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Looking For How To Plaster Walls? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping. Check Out How To Plaster Walls on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today There are several ways to hang mirrors, art, photos, and TV mounts on your plaster walls without using a single nail. Drive wood screws into wall studs for items weighing more than 20 pounds (9 kilos). For hanging items up to 20 pounds without finding a stud, you can use anchored screws, drywall hooks, plaster hooks, or toggle bolts The first and most popular idea on our list of hanging things on walls without using nails is adhesive hangers and hooks. There are abundant sellers in the market selling hooks and hangers with a unique bonding agent that can stick to your wall when you need them Screws (and screws with masonry anchors for heavy items) are your best choice for hanging things on plaster walls without picture rail. For lighter items, simply screwing into the plaster with a 1 1/4 drywall screw is usually enough to get the job done

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In this DIY video, I'll show how to hang stuff on plaster and lath walls using a molly bolt. Hanging heavy frames on the wall can be tricky, and with all the.. Some older plaster walls have a thin strip of wood that runs around the perimeter of a room, usually between 1 inch (2.5 cm) to 1 foot (30 cm) below the edge of the ceiling. If your room has this, you can simply drive a screw through the wood, and use this to hang things Hook-and-loop or Velcro tape is a great way to hang tapestries, fabric, and other small items on walls. It is also the best hanging solution if you need to quickly and easily remove the item regularly. Opt for peel-and-stick Velcro with a strong adhesive backing, and follow the directions for applying and curing. What to Use for Heavier Item Nails. Place a small piece of masking tape on the area in which you intend to hammer the nail. The masking tape gives the surrounding plaster extra support and minimizes flaking and cracking. Position the nail at a 45-degree, upward angle and gently tap the nail. If the hammer seems to bounce back, you may be over a wood lath Tapes and Vinyl Depending on the weight of what you're hanging, sometimes simple tape can do the trick! Packing, double-stick and masking tapes, as well as sticky putty, can all be used to hang lightweight frames, wrapping paper, wallpaper and fabric to the walls without risking the paint pulling up

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Never use a plastic anchor bolt to hang something heavy. To install a molly bolt, remove the screw from the metal collar; drill a hole, and tap the bolt into the wall with a hammer. Attach your hanger to the bolt shaft and then screw the machine bolt into the collar Start by taking a pack of VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips (Large). Designed for hanging heavy pictures and mirrors, these large picture hanging strips can hold up to 16lbs per pack. Attach one half of each set to your picture frame, and the other half to the wall and press down firmly Move the stud finder over the plaster wall across the spot where the heavy object will hang. Move the stud finder approximately 16 inches to the right or left of the mark. Put a small bit into the drill, and drill into the first mark. Use a level to draw a line to the area of the second mark

A drywall hook is a modern solution for hanging objects through plaster or drywall. The thin back end of the hook presses through the plaster, and when turned so that the hook rests correctly.. Use heavy-duty hardware. To secure heavy items on plaster walls, use screws that are 2 inches (5.1 cm) long. Find a stud, if you can. Pre-drill a hole at the spot where you want to hang the object. Tap the anchor into the hole you drilled. Drive the screw into the anchor. How do you hang things on plaster walls without nails? Suggested clip. In this step-by-step guide, discover the easiest way to hang a heavy picture without nails or hooks.MATERIALS NEEDEDVELCRO® Brand HANGables® Large Picture Ha..

