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  1. Quick & Easy - The Grass Grows Where You Spray It! Easily Attaches To Any Garden Hose. Grows In Hot Or Cold Weather. Great For Dog Spots, High Traffic Areas & Shade. Order Toda
  2. The All-Season Green Grass Seed. Lush, Green Lawn In Just 10 Days! Bonus Solar Lighthouse. Grows In Any Climate! Grass Starts Growing In Just 5 Days. Tolerates Extreme Temperature
  3. 1-16 of 877 results for hardy grass seed Scotts Turf Builder Thick'R Lawn Sun and Shade, 12 lb. - 3-in-1 Solution for Thin Lawns - Combination Seed, Fertilizer and Soil Improver for a Thicker, Greener Lawn - Covers 1,200 sq. ft
  4. There's even a tall fescue bred to withstand the tough growing conditions in the South: Scotts® Turf Builder® Grass Seed Southern Gold® Mix for Tall Fescue Lawns, which thrives in harsh summer conditions, even in high-traffic areas
  5. Grass seed can be used to grow a lawn from scratch or sprinkled onto existing turf to make it thicker and patch up bald areas. It can also address spots where fungus, poor sunlight, insects, or pet urine have caused your grass to go brown or thin out. Whether you have a small yard or multiple acres, any homeowner is wise to have some seed on hand
  6. Big Bluestem (Andropogon gerardii) - Big Bluestem grass seeds can produce a versatile and attractive grass. It is a native grass and is a warm season perennial grass which has an attractive reddish-copper color in fall and can help create a beautiful landscape. Bluestem Seeds - Littl

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  1. Cool season grasses like cold, rainy weather and are not offended by occasional freezes. They go dormant in winter and come back quickly in spring. Cold hardy grass seed in zone 6 might include
  2. Bahiagrass is a warm-season perennial grass known for its hardy nature and extreme heat and drought resistance. It's also known as highwaygrass, because it grows readily in the poor soil of road..
  3. The 'No Mow' seed mix is the answer to planting a low care grass lawn in the cooler, medium rainfall areas of the upper Midwest, northeastern US and higher elevations of the Intermountain West. For hotter climates and more southern areas of the country, use the 'Low Work and Water' Seed Mix
  4. For generations of grass enthusiasts, Kentucky bluegrass has epitomized the ideal lawn. This cool-season, perennial grass delivers finely textured, deep-emerald-green blades and the hardiness needed for cold northern winters. Kentucky bluegrass spreads aggressively, but its root system remains relatively shallow compared to many other grasses
  5. ate in five to 10 days and yield an established turf of..

Each plant grows from a single seed, so it needs to be seeded heavily. With regular mowing, tall fescue can provides a carpet effect of a traditional lawn. It prefers 3/4 inch of water per week preferably in one deep watering. It is very traffic-tolerant. Sheep fescue is a bunch grass that grows in clumps. It provides more of a natural look. The Schultz® 3 lb. Hardy Lawn Grass Seed Mixture repairs thinning areas and bare spots. It builds a thick, lush green lawn that withstands harsh winters and hot summers. Works in Sun and Partial Shade. Best planted in early spring or fall when daily temperatures are between 60-80 degrees F Carpetgrass may be planted by seed or sprigs. It is not winter hardy and should not be planted north of middle Florida. Carpetgrass is recommended only for lawns on wet, low fertility, acid, (pH 4.5-5.5) sandy soils where ease of establishment and care is more important than quality. Its chief disadvantage is rapid seedhead production Primary Grass Seed Variety. Product Type. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results. Grass Seed (54) Landscape Fabric Staples & Stakes (1) Lawn Patch (15) Lawn Seed Blanket (4) Lawn Seed Blankets (1) Sun Tolerance

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Hardy Lawn is a premium seed mixture that is perfect for lawns in full sun that can withstand extreme temperatures. Contains no fillers or coatings so you get 20 lbs. of pure seed Scotts 3 lbs. Turf Builder Dense Shade Mixed Seed for Tall Fescue Lawns Grass Seed (1130) Model# 18338. Scotts Turf Builder 3 lbs. Grass Seed Dense Shade Mix (415) Model# 18348. Scotts 7 lbs. Turf Builder Dense Shade Mix Grass Seed for Tall Fescue Lawns (1082) Model# 18341. Pennington 5 lb. One Step Complete for Dense Shade Areas with Smart. Hardy Grasses That Can Cope with Your Dog. Lawncare experts recommend a variety of different types of grass for homes with dogs, but the following four are among the most commonly mentioned. 1. Kentucky Bluegrass. Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the hardiest grasses available, and it thrives in most growing locations The best drought-resistant grasses for warm-season climates include Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine. Bermuda grass, known for dense, dark green blades, is touted as the most drought-resistant.. When shopping for grass seeds, it helps to understand the difference between single variety, blended, and mixed seed. Single variety grass seeds. Single-variety grass seeds, also labeled straight grass seeds, contain one type of grass. Generally, only warm season grasses are sold as single variety seeds

