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E Stamp UP. This article explains the online procedure to apply for the Rs. 10, 50,100, and 500 Stamp Paper and Online Registration Form. E Stamp UP New User Registration Online @ schilestamp.com. Let us see the step-by-step guide to create a new user registration on the E Stamp UP Portal. It is a mandatory process to apply for the E Stamp UP e-Stamp Paper is a computer based system to pay the Stamp Duty securely to the Government. The prevailing system of Non Judicial Stamp paper has been replaced by e-Stamp Paper by Central Government which is far more reliable and secured.By replacing the system from Stamp paper to e-Stamp Paper now there is no chance of fake/fraud left, now applicant can purchase e-stamp paper securely Scan Copy Service - Rs. 20. *Service Charges Rs. 100/- (for value 10-100) and Rs. 300/- (for vale 500) Note: Customer can purchase only 2 stamp papers and 1 stamp paper for 500 denomination in total from portal. For more requirement, Kindly place a request at right topmost option of Bulk Order Request. Price

Tag: 10 rs stamp paper online. Posted in Govt. Dept. & Schemes Haryana State Govt. schemes. Create Haryana stamp papers online through e-stamping. richa April 23, 2018. Haryana introduces e-stamping for the creation of stamp papers online The Government of Haryana has introduced the system of e-stamping, the execution of which offers NEFT/RTGS facility has been enabled in e-GRAS. Please note that consequent to SBOP merger with SBI, all SBOP branches will work as branches of SBI W.E.F. 21.05.2017 for the purpose of e-GRAS payments. Urgent: Govt. Instructions to stop issuance of stamp paper upto Rs. 100. Now you can generate GRN and Stamp paper in one go Many types of documents are only valid if printed on a specific value stamp paper like Rs. 10, Rs. 100, and Rs. 500 and so on. The sale of these non judicial papers in Hyderabad generates revenue for the government of Telangana and acts as a kind of transaction tax for the State Government A.Difference between 10, 20, and 50 Rupees Non-Judicial Stamp Paper. The Government collects the revenue through the sale of Non-judicial stamp paper. For each Article there is a Separate stamp duty like: Stamp Paper of Rs. 10 used for Affidavit, Declaration, Undertaking etc On clearing those difficulties faced by the many peoples in the city of Delhi, the state government of Delhi introduces the e-stamping system on 2008, with the launch of Delhi e-stamp paper, the needed people can able to avail the stamp papers by booking online and even they are allowed to pay their stamp duty in online itself

The first step is to acquire non judicial e-Stamp Paper online. The applicant must go on to a website that facilitates e-Stamp Paper and click on the link for Non-Judicial e-Stamp Paper. He or she will then be directed to the e-Stamp Paper, where the applicant has the option to save or download the document Trade Instruction Processing - SEBI vide Circular No. CIR/MIRSD/01/2014 dated January 7, 2014, has laid down various procedures regarding standardization, monitoring and scanning of Delivery Instruction Slips. Clients are requested to note that w.e.f. from January 7, 2016, Beneficiary Trade Instructions will be processed only on submission of. e-Stamp paper can be bought for Rs 101 onwards. However, for certain cases the e-stamp paper duty is specified by the government and same must be made in order for the e-stamp paper to be called valid for that particular agreement. In case, you do not know the specific e-stamp duty for a particular document, please contact us The Stamp papers of lower denomination of Rs.10/- Rs.20/- are procured from Security Printing Press, Hyderabad and the Higher denomination of Rs.50/- to Rs.25,000/- are procured from India Security Press, Nashik, Maharashtra State. They are distributed to the 6 nodal districts and from there to Sub Treasuries and from Sub Treasuries to the.

Many types of documents are only valid if printed on a specific value stamp paper like Rs. 10, Rs. 100, and Rs. 500 and so on. The sale of these non-judicial papers in Delhi/NCR generates revenue for the government of Delhi/NCR and acts as a kind of transaction tax for the State Government thereby preventing any illegal activity by making the. NON JUDICIAL STAMP PAPER Rs. 10 Rs. 10 1. I, Name _____ Son of _____ while applying for enrolment in Arm About Us. Mishra E Stamp Paper - Wholesaler of stamp paper of 10 rs, stamp paper of 50 rs & stamp paper of 100 rs in New Delhi, Delhi. Nature of Business. Wholesaler