Choices to hang outdoor wall decor without nails or tools . I've updated the list below to include hanging wall art on brick, vinyl siding or stucco without using nails or damaging the walls thanks to a few generous readers who've shared their know-how:) 3M Exterior Command Hooks ; 3M Exterior Double Sided Tape good for up to 5lb Simply drill a hole in your wall, push in the bolt with the toggle attached, and hang your artwork once the toggle's wings have gripped the back of your wall. photography by APARTMENT THERAP Hanging a picture. In plaster walls, items under 4 kilograms can be hung using picture hooks. The small nail that comes with the hook is driven into the wall on a downwards angle, so it's less likely to pull out. For slightly heavier items, use a fixing called a Wallmate. It screws into the plasterboard and you then screw into the Wallmate

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All you have to do is attach the magnet to a piece of thread or string, suspend it and drag it over the wall. At some points, you would the magnet getting attracted towards the wall. That is because the magnet is attracted to the nails in the wooden stud. However, this trick will only work if you have a very powerful magnet Putting a nail through a plaster wall will only lead to the nail hole chipping the plaster around the shank. I finally settled on using them in the dining room when i heard. Holes in the walls from nails are easy to repair and usually unnoticeable when filled because they are so small even on textured walls

Light Items Screws are your ultimate option for hanging things on plaster walls without picture rail. For lighter items, screwing into the plaster with a 1 1/4 drywall screw can get the job done. For heavy items, you can opt screws with masonry anchors Best Picture Hangers for Plaster Walls If you've got plaster walls you've probably had a bad experience already trying to hang things on it. Plaster isn't really meant to have things nailed into it, and you can end up going through a lot of nails trying to get one to stick Old plaster walls, new strict landlord, dorm room rules — there are plenty of reasons you might need to hang framed artwork without the use of nails. What are some good ways to get the job done? Look no further than our smart commenters - the hive mind comes through once again!The Most Popular Reader Tip:• From lwarecki If the artwork isn't too heavy, you could try 3M Command picture.

The walls in our 1946 home are plaster over masonry. There is a layer of hard plaster, a bit of space, then concrete blocks. Those brown squares that look like cardboard are actually cement blocks. The holes that look like they have cotton batting tufting out of them, actually have globs of hardened white concrete sticking out How do you hang things on plaster walls without nails? Screws (and screws with masonry anchors for heavy items) are your best choice for hanging things on plaster walls without picture rail. For lighter items, simply screwing into the plaster with a 1 1/4 drywall screw is usually enough to get the job done Put away your hammer and nails - there's a quicker and easier way to hang heavy pictures. And it won't put holes in your walls. Whether you're a renter, a homeowner or living in student accommodation, VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips are the easiest way to hang pictures of all shapes, sizes, and weights without marking or damaging your walls

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How to hang a mirror on a wall without nails: Preparing the space. Gluing a mirror to a wall can sound a little nerve wracking. But with the proper tools and preparation, it's a simple project that yields safe, strong, and beautiful results. Here's how to prepare your walls for mirror installation. Avoid installing mirrors in extreme. According to our buddy, John Gidding, you CAN hang big and heavy wall art in your apartment — without using a SINGLE nail or hammer! All you need is this little gadget — a High & Mighty Wall Hanger. Get this: There are five different sizes to choose from — from 20-pound hangers to 125-pound hangers (the larger ones boast a built-in level. Simply drill a hole in your wall, push in the bolt with the toggle attached, and hang your artwork once the toggle's wings have gripped the back of your wall. photography by APARTMENT THERAPY. paint hangers. This is versatility at its finest. Wooden pant hangers are the perfect way to clip artwork

The wall must be smooth, clean and dry. The glue is affected by humidity and may let loose so do not hang anything that will break with this kind of fastener. Objects with a wide variety of weight can be supported by a metal hook on a long, tapered nail driven at an angle into the plaster Hanging things with plaster walls. I have an old house with plaster walls. Some times I can get a nail in at an angle and hang pictures without a problem, but just as often the plaster cracks and I end up with a hole in my wall. Those command hooks are useless. They have fallen off every surface I've ever used them on

Hooks That Adhere to Walls Without Nailing. Nails for picture hooks generally don't make large holes in the wall, but even a small hole may be more than you want. Moreover, you can't hammer nails. The nails drive into drywall and plaster walls at an angle, which allows them to use the wall surface as leverage and support. These are perfect for hanging picture frames up to about 20 pounds. If you have a picture that is heavier than that, it is best to use a flat mounted hook and anchor Hammering nails into a plaster is a quick way to knock plaster loose from the lath that is supporting it. Damage may not be visible instantly, but as plaster comes loose from the lath, it will eventually begin to fall off the wall. Light Items. Screws are your ultimate option for hanging things on plaster walls without picture rail

