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X X Inlet opens 9 degrees before top centre Inlet closes 50 degrees after bottom centre Exhaust opens 47 degrees before bottom centre Exhaust closes 12 degrees after. Throttle Down Kustoms' CJ3A Frames are built without the rear K-style crossmember. Instead, we use a 1/4 steel angle that is CNC water cut with the body mounts cut in. This is stronger than the stock K-style crossmember. Note: All frames are shipped bare metal. Throttle Down Kustoms does not offer the stock battery box welded to the frame Frame Rivet Tools. CJ2A, CJ3A, DJ3A, and CJ3B Frame Dimensions. (Try Landscape if you print this.) MB/GPW Frame and Alignment measurements. Single Master cylinder exploded View: Dual Master Cylinder exploded view: CJ3 front frame horn sketch with dimensions. (Thanks to Steve Mohney for this great sketch. Thanks (0) Quote Reply Topic: Frame Dimensions. Posted: 04 Aug. 2011 at 4:57pm. Sadly, there are no known comprehensive drawings or specifications for the frame. The best we have come from Willys manuals. 1945 Maintenance Manual (click to enlarge): 1948 Mechanics Manual (click to enlarge): CJ2A Data site. 2A #16279 A CJ-2A has a 34 wheel housing top and a CJ-3A has a 32 long housing. This is probably one of the best methods to differentiate between a 2A and a 3A body tub. X is the rear wheel housing length. The seat frame difference is demonstrated in the next photo. Left front drivers seat frame leg

CJ-3B Frame Modifications Frame Welding. William Buchanan recently finished building a highly modified CJ-5, and has some general suggestions regarding welding and modifying an old Jeep frame: Starting with a completely stock early CJ-5 frame (similar to the 3B), I first ground out all of the factory welds Jeep CJ-5, CJ-7, and CJ-8 Scrambler Frame Dimensions. Posted by jeepfan.com. The following images outline the frame dimensions on late model (76-86) CJ vehicles. These images can come in handy when attempting to straighten or customize a Jeep frame. Also see CJ-5 Frame Replacement. CJ-5 Frame. CJ-7 and Scrambler. CJ My jeep is a hybrid CJ3A. It has a CJ3A windshield, CJ2A tub and an M38 hood. The left front engine mount points forward which is an indicator for a CJ3A but I have read the M38 is based off the CJ3A. I couldn't find a serial number on the frame. Could someone tell me what to look for when.. The CJ-3A Page provides information and history for Willys CJ-3A Jeep Owners. It also provides information about and links to other Jeep and Willys websites

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Frame: Heavy steel channel sides, 4.125 in. depth x 1.937 in. width, with 6 cross members (possibly five on early models). Length 122.656 in. Fuel tank 10-1/2 gallons (38.75 ltr.) Shock absorbers: Telescopic hydraulic. Monroe, 10.75 in. dia. double acting. Springs: Semi-elliptical leaf type Approximate dimensions are 18 1/2 x 15 1/8 CJ3A and CJ3B . This 1950 CJ3A, known as Eugene by owner and photographer Jonathan George, is wearing the original style, complete 7-piece enclosure. For a look at Eugene's restoration, and more information about all things CJ3A, visit: www.cj-3a.com The following is our list of canvas and webbing items for the ¼ ton Willys CJ3A & CJ3B jeep