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The stamp paper is a foolscape size paper having printed revenue stamp of specific value such as Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs. 50, Rs.100, Rs.500 etc. by Govt. across the world See More Civil Lawyers. 199 votes. First of all any agreement is valid on stamp paper of rupees fifty . Agreement on rupees ten is not valid. Rupees ten stamp paper is for affidavits and declarations only. However validity of the agreement does not depend upon stamp paper , it totally depends upon the tenure mentioned in the agreement Rs. 10/ - Stamp Duty for Affidavit, Undertaking, Declaration, Copy of Partnership Deed. Rs. 200/ - Stamp Duty for Partnership Deed. In Delhi, The Stamp Vendors are approved to give Stamp Paper for Partnership Deed from Rs. 5/ - to Rs. 500/ - and Stamp Paper of above Rs. 501/ - is accessible in approved Banks with the end goal of buys It is required to prove payment of due stamp duty to the state, as per statutory norms. To accomplish this task proceed as follows: Google the words e-stamp, and then click on www.shcilestamp.com. Login with your registered User ID and Password. Choose the state/union territory for which the stamp paper is required

E-Stamp Paper online | E-Stamp कैसे निकालते है Step By Step, E STAMP PAPER HARYANA,IF YOU NEED STAMP PAPER FOR AFFIDAVIT, SALE, PURCHASE, RENTING, LEASE, AG.. (Please Type on 10 Rs. Non- JUDICIAL STAMP PAPER) The Government have agreed to bear the stamp duty, if any chageable on these presents. In witness here of those present have been executed on behalf of the obligers pursuant to the Resolution No. Dated passed by the Board of Management of the professional body. Now create your affidavit online within minutes using our pre-drafted, ready to use affidavit templates availabe on this portal! You can downlad the soft copy and print it on Stamp papers. Or just fill in your details in the form and opt for delivery service in which we will print your affidavit on Stamp Paper of requisite value and deliver the.

Validity of an agreement is determined by the Indian contract act. If two persons capable of contracting enter into an agreement for a lawful purpose and if there is a consideration ( both the parties get something and loose something) - agreement.. The stamp paper is also used for giving power of attorney or doing any type of agreements containing financial deals, contracts, affidavits, declaration. The stamp paper is a foolscap size paper having printed revenue stamp of specific value such as Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500 etc. by Govt The different Denomination of Non Judicial stamps Stamp papers are from Rs.10, 20, 50,100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 15000, 20,000, 25,000. 7. What are the various categories of Stamp Papers available in this State? They are 12 Categories of Stamps papers which are as follows: 1. Non-Judicial Stamp Papers. 2. Court Fee Papers 3. Court Copy Papers. 4 • The e-Stamp Certificate shall be issued for the amount of Rs. 1000/- and above. • On clicking the Verify e-Stamp Certificate in the website of the CRA (https://www.shcilestamp.com ) and on entering the requisite information, the genuineness of the e-Stamp Certificate can be ascertained

E-Stamp Paper ( Rs. 5 To 500 Only) ₹ 500 Get Latest Price . E-STAMP PAPER Rs. 5/- To Rs. 500/- Onliy. N Smart Shop. We are market leaders in manufacturing and supplying Gummed Stamp Papers that are highly used in various industries for sealing and packing cartons and paper bags. These papers are extensively used for pasting and are highly. Page Setup for Stamp Paper in MS Word #estamppagesetup #msword #bondpapersetting Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/MeMJTubeFollow on twitter: https:/.. Validity and expiry of old stamp paper: As per Section 54 of the Indian Stamp Act, if you do not have any immediate use of a stamp paper, then you can deposit it back to the collector within six months from the date of purchase and take back your money as a refund after deduction of 10 paise per rupee. In Thiruvengada Pillai Vs Lowest Prices on All Self/Pre-Inked Rubber or Custom Stamps. Shop Toda

