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Find everything you need in our one-stop garden shop. Amazing savings to get you growing. Shop online now Choose from the world's largest selection of audiobooks. Start a free trial now Antwerp Fig Leaf hollyhocks are true perennial hollyhocks, growing 6-7 ft. tall, with large 3-5 in. flowers from May to October. This mix is a rich variety of deep flower colors, including shades of yellow, copper, pink, red, and white. Bloom the first year when started early Fig leaf hollyhocks rarely suffer from rust disease. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling) The light is lasting longer these days, and that spurs my interest in getting things growing. I have an army of primula seeds to germinate, a future investment for spring 2013. Most perennials grown from seed bloom in the second year, but there are a few that.

New! Alcea ficifolia. Antwerp Hollyhocks are more resistant to the dreaded Hollyhock rust than traditional varieties, with attractive, deeply lobed leaves and multiple stems per plant studded with saucer-like blooms in a confetti of colors. One packet of about 100 seed Common Name: Fig Leaf Hollyhock Like the bright colorful lights of Las Vegas, this mixed color strain of fig leaf hollyhocks bears large, saucer-shaped flowers in unique shades of red, copper, chestnut brown, yellow, pink, and white over a long period beginning in early summer

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Description. This less-known variety of hollyhock is native to Siberia and was introduced at the end of the 16th century. Reliably perennial, it is commonly called fig-leaf hollyhock' because of its unusual foliage. Plants produce the same beloved blooms of cream, gold, rose pink, copper and purple. Extremely hardy and substantially more. For example, I'd like to share the results of my fig-leaf hollyhock experiment to see if they were more resistant to rust-something that has plagued my hollyhocks in the past. These seeds, which I sowed in 2017, were from Jelitto and they were supposed to look like these Alcea ficifolia 'Las Vegas' mix that Bluestone Perennials sells. These perennial hollyhocks bloom the first year, don't grow as tall as the other varieties, are less susceptible to rust and look very similar to the hibiscus flower to which they are related.The foliage is very decorative, deeply indented and resembling the fig leaves, as the name describes. Fig leaved hollyhocks are single flowered and come. Hollyhock Las Vegas - Common name:Alcea - Single saucer-shaped 3-4 blossoms glow like the colorful lights of Vegas. First year flowering with assorted colors of reds, pinks, white, yellow or coppery butterscotch will turn heads with their stunning performance. Plant several to enjoy all the colors. Fig-leafed foliage decorates the sturdy flower stems from top to bottom.</p><p>Illuminate the.

Availability: Currently Unavailable. $7.95. 100% Guaranteed! Read our guarantee. The original species A. ficifolia or Antwerp Hollyhock had yellow flowers and rust resistant large lobed leaves. We offer a natural hybrid of this species with A. rosea in mixed colors, the large saucer-shaped flowers blooming along the tall stems in summer The fig-leaf hollyhock (Alcea ficifolia) is rust-resistant.Who says all hollyhocks (Alcea spp.) are infested with rust (Puccinia malvacearum), a disease that burns up the lower leaves before the end of the summer?True enough, there are no rust-resistant varieties of the species most often sold, the common hollyhock (Alcea rosea), but there are more than other 60 species of Alcea Alcea Antwerp Fig Leaf Hollyhock. A true perennial Hollyhock with 3-5 flowers with colors of yellow, copper, pink, red, and white. May - Oct. bloom. Attracts Butterflies Attracts hummingbirds Flower Color Mix Light Requirements Sun Resists Deer Resists rabbit The foliage lasts well into fall. The leaves of mine are still on and are very bright green! Positive: On Aug 27, 2006, kareoke from Greensburg, IN (Zone 6a) wrote: I am growing this plant for the first time, it is a beautiful yellow with huge leaves, it does require to be watered if dry but do not overwater, it handles the heat very well. Neutra Other Names: Fig Leaf Hollyhock Description: Like the lights of Vegas, the large, saucer shaped flowers appear in a multitude of colors, red, copper, brown, yellow, pink, and white; a great vertical accent for the garden or borde

