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I have two 11 week old Muscovy ducks. One male and one female and I have had them since they were 2 weeks old. My male is 2.5kg/5.5lbs and the female is 1.8kgs/3.9lbs. They are house pet ducks, who sleep in a massive enclosed soft playpen in my lounge room and are very much apart of the family, like some people treat their dogs. Muscovy eggs take 35 days to hatch (versus 28 days for all other breeds of domestic ducks). Oftentimes they are difficult to hatch in an incubator but a broody Muscovy will do an excellent job of hatching and raising her young. If you remove the ducklings by 3-5 weeks, she will probably produce one or two more broods during the season Young ducks and adults - I find that after the first three weeks Muscovy ducks can transition to adult feed with no problem. Feed 16% protein chicken layer feed either free choice or at least eight ounces per duck per day. You can also feed your ducks corn, herbs, kitchen scraps, weeds, old bread, fish, old cheese, and so on Black barred muscovy hen with a black barred, bibbed, juvenile hen behind her. This picture shows what barred ducklings look like. They are a week old in the picture. Some are black (black), some are dark gray (blues) and some are light gray (silvers) Every 7 days, you can raise the lamp up a little higher so as to drop the temperature another 5 degrees as follows: Week 1: 90°F. Week 2: 85°F. Week 3: 80°F. Week 4: 75°F. Once you hit 75°F, you can keep the brooder lamp at the same height until your ducklings are 6-8 weeks old and ready to move permanently outdoors

For most ducks who hatch at 28 days, set the incubator to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit during the first 25 days, then lower it to 98.5 degrees for days 26 through 28. Adjust accordingly for different incubation periods. For example, Mallards only need 26 days and Muscovy ducks can take up to 35 days Eventually this difference fades, but it is most evident when the ducklings are two to four weeks old. Various Muscovy keepers, including myself, have observed that males appear to nibble fingers and clothes more than females, but this is not a proven method. This can even be noted in ducklings under a week old

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Muscovy Ducklings 6-7 Weeks Old Quackless Ducks. -. $20. (Niland) Due to over crowding I have 5-6 week old Muscovy ducklings available. The Muscovy are excellent ducks as they are quackless. Ideal for those with close neighbors. They will go broody on anything and will hatch out other fowl eggs. They have some of the tastiest meat around Breed: The Muscovy Temperament: females make the best pets Cost: $15 - 25 for adult female, $30 for drakes, $100 for stud Muscovies Lifespan: 7 to 8 years Recommended for: anyone wishing to keep ducks Maintenance: low Muscovies are the all time versatile pet -they are interesting looking, cheap to run and are also edible For the first week, the temperature of the brooder should be 30°C. Gradually reduce this by 3°C each week until the third week, when the heat may be removed (depending on the weather). Ducklings may have access to outside runs from about 10 days of age Baby ducks need to be kept very warm in the first few weeks after they hatch, to give them the chance to get used to the chilly air outside their eggs. Buy a brooding lamp at a feed store or hardware store and affix it to the top of the brooder We have 27 one-week old muscovy ducklings available. Moms are chocolate and white. Dads are lavender or blue & white. $5 each Week old Muscovy ducklings - farm & garden - by owner - sal

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  1. Momma duck hatched 8 ducklings about 3.5 weeks ago now, 2 of whom vanished a few days ago, and today another one is gone along with the mother, and there was obviously a pretty bad struggle. So now I have no idea what to do.
  2. Metzer farms has a great article on the daily feed/water consumption and manure output for ducklings based on age.According to this chart, our 67 ducklings should have eaten .5 lb of feed each over their first week of life, or about 33.5 lbs. total. Judging by whats left in the 50 lb. bag of starter, I don't think they have eaten quite that much, but they were traveling in a box for 2 days.
  3. g is very popular throughout the world. Because it is a very old and popular breed of domestic ducks. The Muscovy ducks are generally large in size and native to Mexico, Central and South America
  4. Muscovy Ducklings for sale they are now 8 weeks old and nice looking ! Muscovy Characteristics. 1. Size and Weight. muscovy ducks. Muscovy ducks are no doubt one of the largest ducks you can find. A fully grown Muscovy drake can weigh up to a whopping 15-pounds, which is over twice the size of most domesticated ducks

