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  4. Here are some of President Donald Trump's biggest gaffes on camera. Music Credit: Artlist 'The Laboratory Claptraps' by Francesco D'Andre
  5. Here are ten of Trump's most embarrassing gaffes. 1. Trump confused 9/11 with the convenience store '7/11'. During his 2016 campaign, Trump confused the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks with.

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As Trump Piles Up Successes - and Gaffes - the Dems Implode. Conrad Black, National Review Online July 17, 2019. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik. As he piles up successes (and gaffes), the Democrats implode Trump's 'Herd Mentality' Gaffe Creates Anguish On The Left, 'Ambush' Accusations On The Right. Lisette Voytko. Forbes Staff. Business. Wealth Reporter. Updated Sep 16, 2020, 02:12pm EDT The gaffe: Campaigning in Buffalo on Monday, Trump misstated the date of, oh, the deadliest attack on American soil and the most traumatic event in the history of his home city. I was down. 3. Trump is the chosen one. During the Christmas holiday, Christians celebrate the birth of their savior. That savior does not include Donald Trump, much to his chagrin. The fake news, of which many of you are members, is trying to convince the public to have a recession, Trump said. Let's have a recession Trump's gaffe came Tuesday morning during a speech at the White House to mark the signing of The Great American Outdoors Act, which passed by large bipartisan margins in Congress and will commit.

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  1. The gaffe followed Mr. Trump's secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, challenging an NPR reporter last week to find Ukraine on an unmarked map. Pompeo is from Kansas. Pompeo is from Kansas
  2. Coronavirus Task Force doctor Anthony Fauci appeared to roll his eyes and smirk at President Trump during a press conference Friday. Dr Fauci has contradicted and rebuked Trump's claims about the.
  3. An image tagged biden old trump crazy old is safer,biden,good,trump,crazy,insane. Create. Make a Meme Make a GIF Make a Chart Make a Demotivational Flip Through Images. Biden's occasional gaffes are nothing compared to Trump's non-stop insanity. share
  4. The montage includes one of the president's most recent gaffes, in which he struggled to pronounce the word Yosemite while reading it from a sheet of paper. It goes on to show Mr Trump.
  5. When asked about the gaffe while departing the White House on Friday, Trump blamed the mistake on a teleprompter malfunction. Actually, in the middle of that sentence, it went out
  6. gly hits Hillary Clinton in the back and knocks her down as she boards a plane. The tweet shared by.

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Joe Biden and His Gift for Gaffes. Fairfax, VA --(Ammoland.com)-When the Democrats who are seeking their party's nomination to run against Donald Trump in 2020 start talking about guns, anyone. Joe Biden is currently 78 years old and is the oldest sitting President in American history. Because of his age and his many gaffes, many people have raised the question if Joe Biden is physically and mentally capable of leading the world's largest superpower. On Friday, March 19, 2021, Joe Biden was climbing the stairs Trump has been accused of being an umbrella hog on more than one occasion, specifically for holding one over his own head but not covering first lady Melania Trump. He's also faced the more familiar struggle of trying to hold an umbrella in the wind . Trump's latest encounter with an umbrella caused a storm of jokes on Twitter: Umbrella are. Donald Trump's 7-Eleven Gaffe was an incident in which Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump mistakenly referred to the September 11th Terrorist Attacks as seven eleven (7/11), an international chain of convenience stores, instead of nine eleven (9/11), a colloquial term used to describe the tragic event. The mistake led to many parodies and ridicule online

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Harlow's gaffe is the latest example of CNN beclowning itself, as the network is facing backlash over its threat to doxx the creator of a gif of President Trump pummeling CNN who might not even have created of the gif. CNN's ratings are plummeting and its app now only has a measly one star Event Status Submission Type: Controversy Badges: Researching Year 2018 Origin Tampa, Florida, United States Tags donald trump, voter id, #groceryid, voting, groceries, grocery, food Overview. Donald Trump's Grocery ID Gaffe refers to the reaction to a speech made by United States President Donald Trump, during which the president erroneously claimed that in order to purchase groceries. The first stretch of President Donald Trump's presidency has been an exhausting roller coaster of controversies, gaffes, missteps, and scandals. Indeed, it may be difficult to remember every. Donald Trump Memes. Post Updated: June 15, 2021. Donald Trump the Architect and Builder. President Donald J. Trump Making America Great Again. General Donald J. Trump. I'm Praying For You President Trump. The World Against Trump. President Trump Defeating Bernie Sanders. President Trump Riding A Tank

