blast-Rabbit) ooooo. Despite his gruff appearance, Mikaere Ngata is surprisingly affable

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