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Join modfathers.tkrockbox.or Themes are compatible with other devices with identical screen resolution; for instance, iPod Classic themes (320 by 240 pixels) are compatible with the previous model, the iPod Video. All themes include a barebones icon set with icons for pointer and directories. Basta (iPod Classic) Download the latest version: Basta-r92.zi Give your old iPod a modern skin with tons of extra functions. Introduction. Use this RockBox theme to give your old iPod Classic or iPod Video a modern make-over. RockBox is an open source firmware replacement for a growing number of digital audio players. It runs on a wide range of players like: Apple: iPod 1g through 5.5g, iPod Mini, iPod Nano 1g, iPod Classic(Beta), iPod Video(Beta Contents // Rockbox: Green Theme Green Theme for Rockbox on iPod Video/5G Screenshots. Album Art version. Patch-free version. Charging and Hold. Menu background. Photoshop PSD file provided so you can edit or re-use parts. Downloads. Nudel_Green_5G_1_1.zip: Both versions of the WPS I've managed to get as far as installing Rockbox, Themes + Fonts, but when I go to follow that up with the Bootloader, I get to 99% before the installer says it cannot remount and to retry manually. I hold Centre+MENU buttons, but the iPod screen says: Rockbox boot loader. Version: 1.0. Battery status ok: 4029mV. ATA error: -214748364

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  1. jClix Rockbox Themes - iPod Video Tuesday, 29 August 2006 by julius , 17905 views Long time since I wrote here, so please don't be mad at me, I had a lot to do, but fortunately I got some free time between the big rush, and I managed to finish my new theme
  2. Excellent Themes support. My iPod now looks like the Creative Zen Vision. More games, plugins. Multi-OS - Possible to reboot using original Apple iPod firmware. Rockbox does not support video playback yet. So you will need the original firmware for video. Stay tuned for my Rockbox on iPod Video pics. Cheers, Keith . kato Karthiksn. Mar 3.
  3. emCORE r779 on Nano 2G, Nano 4G and Classic 2G. This is the wiki for the freemyipod project. Freemyipod is a project for reverse-engineering iPods with clickwheel ( no iOS devices) and creating tools and documentation so that other people can port alternative firmwares to them such as rockbox. Freemyipod is a relaunch of Linux4nano
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  2. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with RockBox, I will show you how to uninstall it from your iPod. First, plug in your iPod to computer. Load up ipodpatcher.exe Enter U ipodpatcher will take about 10-20 seconds and after it is done the bootloader of your iPod will be back the same way it was before the installation. (you cannot load rockbox anymore) Navigate to the root directory of your.
  3. Sort by. level 1. yyuuiko. Op · 9m Classic 8th. Apologies for the wait. This theme uses rockbox's theme code in ways they weren't designed to be used to achieve this look and functionality, so it's quite complex to figure out. Swipe to the second photo for exactly what has been updated
  4. Is there a theme for rockbox (ipod video) that is simple / functional / tastefull possibly along the lines of the official ipod software. Ive had a look around and most seem to be based around a fascination with naked japanese cartoon girls or super mario! Share Mar 5, 2008 at 9:35 PM Post #2 of 7 pez Headphoneus Supremus
  5. al style. here is the while playing screen config.

Download Rockbox. Take you ipod in disk mode. Install Rockbox. And Enjoy. If you need to go back to your original settings of IPOD just click Restore in your itunes. There are plenty of themes available in RockBox . Some of the best looks like the pictures shown below. To install themes get themes from the RockBox Theme site. Get the .zip. Generally the video themes should work on a Rockboxed Classic. It is the same screen size and functionality. If I have some time, I will test this iClassic theme This article reviews the FREE Rockbox software and explains how it hugely improves video MP3 players like: Apple iPod, iAudio X5, Sandisk Sansa and Toshiba Gigabeat with better audio playback quality, games, applications, plays more codecs (OGG, FLAC etc), themes, gapless playback and optional spoken interface Installation instructions for Linux. Connect your iPod in normal mode (iTunes/file transfer). Download Rockbox Utility for your operating system.; When Rockbox Utility opens, select the checkbox named Show disabled targets, and point the installer to your iPod's mount point.; On the installation screen make sure that Rockbox is selected and Bootloader is not selected (it should be grayed out. iPod - Rockbox themes for iPod Nano on Clone of the original Apple iPod Nano. This theme even has volume graphics that'll replace the progress bar when you scroll the wheel just like the original! Download NanoClone theme . nClix. I made this after being inspired by another theme that was originally for the ipod video by jClix. Download.

