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Low Cost, Accurate, Submetering. Read Over Internet, Huge Savings Meters, Test Instruments, Testing, Tools & Training, including SC Series Clamp Meter, Deluxe Lead Set, 3 Wire Test Cord, Dual Range Non-Contact.

The Meter Shop, Inc offers a variety of service types to accommodate our varying customer requirements. From local pickup and delivery to expedited services, we can meet your critical needs. FREE ESTIMATES . Custom Meter & Dial Work. New Instrument Calibration. In-House Calibration & Repai Meters & Instruments representative. 23M232 Meter with 4 Flanged Connection Our 23M232 includes four inch flanged connections and a 232 PSIG (16 bar) maximum working pressure. This design complements our standard six inch 23M175. With a maximum capacity of 385 MSCFH (10,895 Nm3 per hour) the 23M is an ideal measurement solution for a wide arra Brooks Instrument is more than a flow meter manufacturer. As the leading supplier of flow technology, we offer the world's most comprehensive line of precision flow control and flow measurement devices. Explore high-performance instruments, from mass flow controllers to rotameters, supported by expertise and service only found at Brooks.

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Gas Detection Instruments 24 items Infrared & Temperature 30 items Moisture Meter Accessories 74 item Kestrel weather meters are handheld weather stations and ballistics meters with anemometers to measure wind speed, temperature, and more. We are the official Kestrel manufacturer (not an authorized dealer), and offer the lowest prices with free same-day shipping. Call 800-784-4221 or order your Kestrel Meter today

Flowmeter Instrumentation Achieve More Accurate and Repeatable Flow Measurement We design and manufacture high-performance thermal mass flow controllers, immersible thermal mass flowmeters, vortex flow meters and transit-time ultrasonic flow meters for nearly every gas, liquid, or steam application. Choose Sierra when you need With temperature sensing, auto-ranging, and a large digital display, Klein Tools' MM600 HVAC-specified multimeter kit is a solid choice for Best Bang For The Buck Comes With Several Attachments Klein Tools Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging, 600V MM40

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mitchell instruments, Mitchell Instrument Co. Inc. is a distributor of electrical test and measurement equipment including megohmmeters, power quality analyzers, cable locators, gas monitoring, insulated tools, and personal protective equipment for arc flash protection. Other instrumentation areas include calibrators, temperature and humdidity, HVAC, liquid and air flow meters, ultrasonic. James Instruments Inc. is the leading manufacturer of non-destructive test equipment for concrete and other coarse grained materials. We supply the instruments that measure and analyse strength, structure, corrosion and moisture in concrete and more! Learn More. Material. Property. Industry

With its Flex-Hybrid technology, the FMQ flow meter combines the best of two worlds: data from the sensor can be transmitted in a digital, or analog way, or parallel in both technologies Flow Meters Flow meters are sophisticated measuring devices that employ a range of technologies designed to quantify the rate or volume of a moving fluid, either liquid or gas, in an open or closed conduit All on laptop screen are designed up. meter instrument of measurement stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Line Measure Icons Simple Set of Measure Related Vector Line Icons. Contains such Icons as Radius, Diameter, Depth, Axis, Area and more. Editable Stroke. 48x48 Pixel Perfect. meter instrument of measurement stock illustrations An instrument (from the instrumentation engineering perspective) is a device that can measure a change in a particular parameter of a certain physical quantity (measurand, like temperature, pressure, etc.) with respect to a reference value (which is generally the reference zero of measurement) and present it in a perceivable/readable/recordable format A decibel meter often called a sound pressure level (SPL) meter, is an instrument used to assess sound levels by measuring pressure. It uses a microphone inside the device to capture sound. These are used in all kinds of environments mostly to gauge exposure limits. Read full article. Best Overall

RF Power Meter IVI Instrument Drivers Enable browser cookies for improved site capabilities and performance. Enable Javascript and browser cookies for improved site capabilities and performance RST Instruments' offers a variety of tilt meters suited to the specific needs of your project. The MEMS In-Place Tilt Meter provides a permanent monitoring solution for vertical and rotational deformation in above-ground structures such as buildings, retaining walls, and concrete dams Visit our meter selection guide or call 714 891-0008 for help in selecting the correct meter for your application. Meter Selection Guide. ISO 9001:2015 Certified. King Instrument Company has been certified by NSF - ISR to be in conformance to the internationally accepted ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard

