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Notes. IMPORTANT! There are total of 69 Luxurious Chest as of now in [Genshin Impact] Version 1.3.; To make this guide neater and tidier, I will divide Luxurious Chest in Mondstadt (Part 1) and Liyue (Part 2).; Each Luxurious Chest will give myriad of random rewards, EXP and fixed Primogems >> Genshin Impact Luxurious Chest Locations in Mondstadt. 1. Luxurious Chest in the Mountain North of Liyue Harbor. The first Luxurious Chest you can find in Liyue is at the mountain north of Liyue Harbor. The only method to reach the top is by climbing, so pay attention to your stamina. The Luxurious Chest is located at the top of a pillar About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

I am officially addicted to Genshin Impact and I'm sure you all here are as well. In this video I show you my guide to where all the luxurious chests locatio.. There are EXACTLY 53 Luxurious Chests available in Genshin Impact. In this guide, I will show you how to find the location for every single one of them, with.. Luxurious Chest on Mondstadt : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOzpttYE0IAThanks For Watching Guys r/Genshin_Impact. This is the official community for Genshin Impact (原神), the latest open-world action RPG developed by miHoYo. The game features a massive, gorgeous map, an elaborate elemental combat system, engaging storyline & characters, co-op game mode, soothing soundtrack, and much more for you to explore! 855k. Travelers Genshin Impact: Luxurious Chest Guide - Locations & Loot. In Genshin Impact, a Luxurious Chest is the highest rarity chest hidden across the world. These can be found in a number of hidden spots across the world and as rewards hidden within shrines. There are four types of chest in Genshin Impact: Common, Exquisite, Precious, and Luxurious

You can get inside the Hidden Ruins by progressing through [WORLD QUEST] Liyue: The Chi of Guyun https://youtu.be/hOZL60Xlolk-----.. Chest Map 1.6 - Chest Respawn & Farming Route. 1.6 Update Details Announced! Check this Genshin Impact 1.6 Chest Map! See exquisite, precious, and luxurious treasure chest locations, chest map, locations, respawn times, chest routes & chest farming route. Ver. 1.6 Only You can get to the floating island by solving 'Three Divine Birds Puzzle' https://youtu.be/KZAfROXj_OY-----.. You can get Luxurious Chest #12 by progressing through:1) [WORLD QUEST] Treasure Lost, Treasure Found (Part 1: Ancient Stone Tablet) https://youtu.be/pSOOCeM..

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  1. Liyue is a gigantic region with many chests to be discovered, so if you want more than the obvious, just check out our list with 20 different Luxurious chests in the Liyue region. ALSO READ: Genshin Impact: How to locate all the Luxurious Chests in Modstad
  2. Chest 4: Off the shores of Liyue Harbor, you'll spy a spiffy red boat. There's a Luxurious chest located on the back end by the rudder. To get there, glide from the top of the rock east of the.
  3. Treasure compass won't show chests that are hidden. The ones that shows up when you do the balloons, or through any hidden mechanic won't be shown by the compass. Liyue treasure chest compass is from Liyue city reputation, while Mondstadt treasure compass is from Mondstadt city reputation. Tap the treasure chest icon to pick up the rewards

Genshin impact Communityhttp://bit.ly/guideGICheck other Genshin Impact Guide herehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UClDD_y014JIRfnjtn_Yeliw/playlistsGenshin I.. We've found six chest locations with goodies you won't want to miss. Just Lunning. 10.20.2020 10:02 PM. Game Guides. 8 Luxurious chests to find ASAP in Genshin Impact. Get going, Traveler! Genshin. There are total of 69 Luxurious Chest as of now in [ Genshin Impact] Version 1.3. To make this guide neater and tidier, I will divide Luxurious Chest in Mondstadt (Part 1) and Liyue (Part 2). Each Luxurious Chest will give myriad of random rewards, EXP and fixed Primogems. If you are confused on the location and want specific location, please. Let's find you some luxurious chests! All Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths locations: Mondstadt and Liyue. Let's find you some luxurious chests