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  1. MD Juan. CCA001. Chassis Assembly. for 45-49 Jeep Willy's CJ-2A. The Q uadratec ® Difference. Includes Phone Tech Support For the life of the product. Satisfaction Guaranteed No hassle return policy. Guaranteed Lowest Price We'll match or beat any price*. Free Shipping Free shipping on orders over $49**
  2. The early CJ5 54-71 had a wb 1 longer than the CJ2a, but in 72 the hood and fenders were stretched 5 and the wb an additional 3, in 82 the C5 got wide track axles. So this may account for he visual differences you notice. 03-27-2011, 02:00 PM Thread Starter #7. animus_divinus. View Profile
  3. - CJ2A - CJ3A Cowl/Dash Support - $35.00 per side. NOW AVAILABLE CAGED AND CAPTIVE NUTS. These are the Captive and Caged Nuts used on all body parts such as the floor, the firewall, fenders etc. 10-24 Captive Nut - $6.00 each 1/4-20 Captive Nut - $6.00 each 5/16-18 Captive Nut - $6.00 each.
  4. Jeep Comanche (For pickup version) The Jeep CJ models are both a series and a range of small, open-bodied off-road vehicles and compact pickup trucks, built and sold by several successive incarnations of the Jeep automobile marque from 1945 to 1986. The 1945 Willys Jeep was the world's first mass-produced civilian four-wheel drive car
  5. Omix-ADA. Now Only: $4,199.98. Sale: $3,307.48. Price: This reproduction steel body kit from Omix-ADA restores 1949-1953 Willys CJ3A. Includes the body tub, fenders, hood, windshield frame, and tailgate. So you bought a project Jeep and now you've realized that the body is so rusty that you need a tetanus..

Buy quality Jeep body tubs and Jeep parts for your 1946-1971 Jeep CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B and M38A1 at Morris 4x4 Center. Low prices guaranteed. Shop online today and save Jeep Identification. Willys MB & Ford GPW ('41 - '45): Windshield height 23, flat fenders, split windshield, no tailgate, recessed headlights top mounted windshield wipers, rear mounted spare tire (factory), hood height 6 (fender to top of hood). 5x5.5 rim bolt pattern. 80 Wheelbase. The Willys chassis front cross-member is tubular, while.

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1949-1953 CJ3A. Axle, Differential & Drive Shaft Body Kits, Windshield Frame, 49-53 Willys CJ3A . Direct OE replacement Jeep parts and accessories built to the original specifications. Limited five Product Code: 673286-3A. $424.99 + Free Shipping. $424.99. Product Code: 673286-3A Willys Jeep Universal CJ-3B Drawings and Dimensions Released for Production Drawings (1952) See a complete, larger copy of this Willys-Overland drawing for CJ-3B Civilian Jeep, Part Number 684661 including side, top and rear views (2100x1600 pixels, 130K GIF). Interestingly, the part number that appears on this drawing of the CJ-3B's dimensions, is very close to the numbers for some of the. Parts List Model: CJ2A, CJ3A & CJ3B All Pricing is done in Canadian Dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice. We have more parts, N.0.S., new, or used. Please call or send an email. For USA orders, the current exchange rate applies at the time of the order. Axle & Suspension Parts *We have CJ2A, CJ3A & CJ3B Read More

23 wide. 12.25 to 12.5 high (both of my pieces of glass measure 12.25 on one side and 12.5 on the other, not exactly square. I don't know why this would be but they are both like that) 1/4 thick (two pieces of 1/8 layed together) Night0wl The listings here are only for information purposes and are not an endorsement of any particular website, parts dealer, or individual. Absence from these listings is not a non-endorsement. The CJ3A Page was created by Jonathan George and is now owned by forum members

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Measure the wheelbase (center of front wheel [in straight ahead position] to center of rear wheel. CJ3A will be 80, CJ5 will be 81. See if the back end of the body sits flush on the back crossmember of the frame. CJ5 frame is longer by several inches than the CJ3A. BW Thanks (0) Quote Reply Topic: New tire recommendations for my CJ3A. Posted: 28 Jan. 2019 at 9:00pm. I have a 1953 CJ3A that needs new tires. I'd like to have something with good traction on-road and off-road with a vintage look (but not the military bar-style tires). Right now, I have 15 wheels but I'd be willing to buy 16 wheels if needed Reinforcements inside frame at rear axle rubber bump stop locations. Clutch/brake shaft pivot mount is bolted to the frame. Clutch/brake shaft pivot mount is riveted to the frame. Underhood battery mounting plate surface is closer to the frame. Taller battery mounting plate. 4 holes in center of frame for rear pintle hook. 6 holes in frame