The verbal gaffe blew up on social media and led to another round of mocking for the president. 'Two Corinthians' Liberty University students and supporters of Donald Trump pose before his speech. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Funny Joe Biden animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>> Last month, Paula White, a televangelist who is a key spiritual adviser to and supporter of President Trump, preached at The River Church in Tampa, Florida, which was founded by fellow right-wing pastor and radical conspiracy theorist Rodney Howard-Browne. During her sermon, White proclaimed that she is making the White House holy ground simply by her presence Create and share your own Colin Jost GIFs, with Gfycat. See more Colin Jost GIFs! Create and share your own GIFs, amazing moments and funny reactions with Gfycat. JIFFIER GIFS. About; Previous to the Sweden gaffe, Trump told the crowd that he held the event to be around among my friends and among the people: # colin jost#donald trump. 90.

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Internet makes sense of Trump gaffe. Yousuf Saifuddin Kapadia. Filed on May 31, 2017 Even Trump took a jab at his tweet Here are some of the hilarious gif reactions to the gaffe GIF of the day, featuring Donald J. Trump and a surprise guest While President Trump's reelection campaign basks in 2020 Democrat Joe Biden's gaffes, the former vice president's primary.

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Chuck Schumer said Donald Trump incited an 'erection' instead of an insurrection on the Senate floor Friday, sending social media users laughing that 'we're in for a long, hard trial next week. By Zero Hedge Wednesday, December 04, 2019. In an edited clip released by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson were all caught on a hot mic appearing to ridicule President Trump after a day of rambling press conferences that took world leaders off guard. At the beginning of the clip, Johnson. On Sunday, Trump abruptly canceled the press conference [with 100 black religious leaders on Monday], though the meeting was still on.Never one to avoid throwing gasoline on a fire when there's a jerrycan handy, Trump didn't just chalk the reversal up to a miscommunication, as Darrell Scott, an Ohio pastor who helped arrange the meeting, did.. Instead, Trump suggested that the ministers.

Donald Trump Jr. on Friday shared an edited video showing his father knocking down President Biden with a golf ball.The 9-second clip begins with former President Trump on a golf course hitting a. 'Daily Show' runs compilation of Trump pointing blame for the coronavirus spread. By Sam Haysom 2020-04-14 09:01:35 UTC Gifs and Gaffes. 115 likes. Entertainment Website. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page Appearing on the 'Dean Obeidallah Show,' author and MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance - who has claimed Trump is an asset of Russia and even suggested that the terrorist group ISIS suicide bomb a Trump property in Istanbul - hinted the sharing of the video increases the chance of potential violence. It's dangerous because what he does is he makes light of the potential of injuring. President Trump blamed a faulty teleprompter for a gaffe in his Fourth of July speech, in which he claimed that the Continental Army took over airports during the Revolutionary War — more than.

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  1. President Trump Highlights Hilarious Joe Biden Gaffes One Last Time In Final Rally of 2020 Campaign This Pennsylvania Bakery has accurately predicted the last 3 Presidents. This year, President Trump won the Cookie Poll in a LANDSLIDE!! Final Tally: Trump Wins Coveted Lochel Cookie Poll in a Landslide (Video
  2. The Latest and Best Trump Memes, Videos & Images. Search. Upload. Search. Dem Protestor Gets Owned. by jose1972. Trump Rocky-Fighter Poster. Related Gifs. Hot. 278. joe biden gaffe, joe biden racist, racistjoe, video. Joe Biden just said that Latinos have diversity of thought, unlike Black Americans. 273
  3. President Donald Trump's recent mispronunciation of Yosemite - in which he referred to the national park as Yo-semites - is causing some merriment on social media.And one of the.
  4. Journalists and pundits stumble over Trump campaign parody of Biden gaffes. A Trump campaign parody website that mocked one of Joe Biden's verbal stumbles caused confusion among journalists and.
  5. Biden's gaffes seem to be getting worse and President Donald Trump is taking notice. On Saturday during a CPAC speech, President Trump hammered Biden for his common gaffes on the campaign trail. The President specifically shredded the former Vice President for his most recent gaffe during the Democratic primary debate when he claimed that 150.
  6. g he got more than 75 million votes in the election. Worrying foot