Check this Heart Island guide for Genshin Impact. Learn how to spawn chest, heart island puzzle, location, island map, Unswerving achievement, can it be solo?, luxurious chest & shortcut Genshin Impact: How to open the 3 luxurious chests at Liyue Harbor by completing the illumiscreen 3 quest. The location of the treasures in Genshin Impact is shown below

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Liyue Shrine of Depths Locations. ① Stone Gate. Click to Enlarge. Use the Waypoint above the Stone Gate text in the map. Head East to find the Shrine located near the mountainside. ② Wuwang Hill. Click to Enlarge. Teleport using the Domain in Wuwang Hill, Hidden Palace of Zhou, then head south. The shrine is located to the south of the. A luxurious chest in Genshin Impact is the rare version of chests and players scour the map looking for any they can find! How to Reach the Heart Island Genshin Impact's world is littered with hidden quests and secrets that provide the player with great loot, and Heart Island is no different Chests in Genshin Impact are objects that can be found around the world of Teyvat and as rewards for completing certain domains.. Opening chests usually rewards the player with Primogems, Adventure EXP, Sigils, Mora, and a random assortment of Weapons, Artifacts, and Character EXP Materials.There are also Achievements that are granted upon opening a certain number of chests within a region Genshin Impact Luxurious Chests. All luxurious chest. Locations. Mondstadt. Liyue. Shrines. Keys

The Luxurious Genshin Impact chest route in Mondstadt starts in the back Teleport Waypoint in a high tower on the Churchyard in this city. There is a Luxurious chest on the highest tower in the wall of the city. You need to climb to reach that location. Then, you will also find any other chests easily on the city wall Genshin ImpactInteractive Map Guide 1.6 - Oculus, Chest, & Material Locations. Kazuha Banner Details Announced! Interactive Map is Teyvat material location map in Genshin Impact 1.6. Guide includes a full map of Mondstadt (Dragonspine) and Liyue, including Anemoculus, Geoculus, chests & ore Luxurious Chest you may have missed! (Liyue Harbor) General Guides & Tips. Close. Vote. Valeberry Locations-Rosaria Ascension Material. Farming Guides. 873. 16 comments. share. save. hide. report. 742. This is the community for Genshin Impact (原神) Guides and Tips. We focus heavily on providing guidance to new players and also to. There is one Luxurious chest, 1 Precious chest and 1 Royal Flora (5 star) located in the room in the back. In this step, you will be asked to get a great price for the Full Ring. Feel free to select an option between talk to Bolai at Liyue Harbor or talk to Linlang 1 Northland Bank. One of the richest locations in Genshin Impact is actually just there right under our noses in Liyue Harbor. That would be the Northland Bank, Snezhnaya's own money house and if players are lucky enough to find it, they can nab the chest there filled with hundreds of thousands of Mora

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  1. Genshin Impact's Secret Island. Heart island is one of Genshin Impact's many secrets. Players who can get to Heart Island and activate the secret mechanism will receive a Luxurious Chest and an achievement as a reward! Journey to Heart Island with a Frien
  2. Location. The Pearl Galley is a luxurious ship located close to Liyue Harbor, which is for the exclusive enjoyment of its specially-invited guests. The advertisement on the Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board and the Connoisseur Catalog on the ship indicate that the Pearl Galley is actually a floating gentleman's club, and also functions as a brothel.
  3. The length it takes for chests to respawn in Genshin Impact depends on the chest's rarity, meaning players should mark down the locations of rarer chests so they don't forget them down the line.