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how do I hang things on plaster walls? I had to do a little research myself for this one as I've never worked with plaster walls. Here's what I learned: most light art can be hung in plaster walls using just one simple screw (nails + plaster aren't usually a good combo, so stick to screws!) The majority of the apparatus for hanging things were designed for drywall, not rust. Everything from just where to obtain a stud in plaster walls from exactly that which sort of attachments that your needs to use differs. Everybody wishes to decorate their walls learning how to hold matters is equally crucial for each and [ Regarding hanging items in the plaster walls, it's actually harder when I find a stud because the screw does not go through it. It just will stop and I can't drill any further. I haven't hung anything extremely heavy (not over 10 pounds), which presents some limitations. But we have drilled into the brick fireplaces to hang things over those But it's okay if you want to do some small hanging things on your wall. But be careful, if the wall is 40 years old. A hammer would do it if you consider the condition of the plaster. Without being imprudent, you can try a hammer to shoot a nail on a plaster wall. But if the nail bends, then the hammer is of no work Hanging Heavy Objects on Plaster Without a Stud Use a toggle bolt or anchor to hang the piece on areas with no studs, This Old House says. The weight of the piece , and the thickness of the wall, will dictate the toggle size

Hanging A Gallery Wall Without Nails. August 6, 2014. Jordan. Share. I shared pictures of our dining room renovation but I forgot to mention how we hung all the artwork. I really didn't want to make a million holes in the beautiful wood so here is what I did. After a little online research I bought a few of these Command Picture Hanging. Techniques. 4. Knock on the Wall. This seemingly silly practice is actually a very accurate way to find studs in walls. Even though plaster walls have laths, the area behind that is open, for wiring, plumbing, and insulation. Where the studs are, you have the same plaster and laths, and then 4 or 6 inches of solid wood If you'd rather not drill into your tiles, grab a pack of FIX-PRO® Extreme Mounting Tape and stick it on instead. This mounting tape is made with an extremely strong and durable adhesive and can hold up to 1.55 pounds per square inch - making it perfect for fixing your bathroom mirror to the wall without nails, screws or drilling. Bathroom hooks To do that, you can use a piece of plywood. The plywood should Ideally be supported with the ground and also be secured against the plaster wall. However, you could always use it without ground-based support too. For this method, you would have to secure the plywood to the walls. You can use nails in order to do so

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Hanging pictures can be done easily with or without nails, depending on your wall type. Use our guide to display groups of frames or solo artwork easily at home. Hanging pictures and wall art is one of those jobs that we can push to the side, almost too literally, for far too long Hanging pictures on a wall isn't a one-nail-and-done affair—it may be tempting to stick a thumbtack in your wall but if you want to do the job right so that heavier objects are supported and. They use brads that leave very small holes rather than mar the surface with big nail holes. Another advantage is they don't make the wall crumble, which is important because most walls are drywall gypsum board anymore. There are Ooks for different weights, and I was even ably to hang a very heavy wall sconce with two Ooks rated 75lbs each