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  1. Get the free affidavit on 10 rs stamp paper form. AFFIDAVIT (On Stamp Paper of Rs.10/ with notarized Stamp of Rs. 5/)I/We.,S/o,R/o .doherebysolemnly affirm on oath and state as follows: That I / we was allotted a Unit No. . In
  2. NON JUDICIAL STAMP PAPER OF RS. 10/-AFFIDAVIT I, _____ R/o _____ _____. do hereby solemnly affirm and declare under oath as under:
  3. (On Rs. 10/- stamp paper with Notary Stamp) I _____S/o, D/o, w/o _____R/O_____ do hereby solemnly affirm & declare as under:- 1. That I am the owner/Co-owner of the property no. _____. 2. That I have No objection if the New Electricity connection is issued in the name of Mr. /Ms
  4. Stamp Duty Amount(Rs.) This Non-Judicial Stamp paper forms an integral part of the Avenues India Pvt Ltd. Internet Gateway Merchant Legal Agreement Executed by on 01.01.2015 . a Rq0000600J-pesao sub a OTHER REAS Sob NOW AGREE AS this Sub at Sub by at Sign and S tamp . Author
  5. Procedure for Self Printing of Online e-Stamp Certificate for Jharkhand Download deed through DigiLocker. Screen Reader. Submit Grievance Track Grievance View Appointment View Dashboard. Citizen. Login Register. Organization. Login
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ii) I have gone through the contents of the Information- Online Application Form of the University of Jammu and the Statutes/ Eligibility criterion thoroughly. I shall abide by the instructions mentioned therein. iii) I have personally filled in the Online Admission Form All data associated with the stamps is saved by SHCIL. But the greatest advantage of using e-stamps is that its authenticity can be verified online. Each e-stamp paper comes with a unique identification number (UIN) which can be used to verify its authenticity on the e-stamping website www.shcilestamp.com

DULY SIGNED CODE OF CONDUCT ON MINIMUM RS.10/.-STAMP PAPER SHOULD BE ATTESTED BY THE SIGNATORY.-. Download File. BANK DETAILS FOR PAYMENT MADE BY RTGS/NEFT. Name of the Beneficiary. Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts. Beneficiary Address. EPCH HOUSE Pocket 6 & 7, Sector-C, L.S.C. Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070 The District Administration in Delhi is the de-facto enforcement department for all kinds of Government Policies and exercises supervisory powers over numerous other functionaries of the Government. At the apex of revenue hierarchy is the Divisional Commissioner who is also the District Magistrate of Delhi and Inspector General of Registration


(Rs.10/- Stamp Paper Language) Attested by Notary Public 10. I will abide by all the clauses of Electricity Act and DERC supply code and Regulations as applicable for this connection from time to time. All paper should be self attached. 7. Request letter AEE(Meter) Author Stamp Paper of Rs. 10 used for Affidavit, Declaration, Undertaking etc. Stamp Paper of Rs. 20 for Special Power of Attorney. Stamp Paper of Rs. 50 for General Power of Attorney/Agreement. Stamp Paper of Rs. 100 for Indemnity Bond, Guarantee Bond. So as per the above you'll have to pay Rs.50 Non Judicial stamp paper on Loan agreement In India if you have fixed deposits made, banks usually ask to attach revenue stamp and sign it when you go to redeem it. In view of the amendment of Schedule I, to the Indian Stamp Act 1899, the one-rupee stamp is required to be affixed on any receipt, the amount or value of which exceeds Rs 5,000. This amendment has come w.e.f. 10.09.04

P V Reddy. 1. It appears the same is a promissory note and it is valid even if it is on Rs.100 stamp paper as promissory note does not require registration nor notarisation. 2.Yes after 3 months if the seller does not repay you can file a suit for recovery of money. 3.Do not give him anything At Stamp Paper (Rs-10) Attested by Notary Public A F F I D A V I T I, S/O_____ NIC No. _____ Resident of_____ do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:-1. That the deponent is fully conversant with the contents of this affidavit. 2 amity university uttar pradesh affidavit by the student (on rs.10/- stamp paper) i, _____ s/o / d/o of mr / mrs____

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25 May 2010 sir, i have made an agreement with my debtor on Rs 10 stamp paper.date of purchase of stamp paper is 20th january 2008 and the agreement was executed on 5th may 2009. Now the validity of my agreement is being questioned as it is being said that the validity of stamp paper is only six months in west bengal.kindly advice that is the validity of stamp paper in west bengal Guidelines for generation of e-Stamp. FAQ's. NEFT/RTGS user guide. Help Desk. Contact Us. Useful Links. Chief Secretariat Haryana. Finance Department Haryana. Treasury Department Haryana ( On Rs. 10/= Non - Judicial Stamp Paper) I/We _____ S/o _____ residents of _____ hereby undertake: 1. That I am having a Electric Connection in the name of _____ bearing CRN/K.NO. _____ installed at _____. 2. That I have applied under Amnesty Scheme launched by BSES Rajdhani Power Limited for Voluntary Declaration of Connected Load and. Buy Stamps . . To cater seamlessly to philatelist across the globe, Department of Posts has launched its own e-commerce portal called the ePostOffice. Anyone can visit the portal and browse through a gamut of philately products listed on the portal such as CPS, FDI, Brochure, Ancillary and gift items etc