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[Editor's note: The timeline in this post will be continuously updated with President Trump's latest statements about Coronavirus.] One of Donald Trump's superpowers is that his neverending firehose of corruption, lies, gaffes, and buffoonish behavior gushes out a flood of information that neither the human brain nor the news media is capable of comprehending or [ The Dems were hoping to flip a seat in the Texas seat runoff. They did not make the runoff. Both spots went to GOP. Trump won the district by 3%. Romney by 17%. Why did Dems lose? Voters reject the radical Dem plans: Biden, erroneously, thinks he has the mandate to make us Venezuela

As the president exited the White House with his wife Melania Trump on Monday, en route to visit hurricane-torn Florida and Georgia, he was seen holding the umbrella over his head while the first. Trump's video includes a cut out of Biden meandering around behind the former vice president - at one point smelling his hair, a reference to an actual incident involving Biden. The video. The oval is a prelude to a taunt or a threat. PHOTOGRAPH BY DARREN MCCOLLESTER / GETTY. In public, Donald Trump has three facial expressions—no more than three because life, for him, is quite.

Pass it on. -- @catturd2 (a right-wing troll account, which was then retweeted by President Trump). What Pelosi did was hand Trump, whose entire strategy, such as it is, in the 2020 campaign is. The internet weighs in on whether young Donald Trump looked like Elvis Presley. CNN's Jeanne Moos says Don't Be Cruel. Trump Blames Teleprompter for Revolutionary War Airports Gaffe. Memes Ensue. After Trump Calls Himself 'President T,' Memes, Jokes & Gifs Abound on Twitter Argh! America gets a text from Trump, memes ensue memes With Trump's constant reminders, Caputo added, voters won't be able to look away from Biden's guaranteed gaffes, and this will amplify existing concerns to weigh down the former. Trump ended up arriving in Alamo, the town not the landmark, minutes after TxDOT's tweet. His remarks focused largely on his immigration crackdown efforts. He made a pandemic connection to the.

President Trump kept interrupting Former Vice President Biden, and most people felt disappointed about how little they discussed truly important issues. On the brighter side, maybe Biden benefitted from being interrupted! An alternate caption for this meme could be: when things aren't going well but it somehow works out for you. Former Vice President Joe Biden continued his gaffe-filled campaign this week; calling Donald Trump's crackdown on travel from China xenophobia, CVS Pharmacies CVCs and Wuhan Province Luhan. The Coronavirus came from China. A national emergency, worldwide alerts That he's going to act rationally about it Clinton calls Trump 'Putin's puppet' amid reports of Russian interference in 2020 election. Putin's Puppet and claimed he can't win without foreign help after a report this week said that. GIF gaffe. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton revealed her stance on the GIF debate today during a San Francisco fundraiser. Yes, in a country divided in practically every imaginable. Biden's Entire Candidacy Can Be Summed Up in These Five Gaffes. It's no secret that former Vice President Joe Biden is the gaffe master. In fact, back in April I compiled 18 of his worst gaffes.