The common name hollyhock is used for over 60 species in the mallow (Malvaceae) family. The ones we're talking about here are cultivars of Alcea rosea : those tall, gorgeous cottage-style flowers, often with leaves like fig trees, providing an array of gorgeous pastel and bold colors, known for reseeding year after year Fig-Leaf Hollyhock 'Happy Lights' has large, single flowers in shades of pink, red, yellow, peach, burgundy and white. Hollyhocks are the quintessential cottage garden flower. They used to be grown on the sides of outhouses to brighten them up. If you don't have an outhouse, try them against a fence or a shed Antwerp Fig Leaf Hollyhock Seeds. Exceptionally hardy and rust resistant true perennials. 100 seeds - $2.99 -+ ADD TO CART. Best Seller. Russian Yellow Hollyhock Seeds. Biennial or perennial hollyhock with excellent rust resistance. 25 seeds - $2.99 -+ ADD TO CART. Turkish Wil This fig-leaved Hollyhock is a robust plant that produces several stems at the base of the plant, each of which will yield blooms. Happy lights is a type of fig-leaved Hollyhocks that I really adore. Pink, red, and yellow blooms all emerge from the same plant and sometimes shades of purple can be seen as well

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The large lobed green leaves are rust-resistant and don't succumb to fungal diseases. Therefore, this plant is also called the Antwerp Fig Leaf hollyhock. Hollyhock Flower Bloom Time: Mid-summer to fall. Hollyhock Flower Color: Various shades of burgundy, peach, pink, red, and yellow 'Chater's Double' Hollyhock Scarle Tag: Fig-leaf hollyhock. by Laidback Gardener April 6, 2016 15. Gardening Laidback Gardener Tip of the Day Perennials. Rust-Resistant Hollyhocks. Who says all hollyhocks (Alcea spp.) are infested with rust (Puccinia malvacearum), a disease that burns up the lower leavesContinue Reading Hollyhock. Summary; Additional Details » Bears large, saucer-shaped flowers » Unique shades of red, copper, chestnut brown, yellow, pink, and white; Height 5 - 6 feet Spread 18 - 24 inches Zone 3 - 9 Categories Perennial Tag Fig leaf hollyhocks are resistant to hollyhock rust. Happy Lights is a commonly planted fig-leaf hollyhock. Alcea rugosa. Believed to have originated in Russia, Alcea rugosa produces bold yellow.

Hollyhock Rugosa - Common name:Alcea, Russian Hollyhock - Hollyhock Rugosa are of sturdy Russian heritage. Flowers are large, single, lemony yellow and extremely long lasting. Grey green foliage is less susceptible to rust. A solid performer for the summer bed. Will come back year after year. Hollyhocks are shipped during our spring shipping season only The one that you are going to find most often is Alcea ficifolia, the fig-leaved hollyhock. That's a good perennial species. It's a really beautiful one, and it gets a little less of the bane of hollyhocks, the rust fungus, on its leaves. That one you're going to find available, and that's a good perennial to start with

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2 Alcea Las Vegas Fig Leaf Hollyhock Live Perennial Plants Like the bright colorful lights of Las Vegas, this mixed color strain of fig leaf hollyhocks bears large, saucer-shaped flowers in unique shades of red, copper, chestnut brown, yellow, pink, and white over a long period beginning in earl The original species A. ficifolia or Antwerp Hollyhock had yellow flowers and rust resistant large lobed leaves. We offer a natural hybrid of this species with A. rosea in mixed colors, the large saucer-shaped flowers blooming along the tall stems in summer We source eye catching and unique plants for your home & deliver them right to your door. Use discount code HELLO10 for 10% off at Checkou

Hollyhock, Fig Leaf. Overview. Category: Perennials. Common Name: Hollyhock, Fig Leaf Botanical Name: Alcea, 'Las Vegas' Sun Exposure: Full sun Height: 5-6 ft. Spread: 1-2 ft. See notes | Back to perennials. Notes. Mix color strain of fig leaf hollyhocks bears large, saucer shaped flowers over a long period beginning early summer.. Alcea ficifolia is a biennial/perennial in the Malvaceae family. Common names are Antwerp Hollyhock or Figleaf Hollyhock. This one is a hard to find variety of hollyhock. A Native to Siberia where it was introduced in the 16th century. The Fig leaves are unusual for Alcea plants but are ver The Antwerp Fig Leaf hollyhock is a true perennial that blooms in the first year. It has fig tree-shaped leaves and single flowers bloom in a multitude of colors. It's also less susceptible to rust and other hollyhock diseases. Go here for a video on Fall Perennial Flower Care

Alcea ficifolia, also known as fig-leafed hollyhock, is a lesser-known variety of hollyhocks. Its flowers are white or cream in color while the leaves are deeply lobed. Producing an abundance of flowers from May through October, it's a robust variety that produces several bloom-yielding stems at the base of the plant One of the most popular varieties of this type of hollyhock is happy light fig-leaf. The third one is the Alcea rugosa. This variety can germinate faster than the other hollyhock. You may also like : Growing and Caring for Oncidium Orchids at Home. It produces flowers with a bright yellow tone that can blossom under direct sunlight or in.