By eight weeks old, many experienced Muscovy owners can already identify the sex of their ducklings. For more information and pictures, see 10 Effective Ways to Determine Your Muscovy Duck's Gender (With Pictures) Prior to 8 weeks there are typically too many pinfeathers, and typically by week 10 a new flush of pinfeathers has emerged. (Indeed, at 8 weeks old the occasional duck will still have pinfeathers, and at 9 weeks of age the occasional duck will already be beginning its next growth of pinfeathers. But those are relatively few and far between. Muscovy duck eggs mixed with mallards they both hatched but one was pecked to death.i got to the other one just in time, though it had a head wound I think it will be okay but I don't know how to care for it properly. We have other ducklings and mamas but they are a week and a half older than this little one. Any suggestions 3 week old Muscovy Duck has enlarged craw/crop. About a week ago. No, but just started getting lethargic. Stormy. - Answered by a verified Bird Veterinaria Jumbo Pekin Ducklings. $8.00. Typically Ships in 2 to 4 Weeks. Select Options. Runner Duckling Assortment. $5.60. Enter the number of Runner Ducklings you would like in your assortment. We will include at least one black, blue, and white runner duckling. Select Options

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  1. Adult backyard ducks can eat a wide variety of food, but your baby ducks should have a very specific diet from the time they hatch until they're fully feathered. Baby ducks eat duckling starter, vegetables, fruits, and protein like dried insects (mealworms, black soldier fly larvae, etc)! Feed for Day Olds - 16 Weeks Ol
  2. Muscovy Ducks can be found all over the world as domesticated waterfowl, and we're ready to talk about what these birds are really good at. There are many great reasons for keeping Muscovy Ducks on the homestead, or as small backyard pets — although these reasons do not include maximizing on meat and egg production
  3. g in at around 13 weeks, the most reliable way to sex ducklings is through vent sexing. However, if you can't do that, then size of the ducklings is the next best thing. Male ducklings on average will be larger than female ducklings-they have larger feet, breasts, and longer bodies (see.
  4. Baby Ducks: What They Need. So, you either found a baby duck or multiple baby ducks, or you bought one at a feed store, and you need help. I personally found three abandoned ducklings in the middle of a busy intersection, and I wanted to share with you how to successfully raise them to adulthood

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  1. Last week, In Defense of Animals, This is not the first time Muscovy ducks—which hiss instead of quack—have been at the center of controversy
  2. The new hybrid Muscovy ducklings look like the original Muscovy, but they eat somewhat more per bird per day, and grow more rapidly. For the traditional roasting duck with that fine ducky flavour, you need to raise them at least 14 weeks. The feed efficiency will drop as the birds get older and heavier, but the improved meat quality and.
  3. ation, the thigh and leg muscles, and the myocardium were found to be pale, and there was a fibrinous exudate on the capsule of the.
  4. Young Muscovy ducklings are very susceptible to chilling, so if they're kept in a brooder box, keep it at 85 to 90 degrees during the first week. The temperature can then be lowered gradually, by 5-degree intervals, over the following weeks
  5. Quackless Ducks Muscovy Ducklings 7-8 Weeks Old - $20 (Slab City) Quackless Ducks Muscovy Ducklings 7-8 Weeks Old. -. $20. (Slab City) Due to over crowding I have 7-8 week old Muscovy ducklings available. The Muscovy are excellent ducks as they are quackless. Ideal for those with close neighbors. They will go broody on anything and will hatch.
  6. As such, I prefer to keep my Pekins at 20-22% for their entire 8-12 week lifespan. For Muscovy ducks, I start at 22% protein but then drop down to 18-20% at 4 weeks of age. - Maintenance. Because meat breeds mature so quickly, you usually don't need to switch them to maintenance feed when they are grown
  7. 3 week old muscovy ducklings available. Mute land ducks. Lovely type. £15 each. preloved.co.uk . Report. 10 days ago. Muscovy Ducks NR Torbay, Devon . Newton Abbot, Devon. £15 . Hatched this spring. Pure Muscovy Ducks grey/white and dark. preloved.co.uk . Report. Reduced price 13 days ago. Muscovy Duck and 2 Ducklings