Frame Modification Tips on CJ3B

  1. This Jeep has a CJ3A front end with a custom stepside Willys pickup style bed. It is powered by a Ford 302 v8 with a T150 three speed manual transmission. That is paired to a Dana 18 transfer case that puts power to a Dana 44 rear axle and a Dana 35 front axle
  2. This reproduction steel body kit from Omix-ADA restores 1949-1953 Willys CJ3A. Includes the body tub, fenders, hood, windshield frame, and tailgate. So you bought a project Jeep and now you've realized that the body is so rusty that you need a tetanus..
  3. Frame. Be careful to double check your measurements to insure the body is located correclty. This is important so the fenders will line up to the center of the wheel will opening. On reconditioned bodies use the original bolt holes to line up the body to frame. 5. On new bodies use frame mounting holes to mark the correct location for mounting.

This video shows customers how to install the XL seat frame conversion kit that we sell ( 1202305 ) Wooden Windshield Frame Hood Rest for Willys CJ3A, CJ3B by Omix-Ada $13.95 ( 663642K ) 5 Round Mirror Kit, 1945-1971 CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B, CJ5 & CJ6 by Omix-Ad Willys Frame Identificatio

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Similar to the Willys Jeep Wagon, and equipped with the same 134 cu in Go-Devil engine and 3-speed Borg-Warner T-90 manual transmission as the CJ-2A, the Willys Pickup Truck was introduced in 1947, available in both 2T and 4T models. The 4x4 Jeep Truck model had the same 118 inch wheelbase as the 4x2 pickup, and an identical pickup bed. Front Driver Side Chassis Frame Rail (12021.31) by Omix-ADA®. 18.5. Steel. Direct Fit. Omix-ADA Chassis Frame Rail make your vehicle perfect in every detail. Designed with ultimate quality and durability in mind. This product will.. The bed is extended to the length of a CJ6 or CJ8 Scrambler. The frame is stretched 36 inches in the middle and 14 inches behind the rear axle. The frame was boxed from the front to the rear spring perches. It has Dana 30 and Dana 44 axles (both are open diffs). The transfer case is a Dana 20. The transmission is a 3 speed. I believe it is a T150

Frames. Throttle Down Kustoms has been building Jeep frames since 2004. We use a CNC mandrel bending machine to bend the frames. This lets us use one long piece of rectangular tubing for a frame rail, which is stronger than several shorter sections welded together. Computer controlled bending results in a frame made to tighter than OEM tolerances CJ3A Bodywork Part 2. This is part 2 of a rebuild and refurbishment of a 1950 Willys Jeep CJ3A body tub. Scoll down for latest updates. Body Tub Sides Summer 2016. In Part One of the Willys Jeep body tub rebuild, the original body tub was deconstructed, all rust and rot was removed, and new floor braces and pans were fabricated and installed. Roll Cages , Roll Bars , Add On Kits, Tie Into Frame Kits, Bronco, Willys, Jeep CJ YJ » Jeep CJ5 CJ7 CJ2 CJ3 CJ6 CJ8 Willy's Roll Bar Roll Cage Kits; Extreme Custom Parts & Fabrication - Jeep CJ5 CJ7 CJ2 CJ3 CJ6 CJ8 Willy's Roll Bar Roll Cage Kits. CJ and Willys cage kits and add ons

1951 Jeep CJ3A in Brookings, OR. August 19, 2020 WillysListings 2. 1951 Willy's CJ-3A, full frame-up restoration. 4wd, Hi-Lo, 3 speed transmission. 4 Cylinder flat head engine. The Frame has been cleaned de-greased, and bed-lined with U-pol Raptor Liner. Both front and rear differentials have been [ CJ3A Bodywork Part 1. This is a page featuring the rebuild and refurbishment of the body tub and sheet metal of a 1950 Willys CJ3A Universal Jeep. Scoll down for latest updates. Demolition Spring, 2016. I've got a running, driving CJ3A chassis now, but the body tub (while certainly a winner in the patina department) has structural problems If the early frame, weren't they really close to the same dimensions as the flat-fender frames? 1960willyscj5, Mar 5, 2012 #13. Mar 5, 2012. nickmil In mothballs. Happy Valley, OR. Joined: Sep 23, 2002 Messages: 11,873 Note: Large Body Parts, Seat Frames, Hoods, Windshields, ETC.. can only be shipped inside the Lower US 48 States ( 682197 ) Floor Drain Hole Cover fits 1950-1971 Willys M38, M38A1 and 1955-1975 CJ5, CJ6 by Omix-Ad

