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Do her ears have any irritation, red or swollen skin or unhealed places? If they are looking completely healthy, you just need to make sure her ears are completely dry and then repost them. Typically you need to change the posts about every 3-5 days for the entire length of time her ears need posting Hi all, I have a question concerning ear posting on a 12 week old doberman. Echo had his ears cropped at 9 weeks old, and from what I can tell, the doctor did a fairly good job! However, his after care seems terrible! After 1 week of having his ears posted up with the cup in the middle, Echo's ears were already standing almost completely upright Doberman Talk Forums and Discussions. Doberman Puppies. Ear Posting Problem. Thread starter Asteria; Start date Nov 11, 2012; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2. Oct 23, 2019 - Planning to post your Doberman's ears? Make sure everything goes smoothly and watch out for these common Doberman ear posting problems now

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16. To keep ear skin healthy change tapes every 3 days, and immediately they get wet, or infection might develop damaging the ear and making the puppy ill. 17. As puppy grows larger, increase length of ear - posts & width of wooden bridge - piece to fit. 18. Continue posting ears until female pup is 6 - 9 months old, or male pup is 9 - 12. When Doberman puppies are born the ears are soft and floppy. At about 8-10 weeks age (give or take depending on their genetics and quality of nutrition) the ear cartilage begins to harden. If the ear is cropped and properly taped in an upright position, they will harden upright My puppy quickly developed yeast infection when I was posting ears with tampons due to lack of ventilation inside the ear. It happened at the early stage. Continue posting ears with tampons only encouraged yeast infection. Not posting ears for a week or so would cause a serious damage at that stage

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Cropping a Doberman's ears can actually be hazardous to the dog's health for a number of reasons. Not only is this needless practice painful for the dog, as with any surgical procedure there's the risk of infection or complications with anesthesia. Post-operation care is a time-consuming commitment Avoid a dog ear problem after ear cropping surgery using tampons to post the ears. The Tampon or post ear taping method will not cause a dog ear problem if applied correctly and result in a beautiful set of standing Great Dane ears! This method of ear taping utilizes a cardboard tampon as a post, to support your Dane's ears after ear.

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  1. Ear Posting Help. So, you got a Doberman with cropped ears... now what? In order to get the ears to stand as intended, you need to post the ears. Posting is a method to support the ears until the cartilage is strong enough to stand on their own. You will get frustrated and overwhelmed when you first start, but don't worry, I promise this gets.
  2. A quick tutorial to help you successfully post your Doberman's ears!www.kelviewdobermans.comwww.facebook.com/kelviewdoberman
  3. Improper taping and post-operative care can lead to deformities in the ears. Your vet should have experience cropping Doberman ears, because improper cropping can lead to numerous problems. Step 2 Clean your dog's ears thoroughly using a hydrogen peroxide solution, a dog ear cleaner or a solution provided by your vet

The vet may suggest post-surgical physical therapy to help the dog recover. Petplan's Most Common Health Problems & Symptoms For Doberman Pinschers Petplan Pet Insurance says, of the insured Doberman Pinschers it has, dilated cardiomyopathy, gastroenteritis and skin infections are common illnesses Many veterinarian practices will sometimes even refuse to see dogs that have been cropped, especially if you have a problem with your european doberman ears. The american veterinary medical association (avma) opposes ear cropping in dogs. This is because they believe the procedure is purely cosmetic and that it poses unnecessary risk to the dog

The ears are cropped in a shapely manner when the Doberman is a youngster, usually between 7 to 12 weeks. The ear must belong enough to crop, and the puppy should not be so old that the surgery becomes more difficult for the ears to successfully stand.The Veterinarian puts the puppy under anesthesia and then proceeds to remove the excess ear on. How to Post and Tape your new Doberman Pincher's Ears | Kimbertal Kennels. How to Post and Tape your new Doberman Pincher's Ears | Kimbertal Kennels. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures A Doberman's ears are normally floppy; without medical procedure, a Doberman's ears won't hold up. Doberman ear cropping styles chart Our first suggestion is to ensure that ear trimming is *ONLY* be finished by the individuals who have a lot of involvement in this method How to post cropped Doberman ears- I have posted this video as it is simple and easy to follow. Ear cropping of the Doberman is usually done at approximately 7 to 8 weeks of age. For the first 7 days after ear cropping, your pup will remain in his rack (or cup), with sutures holding the edges closed Prima Ear Posting Kit. from 99.00. Complete ear posting kit for cropped breeds (Dobermans, Boxers, Great Danes, etc). Provides all the materials for posting, video tutorials, extra tips & tricks, and personal coaching from start to finish to achieve beautiful standing ears as simply and comfortably as possible

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Dobermans are among the breeds most commonly affected. Symptoms include swellings, ulcers or pustules around the chin and muzzle, which can cause itching. If the infected hair follicles rupture, the condition is known as furunculosis. Once that happens, your dog might develop secondary skin infections. Your vet makes a diagnosis via skin scrapings 3. level 1. microdober. 3 years ago. When you post, pull the ear straight up as high and taught as you can and shove the base of the post down as far as you can. While holding the ear taught begin wrapping the strips starting at the base and working upward, maintaining the very upright position. What's happening is that your bases aren't strong.