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Introduced at the end of the 16th century this is somewhat similar to the common single Hollyhock but is a substantially more robust plant and if you've had problems with Hollyhocks before you'll appreciate their vigor. It has distinct fig-leaf foliage & produces 5-10' upright spikes of very beautiful large single flowers in shades of yellow copper pink red & white Common Problems With Hollyhock Plants. Alcea rosea, more commonly known as hollyhock, is a native of China and considered a short-lived perennial or biennial. Hollyhocks grow in U.S. Department of. Hollyhocks, although strictly speaking perennials, are usually grown as biennials, chiefly because they are susceptible to rust. However, this pale-yellow-flowered variety, with fig-leaf shaped foliage, is said to be a true perennial, being less prone to rust May 19,2021 Figs, Hollyhocks, Tomatoes, LJ & Other Stuff! May 20, 2021 by desertcanyonfarmgreenthoughts. This is my fig plant as it looks right now, and it does look really ugly, but this is what fig plants do when there is extreme swings in the weather. First their leaves all turn yellow and ugly and then most of the leaves (if not all) fall off Well, now you have me interested in those fig-leaf hollyhocks - rust is a problem here. Germination, however, has never been a problem; whether self-seeded or stored, they seem eager to grow. Autumn of 2006 I had been watching and waiting for seed pods to ripen on my hollyhock Nigra so I could harvest and share, when we got hit with several.

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  1. But they seldom banish it, so it is also possible that Granny was growing fig-leaf hollyhock ( A. ficifolia). This species is rust-resistant but resembles common hollyhock in growth habit and.
  2. Up for sale is one pack of 25 Antwerp Fig Lead Hollyhock flower seeds (Alcea Rosea). Perfect for summer blooms these hollyhock create large 3-4 single petaled flowers in dark purple, dark red, pink, yellow, and white on 60 stems with unique fig shaped leaves. Very hardy in the garden and also make a great cut flower with a long vase life
  3. ation: 10-21 days Ger
  4. Alcea ficifolia 'Las Vegas' (Hollyhock) Splendid mixture with brilliant colors and single flowers. A bit shorter than most fig leaf hollyhock strains. Ideal for along garage walls, fences, and the back of the sunny border. Great vertical accent. Mix with other hollyhocks and oriental lilies
  5. Alcea ficifolia single hybrids. Single Hollyhock. USDA Zone: 2-9. Plant number: 1.030.800. Hollyhocks have been grown in gardens for centuries, their tall spikes of satiny, crepe-textured flowers making a fine display in mid-summer. Best at the back of a sunny border, with something in front to hide their bare lower stems
  6. No. 31 Aunt Brownie Fig-leaf 45 Hollyhock Alcea Rosea Flower Seeds Plus Additional Package 2.9 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Perennial. Easy to grow. Drought tolerant..

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  1. Hollyhock to sooth dry skin - face and body. Put flowers in warm water, crush a little and apply to dry or flaky skin on your face. You can add them to your bath too to soothe dry skin. 4. Make a Cold Infused Hollyhock Tea. Mashmallow and Hollyhock flowers, leaves and roots reduce pain and inflammation. They are good as a healing tea
  2. Vietnamese hollyhock gives gardeners in warm, humid climates the chance to enjoy the charm and cottage garden feeling that hollyhocks bring to the landscape. Its beautiful floral spires add tremendous height, particularly in small spaces. Also makes an excellent screen or background plant in a border
  3. Hollyhock Seeds & Plants. Hollyhock plants have soaring flowers which add a dynamic display to the back of your beds and borders. Hollyhock plug plants are happy in full sun and flower in the first year. They are hardy perennials, so will return year after year and provide perfect cut flowers for that special bouquet. Hollyhocks are edible and.
  4. The flowers are large, and beautiful. They are the perfect antique rose shade. Figleaf Hollyhock averages 5-10 flower spikes. The foliage of Figleaf Hollyhock resembles the Fig. It is mid green and lobed, up to 18cm across. A vigorous form that will quickly establish. More rust resistant than standard varieties. Figleaf Hollyhock originates in.
  5. How to grow hollyhocks in Arizona. Plant hollyhock seeds in October and November and again in February and March. Prune spent hollyhock stalks back to about 6 inches tall in the fall, and remove all spent plant material from around plants to discourage pests and diseases. Hollyhocks do best with morning or filtered afternoon sun
  6. View picture of Alcea Species, Antwerp Hollyhock, Figleaf Hollyhock (Alcea rosea subsp. ficifolia) at Dave's Garden. All pictures are contributed by our community
  7. Happy Lights Mix is a bold blend of white, pink, purple, red, and yellow blooms, each measuring about 3 inches apart and arising all along 5- to 7-foot stalks. This Hollyhock is no shrinking Violet -- it shoots up tall and fast, with a long season of color-drenched blooms you can see from down the street