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  1. Select a grass seed suitable for your grass climate zone, or else your new grass may be fast-growing but fleeting. In the United States, grasses are assigned U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones but also are classified as either warm- or cool-season grasses, a designation that reflects their season of active growth
  2. Some varieties of Zoysia grass are hardier than others. You can choose from several lawn grass types that are particularly drought-resistant, including El Toro, Empire, and Palisades
  3. This thick, hardy grass not only chokes out weeds, but it requires less mowing, watering, and fertilizing once it has been established in the lawn. What is Zoysia Grass? Zoysia is a rhizomatous, warm-season grass that holds up well to a myriad of conditions, including foot traffic

Question: What is the best grass seed for dogs? I need a hardy, durable dog resistant grass for my lawn. I have considered artificial grass but really don't want a fake lawn. My German Shepherd dog tore the yard apart, leaving mud spots in high traffic areas and brown spots from dog urine Schultz Hardy Lawn Seed Mixture survives in extreme climates. This grass is seed is heat and cold tolerant. For sunny and partial shady areas

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Outsidepride White Ornamental Pampas Grass Plant Seeds - 2000 Seeds. 3.4 out of 5 stars. 237. $9.99. Daisy Garden 100 Pcs Pink Pampas Grass Seeds Perennial Flowering Ornamental Grasses Flower. 3.6 out of 5 stars. 16. $9.99. White Pampas Grass 200 Seeds - Cortaderia 15% Sheeps Fescue - A very hardy, adaptable, yet fine leafed grass that can stand up to the harshest conditions, from drought to freezing temperatures. With several very hardy species of grass, A1 Lawns AM Pro-9 Premium Shady Lawn Seed is a very specific mix that is perfectly suited to our often unpredictable climate and weather conditions Turfgrasses | Minnesota Hardy. Most Americans value lush green lawns, parks, school playgrounds, and athletic fields for aesthetic reasons. But there are other benefits to turfgrass. Grass absorbs water, which helps reduce storm runoff and improve water quality. Lawns also have a significant cooling effect, provide oxygen, can trap dust and. Delmarva 3-way Fescue Grass Seed Part Number 52-50 Used to seed new lawns and over seed old lawns, this seed produces very hardy medium blade, dark green grass. Takes 14-21 days to sprout, and handles full time/part time exposure to the sun. 50 lb bag

60-144 tall (5-12 ft) x 48-72 wide (4-6 ft). Hardy Pampas Grass is a more cold-hardy variety of the popular White Pampas Grass. Saccharum ravennae 'Erianthus' will grow in colder regions down to a zone 6. Hardy Pampas Grass grows to about 5 feet and then sends up airy, white plumes that can reach up to 10 feet tall Compare Prices & Read Reviews. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders Grass Seed Supreme Selections™ Bermuda Grass Seed Blend. Supreme Selections™ Hardy Lawn Grass Seed Mixture. Supreme Selections™ High Traffic Grass Seed Mixture. Supreme Selections™ Kentucky Bluegrass Grass Seed Blend. Once 'N Done® Grass Seed Mixture