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Conclusion: Doberman with cropped ears. It is an absolutely corrective medical procedure as indicated by American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). The Dog Owner's taking a chance with their pet live into this for their satisfaction. Keep the dog in its regular look so it can carry on with its own existence with no problems Problems With Ear Cropping. Certain breeds of dogs, such as boxers, Great Danes and Doberman pinschers, have an elective, cosmetic surgery to remove part of their ear cartilage. Called ear cropping, the surgery cuts away ear tissue to make the ears smaller so they stand up. There are ethical and health concerns to be considered with ear cropping

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Doberman ear crops should only be done under the guidance of an experienced Doberman vet/breeder/handler. Achieving ears that stand properly requires time and commitment on the part of the owner. Most agree that the ears should be taped for a week, then untapped long enough to allow the ears to breathe and dry out, then taped back up again Ear Implants. Here is documentation of my experience in ear implants. There are 4 methods for standing the ear. One is the stitch and string method. This is where they stich the ear then across the head to the other ear and it pulls up a drooping ear. Jackson is not a candiate for this method because of the location of where his ear folds over. The Tent Up Aktivas adhesive ear support for dogs is a solution that has been scientifically tested on puppies and adolescent dogs with the utmost success in raising their ears, while contributing to tranquilizing the well-justified concern of breeders and owners of the dogs affected Many Dobermans can be prone to some common skin problems that may cause them to be smelly. Skin allergies can result in bacteria growth on the skin or yeast infections. These allergies often also lead to ear infections. Odor and smell can also be from a localized source such as from the ears, mouth, or anal glad. Reasons your Doberman may smel

Capturing the Greatness of the American Doberman Genetically - Cultivating the Mind of the Dobermans through Education. Decades of HOYTT DOBES. Ear Stance Training Use the Quick Brace. Educating the Doberman. AVAILABLE Ear posting is so dependent on numerous things, such as ear length, ear leather and each puppy is an individual. The biggest impact on how long ears have to be posted is diligence of the new owners. If the new owner lets the ears flop in between postings then the ears may never stand

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The taping of ears should be done by an experienced individual (Doberman fancier or vet). Lack of dedication, not taping for a long enough period or poor posting technique may result in cropped and flopped and leave you wondering why you cropped the ears in the first place. There is no way to tell how long you will have to tape their ears Gentle Doberman: Taping and Posting Doberman Ears. Banfield Pet Hospital:Banfield, The Pet Hospital discontinues tail dock, ear crop procedures. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Ear-cropping and tail docking. Vermont Senate: Bill S.126. New York Senate: Bill A3428-2013. Diesel, G. Veterinary Record, June 2010

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  1. g, microchip, and paperwork with transfer fees
  2. Doberman hair loss treatments. Proper Care One of doberman hair loss treatments the best treatments for Dobermans with CDA is a doberman hair loss treatments rigorous weekly shampooing routine. Shampooing with products that contain sulfur or salicylic acid is very good for thickening an otherwise thinning coat. Doberman Skin Problems
  3. Detection Doberman; Purchase Form; Ear Posting; Kimbertal Kennels 151 Ford Road Kimberton, PA. 19442 (610) 933-3600 or (610) 933-4982: Opening Hours Weekdays 9am - 5pm Saturdays 9am - 4pm Sundays Closed (Phone inquiries welcome 9am - 5pm).
  4. Doberman puppies for show, performance and companionship, from health tested, champion parents. ~All of our dogs are health tested for genetic problems applicable to the breed. (i.e. - Cardio, Liver, Kidney, Thyroid, vWD, Hips, etc.) Ear Posting Ki
  5. Your noble Dobie companion is prone to a variety of genetic problems, some of which affect his skin. Many of these common skin disorders respond well to medication, while others don't clear up readily but are primarily cosmetic. For best results, take your dog to the vet when symptoms appear
  6. Cropped ears is a process in which the ears of certain breeds are transformed to look alert and erect. The process can only be done by a licensed veterinarian and only if the owner is dedicated to the pet's post-op with any aftercare that is needed. Dog ear cropping is usually done whenever the pup is 8 to 10 weeks old
  7. Ear cropping is cosmetic and is not done to improve a dog's hearing. Dog health: ear cropping. Posted April 20, 2021. Ear cropping is done to make dogs like Dobermans look more fierce. Dogs come inherently outfitted with the ears they need for their specific breed. Floppy ears keep out insects, water, and dirt