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  1. Hollyhock is a popular plant in many gardens. Blooms come in red, pink, purple, yellow and white, giving the landscape a bright and cheery look. Some flowers are also available in a nearly black color. Flower arrangements come in single, double or ruffled patterns
  2. Translate Figleaf hollyhocks. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations
  3. The genus name Althea is the Greek word for healing. Hollyhock have long been used medicinally. The species name ficifolia means 'with leaves like a fig' due to its attractive, unusual palmate foliage. Commonly called hollyhocks, holly is said to be an altered form of the word holy
  4. The Fig leaves are unusual for Alcea plants but are very attractive on this Antwerp. It grows to heights of 6-7 feet tall. The flowers are 3-5 inches across from May to October. These can bloom in the first year if started early. This species is less susceptible to leaf rust which a lot of Hollyhocks get
  5. Description. A rich cottage garden mixture of colourful pastel shades. The Antwerp blend has attractive and unusual palmate foliage, and is also shown to have the best levels of resistance to the common Hollyhock problem of rust. Excellent for borders, especially planted in groups. Height: 150-180cm (5-6ft)
  6. This is the sensible alternative to ordinary hollyhocks if you have rust problems. The vigorous multi-branching stems are generously laden with typical hollyhock flowers in all colours from white to crimson, but they carry rounded fig-shaped leaves which are very rust-resistant indeed..
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  1. contribute to infection of hollyhocks. Hollyhock rust is caused by the fungus Puccinia malvacearum. It is classified as an autoecious rust because it has only one known infective stage (III, teliospore), and it is not known to have an alternate host. The surface of the leaves may develop numerous yellow spots (Fig. 1), however the most obviou
  2. iviridae) was suspected due to typical yellow mosaic symptoms.The presence of whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci) in the vicinity indicated a possible role of B. tabaci in.
  3. Other Names: Fig Leaf Hollyhock Description: Like the lights of Vegas, the large, saucer shaped flowers appear in a multitude of colors, red, copper, brown, yellow, pink, and white; a great vertical accent for the garden or border Ornamental Features Las Vegas Hollyhock features bold spikes of white round flowers with buttery yellow centers.
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'Las Vegas' Fig-leaf Hollyhock Caribbeangardenseed Splendid mixture with brilliant colors, single flowers, saucer-shaped parchment-like blossoms, sturdy and perennial, first year flowering with ea.. Antwerp hollyhock, Fig-leaved hollyhock. Genus. Alcea Alcea. Species. A. ficifolia - A. ficifolia is an erect hardy biennial, or short-lived perennial, with unusual palmate leaves, and long erect racemes of large, single, pale yellow flowers. Alcea ficifolia is: Deciduous. Habit. Clump-forming, Erect. Flower. Pale-yellow in Summer. Foliage.

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Fig Leaf 'Las Vegas' Height: 5-6′; Spread: 18-24″ Hardiness Zones: 3-9; Flower Color: Multicolored; Bloom time: Early Summer; Foliage Color: Gree Hollyhock Las Vegas Mixed. from 20.00. Exposure: Full Sun Height: 150 cm Spread: 40 cm. These unique fig-leaf style plants provide brilliant colours to your garden in sturdy clumps. When planting, remove from the container, and place in a hole 2 times the container's size but the same depth. Refill with dry soil and water thoroughly after. Russian hollyhock, Yellow fig-leaved hollyhock, Hairy hollyhock, Rugose hollyhock, Althaea rugosostellulata. Genus. Alcea Alcea. Species. A. rugosa - A. rugosa is a vigorous, short-lived, herbaceous perennial with rosettes of large, heart-shaped, rough, grey-green leaves and sturdy, erect stems bearing long racemes of yellow flowers in summer {EDIT: see THIS POST for my fig-leaf hollyhock experiment, a more rust-resistant hollyhock.} About Hedgerow Rose. Laurie Lewis is a gardener, consulting rosarian, writer and photographer currently creating a new garden with her husband, 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 beehives and 5 chickens. View all posts by Hedgerow Rose Post navigation. Looking for identification of the three insects on and to the bottom of the Japanese beetle pictured (on fig leaf hollyhock leaf) ID Request. Close. Vote. Posted by 6 minutes ago. Looking for identification of the three insects on and to the bottom of the Japanese beetle pictured (on fig leaf hollyhock leaf) ID Request. 0 comments. share