Sound-level meter, device for measuring the intensity of noise, music, and other sounds. A typical meter consists of a microphone for picking up the sound and converting it into an electrical signal, followed by electronic circuitry for operating on this signal so that the desired characteristics can be measured Meter definition is - systematically arranged and measured rhythm in verse:. How to use meter in a sentence. Did you know

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Software Downloads Do you need data logger software for your ELITEpro energy meter, PowerScout power meter, or SMARTlogger run time data logger? Download what 800.388.077 Moisture meters measure the percentage of water in solids, gases, and hydrocarbon liquids through a variety of invasive or non-invasive technologies. Industrial moisture meters measure trace amounts of moisture, ensuring precise percentage readouts during food production, manufacturing, building trades, and more. Learn more about Moisture Meters The electromagnetic field meter is a reliable measuring device for measuring the existing magnetic field. This electromagnetic field meter is suitable for measuring both static/permanent magnet (DC) and alternating magnetic (AC) fields. - Measuring range up to 30,000 G - DC Milli Tesla, DC Gauss, Transverse Prob A sound level meter is a measuring instrument, designed to measure sound levels in a standardized way. Commonly referred to as a sound meter, noise meter, decibel meter, or sound pressure level (SPL) meter, a sound level meter is designed to respond to sound in approximately the same way as the human ear

Digital Instruments for AC/DC Systems. These digital instruments provide comprehensive monitoring of onboard AC and DC electrical systems. They give quick and accurate information on all important aspects of electrical system status; voltage, current, power consumed, power available, and AC frequency accuracy is +/- 1% Welcome to Meter Masters & Instrument Welcome to Meter Masters & Instrument Welcome to Meter Masters & Instrument. About Us. Excellence In Everything Measurement. Huge Stock On All Product Lines. Same Day Shipping On Most Products. Subscribe. Email. Sign up. Contact Us. Drop us a line! Name. Email* Send Digital Panel Meters, Analog Panel Meters, Test Instruments / Equipment. Simpson Electric Company has been a leader in the panel and test instrument industry since 1927. Today, Simpson continues its commitment to quality and innovation and is dedicated to the highest level of customer service and company growth

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  1. Weschler Instruments is a manufacturer and distributor of measurement and control equipment. Customers worldwide use our products in power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills and other industrial applications that require rugged, reliable and accurate instrumentation. Browse the product and technical information on this website
  2. mitchell instruments, Mitchell Instrument Co. Inc. is a distributor of electrical test and measurement equipment including megohmmeters, power quality analyzers, cable locators, gas monitoring, insulated tools, and personal protective equipment for arc flash protection. Other instrumentation areas include calibrators, temperature and humdidity, HVAC, liquid and air flow meters, ultrasonic.
  3. In 2011, the Dresser meters and instruments product line became part of the GE Oil & Gas business, a world-leading provider of advanced equipment and services for all segments of the oil and gas industry, including drilling and production, liquefi ed natural gas (LNG), pipelines, storage, industrial power generation, refi ning and petrochemicals
  4. Laurel Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures electronic instruments for industrial measuement, control and networking. Laurel programmable transmitters, digital panel meters, electronic counters, industrial timers, and large digit displays set the standard of the industry with technical features and performance
  5. - With modern meters, some meter Forms may be used to correctly meter more than one service configuration. - More than one meter Form could be used with a particular service depending on the connection of the Instrument Transformers. • The same Form designation is usually applicable to equivalent meters of all manufacturers

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  1. Your Flow Meter Experts. Over 35 years of experience means not only can we provide the right instrumentation for your application, we can support and service it as well. Make us your source for flow meter sales, rental, calibration and training
  2. Petrol Instruments at OSEA 2018 The 22nd International Oil & Gas Industry Exibition & Conference, 27 - 29 November 2018. Visit Petrol Instruments at Booth No. #BE3-01 Hall D, Basement 2..
  3. g lights, tachometers, spark checkers, temp guns, gearcase testers and gearcase fillers. You'll find digital and analog meters & multimeters including the industry standard peak voltmeter, Peak Voltage/DVA adaptor, ohmmeters, ammeters and more, for servicing both magneto ignition and CDI systems
  4. ates the need for separate components and.
  5. The Extech Instruments Division is a manufacturer and supplier of 15 major product categories of technically advanced, portable meters including multimeters, clamp meters, electrical testers, and environmental meters for the measurement of light, sound, temperature, humidity, airflow, RPMs, and water quality