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  1. Nature's Finest Premium Lawn Seed. • Outstanding Products for Great Lawns. • Excellent Performance and a Great Value. Northern Blend. Grass Seed. NORTHERN BLEND. 5#, 10# and 20#. Thick 'n Hardy. Grass Seed
  2. Lawn-grass professionals divide the United States into four main zones of grass adaptation based on climatic conditions. The Northeast region of the country falls into what's known as the cool, humid zone.Lawn grasses that do best in the Northeast are hardy, cool-season grasses that tolerate humidity in addition to cold
  3. 3. Spread the grass seeds using Scotts hand held electric seed spreader (about 5 and 3/4 setting). 4. After spreading the seeds, covered the seeds with lawn soil and peat moss. I tried both in the beginning and realized that peat moss can cover about 5 times more area than lawn soil so I went for peat moss for the remaining lawn
  4. Midwest Shortgrass Native Grass Seed Mix is a low-maintenance blend perfect for adding year-long interest to meadows, lawns, and garden beds. Featuring a variety of low-growing grasses native to the Midwest, including Blue Grama Grass, Sand Dropseed, and Prairie Junegrass, this mix creates habitat for birds and local wildlife
  5. Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) is the most widely grown lawn grass in Michigan.It is winter hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 to 7, so it grows well in all parts of the state, which ranges from USDA zone 4 in the Upper Peninsula to zone 6 in the coastal areas of the Lower Peninsula
  6. Perennial Peanut Grass Seed (Arachis glabrata)(Arachis Pintoi) - Perennial Peanut is an attractive, low maintenance ground cover that blooms bright yellow flowers from spring to first frost. This drought tolerant, hardy perennial requires little or no supplemental water after it is established. Perennial peanut is an excellent choice as an alternative ground cover for lawns, golf courses and.

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Pennington Kentucky 31 - Best Grass Seed for Western Massachusetts . This package establishes a greensward with a sod having drought-tolerant capabilities accompanied by sufferance to heat compared to its tall fescue counterparts. It is durable under foot traffic and has protection from the fungus Benefits of No-Mow Grass. Economic: As it needs less water and fertilizers, a significant amount can be saved. Environment-friendly: Running a gas lawn mower for 1 hour emits an equal amount of pollutants as a car does after driving for 100 miles. So, when you have low- or no-mow grass, you do not use the mower as much, which ensures lower carbon dioxide emission, thereby reducing your carbon. A mixture or blend of grass types is often used in the transition zone, especially in the most northern areas, these grass seed mixtures are usually comprised of tall fescue grass and bluegrass or a blend of fescue grass types. USDA Hardiness Zones Map - For Reference Black Beauty Ultra® grass seed germinates in about 14 days and will improve any lawn you seed with it. Black Beauty ® Fall Magic™ has been specially formulated for successful fall seeding and contains several grass types, including Black Beauty ® tall fescues. It can be used in sunny and shady lawn areas on established lawns or to start.

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  1. If you do, those winter-hardy fine fescues are just the ticket in northern states. Look for a grass seed mix with at least 50 percent fine fescue. In dense shade, you should increase the amount, up to even 100 percent. Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Grass Seed is a good example
  2. Forage Grass and Turfgrass When looking for forage grass seed for hay or pasture, the correct choice will depend on what type(s) of animal(s) you will be feeding and the climate in your region. Choosing turfgrass seed will depend primarily on whether the grass will be growing in a sunny or shady area. For high-traffic areas such as playgrounds.
  3. Simply sprinkling grass seed on the lawn is a common method of seeding. Some of these seeds will probably grow, but many will not. This is how grass grows in nature; not all seeds turn into grass plants. When you've paid for a bag of high-quality grass seed, its in your interest to give each seed the best chance to become a healthy plant.
  4. Supreme Selections™ Hardy Lawn Grass Seed Mixture Lawn seed mixture created to survive harsh winters and hot summers. Works in Sun and Partial Shade. Best planted in early spring or fall when daily temperatures are between 60-80 degrees F. Sizes Available UPC.
  5. Unfortunately, while being an extremely hardy grass, it doesn't create a very uniform lawn and it doesn't handle the cold very well. On the other hand, Buffalo grass has a smoother, more manicured look and can withstand near-freezing temperatures for short periods
  6. One blend, Dwarf Fescue Lawn Seed Mix brands itself as a low-growing turf grass that is hardy in USDA zones 4 through 10. The No-Mow-Grass brand has two versions

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Recovering well from injury, kikuyugrass can be started with grass seed or stems and is hardy to U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 7 through 11. Kikuyugrass is thick in texture and is often. Unfortunately, once the cardboard started to disinigrate, it was no match for the hardy grass roots, which started poking their way through in thousands of places. By the end of the season, my beautiful garden was full of grass again. I would use this gardening method again, but not in an area with thick grass