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Grow fig-leaved hollyhock, the resistant species mentioned above. Avoid overhead watering. Don't plant hollyhocks again in the same beds where they have been infected with rust in the past Hollyhocks come in a range of heights and colors. While some varieties have a relatively short flowering season, others can flower throughout the summer. Alcea Ficifolia, or the fig leafed hollyhock, is not as widely known as Alcea Rosea but is just as attractive. Producing large white and cream flowers in abundance throughout the summer, these.

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  1. unit leaf area between leaves with and without CCC (data not presented), somewhat' decreased the leaf area (Table 2) and enhanced the leaf thickness of hollyhock (Table 2; Fig. 2), as in grape leaves (Tezuka et al., 1980a). The enhancement of leaf thickness, as shown in Fig. 2, resulted in the enlargement of chloroplast-containin
  2. Alcea ficifolia is a lesser known hollyhock species native to Siberia. It is commonly known as the 'Antwerp' or 'Fig-leaved Hollyhock' due to its attractive fig shaped leaves which are resistant against rust. They provide an architectural feature in the garden and are a perfect addition to cottage gardens. Flowers are ideal for floral arrangements
  3. Check out the leaves. This is a fig-leafed hollyhock, a different variety from all the hollyhocks we have discussed before. Then check out the edges of the flowers: they're pinked. Just another of the mutations hollyhocks seem to specialize in
  4. g back as short-lived perennials. And, if you start your hollyhocks indoors or live in an area with a long growing season, you might get flowers the first year
  5. Alcea 'Las Vegas' (30)ct Flat. Alcea 'Las Vegas' (30)ct Flat Hollyhock-Fig Leaf Height: 5-6 Feet, Spread: 18-24 InchesFlower Color: Multicolored, Foliage Color: Green shadesHardiness Zone: 3 - 9Full sun Blooms Early summer Like the bright colorful lights of Las Vegas inch, this..
  6. Unlike perennial hollyhocks (Alcea pallida and A. rugosa), biennial hollyhocks A. ficifolia and A. rosea require two periods of cold weather before they will flower. The first year, biennial hollyhocks grow vegetatively; that is, they produce only stalks, stems, and leaves—no flowers
  7. Hi - It looks like your plants have symptoms of hollyhock rust, a fungal disease that is a common problem on hollyhocks grown in this area. There are some varieties such as Russian hollyhock and fig-leaf hollyhock that are considered more disease-resistant, but we do not have research on their performance
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Cross-pollination and weeding out wandering offspring have left me with a few plants of one variety, which interestingly enough is the less-common fig-leaf species with light yellow blooms Q. Hollyhock Leaves Are Turning Yellow, Leaf Veins Are Light Green - Plant is not very tall, full sun till 2:00 pm and watered by sprinkler. Q. Hollyhock - I live in a city where hollyhocks abound, even in sidewalk cracks. I cannot get them to grow. Q. Hollyhock Flowers And Hummingbirds - If I take dried, crushed hollyhock flowers and mix them into the hummingbird nectar I make, would that. The fiddle-leaf fig is my all-time favorite houseplant. As a die-hard fan of anything green, I like the fact that the fiddle leaves are oversized and many times take over a space so organically.