This item is currently out of stock! ( MS00103 ) Complete Formed Steel Brake Line Kit for 1952-1964 Willys Jeep M38A1 Models by Omix-Ada. $89.95. This item is currently out of stock! ( MS01103 ) Frame Set Formed Steel Brake Line Kit, Fits 1946-1947 Willys Jeep CJ2A Models by Omix-Ada. $35.95. This item is currently out of stock Seat Frame, Right; 41-45 Willys MB/Ford GPW. SKU: 12011.02. Price $246.89. This reproduction front seat frame from Omix fits 41-45 Willys MB and. Regular Price: $22.00. On Sale For: $18.00. Floor Pan Front Left Hand side CJ2/3A Willys Jeep. Price: $80.00. Floor Pan Front Right Hand side CJ2/3A Willys Jeep. Price: $80.00. Footman Loop 1 in strap size 673456. Price: $2.00. Footman Loop with hardware, NOS, 1 in strap size Willys Jeep 673456

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  1. 1976 brought several new changes - the tub, frame and windshield frame were modified. As a result, tops from years 1955-75 will not fit a 1976-83 CJ-5 and vice-versa. In 1979, the standard engine became the 258 cu in (4.2 L) which now featured a two-barrel carburetor
  2. Oil Filter Canister Assembly Fram with Bands Jeep All CJ Models NOS WO-808042. Regular Price: $150.00. On Sale For: $125.00. 931 Semi Gloss Black, rattle can 931-Aerosol. Price: $8.75. Air Cleaner Hose Clamp -Wire Type 635097. Price: $3.00. Bearing, Set, connecting rod, .010 807944. Regular Price: $48.00
  3. utes and can be done by one person. The top bows come unfinished so that you can paint or powder coat them to fit your needs
  4. Description. Description. This is the right windshield pivot bracket that is used on CJ3A, DJ and M38 models. This has the slots in it to adjust it and the welded nut on the inside. 1 Required per Jeep
  5. Jeep Wrangler windshield frames keeps the cool look going with a metal frame that stops the bugs from getting into your teeth as you power down the trail. Jeep Omix-ADA body kits include the body tub, hood, fenders, top bow, windshield and tailgate, which can fit onto the chassis of a John Deere tractor, UTV or an ATV

CJ3a Rear seat frame and original green vinyl cushions in excellent unrestored condition (no tears or rips). Frame in excellent rust free condition (just some very light surface rust). 2) Rear Seat Was $275 'CJ3a Rear Seat frame, needs a little restoration: legs on one side are slightly bent and has small bracket welded on bottom of rear legs MB GPW Willys Ford WWII Jeep G503 CJ2A U.S. Made Front Bumper MB. $95.00. Free shipping. 31 sold. Willys CJ2A Piston Set, Standard. L134 F134 MB M38A1 CJ3A CJ3B CJ5 Ford GPW Jeep. $100.00. $14.25 shipping. Only 3 left

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Hinge Pin Kit, Tool Box Lid; 46-71 Willys/Jeep CJ. SKU: 12023.51. Price $17.56. This pair of 304 stainless steel hinge pins from Omix fit the tool box.. Custom CJ2A enclosure with roll up sides and doors. 3D CAD design. We make original style steel window frames. CJ2 Agrijeep roll up doors. CJ2 Agrijeep roll up doors. Early style Half Cab CJ2A. Early style Front Roof CJ2A. Custom Summer top to fit over roll bar CJ2A. Summer Top CJ2A Sunbrella Black With a production history as diverse as the Jeep CJ, it is especially important to purchase Jeep CJ2A engine parts from a trusted supplier like Army Jeep Parts. To find out more about our services and selection of vintage vehicle components, give us a call at (866) 934-1206 or click here to fill out our contact form