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  1. Paul Doberman Kennel. Who We Are & What We Do. We are a small family business driven by love and Admiration. We specialize in European show Doberman. Our goal is to one day incorporate both show Doberman and work-capable Doberman in a healthy body. Alongside this, we want to provide not only the perfect dog but the perfect pet
  2. The process of posting the ears generally takes about a month, but longer show crops can take several months. While there have been no studies that involved looking at cropped vs non-cropped Dobermans, it is believed that cropping dramatically reduces the occurrence of ear infections and hematomas (blood blisters caused by damage to the ear.
  3. The Doberman breed is incredibly unique with their own set of instincts, behaviors, and character traits. ear posting or wrapping, in-depth nutritional guidance, bite/guard work training, medicines, or dangerous dogs in high-risk situations. integrating a new puppy into your household, handling various behavior problems, interpretations.
  4. I bought this for the 2nd stage of ear posting for our doberman puppy. The 1st stage was miserable for her. Had to use a ton of tape. Left her ears sore and irritated. We use the Torbot to adhere mole foam to the inside of her ears
  5. RedLine K9 Dog Ear Supports. Set of two dog ear support forms made out of special foam. Dog ear support forms are like adding an extra layer of cartilage to help support soft ears on dogs that naturally should have an erect ear set. These ergonomically designed dog ear support forms help promote proper shape and growth
  6. Doberman ears aren't long or heavy, so infections are less of a problem; however, cropped ears do generally stay cleaner than uncropped ears do. Additionally, a cropped ear is less likely to develop a hematoma (a blood-filled pocket on the ear leather), which typically requires surgery to repair
  7. Ear infections or other ear problems usually involve inflammation of the ear canal. It causes extreme discomfort and in some cases can damage your pet's hearing. Dog ear canals are shaped like an L and easily trap moisture or foreign material like grass seeds in the canal. That creates the perfect place for bacteria, fungi, and ear mites to.

Here we will try to educate the novice Doberman owners about ear taping methods, feeding, puppy training, house training, Doberman health issues, cardio, DCM, Wobbler, vWD, etc. Health issues of the Doberman breed in North America and Europe. Puppy obedience aptitude test. Testing your puppy's temperament. How to tape (post) doberman ears Other Problems that Cause Dog Head Shaking. Besides ear problems, a dog may shake his head for the following reasons: An injury or infection: A wound or a local infection of any part of the dog's head can cause discomfort and irritation, making him shake his head.; A head trauma: Trauma to the head may result in a number of problems that might cause dog shaking head

Why Won't My Dog's Cropped Ears Stand Erect. There are many reasons why this can occur, including: The cartilage within the pinna is too thin to support the weight of the ear. The ear crop was too long for the size of the ear. The ears are set too low on the dog's head. Scar tissue formed along the ear margin Pet MD - Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes - Otic Cleanser for Dogs to Stop Ear Itching, and Infections with Aloe and Eucalyptus - 100 Count. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 26,321. $12.99. $12. . 99. $12.34 with Subscribe & Save discount. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 7 The Doberman Pinscher is a medium to large, deep-chested dog breed with a sleek and sturdy appearance. The breed is muscular and athletic, possessing great strength and endurance. Dobermans have traditionally had their tails docked (removed) soon after birth and, later, their ears cropped (trimmed surgically in order to make them stand erect) MBM Doberman Pinschers. March 24 at 6:31 PM ·. Mary Bond Meyer. March 24 at 6:31 PM. Blue and rust male. 2121. 2 Comments. Like Comment Share Health Problems. Hip Dysplasia - Hip dysplasia is an abnormality of the hip joint and is often seen in medium to large breed dogs. Von Willebrand's Disease (vWD) - vWD is a health condition which involves the inability to the blood to clot properly. Signs of vWD include excessive bleeding post-surgery, bleeding gums and nosebleeds

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The body like that of athletes, sharp ears, and high speed, Doberman Pinscher or Dobermann as it is best known is the newest type of dog on the block. Historically as a dog breed, Doberman Pinschers has earned a reputation for being the most dangerous dog in the canine world. Many people refuse to enter Doberman- the guard dog Read More The Doberman Pinscher, also known as a Doberman, was a breed developed in 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a German tax collector and dog breeder. It has since become one of the most recognizable dog breeds, thanks to its physical attributes and temperament