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I have some 1 week old muscovy for $3 a piece and 3 week old pinioned muscovy ducklings for $7. Also have some celadon quail around 3 weeks old and some mixed bantams for $3. The Delaware roosters are 15 for the bigger and 5 for the smaller. Text only. Chicken, chickens, chicks, duck . do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offer Muscovy ducklings-. 3 left- 7 weeks old-drakes -silver/blue $8.00 each. 4- month old -$6.oo each. Will take $40.00 for all 7. e. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7337149449 Muscovy ducklings. -. $10. (Bow/alger) 8 to 2 week old ducklings 19 of them! Chocolates, buff and lilacs are female. I'll take drakes back once they are 5 months old or older. No white head gene in these babies. Black, blue, silver, buff, lilac and chocolate available

Black & white Muscovy ducklings. $8 each, 2 week old. Located in Richards Texas. *No more white ducklings Available. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7321759698. posted: 2021-05-14 16:59 However, many property owners resent the ducks because of property damage caused by their profuse droppings. Another west-Houston community located a few miles from this week's incident is sharply divided on the Muscovy duck issue and is reported to be considering slaughtering the ducks, the magazine reported Muscovy ducklings - $5 (Windber) Muscovy ducklings. -. $5. (Windber) Muscovy ducklings, more hatching this week and next. Currently have black pied other colors expected poss blue pied, lavender, next week will have black split to bronze and ripple. ♥ best of [? Muscovy ducklings - $15 (Wasilla) Muscovy ducklings. -. $15. (Wasilla) We have adorable newly hatched Muscovy ducklings available in a few colors. They range from 3 days old to 2 weeks old. Send an email if you want to buy any. Minimum purchase of two Muscovy ducklings. -. $7. (Medford) <. image 1 of 1. >. QR Code Link to This Post. Muscovy ducklings 2 weeks old many colors. 7.00 each Have a few 1 year old Muscovy duck hens available

Muscovy Ducklings. -. $5. (Boyden, Ia) <. image 1 of 2. >. QR Code Link to This Post. For Sale: Baby muscovy ducklings about a week old parents are chocolate and white and black and white call or text no emails QR Code Link to This Post. a week old Muscovy ducklings for sale. 10 dollars each. show contact info. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7331922470 Muscovy ducks - $8 (Prosser) Muscovy ducks. -. $8. (Prosser) We have Muscovy ducklings ranging from 2 days to 10 weeks with quite a variety of colors and markings. Prices from $8, $12, $16 and $20. The 'parents' are a gray male and a dark green/black male and 5 females, all different colors, so the color combinations of the chicks are diverse Turkey, guineas, Muscovy ducklings and quail - $4 (Hendersonville) Turkey, guineas, Muscovy ducklings and quail. -. $4. (Hendersonville) Guineas less than a week old $6 a piece. We've got several color variations. Selling my breeding stock of Cortunix quail. I've got gold, range (brown), Texas A&M, tuxedo, lavender, silver

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6 week old Muscovy ducklings - $2 QR Code Link to This Post. I have 15 6 week old Muscovy ducklings for $2 each . do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7313576306. posted: 2021-04-27 18:15. updated: 2021-04-29 12:27. ♥ best of . safety tips;. Muscovy Ducklings. -. $5. QR Code Link to This Post. We have lots of Muscovy ducklings available ages one to three weeks. Also a wide variety of colors. Very nice, we just don't need that many. $3 to $5. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Call & Muscovy Ducks SE Qld. June 13 at 6:16 PM ·. These three gorgeous muscovies will be heading off to their new home within the week

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  1. Muscovy ducklings - $6 (Bumpass) < image 1 of 1 > QR Code Link to This Post. I have 18 Muscovy duckling for sale 3 weeks old $6 each Call or text show contact info. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7338198579. posted: 2021-06-17 16:43. updated.
  2. I have Muscovy ducks, age ranges from recently hatched to 8 weeks. at 8 weeks you can tells males from females. Prices vary by age. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7332701161. posted: 2021-06-06 13:36. ♥ best of [?
  3. We have Muscovy ducklings for sale. They are $5.00 each. They range from 4 weeks old to just hatched this week. Wide variety of colors and patterns. Colors include silver and white, blue and white, as well as dark brown and white. If interested please text. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7337312092
  4. g in 2 are going two be lavender and 1 will be black. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7337301429
  5. Muscovy Ducks All Ages QR Code Link to This Post From 1 week old (must take their Mom also) to adult layers and everything in between. Adoption fee depends on age and size. Nice pets and also a good food source. Raise them and know where your meat and eggs come from in this uncertain time