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  1. 3 meters in 1! This meter allows you to measure pH, EC (conductivity) and TDS with just one instrument and one single probe! The AG900, with a conductivity range that goes up to 6.00 mS/cm and the TDS up to 4000 ppm is ideal for testing in crop production
  2. At DENT Instruments, we take great pride in the design and manufacture of industry-leading power meters, sub meters, and current sensors. Our products are an integral part of comprehensive energy reduction strategies in commercial, industrial, and retail environments. Watch our introductory video to learn more about our design process and the.
  3. KROHNE is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions in industrial process instrumentation: flow meters, level meters, temperature meters, pressure meters, analysis instruments
  4. Other articles where Current meter is discussed: V. Walfrid Ekman: The Ekman current meter, an instrument with a simple and reliable mechanism, has been used, with subsequent improvements, to the present, while the Ekman reversing water bottle is used in freshwater lakes and sometimes in the ocean to obtain water samples at different depths with a simultaneou

Heron Instruments Inc. is located in Dundas Ontario, Canada. We also have a warehouse in New York, USA. Do you provide repairs/service on your equipment? Heron Instruments Inc. 2020-10-24T10:16:29-04:00 BYK-Gardner develops testing solutions for color measurement, appearance control as glossmeters and orange peel meters, as well as instruments to analyze physical properties of paints and coatings Sperry Instruments Announced as 2019 Top Products Award Winner from EP&S Magazine. Electrical Products and Solutions magazine recently awarded Sperry Instrument's DM6850T and DM6800 Thin Meters Top Product for 2019. Read the full press release. Testing Equipment Roundup . Sperry Instruments has been providing test equipment to electricians.

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  1. The newest and most affordable fire weather meter is now more capable and connected. The 3550FW has all the original features and comprehensive weather monitoring capabilities of the benchmark Kestrel 3000 plus a digital compass for wind direction, LiNK Bluetooth® wireless connectivity for remote viewing and instantaneous sharing of weather data from a mobile device, and an extra coin cell.
  2. Replacement EMF meter probes and optional accessories are available for most EMF meter models. If you have any questions about the electromagnetic field meter products found on this website, please contact us at or +44 (0) 2380 987 035 for PCE Instruments UK , or at or +1 (561) 320-9162 for PCE Americas Inc
  3. Kurz multipoint insertion flow meters use up to four sensors for. measurement redundancy and to ensure accuracy. Its rugged. design withstands the high stress and high vibrations found. in large industrial ducts and stacks that commonly have. wide-ranging velocity and temperature profiles
  4. g the synergic development of multi-industries pattern which includes energy meter, gas meter, water meter, heat meter, industrial instrument, analog instrument and vehicle charging equipment
  5. About Us Cixi flowmeter Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 and we have especially set up Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co. Ltd in order to handle the deals of Export and obtained the License of Export and Import in 2008. Since 1986, Cixi flowmeter Co. Ltd has been dedicating itself to research and manufacture of various kinds of flowmeters and level meters
  6. Tianjin Sure Instrument is flow measurement application & flow meter manufacturer with more than 10 years export experience. Company is located in Tianjin which one of the most developed and industrialized city in China. Nowadays, we have 315 employees and more than 100000㎡ workshops
  7. Common Meter Reading Instrument (CMRI) is a handheld computer used to download data from electronic tri-vector meters, supporting different protocols like IEC, ANSI and PACT. CMRI is also compliant to IS-15959/ DLMS (IEC-62056) standard. CMRI can be interfaced with the portable printer for spot billing applications