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  1. Simple picture hanging techniques to hang framed artwork and pictures to drywall, plaster, studs, or brick walls, with or without nails, wire, and hooks
  2. Plaster can support nails and screws as long is what you're hanging is under 10 pounds or so. Obviously, brick and stone are the toughest, so they'll require you to drill into the mortar and use.
  3. A simple picture rail installed in the top third of the wall height can give you the freedom to move art all over the place without ever damaging your plaster wall. The vertical cables that extend from the rail allow you to hang your artwork at whatever height you choose
  4. Use a 4.0mm or a 5mm screw to act as a hook, or use it to fasten a hook type fastening onto the wall. A 5.0x50mm screw would have an excellent hold and be more than strong enough for all those items combined (as an example). Without seeing the back side of the items it's hard to explain the exact fixings required. 1
  5. 11 Ways To Hang Anything On A Wall Hanging Tips 2019. How To Hang Heavy Objects From The Ceiling 14 Steps. How To Hang Things Without Damaging Your Walls Heers Management. How To Hang Mirrors Pictures On Plaster Walls Without Nails. Command Universal Picture Hanger Sticky Wall Nails Hang Shelf
  6. Drywall, plaster, paneling, and masonry walls have unique properties that require different treatments for hanging pictures. A simple finish nail may be just fine to hang a small, lightweight.

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  1. After moving into a new home you might realize that the walls are made of plaster and not drywall. If you try to hammer in a nail to hang a picture, the nail might actually bend in half. Even so, it is possible hang numerous pictures throughout the house
  2. What size nails should I use to hang shiplap? The size nails you use will depend on the thickness of the shiplap boards that you are using and the walls that you are nailing to. We used 2″ finishing nails. Can you hang shiplap over plaster walls? Yes, but only if the plaster is in good condition and if it's flat and smooth
  3. How do you hang things on a brick wall? 4 Tested Ways to Hang Things on a Brick Wall - No Drill. Double-sided tape can be used to hold items on a brick wall. Brick Clips that grip onto the brick will secure items onto a brick wall. Brick Clips that, hold in the mortar space between the bricks
  4. How to hang pictures without nails. 1. Frame fixers. You may not yet know of the existence of these tools to hang a picture. Picture fixers are crochet hooks, usually made of plastic and formed in one piece, that have two or three tiny teeth that you can place on any plaster or plasterboard wall
  5. Here's how to hang pictures quickly and easily. Lick your middle knuckle and grab the hanger on the back of the picture with the wet finger. Press your knuckle against the wall when the picture is exactly where you want it. The saliva will leave a light mark for placing a nail. — reader Leann Cormier. Be sure to use wall anchors for hanging.

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  1. This is the second box of picture hangers with plaster nails that I️ have purchased. My 100+ year old home was painted and the painters removed all the nails, so I️ repurchased these nails. The nails glide through plaster walls easily without leaving cracks. They are sturdy and hold my heavy art without a problem
  2. A tesa ® Adhesive Nail for Wallpaper & Plaster combined with the Adhesive Strips provided is a simple, secure and damage-free way to hang pictures and other decorative items up to 1 kg per nail. For textured and sensitive surfaces like wallpaper and plaster. How to apply - Step by step 1. Ensure the best possible bond by cleaning the surface of dirt and dust with a dust-free cloth
  3. I've been using masonry nails and a borrowed hammer on brick and plaster walls for decades to hang stuff on the wall - nothing has ever fallen down and any hole is usually the size of the nail itself +/- a very little bit. This method is a girl thing - and very very moneysaving. This discussion has been closed
  4. Decorate how you want, when you want without damaging your walls. Command picture hanging strips let you fearlessly hang pictures without nails or tools. Not just for picture frames, these wall hangers are also great for creating a gallery wall, hanging college dorm decor, wooden letters, nursery décor, acoustic foam boards, and more
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How to Hang Large Pictures Without Using Nails - A few weeks ago, I found a pair of large botanical prints for $7.99 each while I was out thrifting with my mom. I finally settled on using them in the dining room when I heard, You're not going to put another hole in the wall, are you? Here's a look at how we hung the Hanging artwork can be frustrating, with extra nail holes, torn drywall from a heavy piece of artwork, or a dent in the wall from missing the nail with a hammer. Sometimes the worry of what might happen is enough to keep people from hanging their favorite artwork 3 Most Common Way to Hang Pictures on Concrete Wall Method 1: Using Adhesive Hooks. While most adhesive hooks are strong enough to keep your pictures on the wall, you must buy a couple capable of holding about 8 pounds, or 3.6kg of weight. The adhesive hooks are an outstanding solution because they don't require we drill holes in the wall.