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Black, blue, and white muscovy ducklings. Ages are from newly hatched to 3 weeks old. Prices are from $5.00 to $8.00 depending on age. show contact info. . do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7329849440. posted: 2021-05-31 16:42. updated: 2021-06-12 08:35 Poor Martha Muscovy! Martha is a lone muscovy mama who made a nest in the hostas by our patio. We live on a lake in the summer and there are a lot of critters around. Last night a mink found the nest and ate 3 eggs. We are pretty sure he will be returning for another meal I have a Muscovy duck hen that has 10 ducklings that are one week old. They are chocolate colored. I would like to sell them as a family. $ 75 for the group. I would sell the ducklings separate for $50. I also have two chocolate ducklings that are probably 3 weeks old that I will give with the sale of the whole family You can expect your Muscovy hens to start laying eggs at about 28 weeks (approximately 6 months). This depends on a few factors, including diet, season (ducks don't really lay eggs in winter), and environment (high stress levels can stop egg production)

We at Metzer Farms can provide the information on daily feed and water consumption and manure output, so you can learn about the duck nutrition, mix your own feeds and feed your ducks and geese a nutritious feeds and water Temperatures Too Cold for Ducklings. In the first few weeks (2 - 3 weeks) of a duckling's life, temperatures below 70 °F may be too cold for them. By the 4 th week, when their feathers should be starting to grow in nicely, do not go below 50 °F. At night, the temperature can fall below 50 °F 3. Egg Production. Many ducks can proudly boast yearly averages of 300 eggs per hen, but Muscovies fall short of this number by quite a bit. If you're looking for a good egg producer, consider a duck-like the Khaki Campbell, because a single Muscovy hen usually won't lay more than 130 duck eggs in a year. 4 OH - Black and Chocolate Muscovy Ducks I have show quality Muscovy ducks in both the black and chocolate varieties available. 7 week olds, 5 week olds, and more due to hatch. $10 each $25 $10 each $25 Muscovy Ducks for Sale (Subject to availability) We are not commercial duck breeders so we do not have a large number of ducks. We would normally have about 12 to 20 ducks at a time excluding the ducklings. For us, this is a lot of ducks, too much for us to consume or sell to ou

Hello. I had got the last 3 ducks from tractors supply and had put them in with my other ducks and chicks I had gotten 2 weeks ago. One duck got bullied and I figured it was the chickens. So I moved the 3 new ducks to their own space. The one had all its fur removed around its wings. A few days later the neck on the one duck was now bald Muscovy duck disease is not generally a problem. The species has a reputation for hardiness, so much so that they frequently breed themselves into dominating a locality. This is the root of Muscovy ducks' unpopularity, worsened by their surly demeanor and tendency to chase after any thing that enters their territory

In our first week of raising Pekin ducks, we picked a sunny afternoon and got them out in the yard in a large paint tray for their first swim. They splashed joyfully and also enjoyed walking around in the grass eating dandelion heads. When raising Pekin ducks, you'll discover the ducks grow fast. It didn't take more than a couple weeks for. What Do Muscovy Ducks Eat? A few weeks ago I shared some of the great benefits of raising Muscovy ducks. Since then, I have had a few questions, and one of the most popular was: What do muscovy ducks eat? The short answer: Everything. While they will devour anything they can get their beaks on, there are a few things that you should avoid. These findings suggest that Muscovy ducks experience acute, but not chronic, pain when they are trimmed by cutting at 3 weeks of age. The decrease in activity, and specifically bill-related behaviors, in the Muscovy duck post-trim is similar to the pattern of behavior seen in chickens after beak trimming (Cunningham, 1992, Gentle et al., 1991)