Rockbox allows you to upgrade your aging iPod with new themes, fonts, games, and more. Rockbox is a replacement firmware for the iPod, iriver, Cowon, and many other devices. What the firmware does is extends the functionality and features of your current digital music player 1. Extract the entire RockBox folder to somewhere, (ex. your desktop) 2. Open up My Computer. 3. Double click on the thing that says something like: Ipod, or (Your Name Here)'s Ipod. 4. Move the entire RockBox folder into the root folder of your iPod, for example, if your Ipod is H:\ then it would be in H:\.rockbox. 5 Step 1 How to install Rockbox on an iPod Classic. Connect your iPod in normal mode (iTunes/file transfer). Close iTunes completely if it opens when you plug in your iPod, as iTunes will try to interfere with this process if it is left open. Download the Rockbox EXE file at the link below. Run the Rockbox EXE file and click OK through the dialogues 的電腦白癡終於搞定我要的RockBox 介面主題了~~~~開心撒花~~~~ 光是iPod video跟classic能選擇的theme(主題)就有520種! 有興趣的同好們自己上RockBox官網挖寶吧~~~

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jBlackGlass Rockbox Themes - iPod Video Wednesday, 24 May 2006 by julius , 1878 views I've just finished making some new rockbox themes, using Win Media Player 11 design elements, I know, there is already one which is pretty good, but I had something else in my mind, so here is the result If you're happy enough with the features your iPod offers out of the box that you don't want to install a custom firmware like Rockbox, but you'd still like to add a little personal flair to Apple. Jack Wallen shows you how to install and configure Rockbox onto your iPod. In my case it is a 30GB iPod Video, fifth generation. don't forget to create your own themes for your iPod. That. The Rockbox Utility is a free computer application, available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows, built using Digia Qt platform, that is used to install and manage Rockbox on DAPs. Rockbox Utility provides automatic installation of Rockbox, as well as themes and voice files, directly onto a DAP with minimal user interaction

I'm using Rockbox with my trusty old iRiver H320 and really like itit adds a lot of features. My fav feature is the crossfader. The H3XX series wouldn't crossfade and I hate gaps, so Rockbox covers thatplus there's themes you can download to change the look of the GUImost are crap but there's a few that are nicebut with the update of Rockbox to 3.0older themes don't. Check Out I. Pods on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today! Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find I. Pods now I use the Rockbox Utility to manage the player, install the themes I want, backup my settings, and update the operating system occasionally. (Note that to download the themes I display above, you'll have to lie and tell the utility that your iPod is a 5th gen model.) If you'd like to install Rockbox+Emcore on your iPod Classic (a/k/a iPod 6g+), this wizard from the good folk at Emcore. How To Install GB Games and Theme On Rockbox Ipod. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer

Currently I am using an ipod based custom theme, it has the same ipod software functionality but with custom background images of my own. I grabbed several features from several custom themes and made my favorite custom theme. I totally recommend Rockbox First, download and install the latest version of iPodWizard from the GetiPodWizard web site (as of this writing, the latest version is 1.3). This version of iPodWizard works with every iPod on. I'm trying out Rockbox on my 5.5G ipod video right now and I have mixed feelings. I do love the Flac support, but the interface is kind of iffy. I hate how the iPod reboots everytime I turn it on, and it doesn't default back to the now playing screen after inactivity for a few seconds

This is the wiki for the freemyipod project. Freemyipod is a project for reverse-engineering iPods with clickwheel (no iOS devices) and creating tools and documentation so that other people can port alternative firmwares to them such as rockbox.Freemyipod is a relaunch of Linux4nano. Installing Rockbox on iPod Classi Doom and pictures Zoom in by Rockbox on ipod video. Wigglingout. 7:06. How To Install GB Games and Theme On Rockbox Ipod. Conner Abram. 6:17. Rockbox on a 60 GB iPod Video. Ampleemit. 4:04. How to load Rockbox on your iPod. Kamari Arjun. 3:16 The default Rockbox interface is kind of ropy on the iPod, but it is themable and some of the themes are pretty good just have a look at the Rockbox Themes website (I have linked to the iPod Video themes) Numerous plugins for playing games, displaying photos and other miscellaneous things rockbox-1.1-player-old.mod. player. This version is for Archos Jukebox 5000, 6000 with ROM firmware 4.50 or later, and all Studio models. rockbox-1.1-player.mod. Bug: Bass and treble adjustment does not work. recorder. This version is for all Archos Jukebox Recorder models. rockbox-1.1-recorder.ajz. Bug: MP3 playback only works on Recorder 20.