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As our houses are built with drywall panels, it is inevitable for us to try to hang things on the wall.. While you can easily hang an object on the plaster walls without thinking much, drywall is not a great material to hang things without any support.. In this article, we are sharing with you some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the strength of drywall in holding objects. It makes it much easier to hang and will look more professional without waiting. This is best if you are hanging your poster without a frame. Another tip to properly how to hang posters without frames is to clean the walls first. If there's dust or debris on your walls, it will make it harder to gentle adhesives to stick The first step in your shiplap accent wall is to remove everything from the wall including any nails.Use a putty knife to gently pry and remove baseboards, crown moulding and trim. Remove wall plates and outlet covers. Before you install your shiplap boards, open your boxes and let the flooring adjust to the room temperature and moisture for at least 48 hours Hanging pictures on plaster wall without nails. Adhesive hooks. A great option for hanging a light picture is to use an adhesive hook. They are ideal for pictures that weigh less than 5 pounds.. Start by cleaning the wall surface with rubbing alcohol or soapy water How to hang things on vinyl siding how to hang pictures on plaster walls how to hang things on walls and how to hang things on walls and how to hang posters without damaging How To Hang Things Without Damaging Your Walls Heers ManagementHang Art Without Nails How ToWays To Hang Things Without Damaging Your [

In many cases, you can hang items on plaster walls without using anchors at all. Several alternative products including plaster hooks, picture rails, and adhesive hooks are effective for plaster. If you are hanging picture frames on plaster walls, it's worth exploring these alternatives to wall anchors If so, you may be able to get one of the hooks designed for picture rails into the gap (and hang your artwork on a long wire) or hammer a nail into that gap in such a way that it's not noticeable. In rented houses I have also hammered small nails into the moudling over doors/windows, and strung a high-tension fine wire between the nails across.

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Nothing makes a space quite like the right artwork. And nothing is quite as much of a bummer as finding the perfect apartment and realizing that you can't put any holes in the walls — or that the walls are made of plaster or concrete or some other nail-unfriendly substance. That's when you've got to get creative. We've rounded up 12 ways to transform your space with artwork — all. Mounting a heavy mirror on the wall can be a daunting task. Not everyone is a confident DIYer and drilling can damage hefty damage plasterboard and tiled walls if you don't do it right. Luckily, there is a way to hang heavy mirrors on the wall without nails or screws - FIX-PRO® Extreme Mounting Tape. This ultra strong mounting tape sticks to a variety of surfaces including glass, metal, tile. I have some hanging in spots that I can't nail into the wall so I use Blue-tack or 3M's equivalent in white to hang mine up. I as well live in an apartment with crappy plaster walls but I just nail it anyways or use a thumbtack and fix the wall when we leave

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Hollow-wall anchors come in a wide range of sizes and styles for use on virtually any wall, including drywall, plaster, and even hollow concrete block. Here's a detailed look at my four favorite. The only big difference between plaster and drywall is plaster tends to chip or break away into chunks. The house I moved into almost a year ago had tons of small chunks missing from where the previous owner had used nails to hang pictures and what not. The chunks in most cases where about the size of a nickel Understanding these walls will help you navigate things as diverse as the differences in hanging things on a plaster wall versus drywall, repair and patching techniques, and even WIFI issues and potential resolutions! Anatomy of Plaster Walls. Plaster walls were applied wet by a skilled plasterer using a hawk and trowel