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Like President Trump's previous big foreign trips to Europe and the Middle East, his ten-day Asia trip promises plenty of fodder for GIFs, gaffes, and spectacle 17 Aug 2019 0. 4:34. Joe Biden made his first public appearance in more than a week on Friday, but it was quickly overshadowed by the former vice president's propensity for gaffes. The 76-year-old Biden, who had been on vacation resting since Sunday, appeared at a fundraiser in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware What's your favorite Trump gaffe from last night? User Info: hivebent4life. hivebent4life 7 months ago #1. A) Windmills cause cancer and kill birds B) Claiming Biden said superpredators C) Saying good to children being separated from their parents D) Claiming he paid millions in taxes, but they were prepai President Trump cited this video montage of Democratic rival Joe Biden's history with trade agreements and China during a rally Monday in Allentown, PA Opinion. : Lay off Joe Biden's gaffes. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden corrected himself in Des Moines on Aug. 8 after he compared children living in poverty to white children.

Joe Biden And His Gun Gaffes. When the Democrats who are seeking their party's nomination to run against Donald Trump in 2020 start talking about guns, anyone who supports our right to keep and bear arms knows to be concerned. Of course, the details regarding how law-abiding gun owners will be targeted by whomever prevails to face Trump vary. Former President Trump seized on President Joe Biden's stumbling several times when attempting to board Air Force One Friday morning, mocking him by wondering how did he ever lose to him following this week tumbles and gaffes from his successor. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume

The Daily 202: Abortion gaffe underscores why Trump would not put Wisconsin in play during a general election Donald Trump speaks in Appleton, Wis., yesterday. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The. The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Quotes Donald Trump Has Ever Said. Love him. Hate him. Really hate him. There's no denying that The Donald is entertaining. If you look up buffoon in the dictionary, you'll see the definition of a buffoon... which is what Donald Trump is Create and share your own Colin Jost GIFs, with Gfycat. See more Colin Jost GIFs! Create and share your own GIFs, amazing moments and funny reactions with Gfycat. JIFFIER GIFS. About; Previous to the Sweden gaffe, Trump told the crowd that he held the event to be around among my friends and among the people: # colin jost#donald trump. 90. Since Trump's almost out of office, I figured this would be a fun time to remind everyone of the weirdest & dumbest sh*t our failed dictator did in the last four years that we totally forgot.

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Chuck Schumer needs to get his head out of the gutter, because he just made an embarrassing gaffe on the Senate floor and everyone is laughing at him.As Schumer was lying about Trump's involvement concerning the January 6th Capitol protests, he said the Senate needs to decide if Trump incited an erection 5. Trump Created a Secret Internet Server to Covertly Communicate with a Russian Bank (Slate) Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a. President Donald Trump stumbled over the pronunciation of Yosemite on Tuesday, referring to the national park as yo-semites.. He tried again, saying, yo-seminites.. The. Donald Trump's tempter tantrum The Mad Libs version of Trump's immigration speech Why the latest Paul Manafort news is a very big dealThe definitive ranking of 2020 DemocratsMeet your new members. Case in point: Trump once filed a lawsuit against HBO host Bill Maher, effectively arguing that Maher had to pay Trump $5 million for joking that his father was a chimpanzee. 6. Trump On Chin

First Lady Melania Trump was not into President Donald Trump's attempt to hold her hand as they walked off stage following last night's debate against Democratic nominee Joe Biden U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during the final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, on October 22. During the debate, presidential candidate Joe Biden mocked Trump's claim. 7 scorching cartoons about Joe Biden's gaffe spectacular. 7 scorching cartoons about Joe Biden's gaffe spectacular. The Week. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email. Recommended

Trump's main advantage is his truly skilled understanding of what makes for good reality television. viral gaffes, and a lead who at Captured in GIFs.) In this sense, Trump won. Trump repeatedly struggles to pronounce words during conspiracy-laden rally, before suggesting he'll pardon Roger Stone in late-night tweet Tom Embury-Dennis @tomemburyd Thursday 20 February 2020. Six months of coronavirus in the US, six months of Trump denials. As the US passed another somber landmark, with more than 150,000 confirmed deaths from Covid-19, the grim toll stands in stark. Trump Sharpie Memes Show the World As Trump Would Prefer It. By Adam K. Raymond. The man himself is a meme. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images. It might be the dumbest controversy of the entire. Donald Trump has landed in the UK and, aside from meeting with politicians, 5 gaffes made by US presidents when meeting the Queen, from Obama to Trump. Narjas Zatat @Narjas_Zatat . CDC shared GIF warning about swimming with diarrhea and it's so gross

President Donald Trump gave the commencement speech for the West Point graduation on Saturday, June 13, and a video quickly went viral showing him using two hands to drink a glass of water at the. Finns Mock President Trump by Posting 'Forest Raking' Photos Online. President Donald Trump stood near the charred remains of Paradise, California on Saturday (he called it Pleasure ) and.