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EmCore should now boot up on the iPod and finish installing itself. Select Rockbox and that will start the fallback Rockbox image on EmCore. Rockbox should start and enter USB mode, wait for the iPod to appear on your computer. Once the iPod drive appears, drag and drop the .rockbox folder to the iPod. Safely eject the iPod and remove the USB lead I hacked my IPod with Rockbox! 6 10 2008. On 23rd September 2008 The Rockbox Project released their 3.0 version of their firmware. Rockbox is a free software firmware replacement for lots of digital audio and video players. The objective is that of provide an alternative solution to the firmwares originally installed by the manufacturers Jul 26, 2015 - Explore Michael Simshauser's board Rockbox/iHoodie Project on Pinterest. See more ideas about ipod, mp3 player, ipod classic The purpose of RockBox is to provide more functionality than the original player firmware. The features that attracted me were: gapless playback, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC support, and support for μSDHC memory cards. It also offers multiple themes and fonts, MPEG video support, and several games unzip rockbox-ipodnano2g.zip -d /media/IPOD. Or if you prefer a GUI, use your GUI's archive program to extract all of the contents of the zipfile directly to the iPod Nano's storage partition (which is the folder newly-mounted under /media in distros that mount drives automatically, like Ubuntu). Installing the Rockbox Bootloade

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Rockbox is an open-source firmware replacement for a variety of music and video players. The interface is very similar, regardless of the device, and as I don't have access to anything other than an iPod, this review focuses on it RockBox -Open Source Jukebox Firmware. Rockbox is an open source firmware for mp3 players, written from scratch. It runs on a wide range of players: One of the most undervalued software of our times RockBox can really make an iPod rock. Kudos to team of RockBox to hack through closed firmwares and come up with an excellent replacement for many. Please select the type of your iPod below: iPod 1G (2001, 5/10GB) iPod 2G (2002, 10/20GB) iPod 3G (2003, 10/15/20/30/40GB) iPod 4G (2004, 20/40GB) iPod Photo (2004, 30/40/60GB) iPod 5G/5.5G/Video (2005-2006, 30/60/80GB) iPod 6G/6.5G/7G (Classic 1G/2G/3G) (2007-2011, 80/120/160GB) iPod Mini 1G (4GB Head to this headfi thread to learn all about headwhacker and the other movers that jiggered Rockbox to play nice with the DX90.. Rockbox is the closest thing we portable audiophiles have to a standard operating system. It runs everything from the popular: 1st and 2nd-gen iPod nanos to the completely obscure: the Olympus M-Robe 500 This is the installation guide for RockBox What you get -Free Games -Themes -Fonts -More Let's get started! Note: if your uncomfortable installing software/firmware on your iPod, Don't do it! Proceed at own risk First, Download your current build iPod 1st + 2nd Gen iPod 3rd Gen iPod 4th Gen Grayscale iPod Color/Photo iPod Video 30Gb iPod Video.

Breathe New Life into Your Aging MP3 Player with Rockbox. Adam Pash. 9/29/08 8:00PM. 120. 2. Since the birth of the iPod in 2001, Apple has released generation after generation of new iPods packed. An iPod that is on their list of supported devices; the list is right on the front page of their site. Here are the iPods: Apple: iPod 1g through 5.5g, iPod Mini and iPod Nano 1g. (The iPod needs to be formatted for Windows to work. If it was formatted for a Mac, you will need to do a restore on a Windows machine for Rockbox to be installed.