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  1. After I tried and failed to push them into my plaster wall, I realized that I'd forgotten that my new walls are not drywall. Undeterred, I got out my hammer and gently tapped on each side of the CLAW several times. This seemed quite effective. I ended up installing 4 CLAWs on the wall to hang a various picture frames
  2. I love to decorate by hanging plates on walls. I have a Blue room guest room with antique furniture, and the walls are painted a beautiful blue with blue & white transferware and Blue Willow plates hanging on the wall. Now I want to take down those tacky plate hangers and try these! I'm going to look on Amazon. Thanks for this wonderful.
  3. I lived in a lot of apartments with plaster walls, most in ill-repair. I always use anchors, which have always worked great and, of course, let me hang things wherever I wanted to. You don't have to use the gigantic ones, though, that are often supplied in kits. Look for little ones and use little screws. posted by desuetude at 10:11 AM on.
  4. How to Hang a Wall Clock Without Nails Dec 09, 2017. When you want to hang your timepiece on the wall, but you can't because your landlord won't like nails in the wall, or you want to hang it on a surface that won't take nails well, you have to get creative. Maybe you're trying to hang a heavy or large clock and worried about the kind of.
  5. Mounting a TV on drywall or plaster without attaching to a stud can be a very safe and reliable solution IF you know the limits of the wall and the toggles. How do you hang a heavy picture on a plaster wall without nails? Suggested clip · 45 seconds. How To EASILY Hang Pictures On Plaster Sheet Walls(No Drill . YouTube. Start of suggested cli

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4 Common Wall Hanging Myths, Busted. When it comes to installing a wall hanging—be it a work of art, a shower curtain bar, a knife grabber, or a big, heavy mirror—there are so many unspoken. Without fail, whenever I want to hang something heavy on my drywall there is not a stud in that spot to support it. I like to change things up on my walls often, and I detest those plastic wall anchors. Typically when you want to hang a heavy item on the wall where there is no stud, you have to get out your drill, drill a hole, hammer in a wall anchor, and then screw in a large screw. Removing. Drywall hangers and nails work in two different ways. The nails drive into drywall and plaster walls at an angle, which allows them to use the wall surface as leverage and support. These are perfect for hanging items up to about 20 pounds. If you have a picture that is heavier than that, use a flat-mounted hook and anchor Question: I live in a 1930s house with plaster walls. It is not as easy to hang a picture on a wall made from plaster as it is to hang a picture on a wall made from drywall

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If your trying to hang something complex like a TV then check out www.eagletvmounting.com. Step 7: Alternative hanging options. Not everyone can bore holes into their walls. You can use a variety of adhesive hooks, hook-and-loop tape, hanging strips, drywall hooks, and press-in hooks to hang things on the wall Apparently plaster walls are not as riveting to my neighbors as they are to me. But if you've ever lived in a pre-1950s home, you know the agony of those crumbly plaster slabs masquerading as walls. Boston-area readers, I know you've been there: how hammering a tiny nail hole turns into spackling a tennis ball-sized gash It would have saved me from much frustration, time and unnecessary holes in my walls. Here's the trick: STEP ONE: For a frame with two brackets on the back, place a piece of painters tape across the back. Mark on the tape exactly where the nails or screws need to go Solid walls made of materials like brick, concrete, tile, etc. require a different hanging technique. For lighter objects up to about 10 pounds, Garber recommended using a plastic wall plug 2 of 15. Take Advantage of Command Strips. This blogger says you should use three strips for large frames and one just at the top for smaller frames to hang art without using a nail or hammer.