Zoysia is the most winter hardy of the southern grasses and is sometimes grown up to Zone 7. It stays brown all winter in cold-winter areas, however, and is slow to green up in spring. It's a dense grass that's somewhat tolerant of shade and grows best in the upper South 1-16 of over 1,000 results for hardy grass seeds Hard Wearing Grass Seed 20-40 SQ Metres - Green Glen Special Diamond Lawnseed Mix for Hardy Ornamental Lawns, Sports, Amenity, Recreation and Play Areas. 4.3 out of 5 stars 685 Zoysia grass seeds. Zoysia is a type of tough grass with blades that measure up to 5mm wide and about 40-50mm long. The seeds when sprouted are soft to touch making them the perfect grass for large lawns and gardens. Zoysia doesn't spread very fast and its overall growth is also pretty slow For hard-wearing family lawns choose a hardy seed such as ryegrass to ensure it survives Those work to an extent, but no lawn thrives in dense shade. Future maintenance brings a dilemma Scotts Kentucky Bluegrass Mix - Best Grass Seed for Under Pine Trees. Being a drought-resistant sod, this mix is specially formulated to overcome wear and tear for a sturdy greensward. Scotts Kentucky Bluegrass Mix suits pine tree vicinities since it can sprout under shade and sunny conditions

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Grass Seed. Gain home turf advantage with the grass seed you need to grow, thicker, greener grass, new growth, or to patch and repair damaged areas. This store is currently not accepting online orders. choose another store. Whether you have a lawn that is highly trafficked, in need of repair or is exposed to extreme weather conditions, the. 3 Top Performing Grass Types. Zoysia Grass. 1. Zoysia. Zoysia is a high-performing grass in Texas. Its seeds are a bit more costly than Bermuda and St. Augustine, but it does very well in a wide variety of soils and weather conditions. When you select high-quality Zoysia seed and take care in sowing it, you can expect a hearty and successful lawn 6. Zoysia (warm-season grass) Buy on Amazon. Zoysia grass seed is a great warm-season grass that is perfect for northern climates. This type of grass comes in a thick, soft, and light to medium green color that is great for a medium shade. It should be noted that this type of grass needs about 6 hours of partial sun Bermuda grass (zones 7-10)—This type of grass has tiny hairs on the blades of fine-textured, hardy grass. It's an excellent turfgrass for sports fields and golf courses. Centipede grass (zones 7-10)—This grass variety has thin blades of grass with a coarse texture. This slow-growing, low-maintenance grass grows well in sandy coastal. Rapid Green Shady Lawn Seed is ideal for repairing unsightly patches or for planting small areas of lawn in shady areas. It contains both sun and shade tolerant seed varieties and is blended with slow release fertiliser for superior results. This blend contains granular wetting agent which will help the plant take up moisture from the soil

100+ RARE BURNING BUSH SEEDS COLD HARDY COLOR GRASS ORNAMENTAL DROUGHT HEDGE USA * This beautiful grass makes a wonderful hedge or living fence that could also serve as a wind break. They get approximately 6 foot tall and look quite distinguished from other plants in the landscape. * You can shap Gordon Rigg Lawn Seed with ryegrass is an competitive mixture. hard wearing ryegrass lawns and landscape areas and is treated with a repellant. 50% maxima strong c red fescue. This is a 500g bag of lawn seed composed of

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Whether you want the lawn to be the envy of all your neighbours, are looking for the best grass seed for shade, keen to rejuvenate a sports pitch or even overseeding a paddock ready for grazing - we've got you covered!. We take quality seriously - all of our grass seed and lawn seeds are tried and tested on our own research and development grounds, utilising the highest quality species available 1. Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) This popular grass seed is very hard-waring and easy to maintain, which is the reason it is considered one of the best warm season seeds for shaded areas, providing the shade doesn't allow it to become too cool. Whether the 'common' or more attractive 'Hybrid' variation, it is spoken of with fondness by all.

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Buy Hardy Pampas Grass online. Truly one of the giants of the grass world. It's most outstanding feature is it's size. It's tall flower stalks extend high above the foliage. The foliage itself is a handsome gray-green mound, similar in appearance to Pampas Grass. Prefers moist well draining soil conditions, but is somewhat drought tolerant Fine Lawn: The perfect grass seed mix for a hardy lawn expecting regular use, back lawns, pitches and landscaping Includes: 70% Lolium Perrenial Rye Grass & 30% Strong Creeping Red Fescue When the soil is warm and moist, grass will start to appear in just 5 - 10 days. It is also ideal for over-seeding thin existing lawns or repairing bare patches Enviro-Lawn Grass Seed. ENVIRO-LAWN: Blended from a hardy, low-growing fescue, rich-green ryegrass, and nitrogen-fixing clover, this new lawn alternative eliminates the high maintenance requirements of a conventional grass lawn while maintaining an attractive, always green, low-growing landscape. Sprinkled with annual and perennial flowers for. California Grass Seed by Region. There are five central regions within the state of California: Pacific Northwest, Pacific Southwest, Intermountain West, Southwest Desert, and Southwest Transitional.As you can see by the plant hardiness map, the temperatures don't vary much throughout the state It is a low-growing bunch grass, (1-1 1/2 ft. with the seed heads) that is part sod-forming & can be grown as a tight turf. The blades are thin, so the texture of this grass is very fine. Easy to establish, cold hardy, pest and disease free, tolerant of poor soil. The seed is borne in flags that curl back gracefully when dry