The Rockbox manual Ipod Video Chapter 5. The Main Menu 42. 5.2. Navigating the Main Menu. Key Action Scroll Forward Select the next option in the menu. Inside a setting, increase the value or choose next option The Arctic Desert theme in action. Rockbox as a Media Jukebox. The Rockbox firmware provides the user with the ability to play a host of new codecs including ogg, FLAC, ac3 and acc. While ogg playback won't be anything new for iRiver users, this might be a very useful feature for owners of the iPod Re: Rockbox for iPod Classic 6G available (and unstable) « Reply #57 on: February 13, 2012, 08:49:12 AM » sorry for replying to myself but the one from the tenth was massive big bug on my system. i enabled the auto update and that caused it to scan the disk on boot and then it would panic every boot so i had to format the data partition so. この方法はiPod video 5G及びnano 1stのみ対応しています。5.5Gの方はiPod video 5.5genにRockboxをインストールする方法!をご覧ください。 iPod 5Gと5.5Gのどちらか知りたいときはiPodを起動して「設定」→「情報」からモデルを見れば分かります。 5generationの場 320x240 (iPod 5G Video, Cowon D2) Description OptimalInfo is a high-contrast coloured theme with minimalist graphics, which displays an optimal amount of information using an easy-to-read 9-line layout (or 10 lines + 2 extra blank spacing for taller displays) based on a legible font

Subject to the limitations of each particular platform, the appearance of Rockbox can be customised in various ways. Fonts and foreground and background colours can be added and selected, while a simple markup language can be used to create themes for the menu and playback screens. These themes can include backgrounds and other images (such as icons), plus various formats for file names, ID3. What is Rockbox Utility. Rockbox Utility is a free computer application that is used to install and manage Rockbox on DAPs. It provides automatic installation of Rockbox, as well as themes and voice files, directly onto a DAP with minimal user interaction What does Rockbox Look Like Let's fire up the UI Simulator to get a look at a couple of versions UI Simulator is used for writing manuals, trying out rockbox, verifying builds and developing/testing apps We'll fire up the Iriver version since that is my main player along with the Ipod Video Versio

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December 9, 2009 August 25, 2019. My Brief Experience with iPodLinux and Rockbox. Sometime in 2005 I saw a video of someone playing Half-Life on an iPod and I thought it was kind of cool that it was possible. I found out that the person was running Linux on their iPod with id Software's Doom installed (a version ported to the iPod) Rockbox is a free software firmware replacement for lots of digital audio and video players. The objective is that of provide an alternative solution to the firmwares originally installed by the manufacturers. I got interested in Rockbox mainly because as a owner of a 5th gen. 30Gb Apple's IPod I'm not satisfied with the original firmware

For example, iPod Green5g, Arctic Desert, or Black Glass. The ones currently in the article look really cheap and DIY. It falsely gives the impression that Rockbox cannot be nice and polished. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Kai Miller (talk • contribs) . I think the ipodVision theme is quite nice Rockbox is a free software replacement for the firmware held on various forms of digital audio players (DAPs). Rockbox offers an alternative to the host device's operating system firmware (in many cases without removing the original firmware) which provides a plug-in architecture for adding various enhancements and functionality to DAPs which are not present in the original OS Original PSGroove port to rockbox video. Rockbox patch provided by shuffle2. Github: This is a patch for rockbox which replaces usb functionality with that of psgroove. Currently it is only functional on PP502x targets, and has only been tested on a 5th generation ipod video

Replace the Apple iPod firmware with Rockbox. by Jack Wallen in Linux and Open Source , in After Hours on June 23, 2008, 6:20 PM PST. By replacing the standard iPod firmware with software from. Make your old iPod Video look like the new iPod Classic. This is a tutorial on how to change your iPod Video (5G/5.5G) to a iPod Classic interface. Your iPod must have the 1.2.1 firmware or lower. But don't worry you can downgrade your 1.2.3 by writing The Ultimate Background Hack 1.2.2 You get the background hack and it downgrades your iPod to 1.2.2 Rockbox greatly improves the DX90's scrobbling accuracy and speed. Speaking of speed, delays that used to stymie track changes, play/pause cycles, database searches, and more, are all but eliminated. Thanks to Rockbox my DX90 far outpaces my Vinnie-modified AK100 and is all but on par with my iPod nano. Finally iPodWizard. iPodWizard was originally built in 2004 by TheWizard which abandoned the project. Since then there has been much progress in customizing resources and adding support for future generations of iPod. Kingstone is now the main developer of iPodWizard. For more info goto: www.GetiPodWizard.com


Rockbox has been around since 2000 when the first version was released for the Archos Jukebox 6000. The firmware on these early MP3 players was markedly lacking in many ways, and dissatisfied. Rockbox does half way make up for this with its own database functionality - so you can still filter/play by artist, album, genre, etc. But, you have to manually copy the audio files/folders of music onto your ipod. Doesn't play videos. I have an ipod video, so it would be nice to have the ability to play video files