  1. Hanging things on a brick wall presents a range of challenges. Michael Russo, masonry expert and owner of the West Village's Porter Sable interior design and construction firm, explains that hanging things on brick can be much more complicated than dealing with plaster or drywall. Here's his advice on how to hang things on brick
  2. How To Hang Things From The Ceiling Without Making Holes. Shelly Lighting September 27, 2018. Damage free hanging holds strongly removes cleanly decorate how you want when without damaging your walls command picture hanging strips let fearlessly hang pictures nails or damage free hanging holds strongly removes cleanly
  3. When a brick wall isn't suitable for clip-on hangers, another option is Plastic Hardwall Hangers. Each hook has three thin nails pre-started into the back, ready for you to tap into brick with a.
  4. Step 4: Figure Out the Best Plate Hangers for You and Hang Them Up! My original plan was to hang my plates using {these} Disc Hangers, which are adhesive discs that you adhere to the back of your plates.The advantages of the Disc Hangers are that they allow your plates to hang flat against the wall and they are invisible once you hang them
  5. Here are a few ways to safely hang posters on any wall. While you could just nail, staple, tack, wheat-paste or duct tape your posters to a wall, these methods will often leave marks on your mounting surface and damage your posters as well. If you only have a limited number of posters or want to keep from having to put holes in your wall, then.
  6. • An old school style in hanging things on plaster is that heat first the nail that you will use. After heating, hammer it to the wall. It will easily and smoothly be pushed inside the wall without chipping it. • A very tricky thing that you can do is to use masking tape. Applying masking tape helps the plaster in order not to chip easily

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Using nails and hammers on plaster will only cause damage to the wall. Plastic anchor screws are surrounded by plastic that expand into the wall after you screw them in. For drywall, choose ones with plastic wings that expand out behind the wall. Plastic anchor screws without wings work best on plaster walls, as they grip the plaster well Hanging art or photos on the walls can make a house feel more like a home, personalizing your space. But you may not want to deal with any sort of damage to your walls—especially if you are renting Step 3: Hammer the Nails. In homes with plaster walls, take a couple of additional steps to help prevent the wall from cracking. Place a piece of tape over the desired location for the hole. Drill a pilot hole through the tape and into the plaster 6 Tips to Hang Photos on Walls Without Using Nails. Read full article Pogo stands are one of the most potent ways that is elegant and effective to hang pictures without any marks on wall, yet.

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Hanging things means first mounting an anchoring system in most kinds of walls. Most of us have either drywall (sheetrock to the masses) or plaster (mostly installed over wooden lath although some lath is actually made of drywall). Let's start with plaster over wooden lath, since it's the trickiest and we'll save the fun stuff for last Clean the surface of your wall with a 1:1 solution of water and rubbing alcohol. Remove the back liner from the adhesive strip, and apply it directly to the wall where you want to hang your picture. Remove the front liner from the strip and firmly press the utility hook against the surface. Hold it steady and in place for 30- to 40-seconds Tips for hanging light things: When I say tiny nails, I mean really tiny nails. The problem with pounding nails into the concrete walls is that they crumble away, but the tinier — and especially shorter — the nail is, the less likely you'll have a problem since you hammer less So instead of driving thin nails into drywall, look for wall studs and hang your decor there. Wall studs are vertical pieces of wood that stand 16 to 25 inches apart behind drywall. They are a part of the framing and provide support to the walls. Unlike drywall, wall studs aren't hollow, so they can bear more weight — up to 20 pounds

Still, the key to hanging photos without killing your walls starts with planning, long before you put the first nail in the wall or drill the first hole. (If you're renting, you'll definitely. How to Hang Things from Popcorn Ceiling. There is no perfect way to hang things from a popcorn ceiling. The texture is too uneven for adhesives to work. Hooks and nails can damage the ceiling texture, which is a horrible idea if your ceiling may contain asbestos - which it almost certainly does if it was made before 1980 6 Ways to Hang a Tapestry. Use a hammer and nails. The simplest way to hang a wall tapestry is by using a hammer and nails. Simply nail in one corner, and then nail in the second according to how much drape you want in the fabric—space the nails further apart for a more taut look, and closer together for a drapey look Behind most interior walls are evenly-spaced wooden support beams called studs. You need to make sure that the screws or nails you hang your mirror from are driven directly into the studs. Otherwise, they'll be supported by nothing but plaster and drywall, which won't be able to hold most heavy mirrors See below for 3M Command strips that are best for hanging pictures on your wall with no damage, no nails, and no drilling. Picture hanging command strips How to put a drywall anchor into your wall: The best type of picture wall hanger is a metal or self drilling plastic wall anchor made for drywall