Finding the right grass for your yard is a matter of balancing the use of your yard with its conditions. If you keep these things in mind, you can pick grass seed that will give you a lush and hardy lawn. Our pick for the best grass seed for PA delivers a suitable choice in a state that has a broad spectrum of environmental conditions Crown Vetch Seed - Crown Vetch is a cool season, hardy, perennial legume. Crown Vetch is not a true vetch, although it resembles common and hairy vetch. Crown Vetch spreads from rhizomes and will form a dense cover. It has been used for soil stabilization, erosion control and as an ornamental landscape for many years Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Kentucky Bluegrass Mix is a unique mix that performs well in high-traffic areas, under moderate shade, and in sunny areas. As Scotts most cold-tolerant grass seed mix, it has the ability to self-repair from heat, drought, and high-traffic damage A very fine-textured, shade tolerant, disease-resistant and winter-hardy grass. This low maintenance grass is slow to germinate (up to 21 days) and is not durable in heavy traffic. A very popular grass here for the southern Ontario climate. It is fast to germinate (7days), disease resistant, and dark green in colour

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Single variety Turf-type Tall Fescue Grass seed such as Titan RX Tall Fescue Grass Seed is one of these improved varieties that make a fast growing, dense, drought tolerant turf quality lawn or sports field of low maintenance. Traditionally single varieties of tall fescue grass , such as Kentucky 31, were planted for pasture use Eco-Lawn is a drought-resistant grass that requires mowing only once per month. Each 5 pound bag of seed covers 1,000 square feet. A thick healthy lawn is the best defence against weeds, disease, drought and insect damage A warm season grass that spreads by seed and short rhizomes. It grows to a height of 3 to 6 feet and will grow on sandy soil, it is better adapted to moist well-drained bottomlands. Indiangrass exhibits moderate salt tolerance and will withstand occasional flooding Cabin Grass Seed Mix - AKA: Green Space Holder, Dryland Turf Mix, Erosion Turf Mix. This Cabin Grass Seed Mix is a blend of three low growing, very deep rooted grasses: Sodar Streambank Wheatgrass, Roadcrest Crested Wheatgrass & Sheep Fescue. These grasses are very hardy and can survive consecutive years of drought

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If you plan on growing a lawn, then getting grass seed is the smartest way to grow a lawn effectively, although grass seeds have their different specifications. There are many different species of grass, but they are all classified into two types - warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses These seed mixes are ideal if you don't want to get rid of grass entirely. They use hardy, slow-growing ryegrass and fescue that will only need mowing once a month or less. They are widely available in America and slowly making an appearance in Britain. Eco lawns are perfect if you still want to have grass, especially if you want a hardy lawn. X-Seed 20lb Hardy Lawn Ultra Premium Grass Seed MixDurable and long lasting. Grows best in full sun. Tolerates extreme temperatures.• Germinates in 14-21 days• Dark green• Medium fine texture• Resist winter kill• Contains Kentucky bluegrass, 15% annual, Most grasses do best when grown in full, direct sunlight. However, some grass types and specific varieties tolerate various shade levels better than others. Premium grass seed mixes, such asPennington Smart Seed Dense Shade and Pennington Smart Seed Sun & Shade, contain improved varieties to meet the needs of lawns with heavy shade or variable sun Zoysia Grass is an aggressive, dark green lawn grass. It is low maintenance and is best known for its tolerance in low light conditions.. It's a medium-coarse in texture; It requires low water use and is very hardy in the cold weather; Palisades has a rapid recuperation (you can't keep that grass down for long); These three types of grasses are what we consider to be the best for a healthy.