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That's a great picture and it does help, but I was hoping for some dimensions. Such as: from the bottom of the sheet metal, from the wheel opening, etc. Plus I'm curious of the number of footman loops around the axe holder- sometimes I've seen three and other examples are four History - (1949-1953) Willys CJ-3A Universal. CJ-3A Production Total: 131,843. CJ-3A Illustration. Willys-Overland introduced the CJ-3A model in 1949 to replace the CJ-2A, possibly due to a slump in CJ-2A sales, bringing with it a few reasonable minor interior updates with regard to comfort and drivability Engine Size 4 Cylinder Transmission 4 Speed Manual Exterior Color Beach Sand Interior Color Gray 4x4 This wonderful little civilian model CJ3A looks fresh and new out of the wrapper. Professional frame off restoration - clad in beach sand with gray seats and interior. Recently tuned and detailed 4 cylinder 4x4

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Description. Description. This is the front windshield glass for 1949-1964 CJ3A, CJ3B, DJ3A and M38 models with the 1 piece windshield. The glass is DOT approved (laminated) and is cut like the original. 48 3/4 x 13 x .240. 1 Required per Jeep History of the CJ-3A - The CJ-3A was introduced in 1949, and replaced the CJ-2A by the next year. It featured a one-piece windshield with a vent in the frame. A bare-bones Farm Jeep version was available starting in 1951 with a power takeoff. 131,843 CJ-3A's were produced before the series ended in 1953 Dealer Info. tel: (815)-385-3644. Volo Auto Museum. 27582 Volo Village Rd. Volo IL, 60073. 1952 Willy's CJ-3A Universal Jeep. Showing only 40,855 believed to original miles. 1952 Willys. CJ3A Length: (overall) 174.8 (4,43 m.) Width: (overall) 69 (175,26 cm.) Height: (overall) 62 (157,48 cm.) Tire Size: (4-cylinder) - 5.90 x 15 (6-cylinder) - 6.70. 1941-64 MB / GPW / CJ2A / CJ3A / CJ3B Long Spring Shackle Reversal Kit. Kit uses early CJ5 front spring. Note - We sleeve the frame as like the military M38A1. Note - This kit will raise the ride height about 3/4

Antique Cars Classics Customs Hotrods Leadsleds Roadsters Streetrods Trucks Turbine Car 40 31 Ford 67 Willys & Jeep Charger 61 Chrysler Images Specs Pictures Photos Photographs Gifs Jpgs Events Schedule Vendors Foru It has the right dimensions for folding it up and has all the holes drilled for mounting the cushions. This seat frame is an exact copy of the GPW frame, not an MB frame with an F stamp in it. GPW $250.00. Rear Seat Frame MB. This is the new High Quality rear seat frame for the MB 4.0 out of 5 stars. 5 product ratings. - Jeep CJ2A CJ3A M38 CJ3B Windshield Frame Cowl Weatherstrip J0671045 671045. C $35.60. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Trending at C $38.77. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. From United States

1951 CJ-3A Ravenna, NY $15,000. May 12, 2021 • CATEGORIES: CJ-3A • TAGS: Nice, Stock. Look in good shape. Has a GPW engine. 1951 CJ 3a, with army GPW engine, frame off restored with 669 miles from restoration. Original heater, equipped with plow, converted to 12v added overdrive, seat belts and directional lights

I make these for CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B, CJ5. This half cab does not have the zippers to attach a rear enclosure. Half cab with arch opening OD or gray cotton duck - $400 plus shipping. Half cab with arch opening Sunbrella - $500 plus shipping. Add a rear curtain for $125. Add door skins for $200. (you supply the frames Jeep Catalogs MB GPW M38 M38A1 CJ2A CJ3A CJ3B CJ5 Peter DeBella Jeep Parts www.debellajeepparts.com