The Novo-Gloss Trio is one of the many gloss meters we offer here at Rhopoint Instruments. It is the ideal choice for the measurement of gloss of flat surfaces. Measuring at 20,60 and 85⁰ (high, mid and low gloss finishes). This glossmeters features include on-board statistics, rapid data transfer, CSV data output, pass/fail, user definable. Low Flow Liquid Meters. Rheotherm flow meters are an excellent —often the only— choice for reliable liquid flow measurement at low flow rates. For flow rates from 1 gallon/year (10 cc/day) to a few GPM, they provide repeatable fluid flow measurement with little or no maintenance. Options for hazardous locations (intrinsically safe/ NEMA 7 explosion-proof) are also available for low flow. BOQU Instrument focus on development and production of water quality analyzers and sensors, including water quality meter, dissolved oxygen meter, pH sensors, etc. E-mail: michael@shboqu.com | Expert in Water Quality Measurement and Water Treatment Projec The 550A dissolved oxygen instrument has been discontinued. YSI will continue to support existing 550A's through 2020. We recommend the Pro20i as a direct replacement. The Pro20 and ProSolo handheld instruments are also suitable replacements

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Aalborg - Variable Area Flow Meters, Thermal Mass Flow Meters, Thermal Mass Flow Controllers, Multi-Parameter Mass Flow Controllers, Paddlewheel Meters, Pumps, Vortex Flow Meters, Valves, Accessories, Aalborg, flow meter, rotameters, mass flow meters, mass flow controllers, vortex, valve Our inline, completely unobstructed flow meter offers a unique design that protects the sensors from the fluid allowing for fluid to pass with no pressure drop that would lead to increased production costs. Constructed of 316SS, with 2 RTD sensors, Thermal Instrument in-line mass flow meters provide reliable, accurate, and repeatable measurement Model 9515 is an economical air velocity meter that does not compromise accuracy or precision. It features a 40-inch (101.6-cm) telescoping integrated probe for difficult to reach measurements. VelociCalc Models 9535 and 9545 thermal anemometers are like having multiple instruments for the price of just one. These meters simultaneously measure. Experienced Leader. With more than 55 years of service, Metrix is the preferred supplier of industrial vibration monitoring systems and services to many of the world's leading manufacturers and users of cooling towers, gas turbines, generators, pumps, motors, fans, reciprocating compressors, and other rotating machinery

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments. £ 694.00. Price excl. VAT &. delivery. 2 year Warranty. Order no.: PCE-MA 110. Relative Humidity Meter PCE-MA 110. PCE-MA 110 is a halogen relative humidity meter or analyzer that functions on the gravimetric or loss on drying (LOD) principle. The relative humidity meter uses the halogen method to dry the. A full service team is staffed by experts in Extech products. They provide the repairs needed to keep your instruments accurate and at peak operation. Turnaround is quick in order to minimize inconvenience and downtime for the customer. These service specialists also handle NIST certification requests and liason with our in-house Calibration Laboratory to make sure that certification is. The instrument is designed to accurately predict percent dry matter with a simple push of the button. Utilizing a wi-fi connection, the data collected using the F-751 Avocado Quality Meter can be seamlessly transferred to a computer for easy analysis and data sharing. Benefits of the Avocado Quality Meter include a more in-depth avocado model. Series VA. 65 mm and 150 mm, ±2% FS Accuracy, Interchangeable Flowtubes, PTFE Options, Universal mm Scale Variable Area Glass Flowmeters are designed with easy to read scales. Suitable for metering carrier gases, liquid, and gas measurement in pilot plants, process flow, and level indicating. View More

Weather Measuring Instruments. We are prominent distributor and supplier of Weather Measuring Instruments that are widely used for measuring various data about weather. These instruments are procured from trusted suppliers who manufacture these instruments keeping optimum satisfaction of customer's in mind FLOW - metering systems for a lifetime - Count on us. learn more. System Solutions. High performance solutions for storage, delivery and dispensing. learn more. Calibration and Service. One contact, one contract - FLOW supports you with worldwide calibration and service. learn more Designed for the modern era, edge® is a laboratory pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen meter that offers simplicity and versatility in a sleek design. Learn More Hanna Instruments, Inc. is honored to be named by Providence Business News (PBN) as a 2021 Best Places to Work in Rhode Island we provide instant moisture meters, organic composition analyzers (fat/oil, protein, ash, btu, bulk density, coatweight.) instant coating thickness testing, and unsurpassed friction measurement, wear testing, peel tests, adhesion tests and other physical property testing - with simple, elegant, durable instruments. guaranteed