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Rockbox iPod Video - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. This is the manual for Rockbox Themes. The appearance of Rockbox can be customised by themes. Depending on your taste you might want to install additional themes to change the look of Rockbox Hay guys this vid is on how to install Doom, Gb Games & themes. The first link you need is for the Iboy software: second link is for the Iboy ROMs: the first Doom file go to: for the second Doom file go to: ran out of time so i will post the rest as a vid response so the theme link will be in the description of that. I promise to get better at these vids will get my comp so if you find these. If it wasn't for the lack of video support through Rockbox, I would have completely removed the default operating system. I've put together an UbuntuFS theme for Rockbox on the G5 iPod, which can be downloaded here!. This uses my fave background, mixed together with a modified version of the iPodUbuntu theme that can be downloaded from here.

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I installed Rockbox on my Ipod Vid today after reading your post. All my music is taken directly from the cd and converted to Apple Lossless currently. After installing Rockbox I took a couple familiar cd's and converted them to OOG Vorbis files. (q6). I really couldn't believe how good they sounded themes. Documentation manual wiki device status. Support forums mailing lists IRC. Development bugs patches iPod 1G2G, iPod 4G, iPod Color, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Video, iAudio M5, iAudio X5, Gigabeat, Sansa e200, Sansa c200, Sansa Fuze, MR-100] Log In During playback of the spurious duplicate changing the theme to cabbie v2 once again caused Rockbox to rebuffer the correct track (Track #2). Comment by Magnus Holmgren (learman) - Wednesday, 11 August 2010, 19:02 GM Actually I was going to ask this - does anyone know whether there's a Rockbox theme that mimics that of the iPod video? I took a look through some of their user-created ones, and quite a lot are pretty horrible. There was one that tried to mimic the older iPod interface (for reasons that escape me) Cách xem phim trên rockbox Dùng total video converter để convert theo độ phân giải của máy Lcd size : 176x132 Format: Mpeg Còn các phần khác để default là được Copy vào ipod,tháo ipod,vào files,chọn file film và điều kì diệu xảy r

release dev builds extras themes. Documentation manual wiki device status. Support forums mailing lists IRC. since I own the NW-A808, is to get support for MTP/UMS and hopefully Rockbox. The players: iPod Video /w 128GB SSD mod, H320 /w 128GB SSD mod. Halloway My 5G iPod screen was broken at Halloween, though everything else continued to work fine. I remembered I had another 5G iPod, but with a dead HDD and working screen, so decided to put the old screen in the new iPod as a replacement. After a lot of time, I got it done.. An Apple Support logo poppe.. What marketing strategies does Rockbox-themes use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Rockbox-themes The appearance of Rockbox can be customised by themes. Depending on your taste you might want to install additional themes to change the look of Rockbox. 2.2.1 Automated Installation To automatically install Rockbox, download the official installer and housekeeping tool Rockbox Utility. It allows you to: The Rockbox GUI is exceptionally customizable as you can see in these beautiful 5G iPod example themes. Incidentally, the iPod's battery life takes a serious hit when using Rockbox, but this is a known issue that will be remedied by the time Rockbox for iPod officially launches later this year

If you want to look totally like a geek get linux. If you want the best MP3 firmware to date put on rockbox release 3.0 (just released) with select cabbie 2 as theme to try it out. My wife uses an ipod video with the dual boot provided in Rockbox so she can use her original firmware for her music and Rockbox for all the games and stuff This has transformed my iPod. It's brilliant, easy to install, easier to use and massively customisable. I love it. Have some picture of my, now new and exciting, iPod. I highly recommend people give this a try on any player if there is a compatible version, it can dual boot too afaik, so you can switch between Rockbox and the OEM firmware/softwar Triple Booting Apple iPod with AppleOS, iPodLinux, and Rockbox. This step by step guide describes how to install three operating systems in a single Apple iPod (supported models). Thus you can select the operating system when you turn it on. iPodlinux and Rockbox enables you to play video in the non-video ipods, type in text Make your iPod sort albums by release date. Green Theme: A Rockbox WPS theme for the iPod Video/5G. Grand Theft Auto 3: Hidden Packages : Screenshots of the 100 package locations and the hidden sign. Random Stuff: T-Mobile Letter : Letter to director of T-Mobile UK about the appalling (and illegal) customer service from them and UKMail.