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Breeding Program. Hi There, I'm Susan LeClair, owner of Von Haus Gebet Dobermans, I am affiliated with Schutzhund USA. With over twenty years of compassion, dedication and line study have provided me with the opportunity to produce the finest Doberman Pinscher companions available. I am devoted in preserving the working qualities of the Doberman Doberman Pinscher Price. As of the time of this writing (February 2020), you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $2,500 for a Doberman Pinscher puppy. The price could be higher for a show-quality dog with impressive bloodlines Doberman Weight Chart and Height Chart. The American Doberman Pinscher's weight varies from 75 to 100 pounds for males and 60 to 90 pounds for females. European Doberman's weight varies from 88 to 99 pounds (40-45 kg) for males and 71 to 77 pounds (32-35 kg) for females.. These weights are according to the American Kennel Club (AKC) Doberman breed standard for the American Doberman. Jiji.com.gh™ Doberdane (rare): mixed breed between a great dane and a doberman 1. pupps are not vaccinated yet, if interested buy and vaccinate them from a qualified vet. vet can also crop their ears as per your desire. i don't sell problems. 2. they eat a lot as a result of their size and love to play a lot. 3. Contact with Nathaniel Essilfie on Jiji.com.gh Try FREE online classified in.

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Vets who repair doberman pinchers with ears that will not stand up after cropping - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian his cropper said to post it with glue which right ear did not stand vet tried corrective surgery.did not correct problem .G stance problem on guide.dog will be 9 months old Nov 15 Why Won't My Dog's Cropped Ears Stand Erect. There are many reasons why this can occur, including: The cartilage within the pinna is too thin to support the weight of the ear. The ear crop was too long for the size of the ear. The ears are set too low on the dog's head. Scar tissue formed along the ear margin The problem is, most people do not have enough experience with cropping or know any knowledgeable doberman cropping vets. Without any experience and with little support from veterinary in British Colombia, the pose a big risk to the dogs health and in many cases failed cropped procedures that affects the dog and its owner for years to come * When the ear(s) fall -- put them right back up in the roll. A good starting point to learn more about ear taping is Joanna Walker's _The New Doberman Pinscher_, Chapter 27. If you have problems finding breeders in your area or are having problems with your Dobes ears please consider joining Doberworld-l or email dobe@netcom.com. Grooming Nail. You'll learn that asking a questions regarding an AKC breed standard will bring out the hand wringing ear crop police. They love the word mutilation. Sorry. They should be more concerned with breeds that can't give birth without a c section. Or th..

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Swelling is just one sign of ear problems in dogs. Other symptoms include scratching or wiping the ear against things, head shaking or tilting, odor, discharge, redness, scabs or crust, balance problems, walking in circles, odd eye movements, and hair loss around the ear. The most common causes of ear swelling in dogs include: Ear mites The first paragraph is depressing and maybe too graphic so skip to the second paragraph if you are easily saddened. In brief, I'm pretty old and I've been around dogs for about 3/4 of my life. Every single one of these dogs was abused in some form or another. Beaten, starved, neglected, and so on The Doberman was originally bred for protective purposes. It was bred with certain attributes in mind. It needed to be loyal, fast, strong, agile, intelligent, and it was. However, rather than continuing on with the breed as it was, over time, the desire for bigger and better was pushed into the world of Doberman breeding

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The Pros, Cons, and Myths of having your Doberman Altered. Making the decision to spay or neuter your Doberman can be a difficult one. When we got our first male puppy we discussed neutering him, but our vet convinced us that - if we were up to the challenges- we should breed instead of having him neutered. Our vet said while there are always. A well-bred Doberman should not be hyper, but you must remember that Dobermans are working dogs; they need mental and physical exercise. Many behavioural problems can surface due to boredom and/or lack of exercise. If you don't give them something to do (i.e. training, games) they will find something to do. But that shouldn't mean they won. A Doberman Pinscher is NOT a dog for everyone! We cannot stress this enough. They come with their own unique challenges in regard to health, temperament, drive, determination, energy level, and emotional needs. A Doberman in NOT a dog that is happy to stay outside or in a dog run all day. They have an intense need to be with their pack--and YOU. Great Dane ear cropping is a veterinary procedure involving the removal of part or all of the pinnae, which is the externally visible flap of the ear. Post-surgical care requires a process known as posting to help the ears maintain their vertical appearance The only problem is the hair. Other than the incredible amount of shedding this furry little guy will dole out annually, this is a smart, loving and lovable pet. NOW, Tiff has asked me to post a photo of an adult Doberman without it's ears cropped. Do not be fooled by the rose in the photograph, it's a ploy and you're about to be.