10 Embarrassing Obama Gaffes the Left Needs to Be Reminded of After Trump's Kansas Gaffe. By Matt Margolis Feb 03, 2020 9:47 AM ET . Share Tweet . Share . Tweet (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik). Donald Trump has praised the Hurricane Florence relief efforts in a video posted to his Twitter account. The US president said it was a 'tough hurricane' and 'one of the wettest we've ever seen. Biden's tumble is the latest of many gaffes that eagle-eyed Americans have spotted. During a press conference touting the Covid-19 vaccine rollout on Thursday, Biden, 78, experienced a slip of the tongue about his second-in-command. The hardest hit and suffered the most especially black, latino, native american, and rural communities, he bega According to Politico, Pelosi told her leadership team as they strategized over coronavirus relief legislation that she plans to pull Trump out of there by his hair, his little hands and his feet.. Obviously, Pelosi wasn't speaking literally, but nevertheless, these reported comments made the California Democrat sound insane Whatever you think of Trump, he has undeniably been a great source for memes during the late 2010s and early 2020s. Memes for the 2020 election and the transition of power between Trump and Biden can be found here. When adding an example, please

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Chuck Schumer's announcement about the start of the Senate impeachment trial was interrupted by a hilarious gaffe. The Senator accidentally said 'erection' instead of 'insurrection. While Trump's strategy of interrupting less and letting Biden speak more in hopes of provoking a gaffe was sound strategy, the experts said Biden didn't make the type of major mistake Trump. S peaking at a fundraiser in New York City on Friday, Hillary Clinton said half of Donald Trump's supporters belong in a basket of deplorables characterized by racist, sexist.

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CNN Threatens to Dox Redditor Who Created the Wrestlemania Gif Trump Tweeted. The thought police are monitoring your every move, utterance, and passing idea that might flash through your mind in order to ensure we are all adhering to the Correct Way of Thinking. The whole concept of thought police comes from sci-fi movies and usually takes the. Dirty GIFs + Biden Says Trump Would Be Escorted Out By Military + Ku Klux Karens For Trump + Doc Asks If Black People Are Unclean + LGBTQ History Galore + MORE! — All details on the site meaws.co

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Black Voices for Trump will He unintentionally served as comic relief during the 2012 campaign with some notable gaffes. but still exists in the form of this awkward smiling gif TRUMP: I think so. I just don't know how he gets there. I don't know how he gets across the line. Maybe he will. Maybe it's — who knows. He was always very gaffe-prone. He was always — he was always in trouble in that way, but never like this. This is going — what's going on now is crazy. But I think they will do anything to. The line drew boos from the audience. (June 25, 2012) When I meet with world leaders, what's striking -- whether it's in Europe or here in Asia... -mistakenly referring to Hawaii as Asia while holding a press conference outside Honolulu, Nov. 16, 2011. We're the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad Over 135K Fake Ballots Counted in NYC Election Hailed as Proof Trump Was Right. By We'll Do It Live. In Politics. 2 Min Read NYC Board of Elections adds 135,000 fake ballots. But Donald Trump is ruining democracy by questioning the veracity of vote counting. Read on. 3 days ago

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Rick Perry Is Trump's Pick To Run The Department Of Energy, Which He Forgot In A High-Profile Gaffe The Department of Energy is the agency that Perry, who served 14 years as governor of energy. Seems everytime Biden speaks a few gaffes happen. Some are expected but Trump has probably had 100X the speaking time between rallies and conferences yet has exponentially less slip ups comparatively.donald trump is also the youngest person eligible for president

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