I'm not sure if there is a way to do it on the Mac yet. I have a 5G iPod Video in Windows format as well. I'm tempted to try the iPodWizard to modify my iPod's themes, but I'm paranoid of wrecking it a 2nd generation iPod Nano, with USB cable. Left half of a Homo Sapiens brain. Open a terminal in the directory where ipodpatcher resides. If necessary, run chmod +x ./ipodpatcher. As root, run ./ipodpatcher -a iloader.ipodx. Eject the iPod, and it SHOULD reboot — if it doesn't, just hold Menu+Select for a few moments and it will

Apple 256GB Upgraded Transparent 5th generation Slim iPod Classic Video MA146LL Custom Fluorescent Red & Blue Custom COPS Theme Frame & Click Wheel (this iPod originally had a 30GB hard disk installed). This iPod has been given a Custom COPS Theme Light'em Up! as well as a Custom Rockbox Theme created just for this device ps3 jailbreak, is a USB chipset that allows unauthorised gameplay of homebrew PlayStation 3 games and commercial game backup to the user's hard drive. ps3 jailbreak bypasses the security check by using a memory exploit which occurs with USB devices that allows the execution of unsigned code This is a guided video tutorial on how to install Rockbox onto your Apple iPod. In case you don't know what Rockbox is... it's a program for your iPod that you can play games, programs, Game Boy games, and more! So, if you want to learn how to install Rockbox onto your Apple iPod, just follow the instructions step-by-step, pause when you need to, and have fun Rockbox 3.0 was packaged just now and is being made available as I write this. The download mirrors just have to fetch all the zips (should be done within 30 minutes or so). 15 Rockin' Rockbox Themes for iPod 12 years 36 weeks ago. Did you know that it is possible to alter the look of your iPod's boring default graphical user interface $ sudo sh install-rockbox-ipod.sh. On first boot, you will also notice that ipodlinux is installed. We used their nice simple installer/bootloader. Just boot into Rockbox using the option during boot time. Now, once fully loaded, you may discover that the default theme is a little on the ugly side, and I have been a long time Ubuntu user, so I.

Rockbox aims to be more functional and efficient than your iPod's firmware while being easy to use and customizable. Rockbox supports a wider range of sound settings than the iPod's stock firmware. Cell phone, antique iPod (5.5G, a.k.a iPod with Video), GPS that is on permanent loan to my wife, that's about it. it supports players from Archos, iRiver, SanDisc, Toshiba, and others. It supports a variety of encoding formats, video playback, themes, and other interesting options such as 5 band I think Rockbox looks pretty. After last week's Apple announcements, your previous-gen iPod probably isn't looking so hot. Cheer up! We've got five mods that'll breathe new life into the little guy, so you don't have to feel. 2019 13 rMBP (i5/8GB/256GB) {work} - 2012 13 MBP (i5/16GB/1TB MX500 + 2TB Firecuda) {mine} - iPhone 11 Pro Max + Apple Watch S3 42mm - iPod Classic 6G 80GB running Rockbox + iPod Classic 5.5G Enhanced 30GB also on Rockbox

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아이팟 클래식 락박스 커스텀 : iPod Classic Rockbox theme - YouTubeiPod Classic running Rockbox with the Googley ClassicRockbox Vinyl iPod by SUBJECT-241 on DeviantArtHow to Install Rockbox Utility on Ubuntu 13Retro cassette theme on Rockbox firmware playing on myRockboxing the iPod Classic (6g and above) (was TheRockbox FREE MP3 iPod, Sansa etc upgrade: Games, ThemesiPod + Rockbox = Entertainment Extravaganza | Linux Journal

How to install iPod Linux to enable iPod Nano play game and music video December 29, 2016 Guides , iPod admin Two non-Apple tools allow you to play games on your iPod: iPodLinux and Rockbox , both of which are completely free and open source Part 2. How to put iTunes videos, iPod and iPhone videos to Zune. If you want to put videos to Zune, you can transfer the iTunes videos to iPod or iPhone at first and then get the videos from iPod and iPhone to Computer. Now we can put the videos that have got from iPod touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPhone to Zune Oct 1, 2014 - iPod Classic running Rockbox with the Basta theme If you really don't want to use Windows for the iPodWizard portion (which themes the iPod OS), then you can still use Mac OS X to install Rockbox and the iPodLoader. For Rockbox, simply download.