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LV.27 Trick or Treat! unseal 3 Precious chest! Northeast Jueyun Karst riddle. There are 3 Precious chests in the northeast of Jueyun Karst, but the gate is closed and you cannot enter. Now let's see how to unseal it and open the gate. The location is here. There are 3 triangle-shaped seals in front of the gate Here are some luxurious chest locations in Mondstadt. There are more than this, but you can find very easily (top of the knight HQ building, sword tomb, etc) so I'll just show you where hard to find. MEME. Stormbearer Mountains, under the waterfall. MEME HoYoLAB has officially launched the Teyvat Interactive Map feature >w< The map not only marks the location of important resources, monsters, and elemental oculi, but also supports 13 languages The first location of Liyue Shrine of Depths is on the left of the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula in Wuwang Hill. There is another Shrine of Depths Genshin Impact location in the Stone Gate. Genshin Impact travelers can find another Shrine of Depths on the bank of the small lake in the Entombed City - Outskirts


[Genshin Impact] Liyue Luxurious Chest Locations Genshin Impact SoraHoshina - 2021-03-06 There are total of 69 Luxurious Chest as of now in [Genshin Impact] Version 1.3.To make this guide neater and tidier, this post will display the locations of the chests in Liyue Earn 200k Free Mora (Liyue Bank Precious Chest Location) 18 Oct 2020. DashJuice. Feedback. Grab the 200k Mora Precious Chest in Genshin Impact. It's located in the Liyue Northland Bank. Here's how to get your hands on it In Genshin Impact, chests are a superb way to get your hands on some easy loot. Chests come in four rarities, with the best one being the Luxurious chest. The good news is that there is a secret Luxurious chest that you can find in Mondstadt, and all you need to do to get it is have pretty good balance Conclusion so far, and not finalized: As of currently in Genshin ver. 1.0, all chests, including common ones, do not respawn or reset. The claim about whether a chest gives primogems or not based on it being respawned or not is proven to be wrong. It is solely based on what type of chest it is and where it is located

Shrine of Depths Locations in Genshin Impact. Cole Andrews. Oct 5, 2020. Genshin Impact. Shrine of the Depths are locked chests that you need a special key to open. There are twenty shrines in the world, with ten in Mondstadt and ten in Liyue. To open them, you'll need either a Liyue or Mondstadt Shrine of Depths key, depending on the region. By design, Genshin Impact will devour your spare time. What starts as a playful adventure into the fantasy realm of Teyvat, quickly transforms into hours upon hours of grinding for keys and searching for Shrine of Depths locations to get your hands on some Luxurious Chests. That being said, there is a shortcut Scattered across Genshin Impact's open world map are imposing obelisks called Shrine of Depths. Each of them houses a Luxurious Chest which yields a drop of equipment between 1 and 4 stars, Adventure EXP, Primogems, and essential upgrade materials. To find these Shrines, check out this guide! Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths keys and locations. Goto this location for 3 luxurious chests. First interact with the tombstone to unlock the quest. There will be three tall buildings, each one will have an challenge for you to complete in order to obtain all three stars. After that, return to the center of all three buildings and plug in the stars to complete the quest

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Genshin Impact is stacked full of achievements, and some of them will only reveal themselves as you explore parts of the map. If you have been making your way through the very mountainous region. Shrine of Depths locations and rewards in Genshin Impact. There are 10 Shrine of Depths in Mondstadt and 10 in Liyue. To unlock a shrine, players need to use one of their Shrine of Depths keys. Explore the Ruin and open Luxurious Chest insides the Ruin. Luhua landscape Genshin Impact paintbrush locations. The locations of lost objectives will be marked by strange lights. However, you need to get close to the right places to see the mark. There are two teleport waypoints on the left and right mountain cliffs of Luhua Pool Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths Locations. Shrines of Depths are locations you can visit in Genshin Impact. These treasure troves contain luxurious chests, which reward whoever opens them with primogems, weapons, artifacts and sigils. They can be found all over Mondstadt and Liyue, but the problem is that they're locked Genshin Impact — Genshin Impact - Vendor Guide - Liyue. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. boxes will be inside luxurious chests. Box Locations. 1. Activate the sword. You'll have 60 sec to kill a Hydro and Cryo Mage. 2. On top of the tower there will be a chest. 3. Offer 3 Cecilia to the Gravestone