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It is memorably beautiful, and it laughs at rust. If you plant hollyhocks now, it is best to start from seed. Sources for fig-leaf and Russian varieties include Select Seeds, (800) 684-0395 or. Willow leaf sawfly damage is easily recognized by the fleshy galls that develop at the spot where the female injects her eggs into the leaves. Sawfly Damage. Sawfly damage is caused by the larvae that feed on the plants in several different ways, depending on the species. Some leave holes or notches in the leaves, while others skeletonize the. hollyhock and other Malvaceae (Alcea, Sidalcea, Malva) hollyhock rust Fig leaf hollyhock (A. ficifolia): 'Happy Lights.' Russian hollyhock (A. rugosa). Sidalcea (all varieties). Malva (all varieties). peony (Paeonia suffruticosa, P. lactiflora) botrytis bligh I have been searching for years for the seed of this fantastic PERENNIAL Hollyhock. The single soft pink blooms have a deep rose center and look just like the ones in my old fairytale books. Whats better is this is one of the figleaf Hollyhocks with beautiful deep green somewhat quilted leaves and well-knows as reliably perennial. Usually growing only to 5 or 6 tall it forms many strong erect. Hollyhocks and rose mallows are close relatives, both growing to heights that are best located in the back of the border. They bloom in shades of purple, red, pink, yellow and white; some blooms have a second color around the center. Leaves vary from flat, round leaves of rosea alcea to fig-leafed Alcea ficifolia

Q. Hollyhocks - Why did some of the hollyhocks I grew from seed last produce only leaves and about 1/2 the plants I Q. Planting Hollyhocks - I keep planting hollyhocks from plants that are already started but they won't grow or come back the next year. Q. Hollyhock Has Rust Spots Las Vegas Hollyhock General Information. Las Vegas Hollyhock is a great perennial plant. It grows tall and upright, with nice foliage and beautiful flowers. The leaves of this hollyhock are quite interesting. They are very similar to fig leaves, in a nice dark green color all through the growing season Hollyhock Bud; Hollyhock Growth; Fig Leaf; Interior Fig; Family Room; Glenna's Bookshelf; Sumpf's Fly; Driveway Blossoms; Globe; Eucalyptus Bark; Odorfer's Blue Woman; Tilikum's Dream; Hollyhock Stalk; Bird Bath; Don's Rolleiflex; Stair Nocturn; Joel's Glasses; Odorfer's Peacocks; Jill's Quilt; October Dusk; Craig's Fruit Platter. Regular price$5.50. Tax included. Tall elegant stems of pinky apricot flowers with a dark crimson center. Foliage is in the form of pretty fig leaf shaped leaves. Perfect for against fences or at the back of a border. These hollyhocks will flower the first year if planted early. Sowing method : Transplant

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Hollyhock Growth. Purchase this Print. Fig Leaf. Purchase this Print. Interior Fig. Purchase this Print. Family Room. Purchase this Print. Glenna's Bookshelf. Purchase this Print. Sumpf's Fly. Purchase this Print. Driveway Blossoms. Purchase this Print. Globe Nov 4, 2018 - Wedding stationery and invitations by Hollyhock Lane. See more ideas about wedding stationery, invitations, hollyhock Geum, Totally Tangerine Geum Totally Tangerine ('Tim's Tangerine' PP22041) Height: 30 | Spread: 18 Light: Part to full su The upper and lower surface of a hollyhock leaf showing hollyhock rust pustules Puccinia malvacearum A text-book of mycology and plant pathology . Fig. 72.—Hollyhock rust, Puccinia malvacearum Grow your own figs with a starter fig tree plant available from Burpee. Browse our massive selection of fig plant types including: Black Mission, Panache Tiger Stripe, Texas Blue Giant, Olympian, White Marseilles, Chicago Hardy, Letizia, Violette de Bordeaux, and Lattarula Italian Honey fig plants in stock at Burpee

The leaves have a constitutional resistance to rust, a disease to which hollyhocks are prone. Another fig-leaved hollyhock with the same shimmer and pink flowers that give a semi-double effect is. It is also moderately rust-resistant. The Fig-Leafed Hollyhock grows 4-6 ft tall and produces lovely, soft yellow single blooms from mid-summer into fall. Occasionally blooms may be pink, white or apricot. Best grown in a sunny location in fertile, well-drained soil. Like most Hollyhocks, the Fig-Leaf is frequently visited by hummingbirds Hollyhock (Althaea rosea) is an annual herb and belongs to the mallow family (Malvaceae).It has been used for many years and has become a vital ingredient in some traditional food preparations. In most of the literature, the synonym of A. is Alcea.In the past, A. and Alcea were fused together because they are closely related. A. is a small genus having dozens of species distributed in Asia. Media in category Alcea rosea . The following 200 files are in this category, out of 273 total. (previous page) ( next page) 'Alcea rosea' hollyhock in Victorian garden Quex House Birchington Kent England 1.jpg 3,648 × 5,472; 19.53 MB. 'Alcea rosea' hollyhock West Garden Hatfield House Hertfordshire England.jpg 3,648 × 4,978; 15.52 MB