1) Income Affidavit on Rs. 10 (or more value) stamp paper by candidate and parent-original 2) Income certificate (in English/Hindi) from Government authority equivalent to deputy collector. 3) Filled Schedule (2 pages)-origina Copy of Power of Attorney. Application for mutation with Rs.3/- Court fee stamp affixed on it. Indemnity Bond on Rs.100/- Stamp Paper. Affidavit on Rs.10/- Stamp Paper. Clearance of up-to-date Property Tax. The above procedure and rules and regulations are governed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi under the respective Act and rules, which. Why Non Judicial Stamp Paper is required and What is the differences between 10 Rs, 20 Rs, and 50 Rs non-judicial stamp paper ? The Government collects the revenue through the sale of Non-judicial stamp paper. For each Article there is a Separate stamp duty like - Stamp Paper of Rs. 10 used for Affidavit, Declaration, Undertaking etc Image Source: egrashry.nic.in. The current stamp paper sellers whether its treasury offices or State Bank of India branches had stopped selling the stamp papers since 1st March. They can create stamp papers of up to Rs. 10,000 per person at the time of the e-stamping module


Now, in Telangana the Non-Judicial Stamp papers of Rs.10/-, Rs.20/-, Rs.50/-, Rs.100/- - only are available. So, the people who require to get their document registered, may use these lower denomination NJ Stamp papers, which can be obtained, from Sub Register offices, from Licensed stamp vendors or post-offices With the motive to increase the revenue, earlier the Congress government had also increased the charges of stamped paper from Rs 10 to Rs 100, and now the present govt has increased these charges. 786 - 420 SUPER FANCY NUMBER - URJIT PATEL 10/- RUPEES NOTE UNC. Rs 99.00. Add to cart. Go to cart. ADD TO WISHLIST. GO TO WISHLIST. FANCY NUMBER - SET OF TWO NOTES - LOW SERIAL NUMBER - URJIT PATEL UNC 000028. Rs 149.00. Add to cart To Be Executed On A Non Judicial Stamp Paper Of Rs. 50/- Before A Notary Public/Magistrate. AFFIDAVIT OF RENOUNCIATION / NO OBJECTION LETTER I_____son/daughter of _____aged about _____years, residing at _____do hereby solemnly affirm and state as follows.. View Mobile Number. Call +91-8068442288 Dial Ext 793 when connected. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Paper (Revenue Stamps) Red 100 Paisa / 100 P / 1 Rupee Revenue Stamps, For Commerical, Grade Standard: Technical Grade. ₹ 499 Get Latest Price. Usage/Application: Commerical. Material: Paper (Revenue Stamps

There is an major announcement from Haryana Government regarding Stamp papers, that says to stop issuance of stamp paper upto Rs. 100. And for the stamp papers more then Rs.100 now you can generate e-stamp immediately after successful payment onli.. Get the best deals on Indian Paper Money when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items 1925 British India Paper Money 10 Rupee & 3 Annas Copy-Stamp King George V x 2. $187.24. 0 bids. $22.47 shipping. RARE RS 100/- INDIAN CURRENCY NOTE, SERIAL ENDING 786 (ISLAMIC HOLY NO.) 2015 Customarily, a stamp paper of Rs 20 - Rs 100 can be utilized for a rent agreement of an 11-month duration. Facebook Twitter Linkedin EMail. Start a Conversation. end of article

Old Rs 1, Rs 5 Coins and Rs 10 Notes can Fetch You up to Rs 1 Lakh Online. Know How. The 1994-made coin has Indian flag on one side, and its value on the Quikr website is estimated to be of Rs 5 lakh. Currently, 10 pieces of ONGC commemorative Rs 5 coins are selling for Rs 200 on the website. Know more details Stamp duty calculators can be used to find the stamp duty applicable on a given property in any state across the country by entering various details such as property value and the name of a state. For instance: If property of Rs.10 lakh is located in BBMP/corporation area, the stamp duty value will be Rs. 56,000 Non Judicial Stamp Paper and Court Fee Stamp are not the proper forms of submitting the application fee. The fee for seeking/obtaining information for 2015-16 is Rs. 17,294/-. 2. If the applicant belongs to below poverty line (BPL) category, he is not required to pay any fee. However, he should submit a proof in support of his claim for. The Indian Stamp Act defines stamp as ―stamp means any mark, seal or endorsement by any agency or person duly authorized by the State Government, and includes an adhesive, which serves the purposes of duty that is chargeable under this Act.14 different varieties of stamp papers are available in 10 denominations