Bird of the week: Muscovy duck . By never feeding Muscovy ducks we can encourage them to move on, thus avoiding overcrowding, messy conditions and the potential to spread diseases Excellent egg producers, our Khaki Campbell ducks can produce up to 300 eggs per year and are offered for sale on the first Monday of each month. White Muscovy Ducks Domesticated in Europe, White Muscovy ducks were originally discovered in Brazil and are known for their intelligence and love of flight For ducks, feeding is a social activity and they tend to eat as a group whenever possible. For the first two weeks, about 2 in. of feeder space per duckling is required (remember to count both sides of a long, straight feeder). After two weeks, the ducklings will need double this amount (4 in. per duckling) Post by Entekuken onJun 29, 2007 at 11:46pm. It'd be around 8 - 12 weeks I believe. The drakes can fly fairly well until they're about two. After that they generally can't fly very far or get very far off the ground although they can still climb good. I've had drakes climb over 6' tall fence 8 Week Old Muscovy Ducks - $7 (Millington) I have 14, beautiful, eight week old Muscovy Ducklings for sale. They were hatched on June 26th by their mom. I am selling them as pairs only for $15 or you can have a male if you need one for $5. I have about 50/50 males and females. I have 4 chocolates, 4 black and white barred (most h.

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Some people will tell you that Muscovy ducks are hard to hatch. Actually, we have hatched them for years and have had very good results. The best incubator, however, is a Muscovy duck hen. She will lay anywhere from 8-15 eggs and set. (Sometimes more.) Many times, she will hatch every egg We only offer straight run, unsexed Muscovy ducklings but it will be very easy to tell the males apart from the females as they grow. Male Muscovy are almost twice the size of females as adults. By three weeks the two sexes are beginning to differentiate by size Depending on the species of bird, eggs are incubated at different temperatures and humidity. I'm using Incubating and Hatching Muscovy Eggs at Backyard Chickens as my reference. Since we have a forced-air incubator, we set the temperature at 99.5°F -- or rather, I used an online converter to figure out the equivalent temperature in Celsius. The wild Muscovy, which is the predecessor of the domesticated species, is usually 26 inches to 33 inches (66 cm to 84 cm) long. Weight: The males generally weigh somewhere between 10 lbs and 15 lbs (4.6 kg and 6.8 kg). The hens are much lighter with their average weight ranging from 6 lbs to 7.9 lbs (2.7 kg to 3.6 kg)

Muscovy ducks are also commonly crossbred with Pekins to produce a Moularde duck, used for foie gras. Farm-raised Muscovy duck is very delicious, he said. Compared to Pekin, They're a little richer, a little more minerally. The ducks can be roasted slowly for a very long time, he said A duck egg that is three days old and has been exposed to cold and damp weather could still hatch successfully, but the odds are not in its favor. Some folks have had sporadic luck when attempting to incubate fertilized duck eggs that are between one week and 10 days old - providing they were not laid during winter months

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Muscovy ducks are an adaptable and useful breed for the homestead. Author Dennis Smith shares breed history and characteristics. During the more than 40 years that we have been in business, I must confess that we have hatched and raised several duck breeds regarding regulation of Muscovy ducks, here's how it reads today at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: - Muscovy Ducks: You do not need a federal permit to raise and sell captive-reared muscovy ducks. Due to their long necks and large bodies, the Muscovy duck often may look like a goose while flying or seen from afar. Issues with Muscovy Ducks. Muscovy ducks are aggressive and have been known to bite while interacting with humans. Furthermore, they are capable of passing bird flu to people, a disease that carries a 60 percent mortality rate QR Code Link to This Post. Muscovy ducklings for sale. 1 week old. 8.00 each. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7331397268. posted: 2021-06-03 18:44 6 weeks old muscove ducks. -. $15. (Galveston) Muscovy ducks for sale between 4-6 weeks old. ♥ best of [?] Avoid scams, deal locally Beware wiring (e.g. Western Union), cashier checks, money orders, shipping