METER Group announces the release of its ZL6 Basic and ZL6 Pro data loggers. The new loggers complete the ZENTRA ZL6 data logger line and offer more choices in the way customers can connect with their data. METER Group is pleased to announce this year's recipients of the Grant A. Harris Fellowship. Farming is all about knowing the weather For over 100 years Sparling Instruments has been producing the best in American Made flow measurement technology. Manufacturing the renowned TigerMagEP, BlueWater, and diverse line of Propeller Meters OHMIC Instruments Inc. is a manufacturer and re-seller of humidity, dew point and biomedical test equipment. Products include humidity and absolute humidity sensors, Absolute humidity, RH/temperature transmitters, dew point controllers/monitors, pressure meters, medical safety inspectors, and ultrasound power meters Choose from a wide selection of digital and analog weather instruments that let you monitor wind speed, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall and more. Each Maximum weather instrument is built by hand at our New Bedford, Massachusetts facility and is backed by our long-standing commitment to quality, accuracy and. Many instruments ignore the importance of temperature. Others require a separate thermometer for testing sample temperature, then manual adjustment of the meter. All Myron L ® instruments, however, feature fast and precise Automatic Temperature Compensation. The result: a more accurate, useful instrument

DC580 Airflow Meter Hot-wire & Vane Anemometer; DC710 Combustion Analyzer; SP341 Sub-mini K type Thermometer; SP555 Wireless Air Velocity Probe; SP565 Thermal Anemometer Hot Wire Air Velocity Probe; SP620 Dual Input Differential Pressure Meter; SP700 Carbon Monoxide Meter; SP1000 IAQ NDIR CO2 Meter; 608BT Single Input Manometer with Bluetooth. Source of electronic test tools for HVAC, industrial, automotive, electrical and residential applications

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China top supplier Coriolis meters with low price and good quality, OEM is available, Contact today market@metern.c Knotmeter & Log Instruments. (5) SORTED BY: Best Match Best Sellers Highest Rating Price: Low to High Price: High to Low New. RAYMARINE. i40 Speed Instrument with Thru-hull Transducer. (0) $279.99. Compare

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D & L Meters and Instrument Service, Inc. Serving Southeasern New Mexico Since 1970 Company Information Manual BOP Hydraulic BOP Annular BOP Spherical BOP Closing Unit Fluid Containment Systems Tubing Data Wellhead Data: Blowout Preventers Fluid Containment Systems ____ NEW SHIMPO DT-501X Process Panel Meter Tachometer: SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS, A Division of NIDEC-SHIMPO AMERICA CORP., has released its new DT-501X Panel Meter Tachometer designed for automation applications such as speed, rate or time monitoring when combined with a compatible process speed sensor.With its industry-leading 0.87 (22 mm) Continue reading Measuring Instruments and Analyzers. Brüel & Kjær measuring instruments provide class 1 sound level meters and analyzers, vibration meters, noise dosimeters, plus a wide range of specialized sound level meter apps, kits, and post-processing software allowing you to customize your instrument to your needs CS Instruments has been an expert in the field of consumption measurement and flow measurement for many years and serves customers worldwide with the most advanced and field proven flow meters. For this reason, we offer a wide range of tools for almost any application needs

Shenzhen Star Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. With its headquarters located in CBD area of Shenzhen, China, Star Instrument has its own 100,000 m2 Star Industry Park and a 50,000 m2 modern production plan Tensitron, a KTC Instruments Company. TENSITRON is recognized as the industry leader for designing and manufacturing precision tension meters , tension transducers, and custom tension measuring instrumentation. We've helped our customers achieve consistent, quantifiable quality control by providing accurate, reliable, and durable instruments.