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  3. Service Overprinted with T 05. by Pakistan Security Printing Corporation. Service Overprinted in Red colour on all values of 2P to 75 P and Rs. 3 and in Black colour on all remaining Values. S107 . 2 P Opt on No. 465 5.00 5.00. a. PVA Gum 5.00 5.00. S108 . 3 P Opt on No. 466 5.00 5.00
  4. read >. The Punjab Board of Revenue has decided to introduce e-stamp paper in Pakistan to.
  5. Many types of documents are only valid if printed on a specific value stamp paper (Rs. 10, Rs. 100, Rs. 500 and so on). The sale of these papers generates revenue for the government and acts as a kind of transaction tax. Paying stamp duty is an essential part of almost any transaction you do in India, from buying or selling a house to setting.

Find all your stamps here. Buy Stamps. Buy stamps online. Stamp @ Home. Your stamps at your doorstep. My Stamp. Personalise your stamp. . Mew Paper Arts; Tamara Hess; Susan Blanchard; Lyzz Viviano; Videos. Technique How-Tos; Product Tutorials; Free. Freebies; Free Items; About. The Cat Pack. Nancy Thomas—Leader of the Pack; Christine Okken; Brenda Nakandakari; Kerry Urbatch; Digital Stamps Cutables Stencilz Dies MAKE IT. 10. Letter of Authority Granting permission to commence construction work/Completion Certificate (if applicable). 11. Affidavit on Rs. 100/- Stamp Paper from at least 10 promoter members to the effect that they are residing in the area of operation of the Society (Proposed), made before a Competent Authority. 12

Challan for Rs.80/-(Rupees Eighty only) will be paid. Xerox copy of Hall Ticket (if available) Mark list copy (a printout of AP 10th result Copy) Self Addressed envelop along with Rs.5/- postal stamp. After successfully completed above process send to the following address by Speed Post 10- That the value of the suit for the purposes of court fees and jurisdiction is assessed at _____ /- upon which a fixed court fees has been paid on the plaint. PRAYER: It is, therefore, prayed that a decree for declaration to the effect that the plaintiff is owner in possession of the suit property which are fully detailed and described in.

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I want to give loan of RS 4,00,000/- I am willing to take a writing on stamp paper of Rs 100/- who has to pay the stamp duty lender or borower. Reply. Sreekanth Reddy says: January 13, 2016 at 12:19 pm. Dear VINAY..Suggest you to avoid giving a loan and instead invest in other options. Generally, the borrower pays it The Stamp Duty of each Article is Varies from State to State, there is a fixed denomination for the Articles. For example in Delhi the use of two asked Stamp paper is for:Stamp Paper of Rs. 100.

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The actual size of a Rs 100 stamp paper I bought today (2015-08-17) is 215 mm x 297 mm. This is 5 mm wider than A4 paper (210 x 297 mm). The 'useable' portion is bottom 100 mm. About 150 ¬ 160 mm. Stamp duty and registration charge calculation example. Suppose Ram Kumar buys a property in Delhi for Rs 50 lakhs. Since the applicable stamp duty is 6% in the city, Kumar will have to pay 6% of the Rs 50 lakhs as stamp duty, amounting to Rs 3 lakhs. An additional Rs 50,000 has to be paid towards registration charges of this property in Delhi The Directorate has issued notification for the use of Serialized Authenticated Bank Receipts introducing another mode of payment of stamp duty with the help of SABR in lieu of non-judicial stamp paper valued above Rs.5000/-. The SABR will be supplied by the State Bank of India 's different branches to the registrant public. For more details.