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The keets are hatched and shipped every week of the year. We are an NPIP certified hatchery and welcome your orders for Guinea Hen Keets and Silkie Bantam Chicks . If you would like information about Freedom Ranger Chicks , Khaki Campbell Ducklings , or Muscovy Ducklings , click on the bird you are interested in and you will be directed to our. For Sale: Baby muscovy ducklings about a week old parents are chocolate and white and Black and white call or text no emails. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7329414273 2 week old Muscovy ducks - $10 (Piedmont) 2 week old Muscovy ducks. -. $10. (Piedmont) 2 week old baby Muscovy ducks two for $10. Will not sell just one. Got to sell as doubles are pairs. ♥ best of [? Muscovy ducklings - $10 (Speedwell) < image 1 of 1 > QR Code Link to This Post. I have 8 3 week old muscovy ducklings 10 each or 8 if you buy them all. Call or text any time. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7312542087. posted: 2021-04-25 17:50. ♥ best of Muscovy ducklings for sale. 2 day to 2 week old available. Friendly with parents on site. $12-20/ea Discount if buying 5

Muscovy ducklings - $8 (Oak Harbor) Muscovy ducklings. -. $8. (Oak Harbor) 7 cute Muscovy ducklings. A few weeks old. Willing to discount if in bulk. ♥ best of [? 160 Woodstock rd. ( google map ) QR Code Link to This Post. Baby ducklings 3 day old to 3 week old call show contact info. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7331417657. posted: 2021-06-03 19:31 Duck manure is often spread on to farming land, especially cropping enterprises. Ducks are grown to about 7 weeks of age and males will average 95 g /day with a feed conversion ratio of under 2.15:1. Breast meat yield is the most important selection trait and this is about 20% of carcass weight. Thigh meat (22% of carcass weight) is also important

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Muscovy ducklings - $5 (Cranesville) Muscovy ducklings. -. $5. (Cranesville) they are very tolerant to cold weather even though native to warmer climates they make excellent meat birds and pets. Ours fly from one pasture to the next and sleep in trees and are a wonderful addition to any farm. ♥ best of [? Four ducklings managed to get away, hobbling with their mother into the lake, but two drowned. Out of the 11 ducklings, only two survived, according to the report. What are you doing to my ducks

Muscovy Ducklings Sale - $6. Muscovy Ducklings Sale. -. $6. Beautiful healthy Muscovy ducklings for sale. Started hatching 4/23. Hens are very protective of babies and make great first time mothers. Ducklings are growing big very quick, healthy eaters, swim in a small pool, are very active, and feathering. Parents are highly fertile and free. Ducks need a water source, if not a pond at least 1 pool they can have access too, as well as fresh drinking water daily. Baby ducks can eat the non medicated chick food up to 16 weeks old and after that they can just have the normal all flock bird food. They also enjoy a bit of scratch and to forage for grasses and other plants Muscovy Ducklings for sale - $5 (Franklinton) Muscovy Ducklings for sale. -. $5. (Franklinton) 2 week old Muskovy ducklings. Mom and Dad on site for veiwing. Please contact me if interested. $5 each Polish, Silkies geese and Muscovy ducklings $10 (btc > Sherwood, Michigan ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $0. favorite this post Jul 5 2 DUCKS OIL PANTING $0 (chi > ADDISON northwest suburbs ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $399. favorite this post Jul Muscovy ducklings - $9 (Stuart VA) Muscovy ducklings. -. $9. (Stuart VA) I have new muscovy ducklings for sale. They are straight run and vary in age from three weeks old to six weeks old. Nine dollars each cash Meet in Mayodan or Rural King in Martinsville VA. Nice ducklings out of brown hens and black and white hens

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Baby Muscovy ducks, we have 4 different nests of babies ranging from a day old to 2 weeks old do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers post id: 732710349 MUSCOVY DUCKLINGS ALL COLORS. -. $10. Started hatching again clutch born today 5/7/21have black and white , chocolate, lavender, blue fawn, there are all colorsmany more to come day olds to a week will be $10 Rarer colors are $15. Will take deposit to reserve if these sell out, quite a few nesting right now so it would be first come first.

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Muscovy ducklings - $10 (Anderson) Muscovy ducklings. -. $10. (Anderson) 4 to 6 weeks old Muscovy ducklings. $10 each not heat lamp need it. Please call or text Chuy at 95one 250 368one. Thanks Muscovy Ducklings - $5. Muscovy Ducklings. -. $5. I have Muscovy ducklings for sale. They are from several hatches but around 6 weeks old. Please call or text. No emails please