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Genshin Impact: The Illumiscreen 3 Quest Guide. Players looking to complete Genshin Impact's third and final Illumiscreen Lantern Rite Tale will find all chest locations and solutions in this guide Invitation to Mundane Life Event Wish. Xiao. Estimated time (UTC+8): 2021/02/03 ~ 2021/02/17 15:59:59. Xiao will be released through the new event wish. Getting a five star when you summon on this banner will have a 50% chance of it being Xiao. Through the game's pity system, if your last five star that you got was not the banner character, the. The gate is located above the Northern entrance to the Starglow Cavern. Players will need to find three boxes scattered around Dragonspine. The room will contain Luxurious Chests and an Ancient Carving. Like the rest of Genshin Impact's areas, the frozen mountain region of Dragonspine between Mondstadt and Liyue is.. Genshin Impact Statistics For V4Van. V4Van presently has 528,266 views for Genshin Impact across 137 videos, with His channel uploaded over 1 day worth of Genshin Impact videos. This makes up 30.66% of the content that V4Van has uploaded to YouTube The Crux (Chinese: 南十字 Nánshízì, the Southern Cross) is an armed fleet based in Liyue Harbor and led by Captain Beidou.The Crux is famous throughout Liyue for their daring adventures and rich bounties.. Its flagship, the Alcor, can be found (and boarded) off the shores of Guyun Stone Forest, by the southeastern end of the island Domain of Guyun is on

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Genshin Impact: The Illumiscreen 3 Quest Guide. With the recent launch of the third and final stage of the Lantern Rite Festival, Genshin Impact players must venture out one final time, to find the precious chests revealed by Brother Qian\'s Illumiscreen. Players will receive the same reward as the previous two Illumiscreen Lantern Rite Tales. Genshin Impact Shrine Locations: all Shrine of Depths mapped, plus how to open them Posted on December 3, 2020 by Ami There are lots of locations to visit and explore in Genshin Imapct , but one type of landmark you\'ll probably want to make a point to seek out as a priority are the Shrines , otherwise each known as the Shrine of Depths The map of Genshin Impact, Mondstadt, features multiple locations where players can find a luxurious chest: Inside the Mondstadt Cathedral Tower. Close to the Stone Fence near the God Statue.

Getting the Heart Island Chest in Genshin Impact. The heart island is located in the Liyue region, to the northwest of the Geo Hypostasis boss. We've indicated its location in the screenshot. Luxurious Chests in Genshin Impact are the rarest version of chests, and players scour their worlds looking for any they can find. Many players might not know about this hidden chest in Liyue that. Liyue Harbor All 27+3 Hidden Chests Location (200k mora chest, free gifts from NPC) Genshin Impact 2020-10-06 Genshin Impact Secret Quest Luhua Landscape Quest 450 EXP + Luxurious Chest 4-star artifact!

Most of them have luxurious chests, but many need a specific key to be unlocked. These keys can be obtained from quests in the world or by completing one-time Abyssal Domains. Judging by how good rewards you can get, we though it be best to share all Shrine of Depths locations in Liyue. Genshin Impact: All Shrine of Depths Locations The Liyue area of Genshin Impact features a wide array of quests and some of them can be helpful and important to players. By completing all three towers players will receive three exquisite chests and three luxurious chests. and then go to the location of the treasure on the notes in order to complete the quest and score a few rewards Chests. The world of Genshin Impact is enriched with various chests, that are classified by certain order: common, exquisite, precious, luxurious. Common chests. The most prevalent type of chest, that gives: 2 Primogems, 20 EXP points, 3 sigils, Mora, random artifacts and weapons. Locations: Can be found in Hilichurl camps; Near some empty houses Location of the luxurious chest containing the Nameless treasure (Image via Eckogen) Also read: Genshin Impact upcoming banners schedule: Expected release date for Venti and Childe's banners. Those who wish to save the most Primogems from chests are recommended to start with the 32 Luxurious Chests, which each contain up to 40 Primogems. If you have any questions regarding Genshin Impact, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content related to Genshin Impact, stay with us, here at Spiel Times