Frame Tag Serial Number Body Tag Tub ACM # Tailgate ACM # Windshield Type Tools Indents Tub Color Wheel Color Wheel Type Cam Type Engine Casting Engine Date Engine Number Head Casting Head Date Shift Type Transmission Date Transmission Casting Transfer Case Casting Transfer Case Serial # Front Axle Date Rear Axle Date Carburetor Model. Although Ford built their own frames for the GPW, the initial production used frames built by the A.O. Smith Company in Wisconsin. Smith was the contract builder for Willys, and Ford's engineers were unable to get their version going in time for their early production, so relied on frames purchased from Smith for a few months 1949-1953 CJ3A. Axle, Differential & Drive Shaft Body Kits, Sheet Metal & Frame Brakes & Hubs Bumpers, Tire Carriers & Towing Clutch & Flywheel Cooling Data Plates, Decals & Emblems Electrical,. Jeep CJ3A Wheel Parts. ( 641920 ) Dust Cap, Front or Rear Hub 1941-71 4WD Models, Rear Hub 2WD Models 1954-63 by Omix-Ada. $5.95. ( 649778 ) Snap Ring for 4WD Dana Spicer Axle Model Dana 25 & Dana 27 by Crown Automotive. $1.95. ( A-868 ) Front Axle Drive Flange for 4WD Dana Spicer Axle Model 25 & 27 by Crown Automotive. $42.95

1951 Jeep CJ-3A Universal Jeep full range spec

This is a 7 piece late style CJ2A enclosure in gray. This style connects with zippers and the front roof is a half cab. This design is also available for CJ3A or CJ3B and can have larger windows. 7 piece enclosure with steel window frames - $1500 + shipping. 7 piece enclosure with sewn vinyl windows - $1300 + shipping Item# 10599050. $ 139.95. This item is currently out of stock! Body mounting kit, to mount body to frame, includes washers, rubber spacers, and bolts. Fits: 1945-1949 Jeep CJ2A. 1949-1953 Jeep CJ3A. 1953-1964 Jeep CJ3B. 1955-1975 Jeep CJ5 This steering wheel is correct for all early models as well as the CJ2A and CJ3A. Price $160.00. Pitman Arm - CJ2A & CJ3A. This is a high quality reproduction Pitman Arm for the MB and GPW. Also fits the CJ2A and CJ3A CJ 2A Willys 1/4 Ton Civilian Jeep. The following is our list of canvas and webbing items for the ¼ ton Willys CJ2A jeep. The olive drab canvas is the same 18 oz/square yard canvas that we use for the military jeep tops we make. The military canvas is very durable and is treated for water and mildew resistance He also noted that he has no plans to build CJ-5 or later Jeep bodies, though he does offer the stainless bodies with a 14.5-inch stretch in wheelbase. Prices for the stainless bodies start at $3,988, while prices for the galvanized bodies start at $2,882. For more information, visit CJ3A-CJ3B-bodykits.com. (Thanks to Wes Kibble for pointing us.

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MANY 41-71 WILLYS JEEP W/4-134 L - F HEAD ENGINE DOUBLE GROOVE CRANKSHAFT PULLEY. $48.62. Free shipping. Original WWII willys MB, ford GPW CJ2A Crankshaft Pulley Single Groove, L134. $25.00. + shipping. SBC Aluminum Pulley Set, 1-Groove Upper/2-Groove Lower,Short Pump. $69.99. Free shipping Radiator Assembly CJ5, CJ6 F Head 4 Cylinder. (0) $425.00. In Stock. Add To Cart. Quick View. Radiator Fan Shroud (Weld On) MB, GPW, CJ2A, Early CJ3A, Pick Up Truck, 4WD Station Wagon L Head 4 Cylinder 1945-1949. (0) $59.95 Early Style CJ2A Enclosure - classicjeeptops.com. This is a complete 10 piece (early style) canvas top made from #8 olive drab cotton duck. The fabric is 18 oz and meets all mil-specs. This top can convert to a half cab, or summer top. You can get the top with original style window frames and poly-carbonate windows and rivets or with sewn in. The Willys MC, formally the 1 ⁄ 4-Ton, 4 x 4, Utility Truck M38, or the G‑740 by its U.S. Army Standard Nomenclature supply catalog designation, is a quarter-ton four-wheel drive military light utility vehicle made by Willys between 1949 and 1952. It replaced (in production), and succeeded the World War II Willys MB and Ford GPW models, with a total production of some 50,000 units — less. 713001. Chevy V8 & 4.3L engines. $ 133.49 713001-S. Chevy V8 & 4.3L V6 engine mount kit $ 133.49 713002. Ford Small Block V8 Universal Weld-In Engine Mount Kit $ 152.37 713002-