Fine fescues produce low-maintenance lawns. 6. Creeping red fescue is excellent for shady areas. 7. For hot, humid areas, consider St. Augustine grass, which is a very vigorous, hardy plant. 8. Bermuda grass has finer texture, but doesn't grow well in shade. 9. When watering a lawn, be sure to apply enough water to soak the lawn's root system Bison buffalograss is a new seeded cultivar of buffalograss, a native to the North American Great Plains. This perennial, warm-season, sod-forming species is well adapted to dry climates and very winter-hardy. With its distinctive dark green color, the low-growing and finely textured grass is an attractive choice for home lawns, athletic fields. Our Recommendation: Scotts Turf Builder Seed for Sun & Shade. Scotts Turf Builder Seed for Sun & Shade is an excellent choice of grass seed for Virginians who want to grow a beautiful lawn.. Since Virginia has a wide range of climates and soils, this seed blend will give most areas of Virginia a standing chance at a green lawn Compare. Hortico 500g Couch Lawn Seed. (4) $19 .15. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Scotts Lawn Builder 1.3kg Seed & Feed Sun & Shade Lawn Seed. (9

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Hardy Pampas grass is a showy and tall ornamental grass. When mature and planted in the right conditions this ornamental grass can grow up to 12' tall! Hardy Pampas Grass (Saccharum ravannae) does best in well drained soil, and full sun. The large feathery plums appear in late summer and remain through winter, adding much interest during the. Recommended: Pennington Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Grass Seed Ryegrass can be used to overseed Bermuda for the winter. And some more heat-tolerant varieties have shown potential for year-round use A grass seed mix is made up of two or more different species of grasses. For instance, a typical home lawn seed mix may be made up of varieties of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and creeping red fescue. A mix is generally more adaptable to differing site conditions (shade, full sun, dry, moist). Most lawns should be made up of a mix of.

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My grass seed has germinated at my house!Pretty excited that seed is now germinating. It started germinating at around day 3 and every day since more and mor.. Grass types that grow well in Zone 4 include the cool-season grasses bent grass, bluegrasses, tall fescue, creeping red fescue and perennial ryegrass. Bent grass is fine-textured, but high-maintenance, and it is mostly used for golf courses. Tall fescue is a medium-textured grass with moderate care needs Elite turf grass varieties. Nature's Seed offers only the highest quality turfgrass varieties top-rated by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program. No filler species, no added inert matter. Choose the right product for you from our collection of lawn blends designed to thrive in your particular climate and situation Erianthus ravennae. Hardy Pampas Grass. Up for bid are seeds of the Hardy Pampas Grass. This is NOT the common Pampas Grass (Cortaderia selloana) which is only hardy to zone 7 - this is a cold hardy grass that gets somewhat similar seedheads in fall. It is a beautiful perennial grass that is quite popular. The plant grows up to 12 feet tall. Grass Seed Planting Guide - BrinlyU. With spring only a week away, many of us are beginning to think of warmer temperatures, short sleeves, and green grass. Soon, we'll begin the process of reviving our lawns from a long winter's abuse. A healthy, thick lawn is the best defense against opportunistic weeds and pests

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Each bag will cover one acre with quality grazing grass seed. It germinates quickly and is hardy enough for dry climates. It can grow in most soil types as well making this an excellent all around horse pasture seed mix. It contains bermuda grass, bahia grass, teff grass, and crabgrass Zoysia Grass. Zoysia grass is hardy and grows well in sandy soils. In the wild you'll find Zoysia grass growing on or near beaches due to its deep root system that help sustain it in quick-draining soils. This grass for sandy soil is adapted well to drought conditions and doesn't need much water to thrive Centipede (warm season) grass can make do with about six hours of partial sun daily. Oaklawn and Tennessee Hardy tend to be the most shade-tolerant cultivars. Zoysia (warm season) requires as little as three hours of daily direct sunshine, making it well-suited to lawns with partial shade. Fine-blade Zoysia varieties tend to do best in shady spots

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Fescue is a hardy grass that grows in cool weather and browns during the summer. In spring or fall, new fescue seeds can be planted after clearing an area of vegetation or mowing old grass. Plant over an empty soil by tilling and fertilizing the soil. Existing fescue lawns can also be reseeded. Give. Mohawk Bermuda Grass Seed is an advanced, cold tolerant turf-type Bermuda grass variety that also doubles as a quality pasture grass. Resulting from the efforts of Lincoln Taylor, turf grass breeding consultant, emeritus from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the Virginia Turfgrass Research Center Shade Mix is a frost hardy mixture of three different summer and winter growing lawn seeds specially developed for South African Conditions. All are tuft varieties so the lawn does not form a mat. Shade Mix contains perennial lawn seeds so it will not die down in winter if fed and watered regularly.

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