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  1. Treasure chests can be found all over Teyvat, whether in the open world or in some domains. They can be opened to collect rewards like ingredients, weapons, ascension materials, EXP materials, Mora, artifacts, and even some Primogems. Types of Chest. There are 4 types of chests with the higher rarity chests containing better loots. These are
  2. Talk to Lianne. Lingering Malady. Talk to Aramis in front of the Mondstadt cathedral. Lynn's Trouble. Unlocks by Visiting Starsnatch Cliff, Monstadt. Mondstadt And Its Archon. Talk to Grace at the plaza in front of Mondstadt Cathedral. New Horizons of Adventure. Found in Mondstadt after clearing Act 2
  3. Genshin Impact Interactive Map Show All Hide All. X. Search. Locations. Abyssal Domain 0. Alchemy 0. Blacksmith 0. General Shop 0. Guild 0. Location 0. Region 0. Shop 0. Shrine 0. Special Shop 0. Statue of the 7 0. Teleporter 0. Oculi. Anemoculus 0. Geoculus 0. Items. Common Chest 0. Crimson Agate 0. Exquisite Chest 0. Geo Sigil 0. Item 0.
  4. 1 Luxurious Chest and 2 Exquisite Chests are in the ruins. Two Spiders can be found on either end of the ruins, covering the Exquisite Chests. Notes. Recommended Party Level is 30. The quest is completed upon opening the Luxurious Chest

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Lingju Pass Luxurious Chest >>> Also read: Top 3 Hidden Genshin Impact Techniques You Should Know. Where to sell Nameless Treasures. As players have collected all items, Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact sell will be the next term to appear in their mind. So they will need to return to Liyue Harbor once they have all Nameless Treasure Genshin. Credit: Reddit. Dimapur, Jan. 4 (EMN): Genshin Impact's free open-world lets players do a ton of things including fighting monsters, completing quests and discovering treasure chests.Treasure chests are scattered all over the map in Genshin Impact and these chests reward players with weapons, primogems, EXP, mora and other exciting goodies

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Location. The Land of Hidden Jade. But the war of ages past is long over, and the mounds of glittering jade have long been destroyed. Now, only the whisper of flowing water remains. Dunyu Ruins ( Chinese: 遁玉陵 Dùnyù Líng, Fleeing Jade Mausoleum) is a subarea in Lisha, Liyue. It is one of the three locations where the Nameless. Genshin Impact Chest Locations: Fans are discovering a host of curious new places that spawn secret chests that aren't mapped in the game! The hype around miHoYo's gacha action RPG has been real over the last few weeks. Boasting record sales, Genshin Impact hosts a daily player pool so large nowadays that very few games can rival it You will first have to unlock the chest by inviting a friend who is above Adventure Rank 16. You can ask your friend to use the same bridge you created to reach Heart Island. Once your friend is there you can unlock the luxurious chest in the Heart Island in Genshin Impact. That's how you unlock and get to the Heart Island in Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Found is one of the more interesting missions in the Liyue region of miHoYo's RPG title Genshin Impact.The quest requires players to gather a number of treasures in the region before engaging in a boss fight at the end

Genshin Impact Domain Of The Wayward Path is a side domain mission in Liyue that includes a lot of fights and puzzles. After completing this domain quest, you will get plenty of rewards. Check out how to do the Domain Of The Wayward Path in Genshin Impact Collect Nine Pillars Of Peace Genshin Impact Chest Locked. Climb to the top of nine pillars and insert all Stones of Remembrance at these columns. After inserting the stones, you can summon some enemies or get exquisite chests. After opening the chests, you can get lots of rewards, including rare weapons and artifacts This guide for Genshin Impact includes the following: Based on version 1.6; Coming soon! An interactive Map of Teyvat showing the location of all; Anemoculus, Geoculus, Statues of the Seven, World Quests, Shrines, Plants, Monsters, Enemies, Chests and Minerals. Detailed Character pages of all playable characters showing talent trees, skill. Don't let the achievements for the chests in Mondstadt and Liyue fool you. There are more chests in both regions than needed for the achievements. You can hunt for treasure chests using the treasure compasses gained through the city's reputation levels. Another method is looking up the chests' location on the Genshin Interactive Map Genshin Impact: 9 Pillars of Peace Easy Guide. Here is a full guide about the Nine Pillars of Peace in Genshin impact. The first thing that you should do once you arrive in the valley is to interact with the stone tablet in the center. Doing so will not only activate the Nine Pillars of Peace questline but will also give you a good idea of what.