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  1. 1. An affidavit from each partner on a stamp paper of Rs. 10 each stating their consent and willingness to enter into this agreement. 2. Court Fees Stamp of Rs. 3 for application form 3. Registration and documentation charges need to be paid to get the document registered with sub-registrar (about Rs. 1100)
  2. Stamp Duty and Registration Fee Detail . Common Fee for all the Documents . Surcharge on Stamp Duty: 10+20 = 30%. CSI Charges (If property Value is not exceed Rs. 50,000) : Rs. 200* CSI Charges (Where it exceed 50,000) : Rs. 300* CSI Charges (In any other case ) : Rs. 20
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  1. Stamp duty on Affidavit: Rs. 10 (Rupees Ten). Source: registration uk gov in. Refer: Article 4 of Schedule-I of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 (as applicable in Uttarakhand) and as modified by the Indian Stamp (Uttarakhand Amendment) Acts
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  3. The company provides HRA of Rs. 13, 000 per month that is the 10 percent of basic salary (10 percent of the annual basic salary) = Rs. 36,000. Now let us compute the three scenarios: The amount that the employer gives as HRA = Rs. 13, 000 x 12 months = Rs. 1, 56,00
  4. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic all admission and registration process will be online in the Institute and the teaching-learning process will start in online mode. After confirmed allotment of seat (6 th Round) you will have to complete Profile Registration for which an online academic portal will be opened from 12.11.2020 from 10.00 a.m. and.

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Mode of payment for Stamp Duty : Through e-stamp paper to be purchased from any authorized vendor up to a value of Rs. 500/- and for a value exceeding Rs. 500/- through various banks as per Bank list. Payment Modes: 1. e-Wallet Registration Account. 2. Net Banking. 3. Debit Card. 4. NEF Franking, on the other hand, is a process that is used to stamp the legal document. This is the process used to affix any type of mark or stamp to a paper to indicate that the stamp duty has been paid. So, while stamp duty is a tax that you pay, franking is the process followed to stamp your papers A) Covering Letter (duly affixed Rs 10/- Court Fee Stamp). B) List of Existing directors. C) List of shareholders. D) Copy of Original Share Certificate. E) Certified Copy of INC-32/ PAS-3 with Challan. F) Certified Copy of Memorandum & Article of Association. G) Rs 10/- as adjudication fee to be deposited with cashier of the department

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An affidavit on Rs.10/- Non judicial Stamp Paper duly attested by Notary Public affixed with proper notarial Stamp giving the status of the unit, machinery installed, power requirement etc. as per the prescribed forma Custom rubber stamps in 1-2 days with free shipping on orders over $45! Self-ink, pre-ink, hand stamps in sizes up to 8x10. Top quality and bulk discounts

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2) Non-Criminal Affidavit: You also do this in a Rs 100 stamp paper (or Rs 50-Rs 50). Make sure the text starts in the stamp paper. It doesn't matter if you type or print, just fill in the blanks with a pen! For example, I have printed the first two paras on stamp paper, the 6 clauses on demi paper (court paper) and the witness page on. It is very important that the Stamp Paper must be a Non Judicial stamp paper. Generally in most of the Indian states the value of stamp paper required for Affidavit is Rs. 20.00 but it is always better to use a higher value stamp paper. The Stamp paper can be a regular stamp paper or the e-stamp These items are dispatched from and sold by different sellers. Show details. Hide details. Choose items to buy together. This item: Revenue Stamp for Rent Receipt [15 Stamps of 100 Paisa] ₹95.00. Minimum quantity required: 2. In stock. Ships from and sold by skr estore®

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(Only for Indian Student going to pursue higher study aboard) Affidavit for obtaining Degree in advance of Annual Convocation (On a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs. 10/- India 15th - 16th Centuary Postage Stamp $ 0.34. INR: ₹25; India Indira Gandhi Block Of 4 Stamps $ 0.67. INR: ₹50; India Asia Regional Conference Of The Rotary International Block Of 4 Stamps $ 4.71. INR: ₹350; Cart. Search for: Search

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Old Indian Coins And Banknotes For Sale. D-13, In Series Birthday Number Set Of 2... D-13 Set of 2 Notes In Series 10 Rupees Notes Sign: B.N.Adarkar Gandhi on reverse Birthday Number Released on 24th August 1970 Gandhi Commemorative Issue You will receive the same notes that are shown in the images B.N.Adarkar was the 9th governor of RBI who served from 4 May 1970 to 15 June 1970. His term was th If Rs.100 stamp paper is not available, you can also do this in two Rs.50 stamp papers Make sure the text starts in the stamp paper. You can print first 2 paras on first Rs.50 stamp paper and next some paras on another Rs.50 stamp paper and the witness page on another demi paper. just fill in the blanks with a pen DO NOT remove any clause POLYMER BANK NOTE Country Nigeria Period Federal Republic (1959-date) Type Standard banknote Years 1984-2005 Value 10 Naira 10 NGN = 1.81 INR Currency Naira (1973-date) Composition Paper Size 151 × 78 mm Shape Rectangular Number N# 213364 References P# 2

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