Fox Thermal mass flow meters offer solutions in Oil & Gas, Industrial, Biogas, and Wastewater applications. Enter process data and flow meter requirements into our product configurator for faster service. Talk to our expert application engineers or customer service representatives to get the answers you need Global Digital Instruments, LLC (GDI) manufactures hour meters, tachometers, battery discharge indicators and combination multi-function gauges.In addition to these core products GDI works directly with OEM customers to develop control solutions for clutches, ignitions and other vehicle systems.. GDI meters are available in a wide range of styles and inputs to suit nearly every application

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Windows-based Instrument Setup (IS) software is an easy method to set up Laureate 1/8 DIN digital panel meters, counters, timers, remote displays, and DIN-rail transmitters.Laureate 1/8 DIN instruments can also be set up from the front panel, as explained in their respective Owners Manuals.Instrument Setup software is of benefit whether or not the PC is connected to the instrument A cover meter is an instrument to locate rebars and measure the exact concrete cover.Rebar detectors are less sophisticated devices that can only locate metallic objects below the surface. Due to the cost-effective design, the pulse-induction method is one of the most commonly used solutions A and C Characteristics Polarized Capacitive Microphone Digital Sound Level Meter Measurement Range 30-130dB. Product Name: Voice Measuring Logger Tester. Safety Rating: EN61010-1,EN61326-1. Power Supply: 4*1.5V AAA

Learn how to use an LCR meter, such as the Tenma 72-10465, to measure reactive components. An LCR meter uses an AC signal at different frequencies to charact.. Shenzhen Test Instrument Apparatus Co., Ltd., Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting multimeter, clamp meter and 255 more Products The optimus red sound level meters are the ideal instrument with a clear, high resolution OLED colour screen, a wide 120dB measurement span and simultaneous measurement of all parameters. Outdoor Noise Measurement Kits. The CK:690 is a weather protected outdoor kit that is designed for use with the optimus green sound level meters

AEMC INSTRUMENTS (CHAUVIN ARNOUX). Megohmmeters, ground resistance testers, data logger's multimeters, ACDC current probes, power & harmonic testers. AMPROBE (TIF AND REMCON are now a FLuke Company). Analog & digital clamp-on ammeters, multimeters, strip chart recorders, power factor meters and circuit testers Our integrated circuits and reference designs help you create smarter electricity meters with advanced security and connectivity features to meet system design requirements. Whether for single or poly-phase meters, we have the right ingredients for accurate energy measurement and efficient communic Holiday detector. Impedance Meter. Installation Tester. Insulation Analyzer. Insulation Resistance Measurement set. Instrument Transformer (IT) Tester. Insulation Tester (upto 40 T次) KVM Meter. Live Cable, Wire & Pipe Detector The Mass Flow Meter with automatic Screen Position Adjustment! Vögtlin Instruments GmbH, the scientific gas flow specialist, has the pleasure to announce the release of an updated firmware version for the award winning red-y compact 2 series mass flow meter: The new firmware comes along with automatic screen adjustment! » red-y compact 2 series HTC Instruments. . HTC Instruments had been established in 2008 to provide the optimal Quality and Customer Service by innovation and integration.The company's flagship measuring instrument business provides products and services indispensable to the development, manufacture and maintenance on a global scale

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Extech Instruments Corporation is committed to complete customer satisfaction by providing innovative quality products, value and service. We strive to provide a stimulating work environment for our employees and establish measurable quality objectives that are reviewed for suitability and continuous improvement Huaian Hongqi Instrument Co.,Ltd, which is located in Jinhu county, Huaian city, Jiangsu province. Established in 2009, is a manufacture and trader specialized in research, development and production of flow measuring Instruments, pressure meter, liquid level meter and temperature instruments Kaifeng Aft Instrument Co., Ltd., Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Flow Meter/Magnetic Flow Meter/Vortex Flow Meter/Turbine Flow Meter/Ultrasonic Flow Meter/Open Channel Flow Meter/Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter/Orifice Flow Meter/Coriolis Mass Flow Meter/Oval Gear Flow Meter/Electronic Turbine Flow Meter/Micro Flow Meter/Water Meter/Electric Meter/Gas Meter/Pressure Meter/Level Meter. The default setting on the MC-100 takes leaf measurements in chlorophyll content index (CCI) units. The major benefit of the MC-100 is the ability to set output of the meter to display in chlorophyll concentration units (µmol m-2).There are concentration output settings for 22 specific plant species and a separate conversion setting for use with any species that is derived from the average of.

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KDS INSTRUMENT (KUNSHAN) CO., LTD (KDSI) is a manufacturer specializing in production of power distribution panel mounted instruments. The main products made by KDSI include various types of AC and DC voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, power meter and power factor meter; a variety of digital display electrical meters, smart control.

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