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The Chi of Yore World Quest Walkthrough. To unlock this quest, you need to talk to Yan'er near the ruin in Bishui Plain, as depicted below: Advertisement. click to enlarge. + 4. Investigate the ruin, where you will need to defeat the Ruin Hunter to read the Incomplete writing. Find the 3 strange stones, they will be surrounded by large chunks. Shrines of Depths are ancient structures found around the world of Teyvat. These Shrines of Depths sealed themselves off when the civilization that built them was lost. Players can use Shrines of Depths keys to unlock these shrines and open the Luxurious Chest found inside. There are 10 Shrines.. Achievements are in game goals that will award the player with Primogems once completed. Completing all of the Achievements within a category will award the player with a Namecard style that can be used on their in-game profile (some categories like Wonders of the World and Memories of the Heart are unlimited and do not have a completable percentage rating) It seems that only the one-time chests count towards the Open XX chests in Mondstadt/Liyue achievements. Now, I'm not 100% sure but it may be as clean cut as that precious, exquisite, and luxurious chests are the only ones that count, and those types will never be randomly generated

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Genshin Impact Chest Locations - Fans are getting a number of surprising new places that spawn secret chests which aren't mapped within the game. Here we are going to tell you more about Genshin Impact Chest Locations. Check here to know more about Genshin Impact Chest Locations, Genshin Impact Chest Route, Genshin Impact Chest Respawn Time and much more Heart Island Genshin Impact- Be informed that Genshin Impact is a role-playing action video game. Heart Island Genshin Impact is one of the much-searched topics recently. If you too want to know the same, scroll down and grab all the latest information on the same. Also, get the steps to get chests and location in Heart Island in Genshin Impact 100 Mora. 100 per day. Shrimp Meat. 120 Mora. 100 per day. You can buy some of the ingredients of Crystal Shrimp (Rice and Shrimp Meat) at the general goods shop in Liyue Harbor. Crystal Shrimp is recommended because you can buy 100 units of Rice and Shrimp Meat at a low price everyday Genshin Impact Generated World Map ~ This will allow users to customize and/or look for anything they can find in the game's world map. For example: You can use this to toggle chest locations, which will make this beneficial in opening up the required number of chests for each trophy in the two regions 32 Amazing Genshin Liyue Chest Puzzle. Secret Chest In Liyue!! genshin impact liyue puzzle monument monumental solve guide peak reach. chest liyue luxurious genshin impact location harbor mountain north area api.

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In Genshin Impact, you are able to get Unswerving trophy by opening the chest in the middle of the heart-shaped rock formation. It means that you have to access the Heart Island first. You can find it in the south east beside Liyue in the ocean. To access the Heart Island, you are able to use the Clover Fan near Geo Hypostasis Support 13 languages: 中文(简体), 中文(繁體), English, Français, Deutsch, 日本語, 한국어, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, Indonesia, Español. Shrine of Depths Locations: full map for Liyue and Mondstadt regions. The map above is pretty simple, all told: while it's not quite the entire Genshin Impact game world, it's all that's relevant for this guide, as all of the Shrine of Depths locations are within it. Each star you see on the map is the location of one of the shrines

Genshin Impact Luxurious Chest Location in Liyue (Part 1Another Luxurious Chest in Liyue - Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact Luxurious Chest Locations in Liyue (Part 2