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Jeep CJ-3B Specification

Frame Pintle Hook Reinforcement 801682. Price: $20.00. Frame to axle Bumper M38 & M38A1 Jeep WO-802454. Price: $13.50. Front Bumper M38 801386. Price: $89.00. FRONT BUMPER WOOD FILLER REINFORCEMENT M38 JEEP WO 801665. Price: $38.00. Front Lifting Hook Bracket with spacer assembly 802765 CJ3A Chassis Frame fits willys jeep MD Juan CCA002. $1,500.00. Only 1 left! 1952-1971 M38A1 STEEL BODY KIT Fits willys kaiser jeep MBK027 CJ5 MD Juan. $3,300.00. CJ3A CJ3B M38 Right Left Front Fender fits willys jeep Single or Set of Fenders. $225.00. $50.00 shipping. 29 watching classicjeeptops.com. Thanks for all of your support and patronage. I am actually a hobbyist who makes tops on the side. I started this web site when Covid 19 hit the nation and I was afraid, I might be locked down at home for a while. Since then, my real job has picked up and now I am overloaded with top orders

1945 WILLYS CJ2A FRAME PRIMEREDWillys Jeep Frame Rivet Replacement Bolt

'41-'64 Jeep CJ2A, 3A, 3B Willys MB, M3

This is the prebent fuel line kit that runs from the tank to the W-O carburetor. The lines are bent off a original Jeep with low miles and come with the 2 hard lines, fuel flex hose, fittings and clamps. Nice quality part to save time on bending and flaring. Made in the USA. 1 Required per Jeep Color:OD Green | Size:No Rear Cargo Pocket. This listing is for a complete set of seat covers and cushions that are compatible with Jeep CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, M38 and M38A1 seat covers and cushion sets. 2 seats included in one order, Driver and Passenger seat both for one price. CJ3A, CJ3B, M38 for stock seat frames! The fabric is 1000. Tailgate For Jeep Cj2A Cj3A Cj3B Cj5 Cj6 46-83 X 12005.03 (Fits: Jeep Willys) 5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 product ratings - Tailgate For Jeep Cj2A Cj3A Cj3B Cj5 Cj6 46-83 X 12005.0 Seller 100% positive. Fits Jeep Willys MB CJ2A CJ3A CJ3B CJ5 CJ6 CJ7 CJ8 YJ Black Hood Latches HC4. $14.99. Free shipping. Seller 98.6% positive. Choke Cable for Willys Jeep MB Ford GPW CJ M38 M38A1 41-71 Olive Drab Knob. $16.99. Free shipping

Buy Daystar, Jeep Polyurethane Frame Shackle Bushings Front or Rear, fits Jeep CJ, CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B, M38, M38A, MB and International Scout 1941 to 1975 4WD, KJ02011BK, Made in America: Shackles & Parts - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase Complete Kelly full steel cab fits Willys CJ3A. Basically consists of 6 large pieces. 2 lockable doors with frames that attach to the windshield. The door windows roll up. 2 side panels with large windows. 1 solid piece roof. 1 lift gate with large window. Had very limited usage and only has minor surface rust from setting outside a couple. OMIX [ A-1247 ] Bracket, oil filter, L-134 Flathead, 1945-53 Willys Jeep CJ-2A, CJ-3A. $29.95. OMIX [ 808042 ] Oil filter canister, includes filter c-3 small civilian type filter. $83.95. This item is currently out of stock! OMIX [ 909335 ] Oil filter element, drop in type c-3 small civilian type filter

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